Was The ‘Lone Wolf” Las Vegas Massacre Really A False Flag To Cover An Assassination Attempt On Saudi Crown Prince?

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After the events of Sandy Hook, we already know that any mass murder shootings will always be covered up quickly by Federal law enforcement, even to the extent of co-opting and silencing local authorities.

And this was even evident in the more recent Las Vegas massacre where an FBI handler was whispering in the ear of the city’s Sheriff ‘Don’t go there’ when asked a pertinent question by the media.

Video on FBI controlling narrative for Local Sheriff

And with so many other accounts of there being multiple shooters, gates locked so that people couldn’t escape the carnage, and too many other obvious questions such as shootings occurring in other casino’s not within range of ‘Paddock’s’ hotel room window, what remains is a why are so many details about the event being covered up, and even more, was Stephen Paddock really just a scapegoat for an even more sinister event?

What the media failed to every mention was that at the time of the Las Vegas Massacre, the highly controversial Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Muhammed Bin Salman, was in a resort at the same time as the shootings took place, and is alleged to have been seen in a video being ushered out to escape what may have been an assassination attempt.


To validate this theory all one has to do is look at what happened shortly after the Crown Prince returned to Saudi Arabia, as he executed the arrests and possibly even killing of dozens if not hundreds of ‘Princes and officials’ in what the government claimed was a massive sweep to stop corruption.

Saudi Arabia’s young crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, has taken his riskiest gamble yet with the stunning arrests of top princes, military officers, government officials and influential businessmen in the kingdom.

The sweep, which the government says is aimed at eliminating corruption, also appears to be aimed at stamping out potential rivals or critics of Prince Mohammed, popularly known as “MBS” and the son of King Salman.

Most stunning in the arrests of 11 princes and 38 officials and businessmen are the detentions of two sons of the late King Abdullah. Until Saturday, Prince Miteb bin Abdullah had headed the powerful national guard; Prince Turki bin Abdullah was once governor of the capital, Riyadh. – The Independent

In the end we may never learn the full store behind why a ‘lone gunman’ supposedly snapped and began shooting hundreds of random people at a concert outside his hotel window.

But we can definitively say is that the FBI’s continued coverup, and the lack of any actual motive that has yet to be disseminated, means there was much more to the story than law enforcement has let on, and judging by how corrupt most of the FBI’s leadership is through the Mueller investigation, it is likely that in some way the FBI might have even been involved in it.

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    NOW we’re GETTIN’ somewhere……

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    Re Caption: Actually — no. It was about creating yet another crisis so Chertoff could dump even higher priced body scanners on the Dinny-dimwit believers (casino owners) … with the help of Rumsfeld’s few thousand crisis actors (borrowed from his crisis actor companies… gee, these guys are making a UGE, I said UGE profit from all these terrorism hoaxes… but since the impact is wearing thin on the moron sheeple by the Pentagram is throwing FAKE UFO crumbs upon us with the help of the TALMUD Jew York Times … Wow! Can’t wait for the Hologram to come!!!

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    Las Vegas was a completely staged fake hoax event in which nobody died.

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      I agree! If it was ‘For Real’, the survivors would have be interviewed all over the media, for the next 2 years! I hear Nothing but crickets!

      • gazoo3

        Where’s the blood and bodies? I saw a video clearly showing a massive crowd following direction at the event.

  • Erin Anderson

    The Vegas shooting was a false flag event used to attack our 2nd Amendment.

  • WAKE UP CALL for Kenneth Schortgen, Jr.:

    Sandy Hook was as FAKE as a CNN ‘report’ … nobody died there except the already dubious credibility of our Moron Socialist Media!!!

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    Was The ‘Lone Wolf” Las Vegas Massacre Really A False Flag To Cover An Assassination Attempt On Saudi Crown Prince?

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    No. You’re just another uneducated rabble-rouser.

    Proof? You want proof?

    How’s this quote from your–ahem–story.

    “In the end we may never learn the full store”

    Look, I understand it’s fun fucking with folks on the interweb. I’m as guilty as anyone. In fact, I’m one of the original “trolls.” There were five of us. I’ve never tried to hide it. We had standards!

    I am the last remaining “troll” brother from CompuServe days and you are an idiot. Even your smart phone is an idiot.

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    I said this 3 days after the event when all the helicopters became apparent. Non military SOGs active in town that night.

  • gato felix

    I think by now when the term “lone wolf” is used,it should be a dead give away that there is a government cover up going on! not the brightest out there running these ops!

  • Tuck Frump

    When Hillary and Obama ordered the Pentagon to implement Operation Jade Helm, the tunnel network necessary to implement the assassination of the Saudi Prince began then and there. Seth Rich knew about this Las Vegas assassination attempt, and got murdered for trying to reveal it. The shooter was a stooge provided by Podesta and the Clinton Foundation. The secret tunnel network beneath Texas is still there and being utilized by the NWO.

  • Zak Martin

    Rubbish. The man in the video was identified as Jason Buff.
    There is no evidence that Muhammed Bin Salman was in Vegas on 1 October. Or even in the US.