What Happens When a Cop Is the Victim of Asset Forfeiture?

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Unlike most forms of government revenue, there is really no way to disguise civil asset forfeiture as something it’s not. It’s outright theft, and that’s all there is to it. If you’ve committed a crime, even a minor one, the police can seize your stuff. They can steal it from you even if someone else used your property during a crime without your knowledge. In some cases, they can even steal from you if they so much as suspect that you may have committed a crime or intended to commit a crime. To anyone with half a brain and a conscience, it’s obvious that this is just state sanctioned robbery.

When the police seize assets from ordinary citizens, there is often no recourse. It’s expensive to take the cops to court, sometimes more so than the value of what was stolen. And in any case, there is no guarantee that they will win in court, so most people simply cut their losses.

However, private citizens are not the only people who can be victims of asset forfeiture. In 2010, a police officer in Oklahoma had his truck seized by the sheriff’s department, after a ranch hand used it during a crime. How he finally got it back might surprise you. It just goes to show that predatory cops don’t discriminate.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

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  • Asset forfeiture is merely the non-return of that which would otherwise be returned.
    Being any kind of an officer of any government should provide more than enough protection against arbitrary seizures of property to prevent such from interfering with the officer’s ability to perform his or her duties. If there is no seizure, there can be no forfeiture.

    • BeAPatriot

      Yeah, so in a nutshell – its theft

  • New Mexico has already outlawed civil forfeiture ……however some Police Departments refuse to recognize the law and claim Fedcoat protection.

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      • Lumpy Rutherford

        Thanks for clarifying this for all of us, officer. And what did YOU steal from a taxpayer today?

    • Right to the Point
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  • I forgot

    Commandment number : You will not steal.
    I think they added (unless your the government or their thralls).

  • James

    The Cops want the Cops take. The Cops don’t like you are there meat in America. Has to end somewere. Or something will end it.

  • Robert Holmes

    He helped write the Law in the first place!

  • Right to the Point
  • Slick

    I have a fetish for exposing frauds, cówards, and liars. He is very wrong about his views. He is incapable of critical thinking and complex thought. He refuses to be open to debate, productive dialog, and truth. Whatever your past experience is with LEO’s should not be a basis to generalize the thousands and thousands of LEO’s in this country who dedicate their lives to helping others. Leo’s don’t get fame or fortune for their sacrifice. There are good and bad in every profession, from janitors to doctors. To generalize and focus on the very small minority is pure ignorance and shows an ulterior agenda. It’s lazy and shows difficulty with deep analysis as well.

    • Uh you forgot to give yourself your up vote ………………..

      • Slick

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          • Slick

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    • Razedbywolvs

      LEO’s don’t sacrifice shit. They get pied to do a job! If you suck at your job people will hate you. It doesn’t matter if your a LEO or a waitress.
      If fame and fortune is what you seek do everyone a favour and get a new job…. or up vote your own comments.

      • Slick

        I’m sure you think military doesn’t sacrifice either. We volunteer and get paid as well. Your attempt at a point fell short. Police carry weapons and wear vest due to the risks. Are you sure you read and understood? You sound pretty clueless so I’ll leave it there.

        • Razedbywolvs

          You are correct, the military is not serving me…or the people by any stretch of the imagination.

          Ok if your volunteering to serve the people, what are you going to do wean the people don’t want your services?
          Construction workers get hardhats and hammers because of the risk, and the risk is fare grater grate than any cop.

  • John

    Yep – They are all going to burn together because they all have their hands & minds together & won’t cross that Blue Line.

  • jaguar

    Now they ask to search your car when they pull you over and they steal all your cash… They have stolen MILLIONS from helpless victims of these criminal police!!!