Watch This Adventurer Travel the World with $0 to Prove One Thing: People Are Good

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This activist bought a one-way ticket to Panama City and made his way back to San Diego with $0 in his pockets. The reason? To prove that the sharing economy is alive and well and that people are GOOD!

If you were to find yourself in a foreign country with no money, no cell phone, and only the clothes on you back, how would you respond? Most people would likely freak out but believe it or not, eco-adventurer Rob Greenfield created a scenario similar to prove one thing: that people are ultimately good.

The environmentalist and activist – who is best known for raising awareness about food waste and conscious consumerism – left San Diego in January 2015 with a one-way ticket to Panama City to test the ‘sharing economy’ as well as determine whether or not he could find his way home relying only on the goodness of others.

At times, he raised pennies in the streets doing headstands, and in other moments, he shared good meals with travelers and friends he met through resource-sharing sites such as WWOOF and Craigslist.

Not one to rely on handouts, he always offered menial labor in exchange for any assistance he received along the way. In conversation with the activist, however, he relays that the majority of people he met didn’t want anything in return for helping him.

The only items Greenfield carried with him on his ‘Share My Way Home’ trip were the clothes on his back, a passport, a cancelled credit card (*proof* of funds), and three pieces of paper to keep notes.

The documentary (below) is comprised completely of footage generous strangers took on their phones and video cameras and later shared with him.

We’ll think you agree that while the activism is in no way generic, it does prove one thing: people are mostly good, and that the sharing economy truly is alive and well.

Perhaps if you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation in the future, you’ll consider asking for help even from strangers, as Greenfield did. You never know what results the sharing economy will turn up.

Watch the extraordinary adventure below:

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