Businessman Plans to Crash Plane into Building to Recreate 9/11

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The attack on 9/11 spawned an abundance of conspiracy theories, and for good reason. To many people it seems odd that jet fuel would be capable of melting down a skyscraper, causing it to collapse in its own footprint. Not to mention WTC Building 7, which managed to collapse despite not being hit by a plane at all.

One wealthy American businessman plans to settle the issue once and for all. Paul Salo, who currently lives in Thailand, is preparing to purchase a 747 and crash it into a large building in the countryside that is slated for demolition. He hopes to crowdfund the experiment, and sell front row seats to the crash.

Obviously this won’t be a perfect duplication of 9/11. The experiment will be more of an approximation of what happened, with similar structures and aircraft. What do you think? Will this be an informative and satisfying experiment, or is there no way to properly settle what happened on 9/11?

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .

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  • Smarty

    There is a simple way to settle what happened on 9/11. The perps can ADMIT that they wired the buildings to implode, and used the planes to satisfy the sheep to further their agenda. Anything else is just stupid speculation and pillow talk. Any common mouth breather can figure out that building #7 was a controlled demolition and any common idiot can figure out that the other two were imploded as well….

    • BW83

      You give common idiots too much credit I’m afraid lol

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    • Muhammad Abbass

      You are 100% correct and I can assure you as a retired professional pyro and demo contractor that it is so.

  • 10 Gears

    I hate to break that guy’s bubble, but whatever the end result is, it will be totally invalid because even the basic framework/structure of the twin towers won’t be duplicated. It would be much simpler (no building needed, plus more accurate) to just duplicate the final flight characteristics & speed of Flight 93 (Pennsylvania crash), have his plane crash into comparable soil, and I guarantee you’ll be able to find a MAJORITY of the plane, unlike the huge LIE of the 9/11 cover-up.

    That said, if he does do a building crash replication, will HIS plane also have a “military-only” external pod attached under the belly of his plane, as clearly seen by actual photos of the plane that flew into the south tower?
    Spoiler for anti-truthers (only 1 of MANY): The fact that that pod was present (as examined & proven by photo/military experts), is proof in itself, that it was NOT a commercial airliner that crashed into the south tower.

    • BW83

      The end result will be that this experiment never happens.

      I’m willing to bet even the Thai government won’t be okay with someone remote piloting a 747, much less ramming it into a building.

      On the slim chance this does happen don’t expect to ever see coverage of it.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      You lack sufficient scientific knowledge to claim as you do. The only thing needed to see is the scale of difference and the results will be scientifically valid, but science has never been allowed to encroach on the official story and won’t be now.

      • 10 Gears

        I see you are underestimating my background & knowledge, and likely overestimating yours. Your thinking processes are very flawed if you think crashing a plane into a significantly different structure (mass load, structural materials & design, compressive/flexural loads & distribution, etc) will result in “scientifically valid” results. The end result would be open for massive debate/criticism (back to square one) and only idiots with no knowledge of structure/science/physics would rely on whatever the results were.

  • Oboehner

    I hope he holds the thermite.

  • roger

    I find it dumbfounding that people believe that aluminum airplane wings cut through 8 floors of steel reinforced concrete, 4″ to 8″ thick covering an acre each and torsion didn’t rip the wings off the plane. NO PLANES crashed into the WTC, the pentagon, or a field in Pennsylvania on 9/11/2001.

    • 10 Gears

      I agree that no plane crashed into the Pennsylvania field or the Pentagon (initial hole in Pentagon & Pennsylvania crater far more consistent of a missile, and definitely not a commercial airliner).

      However I disagree with you on the Twin Towers. Although I agree that no aluminum plane can slice thru that level & depth of massive steel structure (without leaving most of the wings and debris to shear off and fall to the pavement below), the fact that there was a military-style equipment pod seen on the underbelly of the plane would be totally unnecessary & contradictory to the “no planes” theory.
      The key thing most ppl don’t realize, and overlook, is… the technology available to our Govt, and kept top secret, is approx 30+ years more advanced than the technology we know of today. That is common knowledge & not a “conspiracy theory”.

      I strongly believe the contents of that “pod” housed and utilized that level of advanced/secret technology.
      A bright flash of “light” was seen on the exterior wall of the south tower, in line with the pod, BEFORE the plane made impact. It’s quite feasible that this ‘flash’ caused ‘disintegration’ of the towers structure by means of technology far too advanced for us to yet realize, at this time.

      • sdtangler

        Bwahahahaha. No plane crashed into the pentagon? So, the hundreds of witnesses who were almost hit by the plane are all wrong? You don’t have a very good understanding of materials and high velocity impacts. A 120 ton plane moving at 540 mph has a lot of energy to transfer to the stationary building it hits. It’s how a tiny, soft lead bullet can punch through a steel car door like it wasn’t even there. “The technology available…(and the rest of that rant)…” Common knowledge? Says who? Our nuclear missiles security system still require floppies! I worked for NASA for years. You are dramatically overestimating what our government is capable of doing.

