Young Woman Complains to Reddit Because Her Boyfriend (GASP!) Believes in Conspiracy Theories

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Warning to all people with open minds who still fancy themselves to be critical thinkers: this is kind of painful to read.

A 25-year-old woman (supposed, this is online after all, guess it could be a joke and I kinda hope it is but sadly I doubt it) wrote into Reddit because she found out that her boyfriend of a year believes in — GASP! — conspiracy theories.

…like the Illuminati and Bohemian Grove, you know, “crazy conspiracies” like that:

I’ve been dating my boyfriend Max for almost a year, and generally he seems like a fairly reasonable, well-adjusted person. Has some odd religious beliefs, but many people do, so I chalked that up to personal preference. Today, though, I found out about some other weird beliefs that worry me.

Basically, Max thinks that really successful/rich people (Bill Gates is one he mentioned, idk who else) are in the Illuminati, and may have used black magic to get so much power/wealth. He mentioned the Bohemian Grove (which I looked up, there’s a Washington Post article about how some of the rich and powerful go there every July to party)–and it does sound like some odd things go on there, but he said “they probably sacrifice humans.” Okay then…

He also thinks they’re covering up the fact that limestone can be manipulated via sound vibrations or something, and that’s how the pyramids were built. When I asked him why there is zero scientific evidence to corroborate this, he said “they don’t want people to know”.

I’m no scientist or intellectual snob, but I do prefer to evaluate things rationally and not just believe wild theories written about on poorly designed web pages. It really bothers me that Max seems this gullible. I did make sure that he isn’t on board with some other brands of crazy like the anti-vaxxers, and he’s still a kind, hardworking, thoughtful guy, and, at least, he doesn’t believe in Lizard People. Plus, none of these theories really affect his life in any tangible way, so I’m trying to decide whether it’s a dealbreaker. BUT, if he can believe this stuff, who knows what he could be duped into in the future, right? I like him a lot, but am I on board a train to crazy town?

Wow, yeah, at least Max isn’t “on board with some other brands of crazy like the anti-vaxxers”…

At least Max isn’t letting a TV and the mainstream media do all his thinking for him.

What’s funny is, this girl doesn’t realize how simple and close-minded she sounds laughing off Bohemian Grove because she read an article about it in the Washington Post. Really? Oh, but she likes to “evaluate things rationally” instead of believing in “wild theories written about on poorly designed web pages”… She knows what’s what because, in her “rational evaluation” she read a story in the mainstream media?

That’s some real detective work there, Sherlock.

So that’s how easy it is to find out the real truth? Just head on over to the “well-designed” web pages of CNN or Fox News or The New York Times (an outlet that attends Bilderberg every year and has for decades, but she wouldn’t know about that either) and let the paid reporters, many of whom belong to the Council on Foreign Relations (again, she’s probably never heard of it) and always parrot whatever the official agenda is, do all of her “rational evaluation” and thinking for her?

This is what a brainwashed person sounds like. It’s not ad hominem to say so, that’s just reality. She sounds like her brain has been washed. She needs to read George Orwell’s 1984. Perhaps it is her boyfriend Max who should be wondering if he wants to spend the rest of his life with someone so close-minded she cannot find it within herself to think outside the boundaries of the box she’s been put in.

Then again, if someone has taken the blue pill and someone they love questions their Matrix, it’s probably pretty hard to deal with… thus, they might turn to Reddit for others to reinforce their version of reality. Makes sense.

Meanwhile, the comments section on this Reddit post in the Relationships section where the supposedly “rational” people are talking about those crazy “conspiracy theorists” is worse than the post itself.

They keep mentioning JFK, which is the first time the phrase “conspiracy theorist” was weaponized by the CIA as a way to attack anyone who challenged the official government narrative. That’s not a “conspiracy,” here’s the declassified CIA memo to prove it.

Guess what the Select Committee on Assassinations ultimately ruled JFK’s death was back in 1979?

That’s right.

A “conspiracy”.

