Watch: Obama Cries Crocodile Tears as He Chips Away at Your 2nd Amendment

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Well, it’s on. More Obama gun control, announced with more Obama crocodile tears. Watch this (if you can stomach it).

Have you ever heard of method acting? Well, you just witnessed it in action.

Considering that nothing Obama has done or is doing would have stopped any of the mass shootings that supposedly spawned this new wave of executive orders, it’s laughable to believe he’s genuinely tearing up over it.

Even more of a joke is the fact that he makes a direct reference to the streets of Chicago: a city some have referred to as America’s “murder capitol” because of all the gun violence, but which also has some of the nation’s toughest gun laws, so obviously gun laws aren’t helping the problem any.

If gun control worked and criminals followed laws, gee, wouldn’t America be safer already?

These new orders and the new rules being made at the various bureaucracies are only going to chip away further at the 2nd Amendment and the people’s natural right to keep and bear arms.

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  • Aug Ust

    it’s not about Gun laws
    it’s about control they know as long as Americans stay armed there is no way of
    total take over of America that’s what it is all about

    • SpunkyBunks

      Collapse is coming. They want to get their grubby little hands all over our precious metals, pensions and 401k’s. If we don’t have any guns, we can’t defend ourselves.

      • They have already authorized an American bail-in, and how are guns going to get your money out of a closed and bankrupt bank? Smart money won’t be anywhere near a bank under current conditions.

      • guns wont protect your 401k.

        • Helluva3ngineer

          Nope. If you play in paper you had better realize that it can be revert to its intrinsic value at any time.

        • Nothing will protect anything that you deposit in a bank.

      • Frank Energy

        You can’t figure out how to hide your gold? Thats weak.

  • none

    The tears where real! After seven years as president, he has finally figured this out.
    Maybe when Hillary becomes president, she will notice that the magazine Inspire. Has on the cover, a commercial aircraft being hit with a terrorists weapon. Issue #13
    Did you know that it is a Muslim terrorist magazine that also shows how to make bombs.
    I do not think the president realizes that this is a violation of our law. Deseminating information on how to make bombs.

    • He probably prefers Bollywood movies, they being from the part of the world where he attended madrassa.

      • sunshine

        Maybe Lollywood is more his speed! The Pakistani Hollywood….I had a co-worker that was obsessed with Lollywood, it was too funny 🙂

        • I doubt he is any more qualified to act than he is to do anything else he has alleged to have done, starting with being born in Hawaii.

    • Frank Energy

      Oh he does listen to his handlers…..

    • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

      I’m pretty sure Valerie Jarrett has Barry’s full on attention.

      • When he isn’t full on attending to one of his other queen bees.

  • Smarty

    I haven’t seen him cry like that since he found out that Michael was HIV positive….

  • doucyet

    He’s auditioning for the made for TV movie “Who’s my Daddy” with the big tears. HollyWierd is the only place he may fit in come next January………….

  • James Bennett

    The ‘shootings’ are all staged events.
    Instruments to implement Hagel’s Dialectic: Problem / Reaction / Solution.
    The almost mathematical formula for control, used to great effect today.
    I know the awake folks reading this already largely know this.
    If someone enters the term ‘false Flag’ after ANY of these ‘events’ –
    they will be amazed.
    They might come to realize that we’re being played like a plastic piano.

    • They laugh at us, you can tell with some of the names they use for their false flags.
      Edward Snowden(Snowjob)
      The TSA airport shooter CIANCIA(CIA-N-CIA)
      ISIS(Israeli Secret Intelligence Service)
      Osama Bin Laden(Obama/Biden)

      This is proof they think of us as dumb animals.

      • Which is exactly what Henry Kissinger (and probably most of his contemporaries and successors) thought about military men. I hope you are familiar with his quotation on the subject.

    • Judging by the discourse seen here, where the sheeple are supposed to be awaken, it is hard to tell that you and I aren’t about the only ones here that are awake.

    • Some are, others are inspired copycats by easily manipulated idiots or children. either way, they can take advantage of the outcome to push an agenda

  • StevetheHun

    Looks straight at the camera and jabs his own eye.

    It’s Staged! The only thing that might make him cry is the thought of what the Elites are going to do to him if he fails to do their bidding and disarm the American people.

    • Helluva3ngineer

      I bet they plan to do it anyway. It’s how they roll.

