Was Zimmerman Acting As A Self-Appointed Vigilante?

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photo credit: Joe Burbank/Reuters

Prosecutors in the trial of 29 year old George Zimmerman have accused him of being a self-styled vigilante who shot and killed Trayvon Martin simply because he felt like it.

Zimmernman, who’s arrest took place 44 days after the killing, invoked the ‘stand your ground’ law which allows a person to use deadly force if they feel they are in mortal danger.

Martin was walking through the gated community in Sanford Orlando carrying a can of tea and some candy when the incident occurred. The defense says that Martin attacked Zimmerman, sucker punching him and then pounding his head into the concrete sidewalk causing a head injury. None of Zimmermans DNA was found on Trayvon’s body, and none of Trayvon’s DNA was on Zimmerman’s gun or holster.

The case has prompted debate regarding the stand your ground law as well as the validity of neighborhood watch guards holding concealed carry gun licences.

Zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder.

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  • RickE.

    It’s very ironic as to what the prosecutors said that Zimmerman shot him because “he felt like it”.

    Hell a lot of the cops’ shooting we citizens seem to have less provocation and reason than that when they murder we mundanes!!

  • RickE.

    Zimmerman should have uttered: “I shot him because I felt like my life was in danger…citizen safety!” That’s what the cops say and it works for them.

  • Andy

    George Zimmerman did not invoke the stand your ground law.He was asked by the Judge if he was going to invoke the law,and he did not.I think that this guy did what he had to,to save his life,against a younger opponent,who outweighed him,had fight training,to be able to fight in a fight club!GZ just did what he had to.The reason that the Florida AG,preferred charges against GZ are political,that is why the charges took so long to be filed,as the local DA did not have enough evidence to prefer charges.The only thing that the prosecution is trying to do is discreditGZ,that is all they have,they have no factual evidence.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

    • Travon is not the little angel skittle eating kid they are trying to portray him as being.He was a thief and a thug and they sure don’t want that to be known!

  • big reb

    that low life knuckle dragger martin is a piece of garbage the main stream media never show pictures of martin throwing up gang signs or pictures of him with guns. God bless zimmerman and i hope and pray he is vindicated!!!!!! we need more American citizens to take trash like martin out.

  • big reb

    that low life knuckle dragger martin is a piece of garbage the main stream media never show pictures of martin throwing up gang signs or pictures of him with guns. God bless zimmerman and i hope and pray he is vindicated!!!!!! we need more American citizens like zimmerman to take trash like martin out.

  • Zimmerman was acting in self-defense against a thug who was banging his head on the pavement.
    I’d have shot the punk, too.

    • RickE.

      Damn right! I would have wasted the punk. Zimmerman had 10 times the justification for it compared to law enforcement which would have shot Martin before Zim did.

  • braveheart

    George Zimmerman acted in self-defense against a black thug, plain and simple. The trial is politically and racially motivated. The Obama DOJ, NAACP, etc. are out to get Zimmerman and send a message to all of the white people in the US: If a black thug attacks you, and you put up resistance to that thug, you will face charges, you will be punished for not letting the monkey have his way with you. Nothing will happen to the black thug just because he is black; something called civil rights last time I checked. Anyone who approaches me with bad intentions toward me and I don’t care what your color or gender is, I’ll give you one and only one chance to turn around and get away from me alive and unharmed. If you don’t take advantage of that opportunity, be ready to pay the price for your stupidity. Self-defense is a right, not a privilege. Anyone who interferes with me defending myself against a criminal attacker had also better be ready to pay a price for their stupidity. Targeting someone always works more than one way. Doesn’t matter what anyone’s law says about it. All that matters is surviving whatever life throws your way.

  • Captaincrazy

    I agree with braveheart this is more racial and political than the public know and with jackass jesse jackson and shithead al sharpton sticking theie noses in where it don’t belong brings more racial tention into play , if zimmerman walks cental florida will have a civil war on its hand. Now if zimmerman was black and martin was white it would be business ac usually

    • Andy

      The reason for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton getting involved is the money.That is their driving interest,since Boobama became prez,it took a lot of Jackson and Sharpton’s power and money away from them,due to they couldn’t keep whining about poor black folks can’t get a even break,and have black folks send them money,and it took away the reason for these two snake oil sellers to have a voice at the government level.They are bottom feeders,and are more racist than the people that they attack.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  • Heimdall

    Trayvon Martin had been found at school with stolen items from a burglary. The school system had its own police force. The chief of police of the school police force had issued orders to cut way back on arrests of blacks for crimes. There had been too many blacks arrested, for some reason. That later became a scandal of its own accord but if the chief had not given that order Trayvon Martin would have been arrested in Miami.

    Trayvon Martin, as another poster mentioned, was training in cage fighting and used in on the street for kicks. This was discovered from some phone texts of his. In fact, he had just beaten a guy up a few days earlier and told his friend that he was going to beat the guy up again. There is also a lot of evidence that Martin used drugs and was a burglar.

