What’s Driving Social Discord: Russian Social Media Meddling or Soaring Wealth/Power Inequality?

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The nation’s elites are desperate to misdirect us from the financial and power divide that has enriched and empowered them at the expense of the unprotected many.

There are two competing explanatory narratives battling for mind-share in the U.S.:

1. The nation’s social discord is the direct result of Russian social media meddling– what I call the Boris and Natasha Narrative of evil Russian masterminds controlling a vast conspiracy of social media advertising, fake-news outlets and trolls that have created artificial divides in the body politic, or exacerbated minor cracks into chasms.

2. The nation’s social discord is the direct result of soaring wealth/power inequality– the vast expansion of the wealth and power of the nation’s financial elites and their protected class of technocrat enablers and enforcers (the few) at the expense of the unprotected many.

Core to this narrative is the view that the elites and technocrats have engaged in a massive, coordinated official/media propaganda campaign of fake news aimed at persuading the bottom 95% that their prosperity and financial security are expanding when the reality is they have lost ground they will never be able to recover.

This propaganda campaign includes official (i.e. gamed/distorted) statistics such as unemployment and inflation, a reliance on the manipulated stock market to “signal widespread prosperity” and a steady drumbeat of corporate media coverage promoting the Boris and Natasha Narrative as the primary source of all our troubles.

The reality the elites must mask is that the few (the elites) have benefited at the expense of the many. The rising tide of financialization, globalization and neofeudal-neocolonial neoliberalism has not raised all boats; the yachts have floated higher while the rowboats have either sunk or are leaking badly.

The Boris and Natasha Narrative is the primary propaganda tool of the ruling elites and their technocrat/ corporate media enablers. This is of course classic propaganda: misdirect/distract the public from the reality of explosive wealth/power inequality; blame the other i.e. the enemy for the nation’s self-generated woes, and claim to be helpless victims rather than oppressors: garsh, we’d all be just fine and dandy if the evil Russkies hadn’t meddled in our election. Poor us, we’re victims!

Look again at the chart of soaring inequality above and tell me the Power Elites of the nation are helpless victims of Russian meddling. Isn’t it painfully obvious that the Boris and Natasha Narrative is just a tad too convenient and a bit too well-oiled not be a carefully planned and executed propaganda campaign to distract the public from the greatest divide in the nation’s history between the elites and those they exploit/rule?

Orwell would approve of the Elites’ Boris and Natasha Narrative, as it reverses the polarity of fake news: the elite campaign labels Russian-generated fake news as the problem to mask its own reliance on fake officially sanctioned news: everything’s going splendidly because assets owned by the wealthy keep rising.

If you turned off the corporate media and social media for a week and asked yourself to identify the core causes of rising social discord, would you really think the Boris and Natasha Narrative was the dominant cause, or would you look at the greatest wealth/power inequality in the nation’s history as having some causal connection to the rise of populism, social discord and a sense that we’re less secure, less prosperous, less free and increasingly powerless in a nation dominated by elites slavishly served by a well-paid class of technocrat/ media enablers and enforcers?

Believe what you want, but history is clear: declining social mobility, declining access to political power, declining financial security and the rising concentration of wealth and power in elites are what drives social discord and instability, not the meddling of “outside agitators.”

The elite tried the same strategy in the era of social discord created by the wealth-power extremes of The Gilded Age: to distract the nation from the obvious source of instability– unprecedented concentrations of wealth and power in the hands of the few–the media was filled with stories blaming “outside agitators.”

Don’t fall for it. The nation’s elites are desperate to misdirect us from the financial and power divide that has enriched and empowered them at the expense of the unprotected many. Every story and every broadcast about Russian influence is another brick in a Great Media Wall designed to block our view of the grim reality of American life in a society defined by vast inequality.

Always start an inquiry with this question: cui bono, to whose benefit? Who benefits from us buying the Boris and Natasha Narrative?

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Contributed by Charles Hugh Smith of Of Two Minds.

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  • darkhorse

    the ZIONIST SUPREMACISTS aka THE LORDS OF CHAOS are behind all of it, Charles…you know that. Most of the planet knows it except the stupid, lazy, slumbering American couch potatoes…go figure

    • TickTock

      Oh geez, here we go again with the evil jew conspiracy schtick

      • darkhorse

        Truth is an insult to the Jews…they can’t tolerate it…hmmm wonder why?

