What Does It Mean When They Don’t Try to Hide the Election Fraud?

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In 1985, the US invaded Panama in outrage over a fixed election in favor of Noriega.

Bush threatened Egypt with sanctions over Election Fraud in 2005.

In 2009, the US and NATO reached a consensus to sanction the rigged elections in Afghanistan.

Thousands of citizens took to the streets in Russia in protest of rigged elections in 2011.  The European Parliament  threatened financial sanctions over that same fraudulent election.

However, when this happens in the United States, no one bats an eye.

The rampant fraud in the 2012 GOP primary has all but escaped mention by the media.   Statements by Dr. Ron Paul’s campaign, the primary target of the crime,  go unpublished with the exception of alternative media sites.  Small local newspapers carry stories about hundreds of dead people casting votes, but the large media conglomerates don’t pick them up.

Other countries have turned a blind eye – nobody is sending in troops to the United States to keep things honest.  No economic sanctions have been threatened.

There are no large mobs taking to the streets in irate protest. Paul supporters who protest or comment are marginalized by the media and all claims of fraudulence are written off as “sour grapes.”

Where is our revolution?
Where is our outrage?
How can intelligent men and women watch this happen and do nothing about it?

Every single state that has participated thus far in the Republican primary has had accusations of impropriety, ranging from miscounts, to dead voters, to secret meetings and lost votes.  Not one voting has been unquestioned.

And yet, the American people have done nothing but sit idly by in their Lazyboys, flipping the channel to something less mentally taxing, like Jersey Shore.

Dr. Paul has intrepidly persevered through what must be terrible frustration.  He isn’t giving up despite the fact that he has been cheated in EVERY SINGLE STATE.  He has continued on his mission despite being either ignored or ridiculed by the mainstream media.  His supporters are loud and active and by all rights, his grass roots campaign should be the one in the lead.

Even more alarmingly, little effort is being taken to hide the criminal activity in this election.  What does it mean when the leaders of our society blatantly ignore the laws our country was built on?  When democratic elections are so clearly and obviously rigged?  When election fraud is utterly ignored by the “justice” system?

It means that our opinion no longer matters.  It means that We, the People, have ceased to be a threat in the eyes of the Powers That Be.   Our power to govern ourselves and choose our leaders has been eliminated.  We are being condescendingly humored by the “pretend election” that is going on in an America that has already been quietly overthrown.

The unbelievable apathy of the American citizens regarding this criminal behaviour leaves us, as citizens, even more at fault than the perpetrators of the crimes.  We are allowing it to happen.

If you do not say “NO” you are giving tacit permission for the behavior.  You are allowing this fraud to continue.  You are allowing this sham of an electoral process to eliminate your voice.  It’s late in the game, readers, but it is not too late to resist this.  Don’t let the efforts and perseverance of the Paul campaign go to waste.  Don’t allow your constitutional rights as an American citizen to be removed while you stand idly by and ignore the debacle. We ARE the last line of opposition to the loss of our freedom!

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Contributed by Daisy Luther of Inalienably Yours.

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    • Me

      @ANONYMOUS, The POLICE get away with it because the people have become lazy and allow them to. They aren’t the only ones with guns, responsible citizens have guns too, it is your right and responsibility as a citizen to bear arms to protect against tyranny.

  • lizrex

    People have to circumvent the vote. We have to use our dollars to change things. We are complicit when we spend our money supporting the evil corporations who bring about this election fraud. It is the only power we have. Buy silver, crash jpmorgan. Don’t drink coke, crash Warren Buffet. They will soon get the message that the people have the power.

  • oneman

    ALL elections are fraudulent; clean out yer head-gear, New Guy!
    The whole idea, that some majority have the right to direct the lives of the minority – through elections, “fair” or otherwise – is a farce and a fraud, in and of itself. Let the people BELIEVE they rule, and they will be ruled. Get it?
    I “vote” everyday, in the marketplace, with the only “ballot” that matters – my own hard-earned Federal Reserve notes. I don’t worry about “voter fraud” there. Get it?

