“We’re Winning!”: Al Gore Indoctrinates ‘Army of Mini-Gores’ to Fight Climate Change

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The lengthy interview with climate scaremongactivist Al Gore on the threat of man-made climate change (which used to be global warming until they realized that globe isn’t really, well, warming so they changed it to something that couldn’t be semantically argued against like climate change because technically the climate has always and will always change even though they want to blame it on us now) over at Politico is kind of nausea-inducing.

As such, it begins with the disclaimer:

The slide show is alive and well, and now he’s training hundreds of mini-Gores. And he claims that in the “struggle between hope and despair,” these days he’s a hope guy.

Gore is making the rounds again with his slide show of “scary stuff,” you know, pictures of weather disaster aftermath and claims that rising temps and apocalyptic natural events caused by man-made global warming-turned-climate change helped trigger modern political events like the Syrian Civil War and the Arab Spring (the CIA and George Soros apparently get a pass, according to Gore, it was man-made climate change).

But Gore tells his mini-Gores (shudder) he is optimistic.

“You know when you’re at a football game and the momentum shifts, and you can just feel it in the stadium?” Gore asked the trainees. “Well, the momentum is shifting! We’re winning! We’ve got to win faster, but we’re winning!”

As Politico’s Michael Grunwald points out:

Gore’s avalanche of statistics and images is designed to overwhelm, to make the reality of climate change undeniable.

And as I’m pointing out, this isn’t just about a pure-hearted global hero who wants to save drowning polar bears. He has a vested interest in the majority of the world buying into this narrative.

It’s very important to Gore for people to accept man-made climate change because Gore stands to become the world’s first carbon billionaire based on the idea of man-made climate change.

If he can get enough people to buy this line, maybe he can get carbon taxes imposed (the ones he tried so fervently to push Obama to enact after his re-election in 2012) and start raking in the truly big bucks.

Gore needs those big bucks to afford his private jet and the $30,000 utility bills on his multi-million-dollar mansions.

Ignore the fact that a decade of non-doctored climate data shows the globe isn’t actually warming. The science isn’t settled, but hey, who cares? Gore has bills to pay the the UN has a global government to become.

They’re already teaching man-made climate scarmongering in American public schools; still, the idea of an army of man-made climate change indoctrinated mini-Gores spouting off fake statistics and manipulated science is somehow more horrifying than the zombie apocalypse.

Or maybe it is the zombie apocalypse.

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  • Jollyjoke

    Al Snore is a bore. If he would just shut his mouth the earth’s CO2 levels would drop 50%.

    • Glenn Turner

      Well said! If he stopped using a private jet and used commercial airliners like everyone else does that would make a difference too. Not as much as shutting his fat lying mouth of course!:)

  • I think the awareness is going the other way and everyone knows Gore is full of shit. How many times does one need to get caught lying before people realize they are a liar?

  • Koolz

    what’s going to happen to these people when the Sun starts taking a chill and the earth starts to cool because of it.

    Is that going to be blamed on NWO Global Warming, I mean Climate Change.

    Most of them might kill themselves or make up some other fantastic reason for Climate.

  • Hp B

    A Man-Bear-Pig sighting!
    Such a rare event these days.

    • SOIA

      Oh no , it’s coming right for us!

  • desertspeaks

    um hey al, wasn’t snow supposed to be a thing of the past in 2000???
    What happened to all that global warming you were so heated over??

  • eddysach

    A 3-Ring Circus to fatten up charlatans with another ponzi scheme …based on illusion absolutely for their own personal profiteering & furthering the juggernaut of Agenda 21/NWO

  • spartacus

    at least he’s good for a chuckle , ech! boys and girls

  • rich

    Al Gore, you ain’t winning squat, you fat jerk! The only one winning in this country is Barack Obama.