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In less than a year, Donald Trump has managed to take a substantial lead in just about every primary election poll in the country. This is because and in spite of the fact that he says things that are often incredibly inflammatory, controversial, or insulting. He has trampled all over the mainstream political discourse, which has garnered him the respect of millions of voters who are tired of establishment politicians.

However, it would be incorrect to simply call him a bigot or a blowhard after hearing these statements, as many players in the media have done over the past year. If anything, it’s impossible to pin down the real Donald Trump, as this interview with CBS reveals.

Following his victory in New Hampshire, he sat down with CBS This Morning, and gave what is probably his most respectful and articulate interview since he hit the campaign trail. Fast forward to 6:40 to hear some of his foreign policy ideas, which are far more nuanced and calculating than his campaign ‘performance’ would have you believe.

The way he speaks here is remarkably different from the vitriolic rhetoric you see during the debates or when he is in front of his supporters. It’s so different in fact, that it feels like a body double took his place for the interview. For better or for worse, the rabble rousing Trump you see on stage is not the real Trump. In that sense, he really isn’t that different from most politicians.

And love him or hate him, you have to admit that he is much more intelligent than he’s been letting on. Clearly, he’s been dumbing down his message to gain the respect and support of the average American. And the implications of that are far more terrifying than the prospect of any these candidates making it to the White House.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .

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  • Mr Gadget

    What happened, they weren’t attacking Trump and trying to trap him, kind of like his interviews on Savage and Alex Jones.

    • BeAPatriot

      Common sense. He has it, speaks it, thinks it.

      • And is actively ignored for doing so.

        • BeAPatriot

          I would say actively attacked, they can’t ignore him anymore…

          • He can’t be successfully attacked, so he has to be as ignored as they can make him, or he will landslide into the White House.

          • BeAPatriot

            We are gonna landslide these bustardos one way or another

            Trump 2016!

          • Let’s hope he can find a VP he can turn his back on without getting LBJed.

          • BeAPatriot

            Trump MUST have a conservative VP they fear as VP. Rand or Paul or Palin or Cruz. They must break into a cold sweat at the very whim of them becoming president.

            Then and ONLY then will Trump be safe.

            I know very few that disagree that someone is bound to try to kill Trump he is so aggressive for change. I genuinely worry about it a bit because if he sticks a moderate or left (i.e. establishment or globalist) into that position then its like His Honor Judge Scalia – once they think they’ll get their replacement, its only a matter of time…

          • Since Trump has his own security and his own transportation infrastructure, I’d expect him to take that with him regardless of whether he is the president or not. Air Force One is a military designator, not a airplane. It follows the man, not the aircraft. He would probably prefer to use his own known plane and security people, and could choose to. I doubt he’d take the convertible top off the armored SUVs that lack the option. He would probably keep his personal security to watch the SS like hawks. I doubt if he’d give up his personal carry piece for anyone. It might even be refreshing to see him open carry, especially if it was an HK416.

          • Wags71

            Ron Paul

          • That would work if Dr. Ron Paul hadn’t given up on the political approach to educating us about economic and freedom issues and retired from both his medical practice and his congressional seat to pursue his own private approach. If his son, Dr. Rand(all) Paul has rehabilitated himself from his attempt to get traction from going along with republicans as they have come to be, he’d make the best choice, if Trump would have him. I suspect that Chris Christie is making a play for the position by endorsing him, so he’d probably be the best first choice, with Paul as the second.

    • You are going to see less confrontation from them once they come to understand what his interviewers here did. Roger Stone quit the Trump campaign so he could shovel blasting powder into it without accusations of special interest or conflict of interest. Anyone who hasn’t read Roger Stone’s books about the Clintons and the Bushes lacks the knowledge to make a competent voting decision.

      • Mr Gadget

        I 1,000 percent agree.

        • Thank you for the flowers, but you should have left that Common Core math book alone:-)

          • Mr Gadget

            LOL, I’m old, I only had a 7th and 8th grade education in a Catholic prep boarding school that was any good. Before that I was a bad undisciplined student, and I certainly would have been labeled ADHD and every other thing they would drug me for now. Fortunately, The tipsy Catholic brothers, right at a Christian Brothers Winery, all with designer wood paddles cured me and taught me how to learn…fast LOL! One year of HS in Canada, 85 miles from a stop light, and I almost Maxed all the military tests. Then Military schools for 20 years, then college where I saw 1st hand how bad common core was and tutored algebra the old way. The way they taught Calculus and Physics was insane, but I was married to a PHD in Physics who showed me what was really going on and I ended up tutoring both by the end. Common core must be destroyed! The dept of education and IRS employees can all be transferred to Trump’s wall building project, North and South, as guards.
            Don’t know why I went on a rant, Oh it was common core, but have a great day!