  • John Taurus

    Voting is a farce, a fraud perpetrated to give elections an appearance of legitimacy. Voting is a sham, a “right” given to the slaves to make the slaves believe they actually have a say in how our government is run. How do you keep slaves happy? Indoctrinate the slaves from the time they are born into believing that they are “FREE”!

    Even if Ron Paul runs as a third party candidate, the votes will still be stolen/lost. The Masters will not allow Ron Paul to take the office of the President. Ron Paul would not let the Masters continue their rule, so, Ron Paul will not be allowed by the Masters to take that office.

    Treason is being committed at the highest levels of our government. It is time for charges to be brought, trials to be held, and executions of those found guilty to start taking place.

  • Mel

    “Those who will not be governed by God will be ruled by tyrants.”
    William Penn

  • Michael

    When are we going to take action beside ranting about it?

  • Michael

    It could also mean that Ron Paul is a fruitcake right winger in most things that matter, and a supporter of all the things than enable corporate abuse, and Americans don’t want what he’s offering. Yes, I think that’s probably it.

  • ounceoflogic

    By your own assertion this rampant fraud has not been publicized and yet you proceed to blame the American People for allowing it to go on. How does that work? Shouldn’t you be putting a little pressure on the real culprits like the organizations committing the fraud? Like the political parties who refuse to do anything about it? Like the liberal groups who violently oppose voter ID (which would stop 90% of fraud on ALL sides)?

    And why is Ron Paul the only victim? When voting is rigged, we are all victims.

    Aim your outrage in the right direction. Do a better job getting word to the public and quit O’bama-ing (blaming others for your own shortcomings).

  • What I like to bring to the whole global community of humane citizens with emphasis on Americans..We must combat 1 venue at a time,with elimination of taxation,fed reserve on the list.Please all watch this vid. link I adding .It will give you structure and i like to add, a grassroots campaign is forming for a July or August event.We need as many possible to send all your i.d.s …license,s. all back to the united corps of America…this Renaissance event is the powder keg….were striving for to turn the tide…http://www.cafr1.com/ go to this link and serious look it over, and you,ll wake to a groove we all enjoy after this summer, but I need you and your neighbor..now ..PLEASE, http://youtu.be/bn3hUcmNDdA watch and you,ll LOVE me as i LOVE YOU…Danika

  • joe bassett

    On December 23, 1913 our government finally got the federal reserve passed. It was so tricky the way they did it. WHen the other members discovered this they should have raised hell. The Protocols of Zion were being implemented, becuase right after that came WWWI. They got Teddy to start the Bull Moose party to take votes away from Taft, because Wilson owed money and they would get him to enter WWI.
    Now Americans have been shafted so many times and ripped of with taxes and the government has allowed rampant immigration, wars and drugs are everywhere. The government could solve our problems. They could send troops to Colombia and get rid of cocaine. They could tell Israel to get their act together and quit causing problems. I feel the only solution is to move all the Palesinians out of Palestine and create a buffer zone around Israel a No man’s land of 50 miles. This would solve that problem.
    We are policing the world and this government is doing nothing according to the constitution. The BATF bombed the building in Oklahoma City and our military intentionally killed women and children in Waco and now we know the Mossad and our government committed 9/11. If I have to list the tons of evidence then you aren’t paying attention.
    When the government murdered those people in Waco one million ciitzens should have converged on Waco and drawn and quartered every single one of those murderers. Then they should have gone after Clinton and Reno and done the same thing. You notice because we did nothing we got 9/11 one of the most serious crimes and destruction ever committed. In the end it probably will have killed 20,000 and 50 billion in damage.
    Not one politician spoke out after Oklahoma City, Waco or 9/11. We know the government planned all of them or were involved. So if American people aren’t going to get made when they murder ciitzens, then they won’t even think if you tell them about voting fraud and wars based on lies. Americans are going to do nothing. The smartest people in this country left after 9/11 and moved away forever and denounced their citizenship. They don’t even have to think about this country anymore and our lying crooked government. They can relax in Switzerland or Argentina and don’t even have to think about this disgusting, warmongering country anymore.