    On the night of his death, Martin went to 7-11 and tried to buy some cigars that are generally used for filling with pot to smoke. He ended up getting an older patron of 7-11 to buy them for him. Because of a time discrepancy, it appears quite likely that he went and smoked pot, which unfortunately didn’t mellow him and make him nonviolent, apparently. The items that Trayvon Martin bought at 7-11 were skittles and a sweet drink that was NOT iced tea. He bought a combination that is commonly used with certain medications (medicines) to make a drug concoction to get high. This is also quite likely.

    All indications are that Martin actually backtracked to find Zimmerman and confront or attack him. Martin did take Zimmerman to the cement grab his head and slam it into the pavement more than once while Zimmerman, not Martin was screaming. Martin threatened to take Zimmerman’s gun from him and kill him but Zimmerman managed to shoot him. Martin’s girlfriend “witness” has been caught in some serious lies and should be charged for it.

    The media were caught doctoring recordings and photographs to remove exculpatory evidence favoring Zimmerman and making said doctored evidence implicate Zimmerman. They should be sued and any applicable criminal charges should be filed. They also dishonestly posted long outdated photos of 6’3” Martin from several years earlier. Then they lied about the circumstance of their immoral and possibly criminal activity. The corporate media in the United States is nothing but another organized crime cartel. Then our illustrious president, the supposed messiah, said that his son would look a lot like Trayvon Martin. I agree, the criminal thug usurper war criminal and fraudster would have a son who would be a lot like vicious burglar thug cage fighter bully drug user Trayvon Martin!

    Zimmerman became a neighborhood watch member because his wife had been terrified about some recent home invasions in their subdivision.

    Zimmerman was far from the white or white hispanic racist that the media criminals claimed him to be. In fact, Zimmerman is part black on the Peruvian side. If memory serves me, he had 1 black grandparent in Peru. He is also ¼ Peruvian of some other racial type, perhaps mestizo, Indian and Spanish. His dad, Mr. Zimmerman might be Jewish according to some sources. That would make Zimmerman all minority. If not, he is German or some Caucasian mixture on his dad’s side. So Zimmerman is perhaps ¼ black, 1/8 Indian, 1/8 Spanish, and ½ Jewish or ½ some European ancestry and is persecuted for defending himself from a 6’3” cage-fighting burglar while white!

    Zimmerman had previously stood up for the rights of a black man, a homeless man, I believe, when he was beaten by a local cop. George Zimmerman launched a big campaign to seek justice. The racial aggrievement industry liars are really grasping at straws in calling him a racist. In fact, it is obviously politically motivated malfeasance that Zimmerman was even charged with a crime.

    The persecution and the prosecution of George Zimmerman is also a manifestation of prevalent and extreme anti-white racism. The anti-white racism in this country and Western Europe is quite prevalent and extreme.



    http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/04/20/Dershowitz-prosecution-immoral (Dershowitz is right this time)





  • Heimdall

    The entire political correctness campaign where it pertains to race is nothing but a RACIST and GENOCIDAL attack on whites. You had better stop putting up with it! You had better get very militant about it or you will not survive, if you are white. Since whites are the targets this is addressed to whites but to also to members of other ethnicities who still have a conscience and some integrity and who realize that this campaign will also destroy their people.

    Do not fool yourself, what is happening is equivalent to the inquisition. The “heretics” that are the targets are whites. The Dean trial and the Zimmerman trial makes perfectly clear that whites are targeted and demands are made for their thoughts and memories. If they are deemed by Torquemada and his inquisitors to be thought criminals, they will be destroyed. They will have no means to make a living. Some who do not have any of the “thought-crimes,” who are innocent of ever thinking anything that is not PC will also be sacrificed (to whom are sacrifices made?).

    I say it again. All of the inquiries and punishments about which whites may have thought the wrong thoughts or said the wrong things at any point in their lives do not indicate white racism, THEY INDICATE THAT NON-WHITE ANTI-WHITE RACISTS AND WHITE ANTI-WHITE RACISTS ARE PURSUING AN INQUISITION AND A CAMPAIGN OF DESTRUCTIO AGAINST WHITES! DO NOT ACCEPT IT!

    Another thing that you should understand about this is that you now live in a communist country run by criminals. You need to remove the criminals from power and take the country back. Punish the inquisitors with very serious penalties for their racist attack on whites.

    Political Correctness about:

    Race=Anti-White Racism
    Homosexuality=Attack on the family, attack on heterosexuals, attack on the whole society
    Feminism=Attack on males, attack on society, economic attack, enslavement, attack on children
    Transgenderism=Attack on nature and God, attack on reason, chaos, attack on family
    Green Movement Extremism, AGW Whores=genocidal attack on all non billionaires, creation of slavery, method of radical population reduction (mass murder)
    History=villification of resistance to communism, glorification of collectivism, villification of Americans
    Islam=attack on liberty and security of all non-Muslims, subjugation of the Western Peoples, Islam is a religion of war and totalitarianism, Muslims are hostile and aggressive to non-Muslims and any who deny it are lying as is required of all Muslims by the religion, act of aggression by certain non-Muslims who know these facts and are using Muslims as a weapon against Christians, this will probably backfire on the non-Muslims who promote this whether through knowledge or through ignorance and stupidity


    -Non Christians