          • The only way to stop the indoctrination of students in government schools is the abolition of government schools, a true revolution back to the way it was before they were created and empowered by Dewey and his ilk. My mother and (8 years) older sister largely inoculated me by reading to me until I could read to them. My sister and I received a shared Xmas present when I was mid-way through elementary school, a set of World Book Encyclopedia, but the fix was already in, since I’d already skimmed my mother’s nursing textbooks and my sister’s high school curriculum and pleasure reading. I picked up my music preferences the same way, although my sister preferred the Stones to the Beatles, Westside Story is my favorite soundtrack and was among my mother’s favorites, which was topped by South Pacific. Although caucasian, I never got over my crush on latinas.

          • Mr Gadget

            I get the latina thing, growing up in the silicon valley when it was all orchards instead of asphalt and concrete had me dating Mexicans about 1/2 of my life and my last mexican ex girlfriend of 9 years just got her citizenship about 2 years ago. She’s voting for Trump, because she knows how the whole illegal immigration scam is being allowed to intentionally collapse America and turn it into a 3rd world nation like what she escaped from.

          • You shouldn’t have let that one get away, she should have become your wife before becoming a citizen. I have never dated a latina, largely because I can hold my own with women until it becomes romantic, and the most intimidating women I’ve encountered are the ones in Mexico, who aren’t interested in gringos:-( Since I haven’t had a girlfriend since I ran my wife off, in 1981, I’m used to solitude and celibacy.

          • Mr Gadget

            She hasn’t really got away, she’s almost ready to flee commiefornia and is coming to visit me in Idaho, but I’m sure it’s too cold for her and It’s a mixed bag of tradeoffs. A big reason she left Mexico was her crazy Mexican husband and living in a small town/village and she has never dated a latin since.

          • I bet it is warmer in the Big Horn Basin (where I live) than it is in Idaho.

          • Mr Gadget

            I love my small town, everyone carries a gun and basically zero crime. Everyone knows everyone and knows someone who can help with anything. A huge difference from always looking over shoulder and making sure everything is locked up and secure in Sacramento. I was really hoping to get a place where I could set up my chronograph and other reloading stuff and shoot off the porch checking reloads, but I have to drive like 2 minutes.
            I do love it where you’re at! I spent 10 weeks mapping rock formations and so much more in Wyoming and Montana on a geology field trip with the University of Delaware a long time ago. Geology major, earth and space education major, educational psychology (brainwashing) minor. I took a lot of climatology/meteorology/geography and the U of D professors and scientists were fighting hard against the global warming scam in 99, but I’d guess a lot folded to put bread on the table since research grants weren’t granted for anything that opposed the global warming scam narrative.
            Not to mention I’ve spent a more than a few months worth of camping road trips in the fantastic country throughout Wyoming/Montana/Utah/Colorado/Arizona.
            Of course, since Idaho has become a farming and cattle mecca for the dairy industry, crooks in congress/big business here have supported a very heavy influx of illegals….and not to be overlooked the muslim refugees being snuck in against the peoples wishes.

          • I seldom see either latins or negroes (to use the original non-PC labels) in town, and although I can carry any way I want, I don’t, because I have never liked wearing tools (guns, cellphones, hammers) and I don’t have to, because there is a 14;1 gun/person ratio here. The sheriff has told the feds not to give him a reason to arrest them, and they stay out of town as well. So much for scientific objectivity. Why would I trust a “meterologist” (as most of them now call themselves) that will sell out the truth for a paycheck?
            Back when I was working weekends in a radio station in Rock Springs, I was instructed to call the NWS in Rawlins and cut a weather forecast 3 times a day. While doing this, I noticed that I could guess more accurately than the (then) meteorologists in Rawlins could forecast, so after making a record for a couple of weekends, I stopped calling them and started doing my own. When my boss asked me if I’d quit making the (long distance) calls, I admitted it and showed him my documentation, whereupon he gave his blessing. He couldn’t give me a raise and didn’t think it would be a good idea to call myself a meteorologist on air:-) I’ve always been a meterologist, it being someone who studies meters, as all good broadcast engineers must.

