*Watch* Leaked Video – Bully Cop Slaps U.S. Soldier

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A U.S. Soldier expresses his frustration that it took 45 minutes for the cops to respond to his call. In response, the Vallejo, CA officer steps up to the man and proceeds to slap him.

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  • J

    He didn’t punch the man as a “police officer”, he punched the man as a “marine”. At this point in time, the office chose to take off his uniform and badge, and become a civilian. He needs to be fired, and prosecuted. I agree that the victim shouldn’t have stepped close to the officer, but the officer should have backed away and chose a stance of defense, instead of just hauling off and whacking the guy. Protocol was totally thrown to the curb with this officer.

    • mike

      Fucking cop just like a law crazed punk

    • Santa Eddie

      This cop was way out of line. At no time should anyone act the way he did. The Police force has a tough time, but this man went way off the handle. Yes, the young man should have backed down, but at no time did he deserve what happened.

    • Cara

      The video shows the cop moved toward that soldier. The soldier stood still. In every way that cop was the agressor! He should be fired and brought up on charged of assault. And so should the other cop standing there.

  • Holy fucking fired and lawsuit.

  • Alex S.

    Regardless of his well-deserved indigence at being subjected to extreme unprofessionalism by the PD, the caller does seem like a little bit of a prick.
    Having made that clear, the police were FAR out of line here:
    – You can clearly see in the video that the cop *aggressively* takes a step toward the man.
    – Yes, the man stepped back at the officer, but
    1) Is that a crime? Details please, not opinions.
    2) Does the officer say ‘take a step back’ or ‘please don’t advance on me’, or does the officer try to calm an understandably pissed citizen? NO! **The officer** is the one who immediately starts a confrontation with his snide ‘We’re not on your time-watch’ comment.
    – With the unwarranted tackling and restraint, ego-waving with the ‘Marine’ comments, and patronization with the demand for ‘apologies’, BOTH of these officers are clearly sad little pin-@%$# men on a power-trip.
    – APOLOGIES for police officers? What is this, Nazi Germany?
    – I love how the officer flatly denies the man’s comment about how the Dispatcher treated him… as if *claiming* that it never happened will make it true.

    Let these guys go for a few more years, and they’ll be the kind of assholes that run police crime rings (if they don’t already).

    • ArkJerry

      I’ve never before seen this type of crap before! No wonder these cops (& I use this term loosely) don’t get respect from “civilians” they think their better than us commonres! They should be beaten down with someone else’s knee in their chest! Then a big lawsuit and jail time. Then they can rule the jail house! Pieces of CRAP!

  • GrandpaSpeaks

    Whimper and cower before the force, put that tail between your legs. Keep those ears down and that mouth closed. Whimper, but no whining. Now muzzle him, get that leash on tight. Remember due process? Could have used that here. It might have alllowed some respect to develop. On both sides. I miss it already.

  • Patriot

    The officer is wrong. 1st he is not a marine he is a ROGUE cop. 2nd the victim called the police and when they arrive to a victim of a robbery mugging they should expect them to be upset. 3 rd they arrested the victim of police brutality and did not read him is rights.(Handcuffed and moved)4th cop continued to speak antagonistically of his brutality incident with threats to repeat it.5th Both cops should be fired and jailed and fined as 2nd cop did not interfere and actually assisted perp cop.

    • PATRIOT, I got a kick out of it,MY cousens a ARMY COL. I called him after seeing this VIDEO,and told him to watch it,THE police have aways made a point in beating down military people and killing them,I really doubt that cop was a marine,if he was IT won’t matter under marshal law,MY cousen says the cops will reget having attacked military people before its over.he said the military will be running the FEMA camps,and he fully intends to put every cop and their family they can find in the fema camps,hahaha….paybacks are a bitch…….

  • Patriot

    More common as the POLICE STATE EXPANDS.

  • Leak

    I never would call the police…
    Instead, the police have no lawful legal right to step foot on my private posted property with any weapons.. if they do, they are lawful targets for me take out ASAP…

  • John

    That stupid ass army boy deserved everey thing he got. he steped up and the cop and former Marine put him in he’s place. OOH Fucking Rah.

    • Mose

      Well said. He was getting all tough and trying to control things but sure went down easy. Reservists…

      • I Love Guns

        STFU paintball pu$$ies

    • punchey

      yeah right mr brainwashed. cop steps to me his fat lard ass is going down. stick that up your lame ass ooh rah

    • SAY JOHN, I bet you laughed your ass off when you heard the police gang in arizona shot that army ranger 80 times in front of his family didn’t you?????and I bet you and you twisted friends laughed even harder at the fact their were at the wrong house…………..

  • Loose_lugnut

    Cop only did what this clowns parents should have done. He showed total disrespect for the cop and the cop took care of the situation.

