Was Oregon Rancher Shot at BEFORE He Reached for His Waistband?

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After careful analysis of the shooting video, here’s a question about the Oregon militia shooting for you.

It’s being widely reported that rancher Robert “LaVoy” Finicum jumped out of his car after swerving to miss a federal roadblock at what the media is calling a “traffic stop,” (when clearly it was a huge FBI/OSP operation with dozens of officers involved), then he “went for” a 9mm in his pocket, forcing police to shoot and kill him.

Here’s the video from the FBI’s official YouTube channel, edited down to the minutes when the shooting death of Finicum took place. It’s over eight minutes of grainy surveillance plane footage without sound.

Finicum immediately and clearly exits the vehicle with his hands up. He clearly knows he is surrounded by multiple heavily armed officers. Others in the vehicles have spoken about how many multiple laser targets they each had pointed at them throughout this entire exchange.

Watch in particular the moments just before he is killed when he supposedly “goes for” his weapon. Finicum appears to be losing his balance in the deep snow and turns back toward his compatriots in his vehicle before doing a bit of a jumpy dance in the snow — almost like you would see in a Looney Tunes cartoon or something when Yosemite Sam tells someone to “dance” while shooting at their feet.

Finicum’s hand goes back to his side a second time, and he is promptly shot and falls to the snow. After this, it has been reported that FBI and OSP deployed flashbangs and tear gas to get the remaining people to leave Finicum’s vehicle.

But the story just doesn’t make sense… unless someone fired at Finicum or near him first before he reached for his waistband. Then it makes sense.

It makes no sense that the man would spin around multiple times with his hands up to surrender in front of multiple armed feds, then suddenly decide to go for a 9mm. What’s that going to do against being surrounded by multiple feds armed training much more high-powered weapons on him anyway? Why would he do that after clearly surrendering?

The only thing that would get Finicum to suddenly “go for” his gun would be a sudden shot/noise, to which Finicum would instinctively react in an attempt to protect himself.

This would explain why he turns and faces his friends in the car and starts kinda dancing in the snow. He appears to be freaking out like he’s in danger. He thought he was going to be shot.

So did they spook him? Get him to react the way they wanted to in order to justify shooting him? The Oregon state trooper who shot Finicum did so when he wasn’t even facing the cops.

This would also explain why FBI special agent Greg Bretzing refused to tell the media how many times Finicum was shot. If it really was only once, the one time when Finicum lands in the snow, if it was only that simple, why not just say Finicum was shot once?

Why did Bretzing give the ambiguous answer that the number of times Finicum was shot was in the “single digits”?

Until a video is released with sound, there is simply no way to prove the official police version of events here.

Then again, just as the video above is admittedly edited, so too could any future official video releases be to rid them of any incriminating sounds to back up this theory.

Either way, it is pathetic we live in a country where police will assassinate you like this. They didn’t even try to take him down in a less lethal way, hitting him in the arm or leg. Police accounts do admit Finicum reached for his waistband — he did not actually pull a weapon on anyone — and they just killed him, just like that.

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  • BasicRules

    There was an Armed road block ambush,
    before they got to that spot.
    and YES that guy was shot before his hand Evan went down to his side

    • Adol Hintner

      Yeah, and why didn’t they have a warrant signed for his arrest signed by a judge?

      • BasicRules

        Watch We’ve slowed down the video of the LaVoy Finicum shooting

        • Nice try Oregonian, but you failed to cut out the first shot. He had his hands up until the guy by the police vehicle shot him and then quickly walked away. You would put your hands down too and do a dance if you had just been shot and was in pain.

          • *A Girl Can Dream*

            Basic Rules was just giving you the link. The name of the article is “we’ve slowed down…” so he/she didn’t write it.

          • BasicRules

            That one is not mine

      • Kula Farmer

        Because we are subjects and slaves,
        Free men? I think not, and theres not going to be any voting this right, the only way is with lots and lots of bloodshed

        • cmb

          Whiny men who NEVER do anything

          • doucyet

            Again…..what did you do?

          • cmb

            Two unjust assaults by LEO, lost liberty, money for defending self. Retaliation by judge for taking to trial to include unjust property lien, appeal obstruction. Counter lawsuit obstruction. Go suck someone else’s dick… Child

          • doucyet

            And what did you do again? This time take the dick out of your mouth so I can understand you.

          • cmb

            Please enrich me with what you have done

          • doucyet

            Whiny men who NEVER do anything”

            This was your comment time and time again to numerous folks…….not mine! Don’t try to take yourself out of the picture with a pathetic bait and switch most often used by liberals when cornered. What did you do?