    • Americadies

      Do you think he heard Reggie found younger butt?

  • Right to the Point

    He bombed Libya, Spurred the Arab Spring on in Egypt, helped create ISIS, perpetuated the War in Syria and turned his back on the inner cities he said he would help with their violence. He has single handedly killed more people via policy in the last 7 years than anyone else on this planet. Giving the order to kill is the same as pulling the trigger. He’s a fraudulent Anti-Christ, nothing else fits his behavior.

    • Americadies

      344 dead in Baltimore in 2015 due to black on black gun violence and the boy cries about a none existence loop hole.
      The boy is amusing and it is sad Americans fall for his crap.

      • Yeah, all those blacks in Baltimore bought their guns at the gun shows, sure lol!

        I have a question, why are they trying to disarm white people using black gun crime/statistics?

        • Americadies

          because if they told the truth their agenda would collapse

      • Right to the Point

        And funds abortion clinics to no end….

        • All funding of Planned Parenthood’s predecessor was provided to end the black population of North America, and it is doing pretty well, given that 50%+ of black fetuses are aborted by them. Margaret Sanger would be proud.

          • Right to the Point

            Check this out BrONUA;
            This wasn’t an actual H-bomb as we know it; it is an Atom bomb with Tritium added milliseconds before detonation. Remember what we talked about? I found some info that supported what I was telling you. Search “Nuclear Fallout,” “Positron,” and “Neutron” on Wikipedia. They describe the mutations I referenced. After that, think about the ramifications of this type of explosion outside of its EMP effect.

        • Americadies

          abortion is a positive thing, where else can you get minorities and liberal women kill their own babies in large numbers freely?

          • sunshine

            They’ll eventually go extinct…the liberals, not the minorities (they breed far too much to ever go extinct, sadly).

  • Razedbywolvs

    He only cry’s for the kids he didn’t kill. The 200+ he killed were “necessary sacrifices”.
    Any way you slice it this guy is a sick sadistic SOB.

    • Kindly name a single person that Barack Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama has personally killed.

      • Razedbywolvs

        Osama bin Laden :p

        • lol! Great!

        • Osama bin Laden died of natural causes a decade before the complete fabrication of his cold blooded murder had to be covered up by the real cold blooded murder of the Seals who told the fictional story of being involved in it. Even if their story was true, Obama never participated in the physical sense.

          • Razedbywolvs

            The pen is mightier than then sword.
            Would the act of paying some one to do harm, in it’s self, be a act psychical aggression towards another?

          • No, it would be an act of conspiracy to commit the aggression, much as the deployment of troops to an invaded foreign country has been absent the declaration of war that would make it an act thereof.

          • Razedbywolvs

            Conspiracy to commit the aggression. So how would blame be assigned in the event of a death? Would both parties get charged with Conspiracy to commit aggression or murder, some type of combination.

          • The person who actually committed the murder would be charged with murder. S/he and everyone else that facilitated the murder would be charged with conspiracy. Aggression is not a crime. If it were, the professional sports teams would be in jail.

          • Razedbywolvs

            Most states also have a felony murder statute. Under the felony murder doctrine, a person who attempts or commits a specified felony may be held responsible for a death caused by an accomplice in the commission of the felony; an attempt to commit the felony; or flight from the felony or attempted felony. For example, if two persons rob a bank and during the Robbery one of them shoots and kills a security guard, the perpetrator who did not pull the trigger nevertheless may be charged with murder.

            I argue that by participating in the act of offering a motive and
            were otherwise one might not exist and being commander and chef, Obama has taken on the responsibility of Malice for the crime, and constitutes as an act of physical aggression towards the victim.

            If a football couch tells his players to murder the other team he is
            responsible. Were as there is an implied consent standard in football they makes the aggression legal, Wen the couch tells his players to murder, he violated the consent of the other team.

            There is no consent to murder outside suicide, because it is a natural
            and inherent right of every living thing to continue it’s existences
            under natural law.
            I do not believe this eliminates any responsibility of the man who pulls the trigger (or at least for this argument).
            You had me on the ropes there for a minute 🙂

          • The key to your argument is the specific jurisdiction in which the law is part of the black letter law. The fact that it doesn’t appear in all jurisdictions indicates a difference of opinion of the legislators as to whether conspiracy should be mens rea in the murder itself. Such an approach reduces the judiciary’s options in pursuing justice, which isn’t the legislatures job. As such, it is quite similar to Obama using executive orders to force specific interpretations of the law that the legislators never intended.

