Watch Rich Hillary Supporters Hiss at Black Lives Matter Activist Who Paid $500 to Ask Hillary a Question

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Hillary is so two-faced and such a liar, it’s ridiculous. Everyone except her few supporters know it. Not that the Black Lives Matter movement isn’t ultimately infiltrated and funded at the top by the likes of people like George Soros, but what happens in this video is quite strange and telling to say the least.

A Black Lives Matter activist named Ashley Williams paid the $500 necessary to attend a private Hillary speaking engagement in a some rich person’s house in South Carolina. Williams moved to stand by Hillary, then unfurled a sign she made quoting Hillary from a decade ago, “We have to bring them to heel” hashtag “Which Hillary”.

The confrontation quickly got tense.

We want you to apologize for mass incarceration,” Williams says to Clinton.

“OK, we’ll talk about it,” Clinton replied.

“I am not a super-predator, Hillary Clinton,” Williams continued, adding: “Can you apologize to black people for mass incarceration?”

“Well, can I talk and maybe you can listen to what I say?” Clinton said.

Here’s some context on that quote. Back in 1996, Hillary gave a speech on so-called “super-predators” that many feel was aimed at minorities, as Daily Caller goes on to report:

“No conscience, no empathy. We can talk about how they got that way but first we have to bring them to heel,” then then-first lady said, in what many believe today was racially-coded language.

Incarceration in this country skyrocketed and especially for minority populations due to Clinton’s husband Bill’s federal three-strikes legislation. We’re currently living in a country that puts more people in prison per capita than any place else on the planet under a militarized police force and a lot of that is due in large part to policies that were put in place when Bill Clinton was president, policies Hillary very much supported at the time.

Of course, today she is acting like she changed her mind now that she wants the black vote.

What’s creepier though in this video (besides Hillary) is Hillary’s supporter’s reactions. They start hissing at Williams. Like their a bunch of human snakes. Like Hillary’s supported by a bunch of human snakes. If you were curious who could possibly support Hillary becoming president in this country, now you know.

Williams demands an apology for Hillary calling black people “super predators” and to explain her flip flopping stance on mass incarceration.

Secret Service removed Williams and Hillary never answers Williams’ question except to say, “You know what? Nobody has ever asked me before,” then she doesn’t answer as the question. As Williams is escorted off, Hillary says, “Back to the issues… the issues that I think are important…” as the video trails off.

The police state we are living in today wouldn’t be the police state we are living in today without Bill and Hillary.

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