Watch After Armageddon – A SHTF scenario. (88 minutes)

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A History channel depiction of a global pandemic and how a family copes before, during and after such an event.

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  • AreaMan

    If all the nuclear reactors in the world were suddenly unmanned the world would cease to exist regardless

    • Nexus789

      Not just the reactors. All the cooling ponds containing what they call ‘wet waste’ could potentially ignite. It would be as if we had hundreds of Fuksuhima’s happening all at the same time.

      The world would not end as it will continue but human civilisation would collapse.


      How bout when God Himself melts the Earth and the elements therof? How do you prep? Got a nice moonship?
      and a pile of 02? and a couple megatons of chow? and a bunch of bandaids?

  • jl

    Gee… I was kinda hoping just chanting “Yes we can” – or the intellectual equivalent, “Yes we have no bananas” – might save me

  • jl

    “I don’t imagine the big cities would ever work again” is one of the concluding comments. Gee… did the Socialist Workers’ Paradises of Kalifornia, or Illinois, *ever* work, other than by being parasitic off the few producers????

    • uh-huh

      hear that..although your bananas thing might work…LOL!!!

  • old guy

    The Nukes are a big danger. When you have the so called Elite thinking a nuclear disaster is survivable for them. That’s a bigger danger. Those folks think they can survive in the bunker citys built at Mt Weather and other locations. We who are left outside need to make shure those bunkers become toombs. If they go in we should never let them reemerge.

    • BubbaJ

      Hear Hear…. Best comment yet Young old man! Government’s plan is to “Save” the prez and politicians so that they “can rebuild the government” simply stated that is the plan with governments in a major disaster, we are seeing it more and more with O D a n and the socialist politicians of today.

    • SKIP


  • SO,YOU THOUGHT IT WAS OK FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO KEEP SECRETS FROM THE PEOPLE,NOW you will pay the price for not using your head,for something besides a hat rack,WHAT the movies show you IS not how it will go,THE GOVERNMENT will spray you with PLAGUES,VIRUS,and DESEASES you never heard of,everyone will be sick or dead,THEN they will NUKE the BIG cities and kill as many as they can,the foreign military troops will do cleanup,KILLING everyone they see,and LOOTING the property and belongings of everyone,ALL the while the stupid americans will be saying I can’t beleive this is happening to america,HOW DID THIS HAPPEN,simple,you let the police gangs take over and they protected the criminals while they were getting ready to kill you and your family,and you were kissing their ass the whole time,stupid,stupid………..

  • LET me give everyone a WARNING,get ready for a RED DAWN,unlike anything you can imagine,the commies are in full control of everything and your in serious trouble,AMERICA is standing in the way of the NWO,and they will destroy america to get it going,ARE YOU READY FOR THAT,cause if you ain’t,your also going to be VERY DEAD,and you thought you were ready,MOVE TO THE HIGH MOUNTAINS…NOW,if you stay in any city,YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE IT,they do intend to wipe america OFF THE MAP………….

  • ONE last little piece of advice,READ YOUR BIBLE,IT WILL HELP YOU UNDERSTAND where you went wrong,AND GET CLOSE TO THE .LORD. he can and will KEEP YOU SAFE,without him ,your chances of surviving are VERY slim……….

  • john q publik

    welcome to the new age, ohhhhh, i feel it in my bones, welcome to the new age, the new age, ohhh….

  • SKIP

    Personally I am anxious for the open hunting season to open on all of the race traitors to begin.