          • Razedbywolvs

            The legislation does change, but not my argument.
            I could argue that murder is legal if you pay 15 thousand to the Somali government. But i think we both know that’s bullshit.

          • Are you a JD, ML, or DJS?

          • Razedbywolvs

            I don’t understand the question.

          • Or the issue, as it seems.

          • Razedbywolvs

            That was a real helpful comment.

    • Kindly name a single person that Barack Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama has personally killed.

  • ccambridge

    Horrible president, horrible actor and horrible person

  • John Tahoe

    Crying all the way to the UN.

  • Frank Energy

    Now, refresh my memory, what is the penalty for being a traitor?

    • doodaa


    • Have you been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, or are you just exhibiting it for us?

      • Frank Energy

        I have been blasted with Fukushima radiation since when I can’t remember when. So I am entitled to some free shit from Obama.

        • If that were true, you must be from Krypton, because all of the originally exposed personnel are long gone. Beyond that, WTF does Obama have to do with Fukushima?

          • Frank Energy

            Obama lied to the USA about the Fuku radiation coming, and then 2 days later Obama, his family, and Jeff Emelt (Head of GE, the company that made the reactors that blew up) all flew to South America to get out of the plume. No joke. Full undeniable proof is here……


          • Obama has lied about almost everything. Why would he have been anywhere near Fukushima? Was that the first time a nuclear reactor has ever exploded, since I’m always been told that they can’t?

          • Frank Energy

            Actually when they are using the plutonium enriched MOX fuel, they can explode in a type of nuclear explosion…..facts are here


          • I think we’ve been through this before, and I still don’t believe that an explosion not caused by the instantaneous massive increase in the radiation flux in the nuclear fuel is justifiably termed a nuclear explosion. If the containment ruptured due to pressure, that is not nuclear. If a hydrogen bubble exploded, that is chemical.

          • Frank Energy

            He wasn’t near Fukushima, the plume I refer to is the one that swept over the USA

          • It dissipated long before it reached the west coast. The majority of the radiation is being washed into the ocean by the cooling water and being carried across by the usual currents.

          • Frank Energy

            Incorrect, it was picked up in large quantities in air samples by the EPA. USA probably got more than Japan.

            Picked up in Anaheim, Riverside, Seattle, Hawaii. Guam Saipan, IN LARGE QUANTITIES

            Proof is here, using EPA data


          • Was there anything about Fukushima that couldn’t have been prevented by the installation of a non-swampable backup power source to provide for the proper cooling of the reactors on site?

          • Frank Energy

            Actually they had some broken underground pipes from the earthquake that would have resulted in loss of cooling water, but maybe they would have had more time to play keystone cops. Also its not just the power source but the entire switchgear and control systems that need to be “non swampable”

            They had problems out of the gate, and we were all bitchslapped for their arrogance and greed.

          • Not to mention the complete absence of any engineers from the TEPCO management team.

          • sunshine

            Didn’t the USS Reagan sail right through that airborne plume of radiation and that’s why so many sailors are now sick and dying?

          • Frank Energy

            Yes, that is what happened. Disgusting, they knew

  • SP_88

    Who does he think he’s kidding at this point? I am so sick and tired of the constant chipping away at our rights and freedoms. There is plenty of evidence proving that gun control does not work. And he knows it. But he does it anyway because he doesn’t care about gun crime or public safety, he wants the American people to be disarmed so they can bully us around. As long as we are armed, we can stop the government from violating our rights and the rights of everyone else. The more they keep pushing us, the harder we will push back. We are a free people who have firearms for protection from the government, criminals and anyone else who wants to violate our rights. And there is nothing Obama can do about it. We are not the bad guys. We are not the ones who are going around and shooting people. American gun owners, especially CCW permit holders are the most law abiding citizens in America and are arrested for any crime at a rate of one sixth as much as the police officers, which I would say is very law abiding. So how is Obama and the gun grabbers able to criminalize their actions? How can the government portray them as the bad guys who need to be disarmed and regulated? And why would they want to if it isn’t going to help reduce crime? Because it’s not intended to reduce crime. They want to reduce the ability of patriotic Americans to defend themselves and their families from the tyranny of the government. They want to take away guns that are only used during 0.001% of crimes, not because they hope it will reduce crime, by at most one thousandth of one percent, but because these firearms are the most effective weapons to defend ourselves against the tyranny of the government. Why else would anyone spend all their resources to go after the elements of crime that will have an insignificant effect while ignoring the things that would easily reduce crime by double digits using few resources?
    They are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to get the guns away from the good guys, which will not reduce crime or save a single life when they could easily clean up the streets of Chicago and other crime ridden cities and arrest all the gang members who are shooting people like the wild west, and spend pennies on the dollar doing it. It makes no sense unless you look at their real intentions. They want the citizens disarmed.