        • 10 Gears

          Laugh all you want, but it’s really better directed at your own ignorance of facts. I’ve seen the initial impact photos/videos of the Pentagon hit, just after it happened and before additional collapse(s) took place. Here’s a few solid contradictions in physical evidence to show you are wrong, and it was NOT a plane that struck the Pentagon.

          #1. Initial pics/videos clearly show a impact hole significantly LESS than the diameter of a Boeing 757 fuselage.
          #2. It also shows absolutely no damage to either side of that hole, where wing & engine strike should/would have occurred.
          #3. There were also several witnesses that had a better vantage point and saw the approaching plane fly directly OVER the Pentagon at approx the same time as the ‘impact explosion’. Many of these witnesses ‘somehow’
          never were to be seen again on national media, just like all of the Pentagon’s security cameras that ‘somehow’ never got a single pic of the plane or impact.
          #4. Video’s from all the nearby businesses, that
          would have clearly shown the plane/impact were all SWIFTLY confiscated by FBI & Govt agencies. And never to be seen again by the business owners. More than a “Hmmmm” is due.
          #5. Your lead bullet comparison is flawed. Molecular weight (density) between alum & lead is night & day. Also the shape & structure of the projectile matters greatly. Try ‘shooting’ a compacted ball of crumpled aluminum foil into a 3′ reinforced concrete wall at 500 mph and see how well that works for ya.

          Yes, many of our systems designed & implemented in the
          40’s, 50’s & 60’s still have outdated technology, but at THAT time those old ‘floppy disks’ (especially the computer systems they controlled) were decades ahead of being released as technology available/known to the public.

          Even still, that has zero bearing on the present-day advanced R&D top secret technology, which IS
          approx 30 yrs more advanced than the technology we know today. Past proof of this was tech such as SR71 Blackbird, all forms of stealth aircraft, lasers/directed energy, & much much more.

          You are dramatically underestimating what our govt is capable of doing.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      The no planers are the biggest problem for us and always were. You’ve been conned. The aluminum did not ‘cut through’ steel, the combined mass of the aircraft broke through a lattice structure. That aside the junk science which that former Bush admin Ryan rat invented is such balderdash it is embarrassing. Tell me sunshine, how does an even softer metal, lead, manage to pierce steel when fired as a bullet? The velocity means there is sufficient energy to breach the bond structure of the steel. This is NOT a relative hardness matter, it never was and making so many poorly educated people latch onto this was a brilliant stroke to make us all look like idiots in 9/11 truth, which is why most interviews of anyone in MSM go right for this one every time. PLEASE people for the sake of the truth, do a bit a research to see what I am saying is right. My physics background is better than most but it is basic stuff, you would have learned in middle of high school years science. the equation to decide what was possible here requires calculating the force which is a matter of acceleration times MASS! NO reference to hardness ever enters into it. A DU round with insufficient velocity isn’t even going to penetrate aluminium, yet at death in the ocean for example a small leak in a submarine can see a jet of WATER capable of cutting through bodies and much harder materials. This isn’t a debate folks, don’t make it one. It is real science.

    • sdtangler

      No planes crashed? Please explain the videos of planes crashing into the towers? Furthermore, please familiarize yourself with the concept of kinetic energy. A 120 ton plane traveling at 540 mph can easily cut through steel beams. Same way a soft lead bullet will penetrate a metal car door. Kinetic energy.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    “He hopes to crowdfund the experiment, and sell front row seats to the crash…. What do you think? Will this be an informative and satisfying experiment, or is there no way to properly settle what happened on 9/11?” Well, it depends on who is “crowdfunding” his experiment. If it’s the US government-or the Israelis-you can expect it to validate the propaganda found in the 911 Commission Report. If it’s funded by ordinary citizens, let’s see if this guy lives long enough to complete it.

  • Razedbywolvs

    I don’t think the results will matter.
    But seeing who tries to stop him should be interesting.

  • Gil G
  • Mr Larry

    Just get that jet to fly at the height the planes flew on 9.11 and at the speed they flew at and that would be enough

  • Mad Chad

    Anyone want to bet it doesn’t turn to Dust in mid fall?

  • It is not Paranoia

    Come on, you don’t need any planes to recreate 9/11!

  • Alabama Mothman

    It’s already been proven. A B-17 crashed into the empire state building in 1945. And it didnt collapse after a huge fire.

    • sdtangler

      Big difference. A 20 ton plane traveling at 150 mph doesn’t have anywhere near the kinetic energy of a 120 plane going 540 mph.

  • glen folkard

    More idiot distractions from the Truth. Thanks for ruining the planet Merica. Idiots.

  • apeman2502

    This guy should REALLY stop and think and call me up and I will fill him in on many details concerning how the jets were able to penetrate the thin prepared steel exterior panels. Don’t ANY of you jerks ever talk to the builders?

  • Floda

    About 18 months ago the old boys at ‘Veterans Today’ began publishing a series on how mini-NUKES were used on 911. They also pointed out the IAEA and the US Department of Energy had conducted soil tests at ground zero a few weeks after 911 and found examples of elements at 50 times normal background levels and other elements only explicable by a Nuclear event.

