Watch: Gerald Celente “Total Economic Collapse in Q1 2014”

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Gerald Celente breaks down CHASE Bank double speak and forecasts total economic meltdown in 2014. He’s been right before, is he right this time?

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  • Cindy

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    • Beezoom

      Are you nuts? This comment is so unrelated that the admin should delete it and ban your IP forever. Idiot.

      • ky hillbilly

        I agree.

    • Ken

      Cindy, you need to get laid a lot more often. Very obvious.

      • Christian

        Cindy, how many of your students are you f**king?

    • Barn Cat

      That’s ridiculous. The female teacher is not “oppressed in a patriarchal society”. The female teacher is the adult predator who loves having the sexual power over a young male. Young males are easy to control and manipulate and the female teachers love the power. A number of them are married. It’s not like they lack a normal sexual outlet.

      Denying female teachers the right to molest their students has nothing to do with the Holocaust. That’s really weird.

    • NotMine

      “Our childrens’ lives revolve around school.

      Not mine. I home school. I do so because of sick twisters like YOU.

  • Cnsay

    Well I’m not gonna hold my breath in anticipation of an economic collapse in early 2014. I know that Celente is more in tune financially than I am but I expect it at any time. It probably wouldn’t take much for something relatively minor to kick off and create the snowball effect.

    • tayronachan

      @Cnsay, Agree, the catalyst could be something very minor.

  • michelle O B U MM ER


  • Al

    Amazing how much garbage people believe these days… nobody does their homework anymore, nobody knows that the economy, governments, courts, countries, legal systems, militaries, police, corporations, societies, systems, insurance, banks, bonds, trusts, constititions, laws, bills, acts, etc., are all fictions, that money is fake, etc…. which is why they suffer.
    Amazing that people will not learn and keep giving fictions recognition so that those fictions come to life and have unlawful standing, force and effect in their lives. Spiritual wisdom and discernment and freedom and the abundant life from God is available to those who look to God for their answers and protection, but it is not available for those who reject God and his truth.

  • Anonymous

    al god does have all the answers but people haft to wnat to listen to what he is saying mark your calender jan 13th and 14th we are going to have a financial collapse not the end but BIG and the reason i give tese gates is my wife has been gifted by God to rtecieve from him messages and over the years when they are this specific thay have always come to pass In May of 2017 the goverment as we know it will collapse .love and peace

  • John

    Celente is NEVER right. Stop claiming that he is. He’s been making hundreds of predictions – NONE of which came true.

    He long ago joined the ranks of Jones and his ilk of constant fear-mongering bullshit.

    And all you religious nutcases – you should learn to shut the fuck up. You too are ALWAYS WRONG. You’re not even bright enough or honest enough to admit it. Every single one of your “predictions” fail. You makes you liars and according to your own book of falsehoods – destined for the lake of fire.

  • David A.

    The first post…uh…. ok then. I think you read something on one website and posted a reply on this one. As for anonymous well I’ll keep that date in mind. 13january… It has to be at least as acurate as Celente. WTF does he know he says the market is going to crash every quarter or year not to far off just over the next hill. He says that stuff all the time. One of these times he may get it right and then we will never here the end of it about how he called it! He is always calling it. So much so that I am putting more stock in Anonymous and his mysteriously gifted wife than I am in Celente calling it. Either way it seems doomsday is always just over the hill with alot of writers here. I’ll just take it under advisement and recommend that we do what we always do and just be ready for whatever, whenever.

  • jimha

    Stupid interviewer. Shut up and quit interrupting your guest.

  • Paul

    Celente has been extraordinarily right in the past and his prediction of a 2014 financial meltdown is all but a given and probably his safest one yet. We are bankrupt as a country and have allowed the globalist criminals who run this country to ship our jobs off shore, (where were the union bosses while this was happening?) they have written 85 billion of digital fiat money a month and made us obligated to 900 trillion in unfounded liabilities, social security, Medicare, gov pensions, debt for the wars ect. We are already collapsed and this charlatan of a president is riding this country in to the dirt with a demonic smile on his face. China and Russia in the mean time are buying all the gold and silver in the world at criminally manipulated low prices. They will crash the US dollar and reset with a world currency backed by gold and start the process of wars and debt all over again. Unless we stop them!

  • Anonymous

    The truth is that nobody knows the date that the house of cards gets blown down. We are all waiting for that moment, while some ignore the future disaster by living for today! My philosophy is live for today, prepare for tomorrow, then rinse and repeat. It will happen, we just do not know when!