    • Maybe he gets penalized with a smaller house and much less money after he leaves office if he fails to get our guns as ordered.

      • He’s already earned his retirement in the lap of secure luxury. The only thing he could do to lose it is to out everything, and I doubt anyone could expect that this side of his exit from the office.

      • SP_88

        I’m afraid he would love to get “penalized”.

        • He already does by manchelle, you know his bitch ass is the bottom, lol!

  • Helix Powers

    Obama pulls the this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you routine.

    • I don’t believe it is working, even the liberals should start to smell something by now… I can hope at least.

  • rich

    We as citizens can complain all we want and make idle threats about him but in reality he has a plan to take over this country. Nikita Kruschev, former leader of Russia in JFK’s days, once said America will fall from within and he is looking like a prophet. Obama has subjugated Congress and anything he needs passed he will get. Here he signs an executive order for more gun control and all that is is another small step toward total gun confiscation. Why are all those young Syrians coming into the U.S.? Because they will be part of his own military who will conquer our military and, once we have no military, we are lost. Forget any kind of citizen militia. With the weapons the government has we would have no chance. It’s a fight that we MUST have but in the end we will lose and Obama will win. He is not stepping down in 2017. If he successfully captures our guns it’s an easy victory for him and this country will see ‘change’ like we never even imagined.

    • Americadies

      can anyone explain how this fool and his lemming will be able to get anything out of my gun vaults?
      Liberals really do not understand confiscation will come to revolution when he or they try.

      • They won’t have to do anything more than the National Guard did in New Orleans.

        • Americadies

          good luck with that approach

          • It has worked in dozens of countries over hundreds of years. There is nothing to test the courage of a patriot like a front porch full of select fire rifles in the hands of “dumb, stupid animals (being) used as pawns in (domestic) policy,” who are unwilling to take no as an answer…

            “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” Henry Kissinger

          • Americadies


          • …is what you are acting like if you think anyone can understand the use of one inflammatory word without any accompanying grammar.

          • Americadies

            Do you actually think these idiot democrats will try confiscation?

          • Do you actually believe that those idiot democrats are in command of the executive branch agency called the Department of Homeland Security? Have you forgotten who the boss of the executive branch is? The Constitution says it is the president.

          • Americadies

            A see a revolution coming if they try this.

          • If it brought about a proper revolution, which is a return to the way things used to be, that would be a good thing. I suspect you are more likely thinking about a coup than a revolution, which if staged by the patriots in the military, could wind up as a proper revolution. Most likely, it would stop after the deaths of several officers in the appropriate chain of command came back in body bags after being fragged by those who refused to carry out their treasonous orders.

          • Americadies

            I see many NG and Police refusing to confiscate from law abiding citizens. This issue where Obama wants to confiscate weapons from vets diagnosed with PTSD will be a problem.

          • sunshine

            I wish you were right but I see them carrying out their orders no questions asked. Gotta get that paycheck, ya know. And the military and NG are now chock full of nonwhites that would LOVE to disarm white Americans.

    • doodaa

      He is trying to “fundamentally change” a Christian/Mixed Nation into a totally Muslim Nation.

      • Christian/Mixed Nation?

        • Reverend Draco

          You know, mixed, man – everything but Muslims included. . .

          • I doubt if he’d really want more than his preferred class of Sunni scum around, regardless of their Muslimness.

    • And what will supposedly patriotic Americans do to stop him?
      Anything like the duty assigned them in the Declaration of Independence?

  • Americadies

    Boy Obama and the theatrics of the left play well for the media. How many fools will lap this BS up?

    • I am hoping the bad acting will wake many up.

      • And people wonder why I don’t miss television.