You don’t say…

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  • colinjames71

    A year? They talked about religious beliefs but not one conversation led them to talk about this stuff for a year? Possible I suppose but I gotta wonder if it’s not- hey wait- Cass Sunstein? Is that you? I’m not really sure, but I also think it’s odd that if this is such a big deal to her, where she even has knowledge about multiple conspiraciesx with lizard people and anti-vaxzer precluding her being with that person, that it never came up once in all that time. On the other hand, it’s quite possibly just a stupid stupid stupid person. No shortage there.

    • If it weren’t for ” stupid stupid stupid” people, we wouldn’t have a need for population control or the governments that provide most of it.

      • Tabbytha

        There is NO need for population control, that’s eugenics talking. You can’t have freedom and eugenics. Social darwinism taught in schools has convinced people eugenics is viable but it is not only satanic but also monstrous… how can one be free when another decides for him he is not worthy to live? The elites wanted eugenics taught in schools and there it is. They taught people to think a little like them, like psychopaths. “I’m smart, you’re stupid!! You don’t deserve to live! You don’t deserve to breed! You’re too stupid to make your own decisions, But I DO because I’M SMART!” That’s the way of thinking you are talking about and the elites are pushing it full on! Do you really want to think like the psychopaths trying to enslave you?!?!

        Population control is tyranny, Period.

        • Reverend Draco

          Spay and neuter your pets is eugenics and population-control tyranny. . .

          But they’re not your unfortunate spawn outbreeding their resources, so it’s ok. . . right?

          By the way – “Satanic” is nonsense – which you’d know if you were educated.

          • Tabbytha

            Have you ever heard of Mark Passio? He’s an ex-satanic priest… it isn’t what most people think and I think someone who’d been directly involved in such a thing would know what they were talking about. Look into what he says about what satanism is before continuing to assume I don’t know what I’M talking about!

          • SonsofAnarchy5768

            Yeah, his website is whatonearthishappening, very good site, very interesting

          • Reverend Draco

            Satan isn’t real.

            Made up.

            Just like all gods.

            You’re welcome.

        • Population control exists whether you want it to or not. You object to the eugenically driven form. Nature’s version is what drives the various extinctions that have occurred as long as there has been life on the planet.
          Eugenicists have always concentrated on human population control, in their continuing efforts to eliminate those they consider to be useless eaters, those who don’t produce anything that the eugenicists want, so serve none of the eugenicists’ purposes. Most of what is taught in the public fool system is not directed towards numeric population control, rather it is designed to implement control of individuals’ behavior. If you have been programmed only by those who provide the indoctrination in the public fool system and the mainstream media will you have to worry about that being the source of the eugenics that you will encounter, which produces more suicide than murder.

  • Given the choice, I’d prefer his gullibility to her ignorance.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    Will she still be “evaluating things rationally” in a FEMA camp?

  • Razedbywolvs

    Ditch the reptilian Max. She will put mercury in your kids.

    • Tabbytha

      She’s not a reptilian, she’s a tricked and conditioned human. We’re surrounded by them. That’s why the elites use psychological manipulation, it’s obviously VERY effective!

      • Janetbpope3

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  • Tabbytha

    It doesn’t sound like she really looked that hard…. also many of these web pages are very well designed. It seems to me she doesn’t give things more then a glance, a poor one at that. If she even looks at all. Hope things “click” in her head soon. I can’t image the frustration and even pain he must feel with her talking about and to him like this. He must really love her. I also hope once she realizes he’s right she apologizes, and doesn’t take his obvious love for granted.

  • Axe Man

    I’ll bet that this was not written by some girl, it was written by some paid government stooge

    • Jas

      Well Reddit is an Israeli controlled site, so yeah, it’s pretty censored and patrolled by the paid trolls.

      • Axe Man

        You can tell by the language. The style is not consistent

  • whiteberry

    I say… RUN MAX… RUN!

    • Deboradhill2

      “my .friend’s mate Is getting 98$. HOURLY. on the internet.”….

      two days ago new Mc.Laren. F1 bought after earning 18,512$,,,this was my previous month’s paycheck ,and-a little over, 17k$ Last month ..3-5 h/r of work a days ..with extra open doors & weekly. paychecks.. it’s realy the easiest work I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months ago and now making over 87$, p/h.Learn. More right Hereoi!921➤➤➤➤➤ http://GlobalSuperEmploymentVacanciesReportsSuper/GetPaid/98$hourly…. .❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:❖:❦:::::oi!921…….

