When Gunmen Strike, You’re on Your Own

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Here is an often-used tactic to defend government police organizations from criticism. Whenever critics point out abusive tactics of police officers, defenders counter with: “And yet you won’t refuse police help the next time there’s a robber in your house!” This, we are told, illustrates that all police critics are “hypocrites.”

This has always been a dishonest tactic, of course, since “consumers” of police “services” are forced to pay for the local monopoly police force, and have no other options. Government police forces have monopolized the marketplace and crowded out many private security services. Thus, calling the police to scare off some robbers on one’s property is no more hypocritical than a critic of the local power company who nevertheless turns on a lightbulb. It’s simply a matter of making do with a high-priced, low-quality monopolist when no competition is allowed.

Just how low these low-quality services are has become more apparent in recent months.

In the wake of yesterday’s church shooting in Texas, for example, private citizens were the ones who shot back at the assailant, and then chased him down in a high speed pursuit. The police did nothing but write some reports afterward.

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  • Mike

    always carry a gun. When the police are needed in seconds, they are 30 minutes to hours away.

    • Phil_Ossifer

      In larger cities with a lot of diversity the average response time is a couple of hours hours for most violent crimes and sometimes never for smaller property crimes or fenderbenders. If a fatality is involved they might show up sooner, emphasis on “might.” About the only thing they ever get excited about is a “shots fired-officer down” call.

      • Mike

        yup, same way out in the area I live. Heck, I could shoot the intruder, dig a hole and shove the intruder in it long before the cops got here.

        • Agent 86

          I agree. And that’s a better way to handle it. Don’t have to call them at all.

  • Laurence Almand

    The Texas shooting is yet another example of why states should issue concealed carry permits. Gun-free “safe” zones leave people helpless and vulnerable. Virtually all the mass shootings of the past 15 years have taken place in gun-free zones.
    When is the last time you heard of a shooting at a gun show?
    Every citizen should read the excellent book DIAL 911 AND DIE – which illustrates why citizens cannot depend upon the police for protection.
    And keep in mind that the police have no sworn duty to protect individuals as such.
    When it comes to self defense you are on your own.

    • Phil_Ossifer

      About a half-block down from a place I used to frequent until it got too dangerous, the city put up a “gun-free zone” sign. And a week after putting up the sign a scumbag robbed and shot a tourist a few feet from the sign. Yeah, that sign really did a lot of good, didn’t it?

  • John C Carleton

    I’m like, i have a compost pile out back.
    You sure you want to pick my House?
    The Demophile lawyer next door would be a better choice.

  • Ratcraft

    What is a gun free zone?

    • Rey d’Tutto

      A target rich environment for whackjobs

  • James

    If the cops in America don’t like you for personal reasons. No matter how good a citizen you are. There is no need to call the likes of the things.As all they will do is come out to rough you up. A worthless group to most citizens. Except to those willing to bow before the likes of them. That is life in America.

  • Sonokar

    Where I live the LE response time is 45 minutes, therefore, we are always armed.