      • Americadies

        only the true sycophant fall for his crap

  • Americadies

    Less than 365 days until this piece of shit is gone, hang in there and hope sanity returns and Hildabeast is sent to the dust bin of history.

  • Ernie Engle

    Well… did you all not see this coming??? For years this tyrant has been eroding your constitutional rights not given by man ,but from the hand of God… the right to protect yourself and your loved ones. The lib-ra-tards continue to support this idiot, your so called representatives in Washington continue to kiss his ass and the nation as a whole continues to eat this line of bull. Wake the hell up, you are either part of the solution or the problem, which are you??

  • eagleflyfree

    Obamacare and gun laws are all about control…..not helping the public. They want to control us and they are making great strides

  • doodaa

    A trick he learned from Alex Jones…..put a tiny dab of vaseline under the eye.

    • A dab of vicks and you’ll be crying a river, lol!

  • Frank

    Give that actor an Oscar! Did you catch the “oh by the way, this happens in Chicago every day”?
    Executive Orders are NOT law and not enforceable as such. EOs are administrative policies for the internal operations of Executive branch Departments only. Speaker Ryan has already reiterated that these Obama decrees were rejected by Congress as being unconstitutional and the Obama administration is deliberately circumventing the legislative process.
    Those who abide by or try to enforce on others these unlawful decrees are nothing more than blind sycophants who deserve to hang from the same tree.

  • RE

    Sorry. I don’t buy it.

    • Don’t worry, they’ll re-package and re-sell it in a short while anyway.

  • The Second Amendment is no more important to most Americans than the Constitution it is a part of, which receives more lip service than actual observance by anyone who considers it. None of the rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights are provided by it. The whole purpose of the entire Constitution was to tell the government what it could and could not do without raising the ire of We the People, and nothing they have done or not has ever managed to get any significant number of We the People to do the duty assigned to us in the Declaration of Independence.

  • “ok now, sadface… sadface… fugeeface..”

  • Americadies

    Boy Obama cries and the media gush over his compassion. If the boy is so upset why doesn’t he kill himself and end the pain?

    • Reverend Draco

      That’s what a friend of my daughter’s did about 5 years ago. . . couldn’t handle a bad breakup and offed herself.

      If only politicians were that reasonable.

      • Americadies

        I would be Ok given Obama a memorial burial if he would just kill himself.

        • Reverend Draco

          I’d buy flowers. . .

          • Americadies

            No need the amount of people pissing on his grave would kill any flowers.

          • Reverend Draco


  • As I’ve said here before, people, the oppressors do not need to disarm you, in order to take away your freedom–that has already been accomplished! We’re living under utter tyranny!

  • Frank Energy

    Obama is a lying arse liar.
    Obama lied to the USA about the Fuku radiation coming, and then 2 days
    later Obama, his family, and Jeff Emelt (Head of GE, the company that
    made the reactors that blew up) all flew to South America to get out of
    the plume. No joke. Full undeniable proof is here……

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    I’m afraid the time to lock and load draws near.

  • Reverend Draco

    If gun control worked and criminals followed laws, gee, Chicago would be one of the safest cities in America.

  • sunshine

    Ugh I just couldn’t stand to watch it then, or now. He is so vile.

  • Frank Energy

    he is a criminal
    Obama lied to the USA about the Fuku radiation coming, and then 2 days later Obama, his family, and Jeff Emelt (Head of GE, the company that made the reactors that blew up) all flew to South America to get out of the plume. No joke. Full undeniable proof is here……


    “Even those tears, I
    me mine

    “I me mine, I me mine”
    – the Beatles

    John Chuckman

    Had I seen the image of Obama, weeping over American gun
    deaths, seven years ago, I know I would have been deeply moved. It would have
    reinforced my view of him then as an empathetic, bright, and progressive
    politician. And I did then, and do now, find America’s violence – all of it,
    not just the small fraction of it seen in street killings – an appalling
    assault on the human spirit.

    But the image comes seven years later, following a period of
    Obama’s proving himself an utterly cold and dry-eyed killer. Actually, apart
    from seven years packed with regular killing and support of others doing
    killing in at least half a dozen lands, he is reliably reported to have once said
    at a high-level meeting, without tears or the least change in demeanor, “I’m
    pretty good at killing.”