  • The Arizona Patriot

    If you want to see just how far out of line the LAPD are today you should read Christopher Dorner’s original facebook posting before TPTB replaced it. There is a copy at http://www.jimstonefreelance.com
    The Daily Sheeple would do very well to copy this and post an article about it

  • Anonymous

    The police in this situation abused their authority. It’s not against the law to smoke, so you don’t have to put your cig out for the police and the police officer stepped forward in an aggression first. What did he expect when he acts aggressive towards a person upset they are gonna be aggressive back. Also the kid didn’t need to apologize.

  • Anonymous

    That rouge cop is taking care of those pieces of gang banger shit cops.

  • security O

    doing this every day i can see how the police would react not being!pigmentchallenged most of you would not have been through the pinole system this is how caucasis corret unacceptable behavior the army kid disrespected the officers marine older male with other officer back up yes i can see that this should and could have been handled better kid learned that you do not disrespect your owen just like a drill instrucker doing this evey day i seen the bald officer reaction to this event the word crap comes to mind how do i wright this up so the kid dont do long time and i don’t get fired hope that the kid learned that you do not act like this is a bar staned off and the cop gets the under standing that pc people will pic this apart i being 5’9 170 know not to squire off against 6’1 300 each when there comimg to help u sorry it took me 40 min to get hear but 1000 to 1 is the standerd for police to public take a not from the nigroids respect record redirectjust think the kid got his ass kicked twice in 45 mins maybe the drugs the nwo gave him when he got out should out of his system in a mouth or so

    • Bob

      The Cops were wrong. Dude try english or drop the weed

    • SKIP

      DAMN! no offense, but that post was a difficult read.

    • Tony

      Dude…..BADLY HANDLED…..WHAT ARE YOU ON??? One is free to open their mouth to rant about something….but before you start to post shit….learn to spell

  • Anonymous

    Can’t say that i have an issue with this video, these people are highly under paid and and have to deal with people that start to make the same movements but if officer’s don’t take this action it normally ends up as a knife to them or a drawn firearm, so this officer took his standards steps to assure his protection. To the people that think he abused his authority, that is a load a crap and if people (the majority) would so them respect and understand that they have to watch over much more then just one person, and not curse them or get aggressive attitudes towards them, Officers would not feel that this is the way they have to act with little aggression shown to them. I just want all to remember they have to deal with the kinda of people that think all cops should die every day, so they have an instinct caused by this that makes them protect themselves and their partners first.

  • Kev

    The young punk “bowed up” and thought he was all tough crap throwing his military creds in the cops face. The cop was actually very respectful and he gave the punk everything he deserved. If you don’t correct your children early, the world will do it and they won’t be so nice.

    • YEA KEV,your going to love living at the fema camps,hey send us a post card and let know how life is there would ya……………..

  • Fred Flintsoned

    in the joint things are taken care of in-house. no filthy corrupt entities involved.

  • Chris

    Fucking typical pig! Try that shit with me you fucking peice of shit

  • Arc Angel

    Hhahahahaahaaaha! That is good for the fascist nazi goon cop! We live under the 4th REICH here in Nazi Amerika, and the slaves do nothing as the jack booted thugs rape and torture their women. ONly the LAPD PUNISHER has the cojones to do what needs to be done. Good for the Nazi Goon to bitch slap the soljer..he is a coward..deserves to be bitch slapped!

  • B.

    Both were in the wrong.

    • Nomon OathKeeeper


  • jay

    typicle jarhead-cop . Do as i say not as i do.

  • Velvet

    Wtf this cop needs to be put in his place. He stepped up in this guys face. Wtf has this world come too.

    • VELVET,If stupid were airplanes,there would be a hundred in every driveway in america,the people of this once great nation used to be free and their children were raised as ALPHA males,but the police gangs all work for the foreign corporations now and its their job to make sure the serfs don’t rebel,so they beat them down to please their corp boss’s,BUT whats worse is the rest of the braindead slaves love it and haray their corp.masters when one that rebels gets beat down because their cowards and would never stand up,and are raising their children to be cowards too,SO you see america is lost and the cowards will be the gate keepers of their own slavery…….

  • Itsme

    The kid did take a step towards the officer but only after the officer stepped towards him acting aggressively. The kid had already been assaulted and was obviously agitated which was made worse by him waiting. The police are meant to defuse situations, no accelerate them or instigate them, like the officer said hims self “We are a professional hard working agency.”, he needed to handle the situation much better than he did. I don’t feel this should result in the loss of his job, but I could justifiably see a civil suit against him and the agency come from it. There was no threat posed until the officer himself further agitated the situation solely out of ego by him thinking he is better because of him being a Marine. It was not a pissing match, it was someone trying to protect themselves and felt attacked in every effort he made in doing so.