          • Mr Gadget

            Only 14-1, is that just the rifles lol
            Geo is good, I consider this to be their sister site covering other attacks as well

          • gato felix

            LOL how right you are!!!

          • gato felix

            And there are alot of latinos that hold here view!! She’s right!!

          • Mr Gadget

            Not enough, most, if not all, she knows won’t listen and only see mainstream media telling them Trump is a racist and he wants all mexicans deported. Not to mention she’s in commiefornia. I was in Sacramento when obama, muhammad reincarnated, announced his amnesty treason, The mexicans came out of the woodwork having big gatherings every few blocks…they were really disappointed when the fight over obama’s illegal proclamations became publicly controversial, which obama knew would happen…divide and conquer!

          • gato felix

            You’re right in that most do approve of Mr. Trump, albiet the vast majority don’t, at least the ones that i’ve talked to just see him as “racist” and when I respond saying Mx. is worst, they give me a blank look, they don’t know that Mx. constitution forbids undocumented people from entering Mx, and that they can and are deported ASAP!!!

          • Mr Gadget

            mexico just helps bring everyone to the American border no matter where they enter mexico, not to mention they give out info how to stay in America…catch and release with free transportation wherever they want to go in America is well known worldwide now…how is obama not in prison, let alone still in the rainbow house?

      • Mr Gadget

        Oh, if they don’t just JFK Trump that is.

        • JFK let his protectors murder him, and he should have known better than to trust those he’d committed himself to dismantling, the military-intelligence complex. Trump isn’t trusting them, and he can afford his own protection. If someone murdered Trump, they’d have to leave the planet to get away with it.

        • It isn’t the JKFication, but the LBJacking up he has to beware. He better pick a VP deserving of trust.

  • Tom

    It bothers me that many of the people who are Donald’s “Friends” are very Progressive/ Liberal Big Government people. We need to change the direction of this country and that means we have to undo many laws, policies that have made this country Of the government, by the government and for the government. Socialism does not work and this is where we are today. I can not support someone who does not state in specifics what the end goal is.. “A better country” is too vague, like “hope and change” or “Fundamental Transformation”… I need transparency and specifics… We are a Representative Republic based on a rule of constitutional based laws… That should be the prime objective.

    • Kathleencflores

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    • BeAPatriot

      That is precisely why you don’t want a career politician nor someone that needs money. It allows you to think and act clearly. Bushs have tons of liberal friends… W was one of the worst presidents in history.

    • Trico

      I am in 100% agreement with you. We need to restore the Republic and State’s Rights. I wish the American people could see that we as a a Country are rapidly descending into a Totalitarian Dictatorship called

      Th e N e w W o r l d O r d e r which is a combination of Communism/Socialism/Fascism with the End Game the enslavement of Mankind.
      For all the doubters, every President has talked about a N e w W o r l d O r d e r.
      It’s a plan centuries in the making and almost ready to be completed.If you knew what the End Game is you would be HORRIFIED.
      Here’s a hint: Current World Population is over 7 Billion People. The N e w W o r l d
      O r d e r calls for World Population to be maintained under 500.000.000 in continual balance with nature. In case you don’t know the number above is 1/2 Billion.
      Simple Math: 7 Billion minus 1/2 Billion is
      6 1/2 Billion people GONE! POOF!
      How many of you will make the cut? Your Family. Kids?
      If the Corporate controlled, Government Censored Media really reported the News instead of providing Government propaganda delivered as infotainment, Americans might not be so Asleep and Unaware.

      Since 9/11, Americans have been gladly giving up their Freedom and Privacy Rights in exchange for Security and Convenience. Once an RFID chip is implanted in you , you are toast. All Freedom and Privacy will be GONE!

      We’re already in a Police State and if you either don’t know it or don’t believe it, YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION. That, plus you’re not getting the Real NEWS. The Truth of the World Around You is Being Hidden from you so you remain an unaware, obedient citizen. By the time you realize SOMETHING IS WRONG it will be too late.
      For anyone curious, I suggest you start by take a look at O b a m a ‘s Executive Orders. (He’s written more than ALL OTHER PRESIDENTS IN HISTORY COMBINED).
      You haven’t read them? Neither has your Congressmen and women but they keep collecting a Paycheck.

