“We’re Voting With Our Middle Finger”: South Carolina Explains Why It Will Pick Trump

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Earlier today, we noted that going into the South Carolina primary, Donald Trump is sitting on a commanding lead not just in the state, where he’s up 17 points, but nationally, where his lead over Ted Cruz is an even larger 20 points.

Perhaps most disconcerting for Cruz, Trump has a nine point national edge among white evangelicals, a voter base the Texas senator should by all rights dominate. Trump is also only 3 points behind Cruz among voters who identify as “very conservative.”

In short, the Teflon Don is living up to the hype and while everyone was laughing last summer when Trump declared his candidacy, the only one who is laughing now is Trump himself.

Some were surprised that the latest GOP debate – which appeared at times as though it might devolve into a fist fight – didn’t dent Trump’s numbers. We’re not sure why the shock.

Quite a bit of what Trump said at the debate was true. America shouldn’t have gone to Iraq. There were no weapons of mass destruction. Jeb Bush’s brother didn’t prevent 9/11. All of those statements – which drew boos from a crowd Trump claimed was stacked with Bush supporters – pale in comparison to virtually everything else the bellicose billionaire has said on the campaign trail. We’re talking about a candidate that called immigrants rapists, says he will demand that Mexico pay for a wall on the border, said John McCain isn’t a war hero, and called for a ban on Muslims. And people are somehow surprised that a few slightly controversial comments about foreign policy didn’t sink him in the polls? The most amusing thing about the debate – well, besides how utterly absurd it was – was that Trump at times appeared to have a better grip on foreign policy than anyone else on the stage.

In any event, The LA Times is out with a new piece that explores why South Carolina voters are overwhelmingly coming out in support of Trump. Excerpts are presented below, but John Baldwin, a used-car dealer from Greenville summed up the mood quite succinctly: “We’re voting with our middle finger,” he declares. We imagine Bernie Sanders’ supporters would say the exact same thing, if asked. A message to Washington’s entrenched political aristocracy: Americans have just given you the finger. Literally.

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From The LA Times

Robert Bowers, a 50-year-old debt collector, conceded that Donald Trump may have gone “overboard just a little bit” when he attacked President George W. Bush, saying he lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and failed to stop the Sept. 11 attacks.

But that did not stop Bowers, of Fountain Inn, S.C., from putting on a cap with Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan and walking through an icy cold parking lot so he could crowd into a raucous Trump rally Monday night.

“I hope he drops an F-bomb,” one fan said to another on the way into the rally.

During past controversies, Trump’s supporters have stuck with him, believing his unvarnished criticism of immigrants, Muslims, women and Sen. John McCain’s war record shows he is willing to take on establishment interests and unwilling to bend to what he calls political correctness.

“We’re voting with our middle finger,” said John Baldwin, a used-car dealer from Greenville.

Baldwin and his wife were passing out stickers and signs calling Trump’s supporters the “silent majority,” a phrase that dates to President Nixon and is used by Trump to assert that he is giving voice to beliefs that others are afraid to say out loud.

Betty Carter also didn’t like the way Trump went after former President Bush. But she’s still sticking with him.

“He needs to know where he is: He’s in Bush country,” she said waiting in a long line to see him Tuesday afternoon at Riverview Park in North Augusta, where she moved more than 15 years ago to care for her grandkids. “I didn’t like it, but I’m still voting for him.”

Monday night’s rally was typical of Trump’s performances, which feel like arena rock concerts as much as political events. Thousands packed into the TD Convention Center. Many stood along the sides of the cavernous convention hall when the seats ran out. Others were sent to an overflow room or turned away. Giant screens lit up Trump’s face; spotlights vacillated in front of the stage; Van Halen music blared.

“Didn’t you love this last debate?” Trump said to cheers. “They came at me from every angle.”

We shouldn’t have gone into Iraq. That was a big mistake because it destabilized the whole Middle East,” Trump said. “Some people say ‘Oh, don’t say that.’”

“Everything you see right now is an offshoot of that decision,” he added,

Saddam Hussein killed terrorists,” Trump said. “He didn’t do it politically correct. He found a terrorist, they were gone within five seconds, OK. With us, we find a terrorist, it’s going to be 25 years and a trial.”

*  *  *

We’re reasonbly sure Trump has no idea that Islamic State’s top ranks are almost entirely comprised of former Baathists.

