We’re Going Into the Greatest Depression: “They Will Not Be Able To Pull Off the Stimulus Game Again”

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Look around and you can’t miss it.

The world is on the brink… politically, economically, financially, monetarily, and militarily.

Events are accelerating. Over the last decade trend forecaster Gerald Celente has been blaring the alarms.

If you’ve been paying attention, then you’ve heard them. You know we’re going under.

And this time they’re not going to be able to stop it.

It will be worse than the panic of ’08.  It will be deeper.  It will be more painful and there’s a reason why… because they will not be able to pull off the stimulus game again.

Everybody got hip to it and it didn’t work. You read even the Financial times, the major media, CNBC, Bloomberg… everyone will now admit that the stimulus only bought borrowed time. So the stimulus game doesn’t work anymore, and the governments are so in debt they can’t have the fiscal policy. So you have no monetary policy and you have no fiscal policy to stimulate the economy.

We’re going into the Greatest Depression.

But they will try to boost it some way. And that’s when I believe gold and silver prices will again skyrocket. They can stay low, I believe, for another several months… even a year. But I don’t see them staying down forever.

I don’t give financial advice. I’m a long term buyer and a long term holder of gold.

Why would I want this digital paper not worth the paper it’s not printed on?

And number two on this whole area of gold and the economy… I believe they’re going to take us to war just like they did during the Great Depression. When all else fails they take you to war and we’re hearing the war drums beating louder and louder throughout the middle east as the middle east is collapsing.

…Hey, great job that Noble Peace Prize winner Obama did…

Full Interview with Gerald Celente and Greg Hunter via USA Watchdog:

(Sourced via Before It’s News)

The end result of this economic destruction for many Americans, as Celente noted in a previous interview, will be a one way ticket aboard the Auschwitz Express and global war.

Forget about stock markets, bond prices and economic statistics being released by the government. Those don’t matter unless you’re actively trading or have your money in retirement accounts (in which case you might consider making an exit).

What matters now is insulating yourself as best as possible from the coming destruction to Americans’ wealth and day-to-day lives. As Celente suggests, gold is an asset you want to be in possession of. Likewise, when our system of commerce comes to a standstill as a result of the collapse of the world’s reserve currency you need to own barterable physical assets and have them easily accessible.

We will soon see what it truly means to live (and survive) in a depression.

With nearly 50 million Americans on food stamps, 100 million on welfare, and no economic progress in sight, it won’t be long before the world as we have come to know it changes drastically.

Expect riots, starvation and bloodshed. You can be 100% sure that the government is planning for exactly this scenario.

The signs, as they were before the crash of 2008, are everywhere. It’s happening right now.

Buckle up, folks.

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Contributed by Mac Slavo of www.SHTFplan.com.

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  • Andy

    This is the reason for all of the equipment,firearms,and ammo that the government is buying up and stockpiling.They know what is coming and are gonna cover their own butts when it hits,at that time the only thing that will matter is food,guns and ammo,gold and silver will not hold much value at all,bartering will be the system of the day.It’s coming and it won’t be too long because they can’t keep it altogether much longer,maybe all of this scandal stuff is just to divert attention away from how bad the economy is?Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  • Ken, your UK friend

    Hi. For starters guns are illegal in the UK so I have never bought them. You dont need a gun to be a survivalist.
    Also gold I find a strange concept. I have never worn gold jewellry. The Gypsies, Scousers, Geordies, Glaswegians etc are covered in bling and I admit it may be a bartering tool.
    Many have an almost superstitious view gold records your vibrations like a tape recorder so never mug anyone for her necklace. It will hurt you far more than it hurts her.
    In Thailand people have spirit tables with offerings of food, incense, gold etc. A thief wont dare touch something Sacred he can almost feel the vibrations warning him away.
    But back to the subject, post Roman Empire ages 300 to about 600 AD layers of soil in archaeological digs are devoid of coins and pottery because Society experienced a SHTF event in which usual methods of doing business no longer worked. Climate change, economic mismanagement, corruption may have all played a part but Roman society was the second greatest civilization to ours and if you could pick any other time to have lived you could do no better than a place like Roman Londinium or perhaps Aqua Sulis whose spa baths are still doing the town of Bath good business to this day.
    However, when the SHTF you cant eat gold. Iron and steel are more useful metals.
    I also love the spa towns. There are about 16 of them in England so if you want to take the waters post SHTF I am sure you will find these beautiful towns islands of prosperity in a sea of economic decline.
    Bath has a completely different flavour to nearby manic Bristol which is more vulnerable to feeling the pinch of any adverse economic development.
    Study the ways of the descendants of previous SHTF’s and you may be in posession of the proverbial crock of gold at the end of the rainbow.
    Prosperity only truly belongs to those who wish likewise on their fellow men so this is why Gubmints are never right if they follow the policy of take never give.
    The illustration of the Titanic is a good one. The Captain will perish along with everyone else if he isnt careful. Glad Smith ordered women and children into the lifeboats 1st knowing he deserves no special treatment.
    Things are not always so orderly with a band playing on till they are waist deep in freezing water when the SHTF.
    My heart will go on!