      News (ha ha) Organizations, all owned by just 6 Corporations, haven’t read them either. And even if they did They Ain’t Telling you Squat. Read them yourself-just the Titles to start with,-you will be alarmed. The Exec. Orders are a way for O b a m a to create Laws and bypass Congress.
      By the way, Congress passed Obamacare but excluded themselves from it . That type of

      C R A P has to stop.

      Also. read he NADA -National Authorization Defense Act (which Congress passed (as usual without reading it) which allows for the Prolonged Detention of ANYONE- that means YOU without court order and without any right to a lawyer. It also allows for the arrest and detention of ANYONE the Government SUSPECTS MAY COMMIT A CRIME aka Pre-Crime Detention just like in the movie, Minority Report.
      URGENT! You MUST also learn about T.P.P. -Trans-Pacific Partnership. It is an “Agreement” written in Secret by over 100 Corporations and their Lawyers. What are the chances it is written favorable to Citizens of the US? It was kept from Congress and the Public so it could not be read. Little did they know that neither Congress or the People would have read it anyway. The T.P.P. has already been signed, if it is ratified, your goose is cooked. YOU MUST STOP IT!
      Go read the actual Agreement, not what it says on the T.P.P. website. I put a link to it on Twitter last year. There is absolutely nothing good in the T.P.P. for you. All Rights transfer from the Citizens to the Multi-national Corporations who will have total domination of the internet.There’s lots more Negatives absolutely no Positives.
      After the T.P.P. is signed, A National
      G U N C O N F I S C A T I O N program will be attempted. The Government is pushing real hard to get YOU to want it via Fake Mass shootings which are being staged using Crisis Actors (look it up) since actual gun violence has been in a steep decline. The Media and Paid shills and trolls are trying to whoop up the Public into a frenzy so you will beg the Government to take your guns. (You FOOLS, you are being played. Every Dictator in history succeeded in disarming the population before revealing himself.
      After the disarming, the Fed will tank the economy which will have a devastating Economic effect Worldwide. Starvation, Riots, Killings, Chaos.That will offer the Government the perfect opportunity to swoop in and rescue (sucker) you into the N e w W o r l d

      O r d e r and you will go willingly just like the Jews did during WW2 when they willingly went into a Crematorium believing they were just being offered a shower.
      There’s lots more but I know 90% of you are not interested.
      I call you 90% The Matrixed.

      You believe you are living in The American Dream, WAKE UP! You need to clamor for A New Republic NOT theIlluminati’s
      N e w W o r l d O r d e r Nightmare.

      • Pamela

        Exactly and the New World Order was first announced by George Bush Sr.

        • Hardly, they were talking about the NWO, in different terms, before Daddy Bush was out of diapers, his father being a major figure in it.

    • Trico

      ” It bothers me that many of the people who are Donald’s “Friends” are very Progressive/ Liberal Big Government people.”

      No, they’re not his friends. You’re looking at him as a Politician, he’s not.

      As a Businessman, he uses them just as they try to use him.
      The difference is he is not beholden to any of them or to the Corporations and Donors.

    • Pamela

      Don’t worry. He’ll get there. This is the primaries against his own party. He gave good hints without spilling the beans. When he gets to Hillary or Bernie, WATCH OUT! Trump 2016 He has a lot of prayer backing him!

      • Trico

        Every President, every World Leader, every Pope has been selected by the illuminatti. JFK was one of those Presidents but he must have had had an act of consciousness and was going to try and take them down. Bang! Bang!
        Listen to this part of a speech JFK gave
        in 1963 about the secret society that is the real power in global affairs.

        In the Speech JFK says The Free Press is protected by the First Amendment and is the only Business protected by the Constitution.
        The Free Press. What a joke that has become.

        • Pamela

          So true and sad, BUT, we are in the Last Days and we the people allowed that to go on in our sleeping sheeple state, But, no more playing, no more laziness, no more excuses. It is time for FAITH to Stand Firm. This happened one time and beat this against all odds with Ronald Reagan, and if we do not listen to the lies any longer and stand and say NO MORE! and stand in ONE ACCORD with one Voice through prayer, faith and action, We Can and We Will take our country back in JESUS NAME!!!

          • g.johnon

            awww gosh pam, you were doing so well until you brought up replacing our constitutional republic withy a Christian theocracy. sorry, this country needs to be free again, not ruled by elitist or religionists why is your constitutional right to practice the religion of your choosing not good enough for you?