But in this case we’ll forgive his ignorance because when he says that everything wrong in the Mid-East today is “an offshoot” of the decision to invade Iraq, he is 100% correct.

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  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    Voting with your middle finger is fine-but sooner or later, we’re probably going to have to vote with our arms as well.

    • There are three boxes involved in American government: jury, ballot, cartridge. We have abdicated from the first, corrupted the second, and are desperately trying to find the third to stock up.

  • Frank

    I’m very surprised that the RNC hasn’t slowed Trump’s roll by exerting influence on the delegates and pushed the “votes” to Cruz, Rubio, or at a far stretch, Jeb. Trump is steam-rolling the other candidates, which is becoming a scary reality to the entrenched political elites on just how fed-up The People are and are ready to burn their tax dollar-funded mansions down. The blood-less revolt has commenced and, with continued momentum, it will continue until the “silent majority” is heard in a big way.

    • Mark

      As if Trump is not “establishment” through and through?

      • Frank

        Well, there’s no doubt that Trump likes to make money, and a lot of it. But I believe there’s a streak of patriotism in him beneath all that, otherwise he could have just taken his money and moved it overseas, like so many other American billionaires are doing, and set himself up nicely. If his whole campaign turns out to be one big fraud on the Americans who believe in him, he will have kicked the last leg of hope out from under them of escaping the bonds of the entrenched political aristocracy, delusional academics, and corporate corruption that will surely solidify justification for a Second American Revolution. All complicit elected officials will sign their own death warrants and the “voting” will be done through force of arms, as there will be no last vestiges of faith in salvaging our political or judicial systems that have been so corrupted.

        • Mark


      • masterblaster

        I have first hand experience in dealing with the Donald and his company he is the real deal never doubt it

        • Mark

          Real deal what? Real deal establishment.

        • Razedbywolvs

          Real Deal and politician is an oxymoron.

          • Where did Donald claim to be a politician?

          • Razedbywolvs

            Wean he applied for the job.

          • He hasn’t qualified to fill out an application yet, to put it in your terms. Since the US government has been incorporporated, its president is a CEO, so Trump would be a CEO applying for a job as the CEO of a larger corporation than the one he built, not a politician, which represent constituents, which the president doesn’t.

          • Razedbywolvs

            Yes he has, but the dissension to hire him is not finial yet. His current position as president of his own Corporation and his openly admitting to buying the Clintons would suggest that he even has prior experience as a politician.
            A politician (from Classical Greek πόλις,
            “polis”) is a person active in party politics, or a person holding or
            seeking office in government.

          • The dissension (sic) is pretty much against him.
            Buying implies bribing, and he has never claimed to have done anything more than make contributions to their foundation. I doubt he needed a politician’s help as much as he did a lawyer’s, and both of the Clintons have been disbarred, if they aren’t still.

      • marlene

        Prove it! You can’t and you won’t. Got facts? No, I didn’t think so. TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT 2016

        • Mark

          Yeah… a lot of suckers also believed that the Kenyan bath house boy would “change” things.

          • marlene

            I didn’t believe it! TRUMP 2016

          • He changed a whole lot more than he claimed he would.

      • Let’s hope he isn’t, like Cruz, Rubio, Jeb!, Obama, Hillary, and Sanders are.

    • masterblaster

      They should be scared the good times are over for them

      • marlene

        YOU should be scared if any member of corrupt congress slithers into the White House. Let’s hope there’s enough intelligent voters to push TRUMP over the top.

  • ahuxley

    There is NO WAY that the oligarchy is going to allow either Sanders or Trump to occupy the White House. The ruling-class parasites have at their disposal a myriad of shenanigans they will use to insure that one of their sock-puppets is instead elected:

    Electronic voting machines.
    Super delegates.
    The electoral college.

    If all of that fails, and one of these independents slips through the cracks, and worse, becomes uppity, they will send him the way of Abraham and John…

    Our vote doesn’t count for squat.
    And THAT’S the way it is…

    • masterblaster

      They even try to stop the movement the pitchforks will be at their doors

      • masterblaster

        and they know it

        • ahuxley

          I wish I could be as optimistic as you, but they have enough brain-dead “enforcers” to mow down the pitchforks like blades of grass.
          Hope I’m wrong…!

          • sunshine

            Nobody is rioting over the MURDER of Scalia, people are actually laughing and mocking anyone that wants an autopsy or has questions about this situation! I am sad to say this but I think this country is irredeemable.