    They went into great detail, claiming that Davy Crockett ‘Pits’ had earlier been stolen from Fort Bragg and it was material from these that been used in at least two mini nukes which were placed underneath the 21,000 Gallon tanks which contained liquid Freon gas. This their resident expert claimed, would turn a small Atomic explosion into a small HYDROGEN bomb and that could explain how much of the WTC was turned into a fine dust.

    It may also explain how around a thousand Cars and other vehicles mysteriously caught fire many parked 900 yards away. The series is extremely comprehensive and its authors know what they are talking about. I was amused by one little observation: Evidently there is a phenomenon called the, ‘Cherenko effect’ which is frequently observed after a nuclear blast. A clear blue light rises from ground zero into the night sky.

    As many readers will know the replacement for the WTC has two clear pillars of blue light pointing skywards. These are not the real thing, but it says that whoever did 911 knew the punters would begin smelling a rat if an inexplicable blue light were to emanate from that site, so they made sure one did.

    The articles are available below, if you go there be sure to see the giant 30 meter deep hole photos showing molten granite taken maybe six months after the water was drained and the rubble removed. I’ve been following the 911 crime from day one, never have these pictures been shown anywhere else.

    • sdtangler

      The article is pure conjecture with no actual evidence of a nuke. Each building was hit by a 120 ton object moving at over 500mph. More than enough kinetic energy to slice steel and bring the buildings down. Tens of millions of people watched the jet fly into the South tower in real time. There is no evidence to support A nuke theory.

      • Floda

        No evidence to support a Nuke theory? The IAEA and the US department of Energy conducted soil tests and find a score of materials emitting radiation at FIFTY times normal background levels at ground Zero and that’s not evidence?

        The buildings were vaporized, turned into dust as fine as talcum powder, literally blown away, what sort of energy source does this, Jet fuel, which is basically Kerosene?

        Dr Judy Wood points out that among the rubble no TOILETS were found, all gone, where there would have to be thousands. What happened to the toilets?

        There was a pool of molten met underneath the rubble which lasted six months, so hot as to melt the rubber soles of the workers. Where did the energy come from to keep metals molten for months through a New York winter?

        • sdtangler

          Granite emits radiation easily over 50 times normal background radiation. Often much more. Even then, it’s far below the level that would be left in any sort of nuclear blast. Seriously, 50x background is nothing. The kinetic energy created by that much steel and concrete falling from such a height is enormous, and would vaporize concrete and steel. Physics may not be your thing, but it is mine. How did an asteroid destroy life on earth? Kinetic energy.

  • Sam Morris

    The buildings were all rigged for demolition. For more than six-months, maintenance workers were using saws to cut steel and concrete at strategic locations throughout these buildings. The heat from the burning fuel helped to trigger the initial start of the collapse. As the weight of one floor fell to the floor below, the added weight caused the floor below to break away from its supports.

    As each floor fell on top of the floors blow they gained weight and momentum. The floors above where the planes had hit the buildings, were shaken and were separated from their supports as the building dropped floor by floor, just as it would be in any planned demolition.

    One of the men involved in cutting the concrete had come to me in June 2001 to have me buy him 100 concrete saw blades for work he was doing at the World Trade Center. I was suspicious as why he wouldn’t buy the blades himself, I refused as I felt something was not right in having me take his money and buy the blades for him. I reported three people who were involved in preparing the buildings for the 911 demolition, but the FBI has done nothing to follow up with arrests of these people.

    The attacks on 911 was a huge coverup of a gold heist of gold bars from building 2 that were being moved out in dump trucks to building 3. At the time of collapse, ump trucks with gold bars were found stuck in the tunnel between building 2 and building 3.

    The building 7 which fell all on its own was the FBI building. It’s thought that the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania was to have been used to strike building 7. Small explosive charges were then used to trigger the demolition collapse of building 7.

    No matter what took place on 911, it was a gold heist planned by the Bush family and Saudi Arabia. Nothing will be done about it. No matter what is to be proven by this man wanting to fly a plane into a building, nothing will be gained from this demonstration.

    • Floda

      Sam, I find the Saudi Arabia business just nonsense to divert attention from the actual perpetrators. If you want to know who dunnit, arrange to have Larry Silverstein’s fingernails pulled out. The ink had not dried on his Billions of Dollar insurance arrangements of his newly squired World Trade Center when TWO planes hit TWO building bringing about the destruction of all SEVEN buildings he ‘purchased’ just weeks before.

  • Muhammad Abbass

    Great but as far as changing anything I don’t expect it. physics already proved that an airliner and jet fuel could never have done what these did. Not to mention gravity.

  • sdtangler

    A 120 ton airplane moving at 540 mph can easily cut through steel. It’s called kinetic energy. It’s why a soft lead bullet can penetrate a steel car door. Seriously people…learn some simple physics.

  • sdtangler

    Hey look at this! Real science that proves the planes had enough kinetic energy to penetrate steel.

  • Steve De’ak

    9/11 Crash Test 2016: