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Welcome to the Invasion

Daisy Luther
Inalienably Yours
May 12th, 2012

It looks like America is hosting an invasion.  China is buying up bits and pieces of the country and announcing plans to create little Chinese settlements.

Looking back in history, the original Pilgrims that journeyed to America fromEurope came here seeking a new way of life.  They came to escape the tyranny of their former countries.

The Chinese Pilgrims, however, are not coming here to acclimatize themselves to our way of doing things ‚Äď they have every intention of creating mini-Chinas all around the country.¬† According to an article by¬†Michael Snyder at Activist Post,

‚ÄúA Chinese group known as “Sino-Michigan Properties LLC” has bought up 200 acres of land near the town of¬†Milan,¬†Michigan. Their plan is to construct a “ChinaCity” with artificial lakes, a Chinese cultural center and hundreds of housing units for Chinese citizens. Essentially, it would be a little slice of communist¬†Chinadropped right into the heartland of¬†America.‚ÄĚ

The article continues to detail China’s other large purchases of properties and industries.  A few other targets are:

  • An industrial complex and an additional 69 acres in¬†Toledo,¬†Ohio
  • Over 600,000 square miles of oil- and gas-rich land in¬†Southern Texas
  • A 10,000- to 30,000-acre technology zone for industry, retail centers and homes south of¬†Boise,¬†Idaho
  • 20% stake in a mine in¬†Mt. Hope,¬†Nevada
  • 1/3 shares of oil leases in¬†Colorado¬†and¬†Wyoming

These areas are called ‚Äúspecial economic zones‚ÄĚ and they are quietly springing up all overAmerica.¬† Although¬†China¬†is by far snapping up property and shares the most quickly, other countries are getting into the game.¬†257 ‚Äúspecial economic zones‚ÄĚ are already in existence within the¬†United States.

These areas enjoy ‚Äúspecial US Customs treatment to promote global free trade.‚ÄĚ This means limited inspections and regulations.¬† They will receive tax breaks for which Americans do not qualify, and in some cases will pay no taxes at all.¬† They will be importing their own goods, not buying ours, which rules out any economic benefit for our country.¬† Most who are employed by these companies will come directly from¬†China, to be stationed in the self-sufficient Chinese cities. It is also interesting to note that ‚Äúnational laws‚ÄĚ do not apply within the confines of the special economic zones.

The Chinese corporations making these deals and purchases, particularly Sinomach and Chinese National Offshore Oil Corporation, are directly linked to and owned by the Chinese Communist Party.

They are not coming to ‚Äúhelp‚ÄĚ our economy, regardless of what the politicians want us to believe.¬† They are coming to pillage our natural resources, raid our corporations and strategically place their own military within our borders, while we blithely allow it.

Not only is the economic encroachment alarming, but the possibility of fully loaded Trojan horses being invited into the country is a very distinct threat. America could be quietly invaded by a fully armed Chinese military and we wouldn’t know it until they opened fire.

How could this happen? 

1.)   Large numbers of Chinese people will be allowed to immigrate quickly into the country, bypassing normal immigration procedures and populating the Chinese-owned zones.

2.)¬†¬†¬†‚ÄúExpedited‚ÄĚ US Customs policies could allow weapons and military equipment, ¬†or the components to quickly manufacture these items, ¬†to be imported in any amount, without restrictions.

3.)   The Chinese and Mexican defense ministers have held talks to discuss military cooperation.  There is rumoured (this is unsubstantiated) to be a Chinese military stronghold being built and stocked in Northern Mexico.

American CEOs who are selling out to¬†China¬†are traitors to our country.¬† Political ‚Äúleaders‚ÄĚ who are paving the way for this to occur through loopholes and by-laws are also guilty oftreason.¬†Oran’s Dictionary of the Law¬†(1983) defines treason as “…a¬†citizen‘s actions to help a foreign¬†government¬†overthrow, make¬†war¬†against, or seriously injure the [parent nation].”

This is a  punishable federal offense, but unfortunately most people won’t wake up to this fact until the Chinese Communist Army military strike occurs on US soil.

The invasion has begun.


America for Sale 

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Contributed by Daisy Luther of Inalienably Yours.

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  • Chris

    I can not believe this. Its over for this country,without a shot being fired

  • bk

    How are we letting this happen?

    Who is responsible?

    What can we do about this.

    We already have Dearborn…

  • SKIP

    Better the Chinese than the FN muslims.

    • Anonymous


      typical mindless drivel.

  • mitthead

    wow, skip, i feel better already (sarc off)

    • SKIP

      @mitthead, Think nothing of it LOL

  • bowlan

    out no good scum bag politicans have been selling us out since 2001 when N.A.T.A.,and chine free trade bill went into law.

  • Frank

    to understand exactly who is guilty of such treason ,one has only to look in the mirror.we blame to politicians when it is ourselves who has sold out this country,we listen to soundbites,or commercials of those we vote for , never really venting the people put in office, while never holding them accountable.we are the traitors you seek !!! we let others tell us what is right for us and then blindly believe they are doing the right thing.we deserve everything we get for being so stupid.once our liberty is lost the laughter of the world will sound like the roar of a stadium crowd.

  • Evie

    The people have no say so but their purse.

  • blindtruth

    Everyone has something to say about the issues but never any true solutions.
    Like starting a movement or joining one. as the movement spreads by educated well informed members who see life is worth more then being part of a system that prays on the fabric of life set to destroy what is needed the most, each other. More will join united and ready for the call. Members share one goal action of spreading the truth and sharing love that we are the ones whom you passed by for greed but it is by our good deed that others might be free of tyranny.
    Standing at the front line ready who is the true enemy?
    Those who do nothing but expect everything!

  • Arizona

    HEY,thats a real good idea we’ll protest them!!BUT,they haven’t ever listened to protests before,why would now be any different?? HEY,maybe if all the stupid WHORES out there got on there knees and held there head back and their mouth open,NO they did that for OBAMA,and he don’t listen,HUMMM,I think I better go buy a big deer rifle and big scope for it. this don’t look very good now that I think about it.

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