Watch This Awesome Lady Try to Shoot down a Drone Hovering over Her Home

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A woman from Washington state was recently caught on video trying to take down a drone that was hovering over her home. After several attempts to down the drone by throwing objects at it, she went inside and retrieved what appears to be a shotgun.

According to a local news report, the description of the video previously read “We were flying our drone around, noticed our neighbor out on the deck, and she started throwing things at the drone.” The publisher of the video has since changed it to “A woman got upset with a drone flying around, so she decided to try shooting it down,” perhaps in an attempt to make it seem like she was the bad guy, as if she was trying to shoot down a drone for no particular reason.

The idiots who filmed this are clearly the bad guys for trying to spy on this woman, and acting surprised when she tried to shoot down their drone. Although it’s illegal to shoot down any drone, you can’t help but root for this awesome lady. Perhaps that’s why the likes for this video are now outnumbered nearly 2-1 by dislikes.

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  • Son Athens

    Fuck the law. Not only would I have shot it down for spying, but I would have tracked down the operators. Those are the ones that should be shot. Aim for the head. These devices are nothing more than spying/monitoring/armed terrorist products. If you want to fly, why the cameras?

    Remember: Aim for the head.

    • Bobby Boucher

      internet tough guy. Was that from the training you got in the SEALs?

      • Probably the dead ones that were eliminated as the only witnesses to the criminality they had committed.

      • Son Athens

        Seals? Fuck those terrorist baby-killing pieces of shit. Nope, I speak the truth. Fly a drone over my property, and get a face full of lead. But then again, I just bought property 35 miles from the nearest town (pop. 23). To get away from asshole moron idiot sheep that is 95% of humanity. Fuck you all. Most of you are terrorists. You will not be missed. I don’t have to worry about spy cameras every 10 feet like in Shitcago, don’t have to worry about the refugees that you helped create by bombing babies, no pig-fucking douchebag asshole pig cops to worry about, no beggers, and the most important…..I don’t have to be around people who cannot walk 10 feet without playing with their spy phones. I do hope cell phones cause cancer. I would love to see most of the terrorists drop dead.

  • It would be nice if the law that made shooting down a drone illegal was cited by the author, so we could look it up and know they aren’t blowing smoke…

    • nunya

      You might beat the wrap, but you ain’t beating the ride.

    • Frank

      I think it has more to do with “Discharging a Firearm” – like in a Residential Area or Within City Limits, etc.
      If anybody remembers, Uncle Joe Biden recommended firing off a shotgun to scare off home invaders. Some guy actually did it, and was arrested.

      • Self defense is usually an affirmative defense.

      • DChrls

        What if it’s an air rifle/shotgun? They make some powerful ones these days.

  • Clementine

    So how is it not considering voyeurism to be a “peeping Tom” via a drone? If you look through someone’s window while standing on 2 feet you go to jail… but if you use a camera and hover above the ground it is ok? What the hell…!!!!!!! This world is bat-shit crazy!

    • Victoriamvinson

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  • RMS1911

    Might have better luck with a bow and arrows dragging some Mason’s twine to tangle it be sure to use blunt tips and flu-flu’s maybe a bow fishing rig.
    Just a thought.
    Or a pellet rifle
    Just another thought.

  • Jonny Ringworm

    Drones when used properly are great. I personally have 3 camera drones never once have I tried to “spy” on anyone. I’m a landscape photographer and I do some real estate work as well. The only time I fly my camera drones in a neighborhood is for real estate. My racers that have no video recording only first person view I do fly in my neighborhood, but only once in a while. The operator of the drone in the video wasn’t just flying around, they were looking at her house, They were the a holes in this.

    • It is not Paranoia

      I’m a caveman and I don’t like many “cool new” technologies, I hate drones, but I have to admit, the photos and videos captured by drones are freaking awesome.

    • Double

      Don’t you need a permit to fly those things, particularly residential areas? I wish they would fly them only in designated areas where people are far off. They’re cool sure, but you’d be surprised by the amount of hatred they receive.

      • Jonny Ringworm

        No, Mine is registered with the FAA. Well to be exact I’m registered with the faa. All my drones have the same numbers on them. I have an older neighbor who asked me not to fly around his house, so I don’t. I also have a pool behind me, so I don’t fly them in the summer there. I only really test by my home. The rest of the time I’m at a location taking photos. I go out of my way not to piss off my neighborhood because they have the right to their privacy.

      • Jonny Ringworm

        Yeah, by people who think they can spy on them thru windows, which they really can’t. The news media has given them a bad rep by making up false stories

  • John C Carleton

    Fk the “government”. My land, so is whats underneath and overhead. See one in my air space, target practice.

  • William the Resolute

    I think we need to revisit property laws regarding “air rights” above a persons
    property. There needs to be a specified distance which drone operators can’t operate within or it would be classified as trespass.

  • federalist46 .

    A good turkey shotgun would do the trick, just wail until it gets close enough.
    , if it’s above your property (in most southern states) it’s fair game.

  • huntress

    You fly a drone over my house, that drone will be on pieces on the ground real quick. This is clearly trespassing and i have the right to “down” anything on MY private property!! The faa is a joke!

  • tomnchrist

    When shooting down a hovering drone, be discreet, try to get the sm card from the drone, and don’t admit to anything. I think a .410 shotgun would be sufficient to take down non military drones.

  • Frank

    For those interested, has some interesting special loads for shotguns – stuff like the “Macho Gaucho” and “Fleshette” loads could be particularly effective against a light drone. Then again, some good old Bird Shot is cheap and effective, too – just enough to damage one or two propellers would bring one down.

  • tscull

    It looks like a fairly rural setting so I doubt if it’s illegal to shoot down the drone if it’s on her property. Also, it appears to me that she only points the muzzel at the drone, but doesn’t actually fire the weapon. It’s definitely not illegal to point a gun at a drone- anywhere!

  • thomas jefferson

    THERE are LAWS on the BOOKS,spying is illegal,and NO COURT ON EARTH can make it legal,they just say they can,OF course we know the only thing they understand is when their hurt so badly they never recover….OR their dead,THE POLICE GANGS have taken the rights and freedom america fought for and stolen it from the people ,BUT SOON IT WILL BE TAKEN BACK BY FORCE,and as their hanging from a tree limb they’ll cry WE WERE JUST DOING OUR JOB,…THIS is the get out of jail card ALL government employees use,TILL THEIR HANGED……