          • cmb

            u seem to think my fight inadequate what a pathetic piss ant you haven’t done sht for the liberty movement. COWARD, I sure got your number

          • doucyet

            Your fight………you’re a joke! Liberty movement……..the only movement your having is a bowel movement and seems to be coming out of your mouth.

          • cmb

            Haha boy I sure got your number Pus!

          • doucyet

            Loud mouth key board warrior tough guy………


          • cmb

            Hahahaha…. you scared!

          • doucyet

            You stupid?

          • cmb

            Geezers you are stupid! Hahaha

          • doucyet

            Humor yourself much?

          • cmb

            You are humorous, Gay Stalker… Stay off the little boys

          • doucyet

            Gay are you?

          • cmb

            you zika lately?

      • BasicRules

        Because they are the feds they can do as they please

        not you are me they became tyranny

      • BigGaySteve

        120 to kill one militia man-affirmative action govt workers
        200 to kill 1- Copenhagen draw Moohamad party.
        121 to kill 77- Breivik who 100 years from now will either have statues in every European town or the towns wont have running water

      • archer

        That’s a great point, they clearly were trigger happy, trained by the SPLC?

      • TNUGA

        They had a signed criminal complaint, signed by Judge Stacie Beckerman.

    • cmb

      Whiny men who NEVER do anything

      • BasicRules

        Dose more then you do !

  • freewheelinfranklin543

    What you see after his hands go down(from being shot) is a man dying and flailing his arms around as he takes multiple impacts from several firearms. You see the man doing a death dance as the murdering officers pump him full of lead. The lady who was in the truck but not arrested said they shot him as he fell from multiple impacts and they kept shooting him after he went down!
    Then they pumped over 100 more into the truck. Yup! He wasn’t freaking out he was being pumped full of lead.

    • Sir TuberKopf

      The Feds will do the autopsy and return just ashes to the family, no one can be allowed to contradict the official story.

      • pacman

        I would’t take that bet. If he isn’t cremated the autopsy will be a whitewash.

        • Sir TuberKopf

          If his body isn’t cremated a second autopsy could be authorized and done by the family.

    • BasicRules

      slowed down the video of the LaVoy Finicum shootinghttp://www.oregonlive.com/oregon-standoff/2016/01/watch_weve_slowed_down_the_vid.html

    • He had his hands up until after the guy by the police vehicle shot him and then quickly walked away. The Oregonian tried to cut that part out but if you watch closely you can see it.

    • cmb

      Whiny men who NEVER do anything

      • doucyet

        I just looked up the word “troll”. Definition was, cmb.

    • archer

      There is no doubt that this was a murder, law enforcement is only authorized to shoot until a serious threat is to life is stopped, there was no serious threat and he was shot multiple times after he went down, this was an extreme act of cowardice and murder.

  • Mistaron

    HEADLINE: ‘Surrendering man, faced with insurmountable odds, decides to go out in blaze of glory!
    Armed marksmen, from various angles, (although not actually seeing a drawn gun), were unable to fire a disabling shot at the targeted individual, and under circumstances whereby they feared for their own lives, had no choice but to aim to kill because of reflecting light, bouncing off the snow..’

    …and that’s how it will disappear down the memory-hole!

    • Ellenssimmons1

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  • Enough is enough

    I think he was shot even before he got out of the truck. You can see what looks like bullet hole in driver side windshield. I’m sure as they were coming up to road block the cops where firing on the truck. Shoot the driver first. He got out hands up saying i have been shot in the chest I’m bleeding out fast. Help. Then they finished the murder of this man. He might of said in the past he was going out in a blaze. But once shot he didn’t want to die. So with everything going on he jumps out hands up saying help help I’v been shot in the chest.

  • Was the 9mm his?

    • Andyj

      His gun was at the refuge.

      • According to which credible source?

        • Undecider

          Definitely not the Feds.

          • Nor their moles, which might have outnumbered the patriots in Oregon.

    • BasicRules

      i was talking to some of them guys, they claim he was unarmed!

    • Jas

      He always wore a .45 on his right hip, tons of pictures of it, why would he switch to a 9mm in the left pocket?

      • If he always wore a .45 on his hip, maybe it wasn’t even him.

      • pacman

        And why would a right hander place a sidearm in their left pocket?

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    This man was murdered-assassinated. If you can’t hear the tick tock-you’re never going to hear it.

    • He was killed by an assault clock?

      • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

        You’re a little thick sometimes, aren’t you?

