What If Electricity Was Only for Rich People?

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What if electrical power in the home was only for rich people? What about heat? What about running water?  What if that divide between the rich and the poor could be delineated by who had the ability to turn on light at the flick of a switch and who did not?

Many people worry about an event like a solar flare that would wipe out electrical power, casting us back about 200 years.  We’d have no refrigeration, no transportation, no climate control and no lights. But in that situation, we’d all be in the same boat. No matter how wealthy you are, any unprotected electrical items would still be useless.

What if the real threat was simply that no one could afford to pay the electric bill?  What if prices escalated to the point that it was a choice between food and electricity?  What if, home by home, the lights went out across America?

Across the world, the prices of electricity are rising dramatically.  Customers have been warned that they will face increases.  Smart meters have been installed nearly everywhere.  Many places are instituting time-of-day pricing, making it only affordable to do your laundry in the middle of the night.  The UK has announced that people can expect rolling blackouts beginning sometime next year and their power costs have risen 31% since 2010.

Part of the reason Americans will face higher prices is President Obama’s War on Coal.  (In his own words he promised to bankrupt the coal industry.)  If Obama can’t close down power producers through the front door, he does it through the back door, via the EPA.  Even though the climate change theory through CO2 emissions has been completely debunked, the EPA is still passing draconian laws to reduce our “carbon footprint” and thus raise the prices on power.   Obama has shut down 8 coal mines across 3 states, and he and his buddies at the EPA have plans to scale back production at over 200 coal-powered plants via a regulatory assault.

The United Nations carbon taxes have forced many areas across the globe into power monopolies.  While small companies will go out of business struggling to meet the new regulations, General Electric (a large Obama contributor) has received a waiver, exempting them from meeting these new standards.

In providing the likes of GE with a waiver, the White House is greasing the skids for a giant consolidation of the energy industry, shutting down competition and creating artificial scarcity – thereby driving up costs for the American people.

The deliberate deindustrialization of America has nothing to do with protecting the environment. Whereas the competitiveness of America’s energy industry is being crippled by the EPA and the White House, China and Mexico are building dozens of new power plants every year which fall well short of the clean-burning technology standards adhered to in the United States.

This is about the implementation of the UN’s Agenda 21, which operates under the guise of “sustainable development” yet is clearly part of a stealth agenda to centralize control over energy, bankrupting America in the process as part of the move towards a crony system of one world governance.

We are facing dramatic global increases in the prices of food, water and power.  This will serve to widen the divide between the rich and the poor and effectively end the middle class.

In Jackson County, Alabama, for example, the price of water bills has quadrupled, making an average monthly water bill over $300.  Lizzie Bennett writes that many residents no longer have running water in their homes because of these exorbitant bills.

“Many people have opted to buy drums of water from petrol stations rather than pay their ever increasing bills. They use these drums of water for drinking, washing and in their portable toilets which can be seen dotting back yards across the area, the modern version of the outhouse. They pay a fee to a sanitation company to remove the waste. It’s cheaper than letting the city take care of it.”

A popular culture comparison would be with the movie, The Hunger Games.  In the movie, citizens of the Districts were relegated to cooking over open fires and lighting their rooms with candles.  No one had transportation or power.  They were not allowed to hunt to supplement their meager food allotments and in the heroine’s District, they were not allowed to use the coal the area was rich with.  Uniformed “peacekeepers” patrolled the districts to ensure that the rules were strictly adhered to and that the excruciating poverty was the standard for all residents.

However, when the main characters went to the Capitol, a mere train ride away, it was another world, with advanced technology, power at the touch of a button and enough food at each meal to feed a family for a week. The Capitol glowed with industry, cleanliness and light and the difference of living standards was like the difference between night and day.

The increased prices of modern day necessities can be used as leverage for many types of governmental control.  Consider Agenda 21, right from the website of the UN Department for Sustainable Development.

Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.

To make sure that’s totally clear:  A plan of action.  Got it.  To be taken globally…okay – everyone must participate.  In every area in which human impacts on the environment….yep, that covers everyone and everything in the entire world.  It’s a way to take over the world that sounds so warm and fuzzy that people will pay money to get in on it!

