“We Can’t Even Get a Bottle of Water”

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Frustrated residents of the north east plead with officials for help as they stand in lines in the hopes of getting food and water:

Rockaways Resident: We can’t even get a bottle of water, a hot chocolate…

Official: Right down there … at 1 o’clock

RR: Where? Right down there? So, we gotta wait from last night to 1 o’clock in the morning?

Official: We’re trying to do this as fast as we can.

RR: Don’t you think it’s kind of ridiculous — everyone here and there’s not even a bottle of water?

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  • sixpack

    YOU SHOULD ALREADY HAVE THAT WATER…WTF are you doing standing in a line for it?

  • SKIP

    YEAH! damn pesky storm sneaked right up on them and they didn’t even have time to prepare anything!

    • Yeah, sneaked right up on them with only a week to prepare. I mean, the day they heard the storm could possibly hit them, they shouldn’t have gone right out and bought a few things like bottled water and some canned food. Maybe a few lanterns and some propane or charcoal. Nah, even if they waited until the last minute, most should have done the minimum of filling their bathtubs up with water.

      Let’s just wait for big daddy government to come and not save the day. You reap what you sow, for most. Those that had their homes washed away are the only ones that cannot be blamed. Even then you should’ve had your car packed with everything you need for a week when you evacuated.

      I’m not trying to be cold here, I simply know what it is to live through disaster. Ultimately, there is nobody to rely on other than yourself. Which in the end, means there is nobody to blame other than yourself. This applies to almost everything.

      • OldGuy

        I could not agree more with what you just said. I have been damned to hell more times than I can count this week for saying the exact same thing on many different sites across the web. Bleeding hearts with no common sense are empowering the lazy and weak and defining our future and it scares me alot more than a hurrican or tornado ever could.

        You can rebuild from a natural disaster but you can’t rebuild when myopic and moronic behavior reigns supreme.

  • I agree with the other commenters…there was plenty warning that this storm was coming. These people never thought to go buy some extra food and water? Go cry somewhere else.

  • Dennis

    Must be nice to be financially endowed enough to be able to just go out and buy the $100+ worth of supplies you’ve listed. You expose your own selfishness. Why aren’t you out there passing out life sustaining supplies?

    • It’s funny how those that are unwilling to fend for themselves call those that do, selfish. I was raised incredibly poor, scrapped my way out of it completely on my own, made something of myself and now you want me to help others be lazy, negligent and dependent? I have two words for that, FUCK YOU!

      • SKIP

        I was raised reasonably poor also, had what we needed, little of what we wanted and got a good education which my Sicilian mother insisted on. I now live in South Carolina on the coast and have been hit a number of times by hurricanes so know to prepare, have MREs stashed, rotate water stock frequently, know to have drums and bathtub filled with water mostly for the toilet and of course other things we may need for a week or so and we have been a week or more with no power. And to Dennis above! I think $100 over a few months of purchasing survival things is within even the reach of all the EBT parasites but it would appear that I am wrong according to all the whiners being shown on the TV and now they believe much more will be given to them from “HE STASH” NOW we know how many parasites and blacks are in the U.S.

  • ButterknifeBrigade

    When you come to rely upon Goverment to help then you will wait until the Goverment helps, it seems most are within walking distance of the ocean, if they are not wise enough to extract potable water from salt water or attempt to catch fish to eat they are not going to make it when real trouble starts.

  • Locus

    When they yearn for ‘free bottled water’ they seem to be referring to flat bed trucks stacked with pallets of shrink wrapped bundles of plastic bottles. Because mere clean water dispensed from a tanker truck (of course you bring your own containers, what, are you stupid??) is SOOO Twentieth Century.

    It is ironic that after almost a century of drinking from the tap, we have one and some generations of young folk who prefer their tap water to be served from sealed plastic bottles. The very same who consider themselves truer environmentalists.