What’s in YOUR Medicine Cabinet? Nosy Teachers Want to Know!

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A homework assignment that was given to middle school students in Utah has some parents concerned.

From Fox 13:

Students at a Mapleton Junior High School in Utah County were asked to take inventory of the things inside their family medicine cabinet and then turn that list into their health teacher.

Say what?

Let’s get this straight. A teacher asked CHILDREN to go nosing through their family’s medicine cabinet – where potentially deadly drugs are kept – and write details down on a chart?

Here’s the chart the students were given to fill in:

medicine cabinet inventory

Teaching children about drug abuse and safety is one thing.

Asking for a list of the medications a family has in their home is another.

Thankfully, concerned parent Onika Nugent brought attention to the assignment. She posted it in the Facebook group Utahns Against Common Core. She sent a note to the teacher and the school principal. And, Nugent was interviewed by Fox 13:

In her letter, Nugent said:

“Although it may be a good idea for parents to do an inventory of their medicine cabinet, I believe it is inappropriate for students to counsel their parents, or report to the school what that inventory is. It is a complete invasion of privacy.”

Now, for the big question: Is this a Common Core assignment?

The school district says it was not part of a school-based curriculum. They say the teacher created the assignment and made the form herself. I hope that’s true, and they aren’t just throwing this teacher under the (school) bus.

They are claiming to be surprised too:

Lana Hiskey, a communication specialist for Nebo School District, said they appreciate the parent’s concerns.

“Sometimes we’re blindsided, we don’t know if a teacher is giving something out that they shouldn’t be doing, ” Hiskey said. “And so we absolutely want parents to come forward, let us know…. I wouldn’t be comfortable having my own children go through my medicine cabinet.”

While it is comforting to know that Hiskey wouldn’t appreciate homework like this being given to HER children, one can’t help but wonder how this assignment slipped through the cracks and into those students’ hands.

I guess we shouldn’t be that surprised, considering that giving homework assignments that defy common sense is becoming, well, common. Schoolchildren are being given assignments about extramarital affairs, “Who’s your baby-daddy” DNA testing, sexual activity, pornographic literature, and an assortment of other questionable subjects.

Whether or not this “drug inventory” assignment is Common Rotten to the Core related isn’t known right now.

But it sure does reek of the collaboration between control freak globalist Bill Gates and Big Government to “guide and shape human behavior”, doesn’t it? Remember, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was the main source of funding for a massive $100 million national database that housed personal identification about millions of K-12 students ‒ data ranging from name, address, Social Security number, attendance, test scores, homework completion, career goals, learning disabilities, and even hobbies and attitudes about school. Due to widespread outrage over privacy issues, the organization that was slated to run the database, inBloom, closed earlier this year.

Parents, if you aren’t already asking your children what sort of assignments they are being given and looking over their work, it is time to start.

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  • Ken, Megapolis

    Whoever, sicker than the patients LOL, requires this information to the point he can ACT on it, probably already has access to our complete medical history.
    This is a study of COMPLIANCE not medicine:- (i) which students and parents do indeed comply. (ii) who does indeed take ALL his medication, without forgetting, accidentally or deliberately, I could expand. (iii) who does and doesn’t throw away old medication. This study may hold key information for insurance companies eager to please SHAREHOLDERS, never unfortunate sick individuals.
    I feel sick reading this so please don’t laugh or troll me.

    • Cathy Young

      I would prefer to agree with you

  • M_Avalon

    A bottle of Advil and a big can of stfu!

  • Cathy Young

    A big ol’ bottle of Nunyabizness

  • Smarty

    Teacher: What’s in your medicine cabinet ?
    Student’s Father: Oh, just a 9MM Glock, and a bunch of ammo with YOUR name on it !!!

  • headshrinker

    That would have been a fun assignment to fill out and return! Colloidal
    Silver, Elderberry, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Garlic, Oil of Oregano, Raw
    Honey, and all of the other supplements we take daily. Would have pizzed
    off Big Pharma anyway!

    • Cookster

      Sounds like mine, except I do take an occasional Advil. Wouldn’t get much on me.
      However, I am with Ken. This article made me sick.

      • headshrinker

        Yes, me too on both counts. The article caused a rise in my BP due to the intrusiveness of these snakes in the grass. I had to calm down before I thought about what was in my med cabinet and wrote the post. And, I also have to take a few OTC meds as I am getting older and getting older hurts!

  • Sir TuberKopf

    In June 2005, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) clarified who can be held criminally liable under HIPAA. Covered entities and specified individuals, as explained below, whom “knowingly” obtain or disclose individually identifiable health information in violation of the Administrative Simplification Regulations face a fine of up to $50,000, as well as imprisonment up to one year. Offenses committed under false pretenses allow penalties to be increased to a $100,000 fine, with up to five years in prison. Finally, offenses committed with the intent to sell, transfer, or use individually identifiable health information for commercial advantage, personal gain or malicious harm permit fines of $250,000, and imprisonment for up to ten years.

  • TotallyPeeved

    Actually, parents should have pulled their kids from the commie/sexual perversion/plague spreading indoctrination centers a long damn time ago.

  • Anothereno

    Mouthwash, toothbrush, baking soda toothpaste, shaving cream, shavers, a comb, ibuprofen…..

    I don’t like pills, most pills just cover up problems that can be cured naturally, like headaches most of them are caused by very few things for me anyways, dehydration, tension and caffeine withdrawals, first I drink water, a little bit of meditation and finish it off with a big coffee if i haven’t had one and 90% of the time it goes away and if it doesn’t dandelion tea for a kicker.

    I haven’t taken a pill in over 6 years thanks to a low (not no) carb organic diet.

  • mirageseekr

    Can someone please just shoot Bill Gates already before his globalist depopulated agenda kills us all.