So in true Agenda 21 fashion, wiping out power to outlying regions rich with their own natural resources will be a great way to corral the hungry cold masses into the megacities that have been designed for us. According to alternative journalist Susanne Posel, “Humans are now being compared to invasive species that commandeer territory, disburse indigenous wildlife and destroy the planet in the process…The move out of rural areas and densification of urbanized centers is being pushed in the American mainstream media as the answer to the devastating effects of humans on the environment. The elimination of suburban areas as compact cities become inundated with more people, there is a need to reinvent these centers to accommodate these swelling numbers.”

Not only will the loss of affordable utilities help round people up geographically, it will perpetuate a massive die-off as people living in homes that were not designed to function without electrical power succumb to many different fates.  People will freeze to death in their homes in the winter, burn to death or die of carbon monoxide poisoning as they try to keep warm in homes not designed with proper chimneys and ventilation, perish of food poisoning as they consume items that have been left unrefrigerated, die from being unable to keep life-saving medications at the proper temperature to prevent spoilage or contract diseases like typhus from improper sanitation when water no longer flows from the taps.

So, what can we do to maintain our independence as the powers that be try to return us to serfdom through limiting our access to affordable necessities?

First you must learn to provide for many of your necessities alone.  Grow food, join a co-op, raise chickens and rabbits.  Even a small salad garden in a kitchen window can help you to offset high food prices.

Second, reduce your dependence on the power grid.  Use rain barrels to collect water, direct the gray water from your washing machines to reservoirs, hang your clothes to dry, and use solar lighting whenever possible.

Find other ways to stay warm.  This can be difficult if you rent but it can still be done.  Consider making modifications to allow for the use of portable wood heaters, look into different types of camping heaters and make your plans and purchase your supplies well before you need them.  Learn how to safely store fuel for these secondary devices. Invest in battery operated C02 monitors (and extra batteries). Get sleeping bags with a warmth rating for low temperatures, consider a small tent where you and family members can sleep in your living room to pool body heat, and stock up on cold weather clothing like hats, fingerless gloves, long underwear and heavy sweaters. Find ways to insulate and separate one main living area off from the rest of the house by closing doors, hanging curtains in doorways, etc.

Watch the prices of your utilities.  As the prices begin to rise, more and more people will be unable to pay their bills and eventually their power will be shut off.  Check your bill each month and as prices increase, use less power. Redefine necessities.  You can hand wash your clothing, cook on a woodstove or outdoor grill and can foods to preserve them instead of relying on a large chest freezer. None of these are the way things are commonly done these days, but if you can manage to keep power on for the most basic necessities, like running the pump for your well, running a refrigerator, and maybe powering up a laptop, you’ll be living in luxury in comparison to the neighbors who now have no power, no heat and no running water.

Prep, prep and then prep some more.  The end of the American way of life is upon us.  Stock up on beans, bullets and bandaids. If you’re new to the idea of prepping, check out some sites like Ready Nutrition (especially the 52 Weeks to Preparedness Series), Survival Blog, The Survival Mom, and SHTFplan. The clock is ticking.

Instead of a huge, life-changing calamity, consider that it may be the culmination of many small events, rising prices and lower incomes, and the deliberate erosion of our self-sufficiency by those who would control us that cause TEOTWAWKI. (The End Of The World As We Know It)

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  • Bopster

    As much as this scares me because it seems so real, it feels like the most likely scenario for a shtf. Instead of some one event, it’s the gradual erosion of people’s ability (those left) to maintain any semblance of an independent life. Thanks for the post.

  • My dream is that people develope their own energy and get off of the grid. What exactly will the elite and power companies do if none is left to pay their bills.

    • Karma Prevails

      Evie ~ I think that they’ll try and take steps to regulate and tax it, as ridiculous as it sounds. Remember the guy in Oregon who went to jail for harvesting rainwater in barrels a while back?

