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What Is An “Assault Rifle”? – You’ve Probably Been Lied To

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December 19th, 2012
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San Jose Police Officer L. Pyle gives us an education and shows how the Mainstream Media misuses the definition of an “Assault Rifle”.

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  • johnd23

    I believe he majority of gun owners understand this and knew this. Those who don’t were born to be sheep to begin with.

  • http://thesheeple ozarkbiker

    Yep, gun owners do know this. Select fire weapons expensive, prohibitivly regulated and scarce. However, becasue Libs and Media have an agenda, they use the term “assault rifle” intentionally knowing the general public will think “machine gun.” (select fire weapon) What a bunch of liars. Got to give them credit for knowing how to manipulate the hoards of useful idiots though.

    • ncjoe

      You have an agenda. too, moron. Before you throw stones at others, toss a few your way. Better yet, toss a grenade or two your way, get those stupid genes out of the gene pool.

      • Mark

        Better to have a few people think your a idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt…

        What a waste of flesh you are…

        Quit breathing your wasting good oxygen!!!

        • Kulafarmer

          +1 Two thumbs WAYYY up Mark there seems to be a lot of that going around these days,,,

          • SKIP

            Are you people criticizing Ozarkbiker??? because he is right.

        • bobo

          Mark: Guys like you really amuse me. Before posting a prolific message, please learn your english.

          The word is “you’re” (possesive)not the noun “your”.

          • Mark

            Well hell excuse me…
            Better yet is it BO-BO are bo-bo?
            How bout this…BITE ME!!!

  • http://T Evie

    I do not think this had the result they hoped for. Weapons and ammo sales are skyrocketing. Shrug, at least gun manufactorers need not fear the worsening economy.

  • http://thedailysheeple bill

    gun control is only about control nothing about guns,the atf and fbi and cia know that fully auto is not leagal and american citizens dont own these but they do know the american public are armed enough to stop a full goverment take over and take our rights away.that is why a gun ban is high on there list dont be an idiot and listen to these people,gun control is to take away the balance of power away from the public and nothing else

  • Jean

    Thinking ultralights with extra fuel on a speech day… Spray out the fuel, one flare-gun shot, wipe out the mouthpieces at least.

    All they really want is to make the US into another Aghanistan / Rwanda / etc.

  • Ted

    For the first time in my life I am afraid of my government ( have been for a while). The current president is usurping unprecedented power for his parties unconstitutional agenda and, for but a few, our so called elected representatives stand silent. Those that would take our freedoms so openly beware. The people will endure much but at one point they will awaken. Those that have perpetrated this upon us have been duely recognized.

  • YouKnowWhy

    The term assault weapon, as used today, has been taken from the lame definition described in the language contained in the expired ban. The loose description in the ban language almost covers the kitchen sink. It was poorly written and derived to prevent the manufacture and ownership of any assault-like weapon….this would include an AR-15 if it was a single shot rifle as it does look like an M-16/M-4….and a bunch of other semi-auto firearms like the Ruger Mini-14 with a 20 round magazine.

    So stand by to be amazed of the ban is reinstated. As before it will not do anything to prevent mass murder as has happened recently. Mentally ill, and sane folks, will find a way to accomplish thier evil goals regarless of the laws.

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