    I don’t know whether the recent tears were artificially
    induced, as by an irritant placed on a fingertip to be touched to his face at
    the right moment of his performance, or squeezed out from heretofore unknown political
    acting talent. Perhaps they just reflect a kind of strangely compartmentalized

    This last possibility would make him more bizarre than I had
    come to regard him. I had come pretty much to accept him as just one more of
    the garden-variety psychopaths who have held the American Presidency for
    decades. There were even rumors, stemming from gaps in his resume, that he was
    CIA, an organization that employs a lot of psychopaths and has now deeply
    penetrated America’s elected government, having itself produced several
    presidents – George Bush père for
    sure – and other high office holders. The practice is equivalent to the Mafia’s
    having a “made man” on the bench of a high court.

    After seven years of mass murder, dirty tricks destroying
    countless lives and destabilizing many peaceful lands, thousands of extrajudicial
    killings conducted by young thugs from basement computer-games rooms at CIA,
    and unblinking acceptance of such brutal savageries as we’ve seen from Israel
    or Saudi Arabia or Turkey, his tears truly mean nothing, except perhaps somewhere
    in the back of his own dark and terrible mind.

    Only a few days before my writing this, I read of Israel
    spraying a huge swath of land inside the boundary of Gaza with a deadly
    herbicide. So these miserable people – these people who cannot even import
    cement to repair Israel’s savage destruction of homes and schools and public
    sanitation in 2014 – are now also to live with reduced arable land plus the
    virtual certainty of heavy future birth defects, much as the Vietnamese still
    experience from America’s hellish saturation of their land with Agent Orange
    about half a century ago.

    That Nazi-like behavior solicited no teary scenes from
    Obama, just as Israel’s slaughter of more than 500 children and 1,700 adults in
    2014 solicited not a tear from Obama, not so much as an awkward

    I don’t know what caused him to cry in his little performance
    about guns in America, but if you tell me it was because a decent human was
    overwhelmed momentarily by America’s hideously murderous society, I will not
    even bother to answer.

    As remarkably few in other lands appear to grasp, America is
    a massively brutal society. This is true both at home and abroad, and I should
    know because I grew up there. I also know it will not change within the
    lifetimes of any readers, the overwhelming size and nature of the situation
    being beyond what many outside observers can imagine.

    Certainly the insipid measures Obama has taken will not make
    a dint in the toll. Strangers to American society simply cannot imagine how
    many guns are floating around there. A recent Small Arms Survey estimated 270
    million small arms, but there are a remarkable number of military-grade weapons
    in private hands as a result of exposure to a vast armed services with its
    galaxy of local military bases, major national guard organizations and
    facilities in every state, and the past heavy arming of police and numerous
    agencies such as the TSA. The kind of police who beat up drug suspects and take
    their money are also the kind of police who illicitly trade in guns, and
    America has large numbers of them amongst its rag-tag collection of a million
    or so.

    America swims in guns, and there is a vast market just in
    private sales and stolen guns. There will always be a market under such
    conditions no matter what regulations Washington may impose. And increasingly,
    the individual states have permitted what was in my day in Chicago a serious
    felony, the concealed carrying of guns. Some also allow citizens to carry them openly
    in holsters.

    Remember, there is not just the matter of thousands of
    murders and countless maimings each year. There is, as was revealed by The Guardian for the first time ever, 1,134
    people killed by their own police in 2015. It all charges the atmosphere of the
    United States with a kind of regular, low-grade terror. And America’s prisons
    have an international reputation for brutality. They include such barbaric
    innovations as super-max prisons (in which prisoners live out entire lives in
    total isolation), private profit-motivated prisons, and a prison population
    whose total size dwarfs that of all other advanced countries.

    I read in British newspapers, discussing Obama’s efforts, expressions
    from readers such as “it’s about time” or “those awful
    Republicans,” and I know they reflect views of people who just really do
    not understand America.

    America is a country which has killed at least 6 million
    people over the last half century abroad, virtually all the killing to no
    purpose other than America’s trying to have its own way in places as distant as
    Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Chile, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and still
    others. If you think violence officially sanctioned on such a scale has no
    effect on the country responsible for it, you are extremely naïve.

    Much of the killing was savage beyond description, employing
    fire bombs, napalm, white phosphorus, Agent Orange, carpet bombing, and that
    truly hideous invention, cluster bombs.

