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Despite arguments that gold doesn’t grow like typical modern day investments and simply sits in a vault gathering dust, according to Marin Katusa in a recent interview with Future Money Trends, there is one key reason for why it should be in your diversified basket of goods.

The number one reason to invest in gold is insurance.

Because of the massive liquidity and the dilution of, not just the US and not just Bernanke, but all of the major countries – they are a printing press… The main reason to invest is because gold is money.

Before they had fiat currencies – that’s the currencies like today… there was gold.

The Romans. The Egyptians. The Babylonians.

For thousands of years they used gold before they used these fiat currencies.

And, every time in history a fiat currency ends in disaster.

We have recent examples. If you look at what happened to Yugoslavia, or Zimbabwe, or even Germany with their fiat currencies… gold always holds true value.

That’s why we believe gold is a true, original money.

I think at least you can see with gold, it is the insurance policy to bet against the bankers.

Watch Marin Katusa of Casey Research discuss future trends and gold investing:

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With all of this money – literally hundreds of billions of dollars – being thrown into stock markets by leading financial institutions that were just a few years ago on the brink of insolvency, there are massive price distortions happening across the board. This includes rising stock markets, one of the key benefactors of the Federal Reserve’s printing press.

Another not so positive effect (at least not for the American people) are ever increasing prices in the free market, something that Katusa says is going to continue:

[There is a] One hundred percent [chance of inflation].

You can guarantee these three things in life: Taxes, Death, and Inflation.

Inflation is coming… I just don’t know if it’s next week, or in six months, or twelve months.

But the reality is, it’s coming.

That’s why if you have a percentage in gold, you’re covered.

It’s an insurance policy.

When all fiat monetary exchange mechanisms fail, only one asset has stood the test of time as a store of wealth.

Gold is and always has been an insurance policy.

It will be the only thing left standing when the U.S. dollar, the Euro, the Yen, and other paper currencies are inflated to oblivion by their respective governments.

Make sure you have some when that happens.

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  • GrandpaSpeaks

    The fundamentals of gold remain throughout turmoil. That is something beyond control. The future for gold is perhaps confiscation but certainly massive taxation on any windfall. One of the three guarantees of life. The dust will settle. We should be asking ourselves. Will we allow and rely upon the banking cartel, who caused the crisis, to guide its reset? While our bankers manipulate, the Chinese have manouvered. Their answer is clear.

  • Glory

    I’m calling bullshit, invest in silver, gold is like the dimond market they only let out enuff to keep the price high, silver is more presses then gold you can use silver to barter, it’s cheaper then gold, it can be turned in to colldoi silver for medical purposes… Gold has no medical use in the past silver at times was more expensive then gold, and in the last 50 year I think silver is becoming less easier to find then gold wile gold is becoming a lot more abundant. Platinum, gold, copper, nickel they all where valubol medials but out side of just using them to barter what other use do they have? None wile silver does, I can buy a ounce of gold for $300+ doller now, and i buy a ounce of silver for $50+ but that’s in this economy, we don’t know what the world will look like in the near future but to say gold will always keep its value is ignorant at the least why not buy something that has more then just one use then to put it in to something that has only a visual use, yes visual… People see gold and think money but if someone see it and doesn’t think that? what do you have.., a really worthless paper wight THAT WAS worth something, people see food and you can barter with it but its heavy, same with other things but silver is small and has a visual use and medical use, so why not just play it safe and go with something that has real value.

    • gdaym8

      No disrespect but, if you want credibility to your statement, you need to spell correctly and do some research. Gold at $300+…really? Try $1645. Silver at $50+…not quite, try $30.78 as of this post. The fact is BOTH gold and silver are wise investments.

      Hint: If you want to know how to spell a word correctly, ‘GOOGLE’ it, it’ll give you the correct spelling. If you want to know the price of Gold and/or Silver simply go to…….

    • Truthhound

      Glory…Gold is money. Why do you think the central banks are buyers? It also has medical use…you don’t belive it; ask a dentist. But you should just save dollars and other paper money…you should put it all in a bank. Don’t worry about Gold or the people buying it. I’m sure with a stack of paper dollars in a too big to fail bank everything will be fine. [Good Luck].

      • Glory

        @gdaym8 #1 U got what I waz Saying right? The last time I checked this wasn’t a college paper and UR not my professor, and you hating on my grammar is just you insulting your self I don’t give two fucks. #2 The gold and silver price estaminets where a ball park guess SORRY I Guessed wrong. Number three the last time I checked no one is planing one useing their gold for fillings, and I don’t think gold fillings count as a medical use like Medicean… Right? silver has medicinal use… A real medicinal use.
        Educate your self

  • Anonymous

    either one pays better than hoping your bank will pay more interest lol

  • I have to agree with Glory, Silver will be the asset that will outshine the rest, especially gold. The central banks will use gold, but 95% of the rest of the world will be knee deep in silver, that’s if they can get their hands on it before there’s no more to be had. Yes, the price of gold will continue to rise, but the price of silver will out perform gold by multiples. Silver has been and always will be real money! Protect yourself by accumulating silver.

    • Glory

      Thanks, someone hear is using there brain

  • I’m investing all the money I don’t have in gold as soon as I can figure out the following:

    1. Where I’m going to bury all the gold.
    2. How I’m going to transport the gold when the sh*t hits the fan.
    3. How I’m going to pay for stuff with gold bars.
    4. If, instead, I’m issued paper “certificates” how I will know that the guy or guys issuing them is not closely related to Bernie Made-off.
    5. Till then, I have to eat my sh*t and die.

    But y’all carry on. Maybe, I’ll figure out soon how to issue some of those paper “certificates” to y’all who will be sending your cool USD to me in exchange for them. :0

  • Just Sayin’

    Wow Glory, you’re a little angry (at gdaym8) aren’t you? Read his first two words: “No disrespect”, I think he was merely pointing out that if you want credibility to your statement, you need to spell better so your statement will hold merit.

    I for one, agree with him or her.

  • Anonymous

    +1 just sayin