  • mirageseekr

    This sounds more like a sock puppet on Reddit than a rational human being. Personally I think it should be mandatory for people to read the CIA’s own documents regarding things like Operation Mockingbird and Operation Paperclip. Maybe once they can wrap their heads around that they could move on to things like MK Ultra experiments and the CIA assassination of MLK.

  • Ben William

    The problem with our society today stems from the very people on this Reddit forum. As to wether it’s all a PR stunt or real people is anyone’s guess. However, the world is literally falling apart before their very eyes. The ship has hit the iceberg and these people act as if only those crazy ‘conspiracy theorists’ are getting on the life boats.

    These people want to take responsibility for nothing and to actually have a mind that works outside the box (as in the BOOB TUBE of social media) is an unspeakable crime. No innovation from these kinds of people just stagnation.

  • FiverPrometheus

    MAX ! Dump that stupid bitch ASAP.

  • hvaiallverden

    Yup, hehe, Im barking mad, houuuuuu, and an instand urge to hump the coutch, woff, woff.

    Yea, like printing money out of thin air, you gett an house mortage and with the flick of Their wrist, they can multiply that loan sum upto 9 times and use that for them selfs, called Fractional banking, how glearingly obvious isnt the scam when people learn the truth, money is debt.
    Oh, wana meat God. I know how, but to you the reality out there is terrifying isnt it, weekminded creeps like this “thing”.
    I can ashure you one thing, I have gone thrue to the other side and I didnt encounter ANYONE, nobody.
    AND above this we arent alone, nope, the reality is packed to the brim with life, but due to the weild imposed upon our selfs, by our self, is THE enemy.
    You dont know shit from shinnola, and to tell you The truth would simply jamm their brains into halt.
    Ignorance is an bliss, that is probably the moust dangerous thing I can think of.

    And science, well, crackpotts and scoundrells runn this times everything, from snow is a thing of the past to the present equally insane but is an harder wall to crack is the economic issues in a world doped on comon core.
    Any junkie is far beyound this stupid creeps.

    And where the f…. is the women gone, becomed brainless farts as their men.
    The fact is since the previking era womens rights have crumbled, and you whine about Islam, when even in the viking era women had better and more fare protection, rape was insatnt death penalty in those days, as one of the 3 ways of been sentenced to death.
    H. Clinton is an beast, along with beastly men, an evil creature whom feeds upon missery and pain, of course upon others.

    Intresting times indeed.


    • Reverend Draco

      If ignorance is bliss. . . you,must be absolutely euphoric.

  • QuantumVerp

    Conspire? Do you mean people getting together and sharing some common aspirations they might want to work on? No. When the rich and powerful get together over lavish dinners they only talk about beans. Maybe some spinach. A little broccoli.

    • Jas

      Then….How to take over the world!!….more likely maintain control.

      • QuantumVerp

        Make a government which is based on more natural energy flow schema than mere human pandering.
        I have it ready to go. Well, one more book to read which I have saved till never.
        All is in control anyway though it may appear not to be.

  • I forgot

    Oh no…the Lizard people.

    • jaguar

      Actually many people have had encounters with lizard creatures…especially in the Los Angeles area…just because you haven’t seen one doesn’t mean they don’t exist…

      • I forgot

        I know they exist. Look at the government.

  • jaguar

    If I was this guy, I get rid of her fast… She’ll be the first one to turn him into the government, when Marshall Law comes into affect and they are putting people on FEMA Trains!!! She’s a koolaid drinking nutjob!!

  • Dunno y

    Max, act the road warrior and buy a car with one air bag while searching for that telegraph pole. Best get her before she gets you.

  • Rachel Flanagan

    I believe the letter to be a fake. They love to shame anyone not buying the official narrative. ERGO the tin foil hat. Only indoctrinated old farts use a term coined by the CIA in the 1960’s to shame anyone not agreeing with the myriad of bullshit they’ve sold the American people. What’s the point of reading the Daily Sheeple when they embrace the “tin foil hat” meme. I come to alternative media to read alternative news, not alternative PROPAGANDA.