          • Pamela

            Well, that might work if it were not Christians that they are beheading and slaughtering. What you are saying is that any faith is ok as long as it is not Christian so where is the fairness in that?

    • Would you rather have all of his friends be his mortal enemies?
      How is Obama’s transparency working for you?

  • breakawaymotorsports .

    Trump is his own person.He is self supportive and an individual thinker.You can’t buy him. I think this scares the Hell out of the establishment in D.C. A lot of heads will roll if he has his way. He truly does seem to want to help the USA as his prime directive. Let’s hope enough people see through all the political shenanigans and elect this man to the Commander in Chiefs position. I believe he is deserving. I hope he tags Ben Carson as his VP.

    • g.johnon

      ah sure, ben carson, the man who wants to send this country back into the stone age of an all out war on drugs.
      one thing is becoming more and more apparent about the usa: there is no shortage of stupid here.

      • Ignorance is more dangerous and destructive than stupidity.

        • g.johnon

          no shortage of that either.

          • I always figured that Einstein had stupidity and ignorance confused when he said, “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”

    • Ben Carson wouldn’t be able to make us all take vaccines as VP, so that would be good place to exile him. Dr. Rand Paul would make a better VP choice than all of the other candidates of any party combined. As VP, Paul could keep watch over the politics in Congress and work to disarm the apparatchik there. If you don’t understand why, go back and read the duties of the vice president in the Constitution.

  • Jollyjoke

    The folks who are banging the Trump drum are doing so as though he is a messiah. Anyone who questions a Trump policy or comment are being accused of being Marxists, Obama supporters etc. This is scary. The average American is drawn in by rhetoric and are notorious for hearing what they want to hear and disregarding the rest.
    Politicians dumb down their message in order to cater to the base instinct of those they wish to seduce. For Trump this is working quite well.

    • Pamela

      I disagree. What you are saying by we are hearing what we want to hear is because We the people have been saying it ourselves for the last 16 years but no platform to speak out loud about it and now we final have a representative of WE THE PEOPLE for the UNITED STATES of AMERICA! Hallelujah! Go Trump!

      • g.johnon

        aww god pam, you just proved what jollyjoke said.

        • Is that any different from you doing the same thing?

          • g.johnon

            try to make some sense there disqus 3br.

  • Q46

    China ‘sucking money out of the US’?

    The US gets goods in exchange, capitalised by Chinese money. Money going to China ex USA balances the money coming in from China within the cost of making those goods… that in effect is a loan to the USA. Instead of the USA having to provide that capital, China did, leaving the US capital to be used elsewhere in the US economy.

    China makes a profit? Yes. That is, if you will, interest on the capital loan but also it gives the Chinese money to buy US goods, Government bonds and to invest in US companies.

    The clue is in the term ‘balance of trade’ – the accounts have to balance.

    If trade did not balance and money was just being ‘sucked out’, all the money would have left the USA long ago.

    People get wealthier on imports, goods they consume, not exports. Exports are a cost.

    China owns US debt?

    YES! The USA has been using Chinese money to fund Medicare, Medicaid, bail out GM, the banks, sink into unviable ‘green’ misadventures and the rest of Obama’s idiot ‘stimulus’.

    ‘Much more intelligent than he is letting on’?

    Do me a favour!

    He has no grasp of basic economics. In mitigation he is no worse in his ignorance of basic economics than Obama and the other candidates, with the exception of Cruz.

  • Whitehill

    I talked to Trump once for a minute or two at the signing of his book last November. Before him, I had seen up close Nobel Prize winners and heads of states. I keenly feel people’s IQ. Trump is one of the three most intelligent people I have ever met in my life, and I’m not a young man. His IQ is enormous. He looks twenty years younger than his biological age. He grew up in Queens, and NYC is sometimes a vulgar place, and Trump’s sometimes slight vulgarity and indifference to classical music, in my view, is superficial, and under the shell of a tough guy from New York you can find a very powerful analytical mind, capable of learning quickly, being refined, subtle and attentive to details. Just look how fast and successfully this businessman learned the art of politics. So, the article’s correct observation was not a surprise to me. The fact that his uncle was an MIT professor, and his sister is a US Supreme Court of Appeals Judge, adds to the notion that he has some excellent intellectual genetic material. And if Cruz looks more polished, there is no doubt in my mind Trump is the most talented of all candidates, both GOP, and Dems, running for office this year.