  • pinche wetto

    WOW!!!!! This officer definitely has no idea about Graham vs Connor and use of force. Incited the suspect and knowingly put himself in harms way by stepping up to the suspect. Then getting into a useless diatribe about military instead of investigating the nature of the call. POS needs fired and sued. He gives all cops a bad name. Head strong thug………Ever heard of psychological first aid for the victim you retard……

  • antiglobalist

    That is not cops. Those two are wg=hat is known as badged thugs. Thugs are being breed all over this country.
    Some time in te future they will witness what an armed militia will look like. They don’t care if you are a marine. They care about the Constutition.

  • Michael Groves


  • Bryant Thoompson

    Karma has a way of catching up with people. One of these days, he will slap the wrong person & his badge nor bullet proof vest won’t save him.

  • Chris

    He must not have been much of a Marine, he didn’t display much discipline or professionalism. The victim of this situation didn’t display much initially either. This was a clear case of assault.

  • akvalmet30

    Mistake #1, calling the cops to handle ANY of your business. Mistake #2, not having an appropriately sized IED to handle them when/if they arrived for any reason. This kind of treatment from our would-be protectors “who aren’t” is what we can expect under our ever-growing Socialist Nation. Due time to water the Liberty Tree.

  • Nomon OathKeeeper

    I agree with those that stated that both the COP (a Marine) and the cursing Citizen (Army Reserve) were out of line.
    There is never a proper time to approach anyone cursing. The Civilian need to be taught how to handle his anger before approaching a cop investigating anything.
    But after a slap the toughness seemed to go away and the civilian had a considerable different attitude.
    I know there are situations of Unnecessary Roughness by cops but I don’t see this as being one.

    • NOMON oathkeeper,I bet you would have loved being a NAZI prison camp commander,why when those jews cried about being hungry,you could have just killed a few hundred of them and they would have shut right up,HEY have you applied for a job in the fema camps yet? knowing your a piece of shit like you are,you’d have a free hand at killing those out of line women and children……………

      • Nomon OathKeeeper

        You attitude is just as vile as the Custodian of the camps. You are making so many assumptions and assumptions are just as plentiful as ears, everyone has a couple.
        You are just as violent minded as the skinheads, raciest that float around in small groups because small is their mind.
        I stand for self-defense but never aggression as the Civilian showed by posturing in front of the cop.. Don’t give me this shit that the cop did it first excuse. Cops have to maintain control of all situations, this is a SOP from ancient days “SO YOU MUST NEVER ALLOW THE COP TO THINK HE IS NOT IN CONTROL”.
        The Civilian had never been in control or he wouldn’t have called the cop in the first place.
        Mr. Arizona from all your ANTI-Police post I would bet if your real identity was revealed Your Criminal Record would come to lite. As a Chaplain in a local jail I have seen you attitude many times. It’s always someone else’s fault, they made me do it, I had to do what I did are your excuses. You never stand up and take responsibility and say ” I CHOSE TO DO IT, IT’s MY DIVISION and I CHOSE TO DO WHAT I DID.
        THE NAZI ARE COMING, FEMA DEATH CAMPS ARE WAITING THE SKY IS FALLING. Fear mongers are just as bad and evil as Whores, Prostitutes, Bank Robbers and Liars.
        Take your fear and shove it my friend.

        • Tony

          Don’t reproduce

  • spencer

    @ akvalmet30….agreed

  • Mike

    As a USMC vet of two combat theaters, I am discusted at the lack of discipline that ex marine/cop displayed. This is happening way to much, as we are losing our freedoms incrementally every day. One day people will look back in time to the days of real freedom, and yearn for the return of that freedom, but by then it will be to late…

    • WELL MIKE,I’am realy surprised to hear you say any thing bad about a fellow marine,I really though marines were born killers and rapist,marines make great cops,cause soon america will be attacked by russians and chinese military and I sort of thought you marines would be so excited by that, you’d just start killing,everything and everyone you saw,women,children,dogs cats,cows,horses,just to be killing something………………..

      • I Love Guns

        STFU Arizona, you F**king troll

  • Mista n. ba

    Damn… That cop i seriously would have went on a rage fucked them both up hella abusing their power…

  • George

    Holy **** why aren’t these cops in jail. Who on earth do they think they
    are the NKVD?

  • theorglube

    thank you for funding my retirement

    • BOY theorglube have you got a surprise coming,OBAMA just announced he taking everyones retirement ,public and private to give to his banker friends in england,and guess who’s going to protect him and his criminal cabal after he steals everyones money……you got it “THE POLICE GANG”, KISS any chance of the future retirement good by,cause then there coming after you and your guns so you can’t do anything about having your life saving’s stolen………

  • Citizen Sam

    And Police wonder why even “law abiding” citizens have lost respect for the uniform…. Disgraceful, but based upon the national trends expect more of this tactical bravado from your local officers. It is rampant on the east coast and buried by local politicians and DA’ s offices.