      • darkhorse

        said by the Jew…

  • what if…

    Believe in ……

    Las Vegas Magic show: Street theater with crisis actors, see Dr Jim Fetzer’s blog:

    • Earth is finite, it will be up to all moral people to find out all the filthy nests of these filthy rich scumbags and burn them out. I know HIV & Ebola were made in labs in Africa.

      • what if…

        This podcast says it all…..try listen to it:

        • I looked at as many videos as I can grab and listened to nothing. I see no injured people, no dead people, the floor is obviously wet from the spilled drinks. First cellphone video didn’t even have the actual audio of an MG, just firecracker noise. No, supersonic rounds do NOT continuously make sonic booms as they travel, that’s insane, but is an outrageous claim of some experienced shooter apologists. Yes, the bullets will hit first and the sound of the gun will be delayed, IF you are shooting from 400+ meters to gain a 0.5 sec. delay, but the delay in the record played on stage went as far as 3-5 seconds.
          People want to believe in carnage and I must think most of them are Doomsday Religious nuts.
          Helicopter flashes story was quite funny, for someone who’s never seen beacons on aircraft at night.
          This guy is right, I have some of those videos on my channel. Charlotte NC “victims families” were paid $29mil. in compensation by the government… crisiscast.com (4GS crew in FL club)
          What do you think happened to the 2x American Airlines passengers on the demolition of WTC towers in 2001 ?

          • what if…

            Shooting from that distance seems ridiculous/stupid/idiotic. In other words, unbelieveable. Like breaking so much thick glass.

          • Rifles & Machineguns are accurate at 600m but then we would have 600 dead & 50 injured if fired on from two locations.

          • what if…

            Sorry if youve already seen this about it all being a magic show or movie…..sounds like the final answer.

            p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; }a:link { }

          • Yes, it works like this: if you are a witness, you’re too much in a hurry to leave the area, you have no idea if 1 person got killed or injured. But they had mostly about 200 actors doing their part, so witnesses are few & far between. crisiscast.com

          • SP_88

            I’m not trying to argue with the substance of your comment, but supersonic ammunition does indeed make one continuous sonic boom throughout it’s entire flight until it slows down to below around 1126 fps.
            It isn’t a bunch of sonic booms that keep happening, but rather one continuous boom. If you were standing in one spot, and someone fired a round that went by you, you would only hear one crack as the bullet and the sonic wave went past you. If you fire a bullet past a row of trees or poles, you can hear the sonic boom echo off of them as it goes by them.
            If you fire a bullet in a canyon or valley, you can hear a continuous echo of the sonic boom until the bullet hits something or slows below 1126 fps.
            If a bullet is fired around a bunch of tall buildings, the echo will bounce around and you may hear the same echo several times.
            And again, I’m not trying to debate anything else you said. I just wanted to clarify the sonic boom part of what you said.

          • No it does not, that is idiotic, have you heard a supersonic jet fly ? It booms once when it transitions from subsonic to supersonic and that’s it. Ever fire a rifle at a range ? No ? I have, I tell you 100% with certainty it booms only once when it leaves the barrel, that’s IT.

          • SP_88

            Yes, it does. As a supersonic jet flies past you, you only hear one sonic boom as the wave passes by you.
            On the gun range, you are confusing the report of the gunpowder with the sonic boom of the bullet. That is two entirely different things.
            If you fire supersonic ammunition from a gun with a suppressor, you will not hear the report of the gunpowder, but you will still hear the sonic boom from the bullet.
            This is basic physics. If a supersonic jet reaches supersonic speed far away from you, and then it travels past you, you will hear a sonic boom as it flies by.
            Just like a boat moving through the water has a “V” shaped wave with the front of the boat at the point of the V, a bullet has a wave just like it during the supersonic part of its flight. That wave is the sound wave. It travels with the bullet.
            Like I said, if you fire a bullet past a row of poles, you can hear the sonic boom bouncing off each pole as the bullet passes it. I’ve heard it myself, and there are plenty of videos on YouTube that explains this. Don’t take my word for it. Look for yourself. And realize that these videos have been around for years. They didn’t just suddenly appear after the Las Vegas shooting to support some conspiracy theory.

          • If you have no grasp of physics I am done wasting my time with you.

          • SP_88

            Fine. I’m not changing my mind.

  • You know the answer, Capitalism Unchained is Fascism. The Rich ruling government and everything for them is legal.