          • The sheriff in the county is coming under fire from CLEOs all over the country.

          • sunshine

            Really? GOOD.

          • He made a serious mistake by not sending the body to a medical examiner instead of a embalmist, in addition to violating Texas law requiring that.

          • Remember what Hirohito said about “blades of grass”

    • Reverend Draco

      Nobody with more than 2 brain cells to rub together wants Sanders anywhere within 6 blocks of the white house.

      • He’d be an improvement over Hillary.

        • Reverend Draco

          Not enough to make it worth the bother.

          • You really need to read Roger Stone’s book, “The Clintons’ war on women.” No simple socialist could be as devious as Billary is.

          • Reverend Draco

            If he’s got you thinking he’s a socialist. . . he’s pretty devious.

          • Most of the candidates are socialists, because socialism bifurcates into communism and fascism, and they are all one or both to some degree. Sanders is just using a standard Marxist approach to sell his economic programs, from each according to ability and to each according to their need.

          • Reverend Draco

            Yes, most are socialists. . . Bernie is flat-out communist.
            That’s the difference between Denmark and Soviet Russia. . .

          • Have you ever read the Communist Manifesto?

          • Reverend Draco


          • And the signature “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs,” didn’t pop out of Sanders’ rhetoric?

          • Reverend Draco

            It did.

          • Was that your first clue that he was a communist, or just further confirmation?

          • Reverend Draco


    • marlene

      So be vigilant. Become a delegate. Monitor the polls. Monitor the rigged delegate process and be prepared to protest against it. SUPPORT TRUMP.

    • Trump can outspend all of the other candidates, if he has to. Advertising makes the winner, and he can buy more of it, so…

      • ahuxley

        He certainly can outspend the others, and that would matter if our electoral process weren’t rigged by the ruling class. Candidates can win the popular vote until the cows come home but may never live in the White House.
        To ensure that candidates considered undesirable by the oligarchy do not slip through the cracks by virtue of the popular vote, the powers that be have constructed obstacles on the road to the Oval Office. The selection of so-called “super-delegates” during the primaries and the “Electoral College” are two ways the popular vote can be legally tossed out the window.

  • JJ

    Here’s my middle finger!!!

  • Razedbywolvs

    Cruz is not a constitutionalist and even if he was there is no fixing this.
    The republic has been dead for a long time now.

    • Since 1862

      • I_P_Frehley

        Maybe so, but certainly since 1871

  • sunshine

    Cruz is married to a CFR member, he is the epitome of “establishment”. He also went with Glenn “Weepy bitch” Beck to deliver toys and balls to the illegal invader “unaccompanied minors”. So he won’t shut the border or send them home, he’ll use our tax dollars to help his fellow Hispanics take over the place. Nope, sorry…nobody wants Ted “Troll dough face” Cruz as President. Most of us will just stay home if he gets the nomination anyways. I know I’ll never vote for an establishment candidate ever again, my days of “voting against” so and so are done…it never matters, they do what they want anyways.

    • Mike

      I agree, i will not vote for another main establishment candidate. I like the pope in his stupid reasoning about a wall when he lives within a walled city. I wonder when he will tear it down and let muslims live there. What a hypocrite.

    • marlene

      You are correct, Sunshine. Cruz’s supporters are just as scary as he is. He doesn’t even belong in the senate. Even his voting record calls him a liar.

  • Tommy p

    Cruz is no Boy Scout, my friend he is a Politician, very good at it, too!

    • marlene

      True. Just like obama.

    • It will be fun to watch him disintegrate if and when Donald takes off the gloves.

  • marlene

    It’s a pity how many voters like you refuse to research the candidates. cruz is a lying rino globalist member of the RNC/GOP McConnell establishment machine. Some people never learn! I’d give you links to the horrors that define cruz, but it’s obvious you’re oblivious to the truth. SHAME ON YOU for being so lazy.

  • marlene

    Good going, South Carolina. TRUMP:
    READ: “America’s Wish List For 2916” Frosty Wooldridge; and
    READ: “Watch Donald Trump: He Is Patriotic And He Can Fix America” Walid Shoebat; and
    READ: “Conspirators, The Next American President, and Donald Trump” Servando Gonzalezz; and
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  • Cruz isn’t a natural born citizen anymore than Rubio or Obama are, and if you had done your homework on what the SCOTUS said about it in Minor v Happersett, you wouldn’t be supporting any of them.