Was This Officer Justified When He Fired Into a Minivan Full Of Kids?

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It was a routine traffic stop in Taos, but turned serious after the driver decided to speed away. In response, one officer on the scene opened fire into a minivan full of children.

Was the shooting justified, or did this officer use deadly force when it was not necessary?

(Video via Infowars)


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  • Out of Control

    they are only supposed to shoot IF THEIR LIFE IS IN DANGER, not to stop someone from running. Their lives clearly were not in danger. Do what I say or I will kill you, that has become their motto. the police are starting a war with the people. At some point I would expect the people to start shooting back.

    • anon

      BS. They were anti social and combative in nature. Mother would not listen, sped off, and showed her lack of respect for authority. Kid gets out of car and assaults officer for doing his job. That kind of behavior they were exhibiting proved they were a danger. She drove into oncoming traffic with family in car, yet everyone is attacking cop for firing rounds trying to take out tires. If he wanted to put shots through the back glass he could have, but did not.

      • yeh sure

        Yes the lady was stupid. She endangered the kids by causing an altercation with known murders. And yes, the 14 year old son got way out of control because his “moms” was under attack for having been an asshat.

        But shooting at the car in any way shape or form cannot be condoned and I’d like to punch your fucking lights out for suggesting that it was justified. You fucking moron, what are you thinking? That some little brew ha ha is worth endangering all the kids in that car as well as risking that rounds would hit oncoming traffic? You really think that’s justified you fucking asshole? God damn people like you because your fucking head is so far up your ass that you cannot think straight.

        You fucking moron you.

        • anon

          No, the problem is your emotions are overpowering your mind. This story and picture are deliberately misleading. It shows the cop on side of van with taser gun out giving the impression he is unloading a 9mm into a car. As I have stated, he was not shooting at the kids. THE GLASS WOULD HAVE BEEN SHOT OUT! The cop popped a few rounds at the back left tire, in an attempt to avoid a dangerous high speed pursuit. I got really angry when I heard about unlawful body cavity searches a week or 2 ago. I do not stick up for gross violations of civilian rights by authority. This is not one of those instances. This whole story is a perfect example of making a mountain out of a molehill. You find me and try to punch my lights out. Wear black so I can get you mixed up with my EVERLAST.

          • Stef

            I absolutely agree with your point. This event has nothing to do with the “police state”. They were unruly bunch and deserved everything they got.

        • Anonymous

          You need to tone down your language. All the fbombs certainly qualify you as someone to respect your opinion

    • Obama Needs to Go

      I always carry a gun today, and I chose to carry not because of city thugs. I carry it for cops such as this ass wipe, because if some someone starts shooting at me, guess what. Yeah they’ll prob get me later but I’m not going to just sit there and let them murder me. If they want to bring back the old days, the wild wild west No Prob. The time for Americans to fight back is long over due. Cops can cry all they want, but at the end of it all, (They drew first blood)… And anyone that believes this is acceptable for police, your the problem and why America has turned into a sh-t hole…

  • Anonymous

    “It was a routine traffic stop in Taos, but turned serious after the driver decided to speed away. In response, one officer on the scene opened fire into a minivan full of children.”

    This is an over simplification of the events to anyone who watched the video. Both sides were equally guilty.

    • 1stworlder

      Which side broke the law, resisted arrest, drove off knowing they broke the law and had a son chimp out on a cop?

      • yeh sure

        Agree, the mom was dumb as hell, perhaps on meth for all I know. But the kid was just a kid, full of piss and vinegar like any kid. So why not just wheel out the guillotine and fucking behead them on the roadside?

        The mom should get 6 months probation and a $1000 fine. The kid should get counseling and a suspended sentence. The cop who started taking pot shots at the car (like he is any kind of marksman, that fat dickhead!) should get the living shit beaten out of him after he gets fired for juicing with too many steroids that cause him to lose his temper. A woman recently got 20 years for firing one warning shot at an alleged attacker. One warning shot, 20 years. The fat fuck cop damn near empties his clip at a car that is driving away from him, no threat of any kind and he will probably get a medal. This world is fucked up.


