Here They Come: Criminals Now Using Gun Owner Map to Target Homes

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When the Journal News created an interactive map exposing gun owners in two New York counties, residents who believed their right to bear arms was a private matter were shocked. Judge Jeanine Pirro, whose name was published on the map along with thousands of other law-abiding homeowners with registered firearms, says that she’s never seen anything like it.

“The irony couldn’t be any richer. The hypocrisy couldn’t be any more outrageous,” says Pirro.

With many officials arguing that semi-automatic firearms pose a danger to society and the Journal News itself in support of keeping guns off the streets, homeowners listed on the map voiced their concerns about being publicly exposed to thieves who may come looking for their guns.

Their concerns have now been realized.

…a burglary has been reported on Davis Ave. in White Plains, New York that evidently ties into The Journal News gun maps. It is reported that the burglar used The Journal News’ interactive gun map to target a home included on the map. Luckily the gun was locked up and no one was hurt.

“The Journal News has placed the lives of these folks at risk by creating a virtual shopping list for criminals and nut jobs. If the connection is proven, this is further proof that these maps are not only an invasion of privacy but that they present a clear and present danger to law-abiding, private citizens. Former convicts have already testified to the usefulness of the asinine Journal News ‘gun maps’ yet the reckless editors are evidently willing to roll the dice, gambling with the lives of innocent local homeowners,” said Senator Greg Ball.

Via Greg Ball, New York State Senator

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  • Cnsay

    OMG! They’re coming! Seriously?…….Just one house that happened to be on the list and “we’re all gonna die”?……How did they know the thief used the info? Did they ask him? Wow, journalism at its finest.

    • umx3

      Hey, Cnsay, are you a part of the cointel pro/disinfo agent league? The people who live there can’t recall any buglary happening on that street. What The Journal did was plain wrong an invasion of privacy. Too bad you can’t see that.

      • Cnsay

        I never said what the paper did was right. I own many guns. As far as no prior burgleries happening on their street, well I guess they just got their cherry busted. I ain’t taken up for that liberal rag. I’m just tired of the “sky is falling” horseshit from all of the media.

  • 10th AIB

    Hey Cnsay, why dont you let us decide what we think is real or not. Take your unproductive comments and move on down the road. The first rule of propoganda, make what someone says seem crazy. We got your number…”jack”!

    • Cnsay

      @ 10th AIB, Ain’t no number to get sunshine. I just think the story was hyped way out of proportion. Sure I feel that the newspaper’s owner(s) ought to get their asses beat. Prove to me however that the criminal used the map or info to pick this house. Just supposition and conjecture. If you want to be a chicken little chickenshit, knock your socks off.

      • Jean

        The fact that the WEAPONS SAFE was targeted might be a red flag, no?
        furthermore, (though I concede it’s sort of an appeal to authority), this is QUOTED from the NY State Senator. One would HOPE (HA!) that a State Senator would have his facts in order before making a public announcement.

        WAKE THE F*CK UP. The Matrix is REAL – it doesn’t need a “machine” enemy, it’s been woven around our eyes as we grew up. And other humans are the only natural predators humans have…
        The whole point of our government is to turn you into an “economic unit” (read: BATTERY) and use you to power “their” economic wealth. And when you are old and burnt out, they’ll just replace you with a newer model, if the job isn’t fully automated, at a lower cost, too. And you can go to Obamacare Interrment (No misspelling) where your final time on this earth will be pain-free – and brief. “Managed Care” and all that – managed right to death. Can’t let those useless Seniors tell the kiddies how it USED to be, or have anyone alive who remembers how the worled REALLY WAS, instead of how it’s presented on History Channel and in the CAIR-approved History books.

        I used to think the fringe/paranoid/tinfoil-hat brigade were crazy. Now I realize they were marginalized, and PROBABLY were on to something. There’s a REASON Tesla was discredited – but no one can even see lots of his research, it’s STILL “classified” now. WTF? And how much do we actually KNOW about Marconi, or Edison, or even Einstein? What we read in “their” approved books, right?

        The more I read, the more I begin to think: MOST people WANT to be asleep. The rest of us end up on one pole or the other: Part of the power structure (problem) or by default, in rebellion because we can TELL there’s SOMETHING going on – but can’t figure out WHAT. We work our asses off and just see our wealth disappear (higher taxes; inflation; devalued investments). Not intentional, just the way things work. But we see revolutionary biotech and chimical articles, and military predictions (Comanche, anyone? Battle Mechs?), and “The world of Tomorrow” (Old World’s Fair ride moved to EPCOT center in Florida), and we wonder: That stuff is 15, 20, even 50+ YEARS old! We have more computing capacity in our smart phone than the Apollo astronauts did! and THEY went to the MOON! what do we do? Dunno about anyone else, the “high point” of my day is getting effing Starbucks in the morning… Because while I’m busy WORKING, some worthless shmuck is climbing the corporate ladder, and getting REWARDED for short-changing my team – but as long as the team hasn’t stopped producing, HE GETS REWARDED… And if WE slip a date, WE get punished. (For those “in the know” – I’m running a Windows XP rig to do load testing with Loadrunner 11.0.4; We have desktops for generators, and two controllers. Core i5s with 4 GB ram, downgraded from Windows 7. Just stopped enforcing IE 7 compatibility LAST YEAR. Upgrades – which though I keep pushing for server systems, will likely be more desktops, as in: “minimal cost” – are due for CONSIDERATION in Q3 this year, when Windows 7 testing and acquisistion will commence. We’re a top-5 financial institution, and we’re running this like a Mom and Pop computer Store selling IBM-clones in the late 80s.)
        Short version of the aside: Hardware is 5 years out of date, software 10+, and we can’t even get input into what will replace the old, or get a decent answer of WHEN.