  • jhpace1

    I’ve made the observation/prediction that in the future, if you want something, you must own the entirety of it. For instance, if you want to drive an automobile, you must own the means of producing fuel for the vehicle – I recommend an alcohol still and/or biodiesel processor. The same goes for solar power for your house, non-GMO food and slaughtering livestock, crime prevention, etc. Because the normal means of trade will either be out of sight in price, or restricted for ideological reasons.

    We know the elite own their own herds and farms, from Ted Turner to the Queen of England. We know they want the rest of the world to eat and drink poison, to control us, make us compliant, and to kill us off early in comparison to their own protected bloodlines.

    All of us must become independent of government as soon as possible, or be herded in with the rest of the dependents of an all-reaching, totalitarian government stratified into a caste system.

    • Alcohol makes for a nice drink LOL. However if you want an automobile you must not only stay sober if driving LOL, you must from your vision have the means of manufacturing said car. A horse and cart may be cheaper, more durable, easier to handle etc. I believe alcohol and motoring never mix seeing how food best eaten is fermented to ethanol. Also, I really do now see a return to horse and buggy possibly in our lifetime. Safe!

  • gun

    My dream is that we kill every last one of the scum elite and go back to living our lives free.

    • Dream on Bro. How do you afterwards prevent new elite from arising? All are equal, its just some are more equal than others, ref the pigs in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Sorry to prod you with a stick in order to wake you up Gun but no-one will save you but yourself.

  • Dennis Patterson

    I work in a program that qualifies people up to 125% of the poverty level to recieve monetary assistance to pay heating costs. I see people every single day that have to choose between keeping their children warm or feeding them.

  • Shocking yet inspiring solution oriented article. I have a female friend whose dream is to be entirely self sufficient, modelling her life not on her current call centre profession but remote mongolian tribes who construct their own yurts. My advice? Get out and about, meet said tribesmen or at least get to know fellow ‘preppers’ who organise ‘boot camps’ never holidays in the sun LOL. I have a quote. Sorry I dont know who first quoted it but:- Do not opt for the soft life. It leads to obesity of the soul. Thanks for listening.

  • Mark

    what if HELL is for the rich and elite?

  • dan

    Been on the homestead for 22years
    and never thought myself impoverished for having wood heat or a garden…until my wife of 20years was seduced by the siren call of the big-city. I think I’ll go watch the meteor showers and contemplate life.

    • Chandra

      Dan, you sound like my kind of man. I’m sorry your wife didn’t feel the same. I have been homesteading for six years and my fifteen year old understands that wealth and money are not the same thing.

  • Eric_G

    The answer is NOT trying to produce your own power. As nice as that sounds, it’s not gonna happen. As for simplifying my life, no way. We as a species have evolved. No, not biologically, but technologically. To go back now would mean an end to our evolution, a new dark age.

    Electricity, it’s production and distribution are what made the 20th century what it was, namely the most rapid increase in wealth ever seen, and not just for the “elites.” We went from a species that spent 80-90% of it’s day looking for fuel and food to one that spends a fraction of an hour paying for the day’s energy (looking at my electricity bill, I see that I worked 2 hours to pay for a month’s worth of electricity in September).

    So what’s the answer? No, not renewables, as we’re finding out. Coal and Gas? Nope, we’re past that now. We should be moving over to nuclear. I know that’s not a popular view amongst the prepper crowd, because 1) you’ve been duped by most of the old oil and gas companies and 2) it’s BIG, centralized and scary. The big part just means that it becomes easy to deliver service to a large population, and the economics don’t work if you’re aiming for “elites.” The centralized part shouldn’t matter unless you believe the government or “terrorists” have the ability and/or desire to keep you down. If you really think that is the case, why does everyone keep electing the same idiots into government? I mean, these guys could screw up a cup of coffee, and here we are actually entertaining the thought of reelecting them. Stop it. If you vote for the lessor of 2 evils, evil still wins.

    Anyway I urge you to do some homework and learn a little about the reality of nuclear power, and where we could be headed.


  • Lisa

    Kimberly sounds like a Republican…wonder if she stocks up on her bullets at the same place as Sarah Palin?