  • Mr Gadget

    yep, I think his hands went down when he was shot, and then up realizing he would keep getting shot if down, then shot more and it accounts for the dancing around as well…They murdered him in my opinion, especially after hearing the interview of someone in the truck at the time. It also seems he rushed out of the vehicle fast to protect the other occupants, he was out of the car and feet away from it in like 3.5 seconds timing it on the video.
    interview of person in vehicle

    • SRVES339

      Yup, this armed, fleeing felon (they refused orders to surrender to arrest and fled the scene) is surely a hero.

      BTW, he was running towards the trooper that shot him. He was armed, and had publicly threatened to go out in a blaze of glory while you guys cheered him on… unlike that unarmed “thug” Michael Brown and hundreds of others.

      • Mr Gadget

        for sure, you’re supposed to sit and die easy when they start shooting at the car, if you believe the witness. That’s the kind of target I like at the range, sitting ducks.

      • I guess you didn’t know he was traveling to a meeting that his attendance at was pre-approved by the same FBI command that arrested several others they’d said they’d let leave unmolested in peace. Even the clueless appointed sheriff was shocked by the FBI’s faithlessness in every action. Too bad he isn’t a CLEO.

      • pacman

        We watched different videos then. His hands were up initially and he wasn’t running at anyone.

      • *A Girl Can Dream*

        Proved your bias when you demonize him, then act as if Michael Brown was innocent knowing full and well the evidence proves the officers account. Remember Brown was also running toward the officer, after attacking him and trying to get his gun.

        Regardless of all that, all you who support black lives matter, no matter the circumstances, should also support these occupiers seeing as the fight is quite the similar: overreach of government, overzealous officials and police, using the law as it is not intended in writing, taking advantage, and killing. That is of course, unless the fight is about getting by with stuff, punishing whites and cops when engaged with blacks, and pure racism. Guess that fits folks like you. These type of men also go out and educate citizens, including blacks/minorities of their rights to open carry. Cops shit them down, because they don’t want them knowing – yet you protect officers when they are on the body bag end. Hypocritical or racist? Both.

  • yaridanjo

    After Waco and Ruby Ridge, The FBI has proven to be State Sponsored Terrorists.

    At Waco, they filled the building with flammable CS gas they used armored vehicles to break ‘fire paths’ between the first and second floor set it off with a mortar shell. It was premeditated murder then as it is now.

    The youtube video to LaVoy Finicum murder has been taken down, but some written versions remaine.


    They were there to steal the land for Hillary Clinton.

    Clinton Foundation Promised Hammond Ranch to Russia for Uranium Ore

    • John Williams

      The FLIR video from the FBI helicopter at Waco clearly shows (1) men dismounting from the tank and setting fire to the Davidians’ home and (2) multiple men machine-gunning those trying to escape the burning building.

      You can see the footage in Waco: A New Revelation

      • It must have been hard to get that helicopter inside the plane that carried the FLIR.

        • John Williams

          At Waco the FBI used both helicopters and fixed wing aircraft with FLIR. The helicopter was a Lynx “on loan” by the British. I have not seen the fixed wing aircraft type identified.

          • I have searched the dark web for any such usage, as well as talking to people who were there. You?

    • It is hard to not be a state sponsored terrorist when your employer is the largest terrorist state on the planet.

      • yaridanjo

        Here is another little thing they are not telling you about.


        What is it? maybe its this little event.

        “Three independent analysis paths lead to the suggestion that Earth will be at least twice threatened with a major meteorite/comet impact between August 2015 until the end of 2017. The government/elite (or military) appears to be involved with the collection of related data. . . . The Earth is expected to return to a new ‘Younger Dryas’ like Ice Age that will limit the population that our planet can support.”

        • Since the earth is continually bombarded with debris from space, major is a matter of degree and observed effect. Since the vast majority of the planet’s surface is unoccupied and unmonitored at any given time, the likelihood of any given impact being a major one is slight, especially given the differences between hypothesis, theory, and observed fact.

    • cmb

      Whiny men who NEVER do anything….

  • miro

    The reaching is a simple autonomic reaction to the suppressed .223 round shot through his left ribcage. The feds use ( among other tools), “silenced” 223s. The defendants in the truck might not have even heard the first shot. Ambush/kill zone; not traffic stop.

  • Ted

    According to witnesses, he left the car unarmed. The video looked to me like he dropped his hands and held his torso once, then turned back to his ride and tried to return when a rifleman shot him from the woods at very close range, dropping him. If he was shot more than once — before he dropped — that would explain him dropping his hands towards his torso.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    The American People deserve to know the names of the men who shot LaVoy Finicum!