    Arm all Moms against these madmen terrorists

  • MosinppK

    Only a coward will shoot someone in the back….

    It takes a truly disgusting individual to shoot at kids

  • anon

    Are you kidding me? She disobeyed how many orders? Little punk son comes out to fight the cop for doing his job? What are they supposed to do wait for them to get a gun and shoot back? Why didn’t she listen? Why doesn’t her son respect a lawful order? In N Korea they would be put in reform camps for next 100 years.

    • Stef

      You know why. We all know why. But no one is gonna say.

  • anon

    All of this was caused by the mother. She drove wrong way into oncoming traffic with her kids in the car, why isn’t anybody commenting on her reckless behavior? Free legal advice to mom. Take an IQ test. They will probably have to drop all charges due to your mental retardation.

  • 1stworlder

    This is a very good example of driving while black. Ignoring cops, just driving away from them, the son chimped out,high speed chase and being aggressive with cops. Do leftists actually think if a white guy charged at cops like the son did no shots would be fired? This good mom had drugs in the car as well. Too bad the cops where not better shots to help Darwin lower my tax burden.

    • Stef

      BS. Black on white crime is rampant, even while they (still) represent a minority they perpetrate most of the heinous crimes in this country. Of course our news media seldom report the crimes when the perps aren’t whites. You barely hear of anything they do, even atrocities that should make national news. But then when the ass**** is white, or worse when a white defends himself against of those savages THEN you get to hear and see it non-stop. There is an agenda at work here.

      Cops are on the front lines of this fact, they know. Is those chimps would have stayed in their car and behave like civilized people, there would have been no trouble. So cut the “black driver” bs

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps if the cops were allowed to shoot a lot more criminals we wouldn’t have as big a problem? I never met an honest law abiding person who was armed, that I worried about! I met a lot of armed shit bags doing bad things / criminals who scared the hell out of me who needed to be shot!

    Stop sticking up for the shit bags and trying to turn people against the cops. Most cops are good people. I am beginning to believe you are a provocateur!

  • Crunch

    This has elements of what we’ve all experienced. The unlawful detaining and extortion for profits, otherwise known as revenuing. We only have the public servants testimony which in itself is unlawful because he works for the corporation which demands he generate revenue, and which regulates the speed for commercial traffic not private carriages. It was a speed trap and I don’t believe many here are indifferent in opinion because they’re black. Was it a chimp out or bravery from her son protecting his mom from an authoritative procedure? She was driving fine up until she reached the speed trap! Did she freak out? Duh! Does that remove her of rights? No. Police follow made up procedures which are color of law. There is no law requiring you to have ID or signing a traffic summons. It’s all made up.

    • yeh sure

      It was neither “chimp” (what an ass that wrote that)nor bravery. It was blind love. That kid loves his mom. He would do anything for her.

      That is not chimp. That is not bravery. That is just plain old human bonding. If the system wants people to forget their human nature in order to toe the line then it will be waiting for a loooooong time.

    • dj2013

      Wow…I was losing hope for some of our sheeple on here! You are clearly right and the average citzen, lacks this knowledge of LAW! This has nothing to do with her action. This a matter of all non-commercial travelers’ rights being violated with bogus travel restrictions. And the abuse of force used. Lesson: In L.E., they are all taught to memorize and use the Force Continuum. These officer action were in clear violation of their own policies and training. In my experiences, I’ve never been a coward and don’t condone it either. So be racist, be stupid, be the next victim!

  • Anonymous

    oh hell no screw those cops hell ya for the 14 year old
    if that was my wife and children regardless of her driving off the cops woud allready be at the morgue she was probably scared white cops shoot blacks for fun hell black cops shoot blacks for fun the charges have allready been dropped and the cop who fired rounds has been put on leave drugs or not speeding or not the cop who fired shots did so willimng and with no specific information about who was in the vehicle all 3 are done in the LEO career

  • Anonymous

    Once again so many comments and so much misinformation by a handful of arm chair attorneys!!! All spewing out misinformation to try and make the cops out as bad?