    • Trico

      I think you can evaluate Trump by his 4 Adult Children. Not a screw-up in the bunch.
      That doesn’t happen by accident.

      • g.johnon

        or his four ex wives, or his four bankruptcies.

        • Trico

          I didn’t say he was perfect.

    • g.johnon

      cruz only looks polished because slime shines in the light.

      • Minor v Happersett defined “natural born citizen” and it is clear that Obama, Cruz, and Rubio cannot be natural born citizens, based on their own admissions.

        • g.johnon

          hey disco3br, are you sure you know what post you are responding to?

  • Dan

    I totally disagree with your assessment that “it feels like a body double took his place for the interview.”

    He is saying the same things he said in the latest debate but he is saying them in a calmer manner. He still maintains that taking out Hussein & Kadafi were mistakes, China needs to control North Korea & something has to be done to reverse the trade imbalances.

    Please clarify how he is so different in this interview.

    • Reverend Draco

      “The way he speaks here is remarkably different from the vitriolic
      rhetoric you see during the debates or when he is in front of his

      “He is saying the same things he said in the latest debate but he is saying them in a calmer manner.”

      You took the words right out of their article.

    • Pamela

      He is different and more relaxed because he is not being asked stupid personal questions but questions of substance AND no one is attacking him every time he opens his mouth! That’s the difference.

  • Witness

    They are such scumbags they won’t even let him answer the questions they are asking him as they constantly talk over him while he tries to answer them. I love the idea as I didn’t even listen to the rest. He is awesome.

  • Trico

    “here is remarkably different from the vitriolic rhetoric you see during the debates”

    Are you for real?
    There is a huge difference between standing at a Podium in front of hundreds or thousands of people and being in an enclosed studio with just a few people.
    Not only is the energy entirely different, but if he spoke in the studio as he does at a rally or debate you’d be crucifying him because he’d come across as a lunatic.
    You must have an agenda if you couldn’t realize that yourself.

  • Cliff Lee

    Another GOTCHA article made by someone hoping to score points somewhere down the road. As if when Trump makes it to the White house and an issue/controversy comes up, Daily Sheeple can whip out this article and say , “see we had forcite. we are on the cutting edge ect.”.

    Here’s an idea, as of this very second, everyone knows who the other choices are running for president on both sides, except for Trump who would even consider voting for ANY of these other bought and paid for, establishment/globalist, career politicians?

    End of discussion! Trump is clearly the best choice WITH OUT QUESTION to be next president of the USA! If once he’s in office and something does come up, then shoot off your mouth because if any one of the other candidates were to get in, you KNOW something egregious against average Americans would come up IMMEDIATELY!

  • Athanasios1

    Donald Trump is a Centrist, just like Ronald Reagan was. Cruz couldn’t order a meal from a liberal waiter/waitress without thumping the Constitution and getting into a confrontation. We must protect and defend the Constitution and move forward with “old style Republican deal makers”. Start with the illegal alien issue at the border, The Islamic doctrine of hate (koran) and rebuilding our transportation infrastructure. And no…I don’t care to make war in the Middle-East, because there is NO faction of Islam that I trust.

  • ccambridge

    Mr Trump is a breath of fresh air and I hope he goes all the way and proves the naysayers wrong. The Establishment’s days are over and their inbreeding prevents them from being in touch with their constituents.

  • g.johnon

    Joshua, because of this interview, you make the claim that the rabble rousing trump we see on stage is not the real trump. based on what exactly? what evidence to you have to show that the trump we see in this interview is not the real trump?

  • Does Joshua Krause think that Donald Trump is too ignorant to be a billionaire?

  • They should fire the makeup person for making Nora look like she’d been beat up and Trump look like an owl.

  • Isiah M Probulos

    Trump’s strategies and techniques are straight out of the 48 Laws of Power. Keep your opponents off-guard, be contradictory, crush your enemies, promise big.

    Being mercurial and inconsistent is not a trait one wants in a leader. It’s okay for a king, a despot or deity, but not the leader of the free world. Trumpism is a religion–for sheeple, blind followers. Like Henry VIII, Trump’s goal is to outlaw Islam and dismantle Christianity and implement his own religion where being rich and winning are the main goals. He doesn’t want to be President; he wants to be worshipped and loved. He does that, in the tradition of religion, by creating an Us versus Them mentality. Very clever, but not particularly wise or enlightened.

    I M Probulos