    • Citizen Sam,what you see in the video is the complete lost of america,the government has become rotten to the core,and as the rot has been exposed the police gangs who have always buried their crimes are having a harder time covering up the thieft of america by their boss’s,so they are beating down any resistance,the younger ALPHA MALES have,the older gen. are all pussies and fagots and cowards,so they don’t resist,and when they see some one like this army kid they yell kill him,kill him………so the police gangs keep getting worse and worse,and the cowards love it………..no resistence,thats what they want to see,their cowards…..america is history now…….the sheep are happy,for awhile….

  • CopHayta

    Cops are nothing but tools for the system. Screw them all. never deal with the f’ing police because to them they work for the state and everyone else is a criminal. No faith, no trust, no support for the cops ever.

  • Terry_s

    This cop would get away with this crime. and then I would visit him at home and he would be killed. By me.This kind od bully with a badge has to stop. Follow these bastards home and unprotected and off them. Maybe when he is mowing his lawn or in the pool.

  • BILL


    • GEE BILL don’t you wished you could have been there ,why you could have given the cops a blowjob before they left to go smash in someone else’s face,boy you really missed your chance…..

  • SEE, I personally think if the army kid would have been there with a haft dozen of his army buddies and they all had M-16’s ,that chickenshit marine would have acted like the coward he was,and him and his piece of shit police gang friend would have KEPT THEIR MOUTH SHUT,and listened to what was going on,and then went to talk to the other people,BUT being out numbered and facing a police gang member without his weapons,was a big mistake on his part,BUT I do think he may have learned a lession here,next time BE ARMED and ready…and never expect a criminal to help you take down other criminals….

  • Alex

    Whers’s officer dorner when you need him?

  • TLate

    This is the new normal. Police are the domestic shock troops. We have a culture of fear and violence so everybody is continually on stand by to ramp up. Police overreact some of the time but this guy did nothing to help his cause. This video points at a lot of things. Less police longer response times. You had better be prepared to protect yourself. How ironic this is in CA where they are trying to practically eliminate guns for law abiding citizens. You can be assaulted, shot and bleed out on the street well before any law enforcement and/or paramedic arrives. If you think the government/law makers give a rats ass about your safety you are sadly mistaken, they are all about control. If you get killed by some thug you are collateral damage just like civilians who get killed by drones overseas. Now you can be killed by a drone also courtesy of our govt. New normal, and we as the sheeple allow this crap!

  • Wilson

    The kid deserved it.
    He violated the cops space and was threatening!
    He moved towards the cop and that’s a No NO!!!!

  • Usarmyoathkeeper

    Where’s Dorner when you need him? #teamDorner

  • chris

    Hes not a bully you stupid fuck hes a US Marine and a Cop. DONT FUCK WITH US!

  • George

    No he’s a swaggering bully is what he is. What do we need to bow and scrape
    to cops now too? I don’t think so. Cops are corrupt bullying cowards and
    incompetent ones to boot. The only thing they’re good for is hassling whites
    with tickets. Any sort of real opposition and they’ll run like the gutless cowards they are

    • zane

      you better get to know a few cops, they will give you a whole other prospective on your comment

  • line in the sand

    every single person who posted should call the is PD every day and ask if this person is still working.Everyone of us should post this video to the police website everyday and ask if this officer is still working.Every one here should post this video to the House of represenatives for this stae,asking for laws that will demand police reform.

    It doesnt change on its own!!!

  • JM

    I am all for the cop, This young man may have started out claiming he was a victim, however he clearly moved into an active aggressor by his verbal then physical actions.

    It obvious he was looking to push a confrontation, weather it was verbal or physical does not matter. What matters is what the cop perceived at the time and the amount of force need to counter it. Good job mister police man! You took a potential victim turned hostile back down to sanity with no serious injuries, except a bruised ego!!! Excellent use of force continuum. To the nay sayers I challenge you to put your self in the cops shoes. How would you Handel a possible victim / gone hostile. Remember you only get one shot to get home to your family, and you want to do the job for 20 plus years?

  • Z

    LOL note to self… Do not call the police for any reason just handle shit on my own…. This cop is a dbag and should be executed.

  • zane

    i hate it when people say they’re “soldiers” and think that gives them permission to do anything they want!! it is ridiculous, they think they run the town they are posted in and cant be decent human beings and think they are better than anyone else.

    good job Marine

  • G

    You’re all a bunch of crying fucks. Lawsuit, fired, charges, boohoo. He lived, he got a cut lip, big fucking deal.