Watch: Teenager Attempts Brazen Booze Heist as Everyone in the Store Watches Him

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Was this a dare? Was this kid already intoxicated? Was this an initiation of some kind?

One can’t help but wonder what led this teenager to make such a bold attempt. Watch him try to walk out of a grocery store with baskets of booze while onlookers mock his efforts.

Warning: Lots of profanity…and stupidity

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  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    Outtakes from ‘Idiocracy’, mebbe? Or was it Dumber&Dumbererererererest???? Part DUH???????
    Oh, I get it. It was a sociology class mid-term field test, right? ROIGHT. I hope this fuckwad didn’t get away with this. Oh wait, nevermind. He’s the Police Chief’s kid….nothin’ to see here fokes, even tho it’s ALL on vid………

  • You’d think if he was sober he was going to use a wheeled cart to carry more weight ? Naaaaaah…
    If I was the private security, I would’ve beat the crap out of him the first time.

  • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

    About 25 years ago. . . I had just returned home from a weekend of armoured combat, and a friend of mine & I went to Taco Bell for dinner,
    Across the street was “my” 7-11 – 2 blocks from home – where I stopped to buy a soda (cheaper than TB).
    As I’m standing out front of the store, waiting for my friend to cross the street, I notice a guy carrying 2 cases of beer up the aisle along the front windows. I knew something was up. . . when he turned right to exit rather than left to the register, and the cashier is saying, “Excuse me, excuse me,” I waited for him to exit the store, then I clothes-lined him.
    Slammed him to the sidewalk and landed on top of him.
    That’s when I hear, “Leave him alone, motherfucker!” I look up, and there are 2 guys running in from the alley – one armed with a tree branch as long as my arm and one with a carboard bucket of the type bulk ice cream comes in.
    I stood to face them and, as the guy with the stick swung it at me, looped my left arm around it – locking it out – then snatched the stick out of his hands.
    And lit into him with it.
    All 3 broke and ran for the alley, with me hotfooting it behind them (did I mention I was wearing flip-flops?). . . one slid in the gravel in the alley and fell – he was belaboured about the head and shoulders for that one.
    Turns out, there was a car in the alley, into which these guys dove as it tore out. . . car picked up a few dents in the process.

    They got away with one broken-open case, unfortunately. I hope it was worth it.

    I can only imagine the conversation in the car as they took off. . .

    Good times. . .