    Perhaps someday the folks who work as cops will get tired of you liptards and stay home for a month or so? Then you can have your way with no law and order and the turds can run wild!!! All these poor children and mothers will be kicking in your doors and burning your neighbor hoods, just like LA or New Orleans.

    Again I say you are a provocateur !!!

    • dj2013

      Interesting, your post added nothing to the coversation; but, provacation. My little ignorant friend, do you know what a self-filling prophecy is? Stop repeating dumb shit you’ve heard at your local DARE meetings, and learn about your rights. BTW…stop pretending go earn a badge.

    • Stef


  • Andy

    Radio ahead have other officers put out stop strips,no need to put lives in jeopardy,over misdemeanor charges,the cop firing the shoots was in the wrong,as the driver of the van was not using deadly force against the officers on the contrary she was leaving the scene,the son was guilty of misdemeanor assault but not a felony,the mother was guilty of evading police,misdemeanor assault,failure to obey,and reckless driving,all misdemeanors.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  • tward3

    I have a trip to New Mexico soon. Maybe I should drive I-40 instead of I-20 so I can avoid Texas and these gun crazed killers in blue. In New Mexico they only anal rape you multiple times for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign.

    • Anonymous

      Tard says it all? Anal rape? Where do you base that on?

  • It takes a special type of person to knowingly shoot into a van full of kids PERIOD! Those persons are cops as you can clearly see.Yes the woman was wrong but to think this is how it should have been handled maybe you are a cop or at least you could be!When they begin firing on you just remember your thinking because they also kick in doors in the middle of the night and kill people too,sometimes they even get the right address,sometimes not!

    • Stef

      The word “police” is parent to “politics”. Cops aren’t there to save you, the’re the armed arm of politics. Their job is to maintain order. The order imposed by the political body running a country. If that body thinks that it is a good thing to stop and cage murderers et or thieves to maintain social order they will order it. In any case you need to remove the idea that the police is there for your ass first. They’re the equivalent of gard dogs for the government. Once you understand that, you can analyze their actions appropriately. When police behaves badly, it’s the system that is at cause.

      The no-gooders family that are portrayed in this film are causing disorder, and the cops were in their rights.

  • Dontwannasaynow

    Oh, please. Using deadly force on someone that is not a direct threat is unconscionable and unacceptable. I’ve trained hundreds of cops and there is NEVER any justifiable reason for this. What she is guilty of is ‘contempt of cop’. OK, she was wrong and should be in jail; but shooting is just not acceptable. Shooting at the tires: get real and get serious. More people are killed each year by cops that can’t shoot straight then any other method. He needs to have his ass sued and sent back to work at Burger King. He should not be on the street. Period. His superiors, if they protect him are just as guilty. I can guarantee you that he was not trained to do this and deserve whatever he gets.

  • tinhat

    “I am going to get you or I will kill you” The new police creed To Serve and Protect is history. To risk killing children for a speeding ticket come on people mail it to her.

  • Will Notstop

    NO. No. No. A thousand times no. We have the power to stop it, We do not ! If that person had been a celeb this would never have happened. Was she wrong ? Yes ! Was it reasonable for her to fear for the lives of her children & herself ? YES >YES> YES> The guy who fired the shots , that’s ATTEMPTED MURDER,CHILD ENDANGERMENT, for a start. Busting the window spraying the CHILDREN with broken shards of glass, CHILD ENDANGERMENT to start. IN a civilized world CRIMINALS like this would not be allowed to roam the streets MOLESTING WOMEN & CHILDREN Loosing HAVOC ON POOR DEFENSELESS WOMAN & CHILDREN FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHILDREN, HELP THEM PLEASE, NOW BEFORE IT;S TOO LATE !