Watch This! Then Try to Deny Chemtrails

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Denial ain’t a river in Egypt, and these things aren’t jet contrails or clouds.

The chemtrails hardly get any more blatant than this. Just what is up with what we’ve all been seeing up in the sky lately?

Lingering, persistent aerosols that some dismiss as jet contrails or aberrant cloud formations are actually just the most visible and mysterious part of an ongoing geoengineering effort admittedly being tested (and enacted) on a wide scale. On the surface, it is an effort to curb global warming by dimming the sun’s rays; behind that veneer are corporate motives, population control agendas and bids to control & predict the weather and reap handsome profits on everything it effects.

Just how far it goes or how well it works may be up for debate, but the denial that a geoengineering program is actually happening need go on no longer. We are being subjected to this without being informed or giving our consent:

Here are just a few resources highlighted in the video:

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  • jim_robert

    I was out last night shopping, with a full moon and clear, moonlite sky in the western suburbs of Chicago. You could see the freaking chemtrails crisscrossing the sky in a checkerboard pattern. I NEVER remember seeing exhaust like this in the sky up to a half dozen years ago or so (I can’t remember when I started noticing it – I didn’t write it down in my Dear Diary!). No chemtrails? Then why the criss-cross pattern? Those aren’t normal flight patterns I’ve ever seen before. And there are only one of two explanations: a.) they are using some new, improved anti global warming fuel (which is a scam, given that there IS no anthropogenic global warming), which, amazingly, leaves MORE krap in the atmosphere, or there are chemtrails. Which is it?

  • Ken, Megapolis

    You can hardly call Chemtrails ‘my fave consp th’ when googling ‘geoengineering’ leads to more information than you have time to read. I know this will have totally unpredicted effects above and beyond the desire to ‘air con’ the Earth after despite every well meaning treaty, RECORD carbon emissions occur with every passing year.
    Take China, once mostly rural, I have seen in my lifetime their standard of living overtake that of the US. But at what true cost? You tell me.

    • BillyJoeBob CarsOnBlocks

      tra la la, just learn Chinese, will help at the restaurant too

  • BillyJoeBob CarsOnBlocks

    Ah, it’s just spraying for west nile virus and ebola, and crap like that, settle down kids. the sky ain’t falling