    America also remains the only country ever to use nuclear
    weapons, twice, on civilian targets of no military significance, and this after
    Japan had made strong feelers for its surrender. No, for America only
    unconditional surrender was acceptable. And a series of 12 atomic bombs for 12
    cities was scheduled. Some sensible minds questioned the lunacy, considering that
    Japan had been almost flattened by a ferocious campaign of fire-bombing, so
    that not one primary or even secondary military target was left standing.

    The fact that only two atomic bombs were used had nothing to
    do with America’s humanity. In later years, detailed plans for massive atomic
    attacks on Russia and China were drawn up, the last of which so far as I am
    aware was in 1961, being earnestly advocated to President Kennedy by the insane
    men then running the Pentagon. Nuclear weapons also were seriously discussed as
    options during the Korean War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Vietnam War.

    America is, far and away, the world’s largest arms dealer,
    literally dwarfing the trade in death machines of any other country, and it
    sells its arms to tyrants and madmen across the planet enabling players like
    Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, or Egypt to hugely expand the total number of
    deaths for which America is responsible.

    America also spends as much on its military as all the
    world’s militaries combined. It is an obscene amount of money dedicated to killing
    and oppression.

    American advisors are in the business of advising kings and
    tyrants how they can control people and efficiently kill them if needed.
    America had an outfit called The Army School of the Americas which became
    infamous for its teaching military personnel sent from Latin America in the
    fine points of killing and torture. Today it’s been reborn as the
    bland-sounding Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation.

    In a county like contemporary America, with its often poor
    employment prospects for young adults, the military is a major employer. It has
    an elaborate enticement system to attract young people. General military
    training anywhere consists of just two central matters: how to be doggedly obedient
    and how to kill people. So every year in America, many thousands of such young
    people are dumped back into the general population. Many of them then go on to become
    police because military service is a favorite entry qualification. Many of them
    remain unemployed. Some even homeless.

    There are not just the regular armed forces involved in
    saturating the country with military values and attitudes, there are also the huge
    national guards and reserves and high school and college ROTCs. It is a massive
    effort, blanketing a supposedly democratic society with undemocratic and
    violent ideas. You might view it as kind of a national immunization program,
    immunization against democratic and human values, conducted year-in, year-out. So
    the young generation of Americans is constantly immersed in the concepts of
    blind obedience and killing. And all this is further reinforced by the vast
    numbers of Americans dependent upon work at its many regional military bases
    and other facilities.

    Just a portion of this avalanche of annual spending on
    murder might have created countless new opportunities in America with new and
    better schools, better medical facilities, improved housing, and intervention
    into troubled families. No, instead, everything is just allowed to rip, and on
    the streets of Chicago and other cities, week-in and week-out, the toll of
    young blacks resembles minor battle scenes with as many as twenty-five shot
    (not all killed) on a single week-end.

    That brings us to yet another aspect of American violence
    and passion for guns. America remains in many respects just as divided a
    society on racial lines as it was a century ago. The unspoken reason for many
    Americans keeping guns is the same one that caused Southern plantation owners
    to sleep each night with a knife and a pistol under the pillow. It rarely is
    openly discussed, but it is there like a great unnerving presence in a thousand
    dark places.

    There is yet one more dimension to American violence. About
    half a dozen years ago, a study, led by a Harvard Medical School researcher,
    found evidence of mental problems in 26.4 % of people in the United States,
    versus, for example, 8.2% of people in Italy. The researchers were concerned
    with matters such as lack of access to treatment and under-treatment, but for
    those concerned about a safe and decent world, I think the salient finding is
    simply America’s high percentage. The world is being led by a nation where more
    than one-quarter of the people have genuine mental problems.

    I’m afraid America’s movie industry has created sugary
    fantasies about America which still influence the views of many abroad. There
    really are no Jimmy Stewart types, with tears in the eyes and benign
    expressions, running America.

    And in case you missed it, even in as sugary a confection as
    “It’s a Wonderful Life,” sobbed over by millions every Christmas season, some
    raw truth creeps in. Jimmy Stewart’s run-in with Bert the cop ends with Stewart
    running madly away in the snow and good old Bert pulling out his pistol and
    firing several times, trying to hit Stewart in the back and putting at risk
    pedestrians up and down the charming street. That’s the truest scene in the

    And that is America. Fine-tuning and tears are about as
    fitting for the state of America as they would be on the Russian Front in World
    War II, the most horrendous conflict in all of human history in which 27
    million Soviets and millions of Germans perished.