        And try to talk to the boss’s boss, might as well piss up a rope. Doesn’t want to hear it. and they NEVER DO. Walk in with (a) defined problem, (b) definite solution, (c) cost estimate, get told it’s not worthwhile, or it’s in the works, or we’ll get back to you, don’t you have work to do?

        And from talking to other people in other fields – it’s that way ACROSS THE BOARD.

        So let’s play devil’s advocate, someone goes off the deep end. They take a shotgun and go shoot up a bank. total dead (no armed responders on site) maybe 7 people. 3 are customers, 4 are employees, 3 were tellers, and one the branch manager. Our psycho gets away, say – though it doesn’t matter.

        The bank will…..
        1) compensate everyone harmed (or their estate),
        2) Apologize to the victims’ families for poor security,
        3) back stricter gun control measures,
        4) Hire new manager and tellers and forget it ever happened.

        Multiple choice, BTW – Correct answer is, of course, #4. Likely put financial support behind #3 via a front group (Brady, for example). But admit wrongdoing as a proximate cause? Admit that they cannot provide the safety without armed guards? Admit they cannot stop lunatics? Change public policy, or even address the impoverishment of US Citizens from their predatory policies? Nope, never. Not going to cut the CEO’s pay, nor the board’s, nor the C*O (i, e, t, f, etc.), nor the stockholder dividends. And if it’s corporate, same deal – shoot up a corporate branch, even IF 30+ were dead – same results. We just provide grief counsellors and put everyone back in their “box,” working for the Company… Can’t lose the PROFIT…

        The shooter becomes immaterial, as does the method of assault: I worked at an ADP facility, won’t say where: After 9/11, they put in a gate house. Standard, mechanical-arm gate, with a person in the gatehouse to ask why you were there, who you were going to see. Not even a cement pole to limit safe transit – and on a straightaway, too. Nice, circular driveway, and the building curved around it – all the Execs were in that building.
        So – someone wants to do damage? They drive a truckload of explosives down the main road, no stop at the gatehouse, and either leave it and run (highway right nearby), or detonate while in danger zone. Building (and employees) gone. Corporate change? New recruiting effort, move offices to new buidling, and rebuild the one destroyed. Business moves on, nothing changes.

        I’ll bet you STILL don’t get it, though. Still can’t accept there’s a smokescreen and things going on that are JUST outside your scope of vision.

  • ShillAlert

    OMG, the Shills! They’re coming!

  • Feeling exposed

    My information was on that map and we’ve received many unsettling comments and looks from total strangers. My wife is wanting to move so that we can regain our anonymity again. We’ve tried to abide by the law, and our reward is to be drawn out in front of the anti-gun extremists and left to blow in the wind???

    • LetsGetReal

      Part of the problem with being effective at resisting gun control measures is that ordinary regular responsible Americans who own guns are ashamed to admit they own them.

      They are in fear of being ostracized by their liberal friends and family(who have drunk the kool-aid incessantly delivered to them by the liberal statist media).

      Owning guns is good. Bearing arms is part of being a responsible citizen.

      Refuse to be marginalized. Gun owners need to “come out of the closet”. we need to normalize responsible gun ownership by displaying responsible gun ownership. Failure to be seen allows the media to portray gun owners as gun nuts. And unfortunately it works.

      Be seen being normal & owning guns.

  • dan

    a simple solution…take the firearm out of the safe..lock and load…wait for the criminals to try and assault you…target intruders ,fire effectively… eliminating the threat….reload……carry on…..cancel subscription to newspaper…

    • Cnsay

      some commen sense, thank you.

    • SKIP

      If you shoot a home invader and no one hears the shot or the police don’t know about it, in the future, it might be a good idea to just go dump the body in the local black “community” since that is probably where it came from and no one in the black “community” cares! It would seem that only idiot Whites care if one of the animals gets shot doing what they do.

    • johnny

      they are going to search your homes for weapons. you will not just have them sitting in your gun rack waiting to use them. hide them now.

  • Warp

    You’ll be welcome in Putnam County.

    The property taxes are lower and the County Clerk apparently doesn’t go in for this nonsense.

    Walk to the train for a commute into the heart of the beast.

    So, who wants to take on a campaign the 3+ weapons restriction and the blanket handgun ban?

  • Nas

    This info is old…

  • johnny

    Never surrender your guns.

    Once the constitution is suspended under martial law, and UN troops start bashing in your doors, you will need those guns.

    The feds and un will control the major cities but patriot militia units will control the countryside.
    Battles will erupt between militia and feds in the suburbs first. A mass exodus of citizens will leave the suburbs for the fema camps and promises of food and safety. They are not going to feed you forever, remember that. They will seperate you from your families according to age and gender.

    You can join the constitutional patriots or go fema camping with the feds.
    You decide.

    • Jean

      Dumb question: What if we don’t have guns? Suggestions (besides going to, say, Detroit or NYC and getting illegals; or, getting a CNC rig to DIY, a la “outlaw gunsmithing” – Google it)? Especially since if we do it the LEGAL way, we can likely EXPECT 3 AM no-knocks, and might get shot just for the hell of it. (Dangerous Constitutionalist scumbags, ya know…)

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