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Watch: Is This the Scariest Practical Joke Ever?

Frank Drover
The Daily Sheeple
November 27th, 2012

Could this possibly be the scariest practical joke ever?

A Brazilian TV station decided to put unsuspecting people in an elevator… with a ghost.

Would this freak you out?

Honorable mention, and one that would make most of us queasy, is an elevator prank from television manufacturer LG:

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  • Anonymous

    I laughed at all the people screaming, but I admit, if that was me in that elevator I’d be screaming like a girly man.

  • Sandee

    When did cruelty become an acceptable form of entertainment? That is just sad. I have a strange sense of humor myself but it doesn’t extend to this.

  • Red Scare

    Those people won’t be needing any coffee that day

  • Locus

    They’re playing russian roulette with peoples’ minds. It’s all fun and games until the final bang. Perhaps even then they’d find humor in it.

    Any child one encounters in an elevator who turns to face you and shrieks hysterically needs a calm word, gentle reassurance, a touch on the shoulder. Then get on your knees to eliminate the height difference and hold their hand, make eye contact. Most likely this series of actions will quiet him/her for a moment, and you can ask the necessary question of why and what is wrong.

    It does not matter that the lights go out, technology does fail. It does not matter if people appear impossibly out of nowhere, just be grateful you’re in an elevator and not driving on the freeway. It does not even matter if you’re seeing a ghost, who cares, if God really wanted to take your ass he’d just reach out and grab it.

    We instinctively fear the unknown but what these people faced was not the unknown, just a shrieking girl.

    A girl who really needs to be taken aside right now and assured that while she participated in a cruel prank it is not her fault, the adults who put her up to it exhibited bad judgement and are the cruel ones.

    • Anonymous

      Stop God preaching and get a life

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