Watch: Snake Handler Catches Massive Python That Was Hiding Under Child’s Bed

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Image credit: Daily Mail

When a mother in Thailand found her family’s kitten dead outside of her son’s window, she began to search for the killer.

It didn’t take her long to find it.

Thanapoom Lekyen located the guilty party – a 10 foot python – nestled between a wall and a bed in her 13-year-old son Nong’s room.

The massive snake had slithered into Lekyen’s home in Chachoengsao through a window after killing the cat.

Lekyen called for help, and Nattapon Boonmee from the Chachoengsao Voluntary Rescue showed up. He spent 15 minutes using a pole and lasso to catch the snake before it bit his hand as he battled to subdue it, according to the Daily Mail.

Watch – and pay close attention at the 1:22 mark:

Thankfully, Nong fell asleep in his mother’s bedroom the evening before – which likely saved him from being bitten by the snake, Lekyen said.

“I woke up in the morning and saw the dead cat outside with bite marks on it.

Then I knew there was a problem and I shivered and my stomach was feeling sick. I was scared. I looked in my son’s bedroom and screamed when I saw something moving under the bed.

I think about what might have happened and cry.”

The snake did bite Boonmee, who explained that the entire situation could have been much worse:

“The snake was average size but very, very aggressive. My hand was bleeding from where it bit me just a little bit. A more powerful bite and an attack from a (snake) like this would be very, very dangerous.”

Handlers managed to wrestle the python into a canvas bag, and it was released into the wild unharmed (unless you count the little slap Boonmee gave the snake as harm).

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    Lily – WHAT were you thinking? Really! We know this is an anti-America Zionist website, but still….?

  • Smarty

    I got bit on the hand by an 11 footer many years ago. It latched on between my thumb and index finger, clear across my hand. It wouldn’t let go for minutes, and I ultimately had to beat it senseless against a bunk bed post before it did. I had probably hundreds of little holes in rows on the top and bottom of my hand. Blood everywhere. It hurt like hell. I can’t understand why anyone would want one of these damn things for a pet….

  • Keep Honkin, I’m Reloading

    Watch – and pay close attention at the 1:22 mark:

    for what? some moron to stick is thumb in a pissed off snakes mouth

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