What Caused Those Huge Explosions in China That Killed 44 and Injured over 500?

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No, that footage isn’t a Jerry Bruckheimer film.

It’s one of a series of massive explosions devastated the northern Chinese city of Tianjin on Wednesday evening. The blasts were so massive in fact that they could be seen by satellites in space.

At present, nearly 50 people have been declared dead so far, and hundreds more are injured. Nine firefighters are dead, more are missing. Who knows how many people are trapped in the wreckage.

It’s chaos.

Chinese media is reporting that the first explosion hit a warehouse owned by Tianjin Dongjiang Port Rui Hai International Logistics Co. Ltd., a logistics company. The rest is first hand accounts.

But the big question is, what actually caused this explosion?

No one is giving an explanation… yet. At least, not as reported in the American media at this time. Probably still making the cover story up.

Reuters is reporting on it as if it is likely an industrial accident, which the outlet claims “are not uncommon in China following three decades of breakneck economic growth.”

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  • frankw

    I’m no expert, but those look like munitions exploding.

  • NonYo Business

    “nobody seems to know” is such a stupid thing to say.

    OF course someone knows. Will it be made public? Not likely.

    “It is not being made public what really happened” that is more accurate.

  • Nathan Togain

    Must’ve been CERN that caused it, its the ONLY explanation! :o)

  • JoeSmoer

    I thought I had read somewhere that it was containers of commercial explosives or munitions but I can’t see that reported now.

    This could so easily happen at our ports as a deliberate terrorist attack as only a small % of containers are actually checked. I am actually surprised that it hasn’t happened already.

    Since 2007 the amount of cargo that is regularly scanned by X-ray or gamma-ray machines for nuclear devices is only 4%.

    In 2012, only 473,380 out of 11.5 million containers which arrived that year in the United States were subject to security scanning.

    Guess who owns our US ports?

    80 percent of terminals are operated by foreign entities, primarily foreign shipping lines and foreign governments!
    United States companies have eight.

    Singapore government owns most of a company that operates terminals in Los Angeles and elsewhere.
    Two Chinese companies, both with Chinese government,
    manage terminals in New York, Long Beach, and more. Venezuela owns most all or management of marine terminal management
    at ports in Pennsylvania and Maine.

    The Government Accountability Office has warned that a nuclear device could be detonated while at a port.
    One large vessel carries 3,000 or more containers from hundreds of different shippers

  • Enki

    In a footage available on Liveleak there is a glowing Blue Dome with a band of changing color lights below the dome. The dome and the band of colors are at the lower right of the explosion .
    It looks as if some entity was near the explosion or caused the explosion .
    If anyone has any scientific explanation about it please post your knowledge and the method in which the blue light dome works.