What Happens When YOU Need Help And Can’t Get It?

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This is probably the most important News Shot I’ve done to date. Countless millions suffer from chronic pain…a REAL epidemic! What’s even more appalling is the fact that relief exists for those who are suffering, but the relief is out of reach… NOT because of a shortage, but because of a phony “War on Drugs” that does nothing but make the rich, richer and the suffering, suffer horribly. The truth is a lonely warrior…

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Feds Employ Data-Driven Early Warning System in Opioid Fight

Leading Causes of Death

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  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    “What Happens When YOU Need Help And Can’t Get It?”
    You DIE. Duh.

    • You have always obviously needed help, but ignorance and stupidity have never been directly lethal.

      • Enough is enough

        It does after years of down right pain. When you off your self. One doc gives only one kind of meds another doctor gives this other meds. One only gives injections. Every time you have to change doctor’s you start all over. So you never get anywhere. Just more days, months or years of pain. Doctor’s today are not the doctor of early. Doctor’s only care about the money not the people like they us to. I’m in Ohio right now. The medical field here in Ohio is just sad. The doctor are very rude. Everyone forgot the medical field is a SERVICE industry.

  • Smarty

    A few weeks back, there was some cunt with a desk and a title babbling about how those in pain should start practicing “pain acceptance”. Of course, the bitch herself felt just fine every day, so that gave her the authority to tell everyone else they should just “accept the pain”. I’d like to throw a bucket of gas on her, light her up, and then see how accepting she becomes…. We’re at a point where the inmates are running the asylum and the brainwashed sheep are right in lock-step with what they’re being told to believe.

    • We’d all be better off if you’d drench yourself as well.

      • Smarty

        Awww…. Keyboard warriors are just so cute and trendy. Didn’t mommy change your diaper yet today? You always get so “cwabby” when mommy watches Dr. Phil too long and forgets about her little pumpkin hiding in the basement….

        • I wasn’t born to a teenage mother like you appear to consider routine. My mother died at 63 in the mid 1980’s, long before Dr. Phil started malpracticing.
          I’d like to see you defend yourself against one of the many laws you continually advocate the violation of, but that isn’t likely to happen when you lack the cajones to do what you recommend be done.

          • Smarty

            I see that mommy died before she had a chance to teach you any manners. You also missed out on the transfer of any intelligence in the gene pool, if it was even available. I bet she’d be real proud of her “witto” keyboard warrior if she was able to see you now ! Nothing could disgust a parent more than creating a child that never grew up, lives in a van, and spends the majority of it’s day berating other people via the internet. Yep….you’re a keeper for sure !!

          • She obviously taught me more about refraining from ad hominem than yours knew about spelling it.

          • Smarty

            We are all sitting here laughing at you now. You’re what’s called “cheap entertainment”. Thanks for breaking up the monotony here at work for us. Really….I mean that. Thank you.

          • I guess you wouldn’t admit to mistaking a mirror for your computer because of the devastation that it would deliver to what you’d call an ego. It is sad to think that there is an entire group of underequipped people that have to rely on your intellectual deficit.

          • Smarty

            OMG…..STOP…PLEASE !! I know it’s not proper to laugh at you and your social handicap, but we’re all just cracking up here. I guess it’s the post holiday effect, but regardless, please let us get back to work. You’ve done your job. You cheered up a whole room full of us here !! Again, thank you, but please stop. You should hear the comments flying around this room right now and it’s not adding to production!
            Thank you, and have a good day….

          • I’m not the one with the psychiatric issue that forces me to come up with a violence resolution of every tiny annoyance which you lack the intellect to resolve without violence and the cajones to carry through. Add to that your need to create a roomful of nonexistent sycophants to support your psychosis and it becomes clear that your best attribute is a vivid imagination. If production is that much of a challenge, success must be mighty elusive.

          • Smarty


  • Get some cajones and end your pain! It’s YOUR body! medicineman.is

    • Since when has such been comparable to a multitude of other common and completely free of legal issue herbs and spices? Celery seed beats opioids.

      • Since cannabis has been the most medicinal herb known to man and in this particular instance, the product I just linked to has 50x the pain killing effects as morphine. Many natural substances beat opioids, cannabis just happens to be one of the best.

  • American

    You two need to get a room.