When did the truth go out of style?

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For some reason, in the last decade it was entirely more popular to discuss 9/11 truth than it is now. Recently, it’s been very rarely brought up among even the alternative media, even with the likes of Alex Jones and his Infowars. Organizations like this deserve a lot of credit for starting the fires in the earlier half of the first decade of the 21st century. However, lately motivation for ad revenue seems to have overtaken motivation for exposing the truth and once again, 9/11 truth is not mentioned as much as it deserves.

The facts show that the US government was directly and maliciously involved in the conspiracy to exterminate 3000 of their own people and used that as an excuse to send their own young to an unjust war and murder millions, while creating a police state overseas and in the US. This is not over. This is still going on and the man who was elected for promising to end it is not only continuing the mass murder in his second term, but spreading it to still more countries. So the truth movement is not mentioned, in my opinion, nearly often enough. This is clear because these wars continue.

People seem to be much more preoccupied with the economy and their jobs, as is demonstrated with the long ago hijacked “Occupy” movement. It’s a grim truth, but it is largely more interesting for people to be concerned with their monetary situation than things overseas that don’t directly affect them. Money is a massive motivator and as long as Americans have their own wallets to worry about, that will be all that really matters to most of them. Many of them needed their own apple cart to be disturbed before they could give a damn about one iota of the economic conspiracy, and even then it’s to the simplest extent, such as “bringing the jobs back” or “political fairness”, never getting to the bare truth of the terror that their country does to others. One can only hope that this acts as a sort of “gateway” to the truth, encouraging others to study for themselves the other 80% of the issues.

That said, what is that other 80%? We’ve covered the fact that the US government would really do this to their own people as well as the peoples of other countries. What about the massive adulteration of your food supply, or the police state in which you can’t travel without being harassed extra-Constitutionally, or the NDAA issue, or…

The system that you have been trained to trust that incites in you distrust for others is innately untrustworthy. There is a group attempting to create sociological change in the order among you and your community members. This group is the same group who have murdered millions on your behalf, lied about the attacks of 9/11 and enslaved you to the debt they have accumulated against your will. And yet, “patriots” persist to engage in the voluntary torment of pointless consuming, voting and joining police forces and armies. While we argue among each other, we are easily distracted from the real betrayers.

With at least a semblance of reality, let’s look at the political parties and ideals that we look to for correction of the situation. Somehow, more and more people seem to be learning this: the practice of leaving it to someone else to make our decisions for us still doesn’t relieve us from the responsibility – nor the result. I’ve heard the argument that in an anarchist paradigm (anarchy: from an- “without” + arkhos “leader”), in which we are allowed to handle our own issues, the people could not be trusted not to start wars at will. The true matter of the situation is that your governments are the groups that have played with the lives of others by sending them to unjust wars upon others – and ourselves – through their own deceit.

There are also those who believe that there was a different time for American politics and economics, and if we could return to the system of 30 years or more ago, we could “restore the Republic”. But when did the line between war and “justifiable” death become so gray? When the same group has been carrying out similar false flag attacks in all of the last century, was this a better America?

The other side of the coin is to take the responsibility to do without the current political paradigm in your life at all – living unaffected by the actions of the democratic party nor the republican party nor the thugs in uniform both sides use. The bridge between anarchy and chaos is non-aggression – live as you choose to live without encroaching upon my right to live as I choose to live. This alternative, anarchy, is not hopeless. An unadulterated union of those who choose not to comply with the schemes of others but rather to take care of themselves, a union of those who do no harm to others unless harmed themselves, might just be the answer.

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  • Locus

    Everyone has a theory.

    Mine is that there were at least two 9/11s that occurred on that day — certain members of the Bush administration were ‘sold on’, aware of and participated in planning a limited Pearl Harbor event, a SINGLE PLANE to attack the Pentagon. In order to accomplish this they would need to modify Air Force rules of engagement, which was done in June 2001, and orchestrate a series of drills and exercises to divert available fighter jets from the DC region and introduce confusion, those drills were in progress on that day.

    The day before 9/11 there was one section of the Pentagon that had just been renovated and strengthened: steel girders, sprinklers. Instead of flying straight into the building, guess which section the 9/11 hijacker executed a difficult 270 degree turn to hit? Amazing isn’t it. Never mind the ‘it was a missile’ people and the ‘pay no attention to the Pentagon what about building seven’ people… the Pentagon is central to this and it is circumstantial as hell.

    My theory goes, that the core Planners of 9/11 betrayed the Administration by hitting the towers additionally and first. Instead of an event with few civilian casualties that would serve as their Casus belli for war in the Middle East… they were now complicit to the most horrible crime ever perpetrated on America. Blackmail ensued.

    The odd testimony by Transportation Secretary Mineta gives just one clue that things may not have been as we were told. I sketched this theory out a few years ago here: http://truthaction.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2113

    And yes, I believe the towers were demolished by charges pre-placed at weld junctions to displace (not cut) core columns, with strings along the perimeter to disconnect spandrels along the upper floors.

    It is a lot to believe I know. And I no structural engineer, but I have read quite a bit written by those who are, and on the basic properties of steel and the Trade Center’s construction. I have read testimony of first responders who heard secondary explosions. Add to this that other coincidence of that day — that two identical towers with very different ignition-fuel loads and different impact angle scenarios would both succumb to the same type of structural failure within a couple of hours.

    Circumstantial as hell.

    • locus,the joints were riveted and welded in the twin towers,failure was not possible,they stole the gold from the twin towers vaults,but the real crime went unnoticed by all,tower seven contained all the DOJ’s evidence for the over 1,000 companies who looted their employees retirement money,they very quitely dropped charges on them all,and with that they got away with 100’s of billions in retirement money……that was the secret,no one heard about………..

  • Occupy was not hijacked. The Teabaggers were. Occupy was brutally quashed. If you had witnessed any of the beatings, the brutality, the bloodshed and repression that I personally witnessed, you would know that. You people are your own worst enemies.

  • LETS DO OUR OWN THING,thats the oldest bull in the world,HOW DOES AMERICA think it got in this mess to start with,BACK in the sixes,america started on a new path,the problem was they forgot to dismantle the government first,AND the government was already rotten to the core,INSTEAD they looked at the lord and said to them selves,HERES OUR PROBLEM,and started removing the lord from everything,now the governments really ROTTEN,and murdering anyone it wants when it wants,GOOD move hippies,you morons,you removed the wrong one,and you say drugs don’t affect your ability to think,well your going to love your daddy OBAMAS fema camps,they were built just for you,and all you defective thinkers,HELLS COMING TO AMERICA, thanks to you and your stupid IDEAS………………

  • A friendly little warning,I know NONE of you dumb shits know who the LORD is,BUT I feel compelled to warn you anyway,DON’T TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST,its a first class ticket to hell,there’s NO pagans in HEAVEN,that means if you allow obamas demons to chip or mark you in anyway,YOUR seat number is set in stone,DON’T DO IT,there’s no going back later and trying to make excuses why you had to do it,joining hands with the devil is not the way to get to heaven,the anti-christ OBAMA will deceive many,DON’T BE ONE OF THEM………………….

  • Patriot

    The TRUTH went out of style when government came in style. Government is force and that requires lies,deceit,treason and conspiracy.

  • Mojo Wilson

    Interesting how many were not even paying attention the days leading up to 9-11;

    CSPAN had then leader of the CIA discussing fiscal cuts to the CIA and military due to ‘lack of wars’. Guess what came next… Look what’s on the fiscal chopping block now…. Guess whats next.