    • What point would there be in knowing their names when we know those names will never appear on an indictment in the US?

      • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

        A criminal conviction is not the only way for justice to be served.

  • Right to the Point

    It looks like a flinch from being shot. My bet is, that crap hurts!
    It certainly would disorient a person.

  • desertspeaks

    and so much for due process. just assassinate and collect your check!

  • Parakletos

    At around the 7minute mark in the full video linked below, they had him stopped on the road. But for whatever reason, nobody approached his car. They were just sitting behind him with guns pointed, and doors open for protection. And since there is no audio, we can’t know what, if anything, was said in either direction. We only see him appear to wave at them with his left hand out the window, and then he drives away. There were quite a number of times when he was on the wrong side of the solid yellow lines, so he was certainly reckless at that point. Hard to say what his speed was, but it looked pretty fast. And maybe a half mile or so down the road, there were cop cars arranged in road-block fashion, leaving him little choice it seemed other than to plow into the snow, which he did. I contend, if he had wanted to harm others and go out in a death, he would have just plowed into them at great spead. Instead, he did all he could do to avoid hitting them.

    If you watch the video, you’ll see that someone was in the tree area behind him, which seems to have startled him and he turned quickly to see who it was. And it was at that point that they shot him.

    • Andyj

      Full intention to drive them into the major trap for execution

  • Ted Dura


  • Andyj

    I’m glad to have stumbled on this site. Everyone taking this for what it was. Youtube on the other hand is full of psi-op fruit loops winding up all the decent people.

  • Ed

    An independent autopsy will identify how many shots were fired and where the shots penetrated his body—-this will be very telling from a forensic standpoint; provided the FBI and BLM and the feds don’t elect to cremate Finicun’s remains without credible forensics as the gov’t has done with like such killings as Vince Foster ? I could go on, but you get the point. Nothing will be done short of supporting the fed’s story line.

    • Robert Palm

      didn’t you see all the lasers on his head, his head was shot multiple times after he went down, that way an Autopsy, will not be able to reveal that he was shot in the back of the head with the first shot, his skull will be to damaged to reveal anything… RIP Patriot!

      • Ed

        Bob, the video I saw multiple times was to fuzzy to allow any discreet view of what actually transpired during the time of the actual take-down of Mr. Finicum. I am very perturbed by the incident and his killing. The drone video is and cannot be the sole conclusive evidence of what the FBI is claiming.

  • EmNotEx

    There are all kinds of interpretations being made from this poor quality video. Duff and Dean at VT even presented one pixelated still as “proof” LaVoy Finicum had a gun in his hand. Police reports say it was in his pocket. It can’t be in his hand if it never left his pocket. What cannot be denied is that this was an ambush. They knew where the protesters were headed (I believe they were lured to that meeting by a misdirected trust in the sheriff) and they wanted to arrest them before they got there. The roadblock was set up just around a curve so LaVoy Finicum had no choice but to head for the ditch to avoid crashing into the roadblock vehicles. In the video I see a man emerge quickly from the white truck after it stops with his hands in the air and since there is no audio I cannot tell why he lowers his hands momentarily. For all I know he could have been stumbling in the deep snow. It would be natural to lower your hands to keep your balance. Or he could have been shot and again it would be natural to lower your hands to the point of the pain. At any rate, if the FBI weren’t confident the video would be interpreted just as they desired they would never have released it. The media has already stepped in to convict a dead man in the court of public opinion. My opinion is that LaVoy Finicum was a good man and that this shooting is another American tragedy.
    NOTE: Thank you TDS for your analysis. I posted this comment earlier today on another site and haven’t changed my position since then. More undoctored evidence is needed. Meanwhile LaVoy Finicum’s family and friends have to say a very sad farewell to this freedom loving cowboy.

    • SRVES339

      They were chased and stopped by the FBI… refused to surrender for arrest… and fled the scene.

      I’m sure you were just as incredulous after Michael Brown, and hundreds of other black “thugs” were murdered by police.

      I know, lets have a grand jury of cop loving citizens listen to the government’s side of the story, and the sad testimony of the frightened cops who shot him… then decide there are no grounds to charge him… yeah, that’s the ticket.

      Isn’t Karma interesting.

  • Ben William

    Government gunning down Americans is just going to keep being ‘normalized’. They have us all choosing sides as the ‘normalization’ process moves forward. If they’re wearing a cowboy hat, one group screams outrage while other groups cheer. Same thing when it’s a black guy gunned down in the ‘hood’. Same thing when a FF op occurs and some muslims are fingered for the job. It’s a tinplate as old as time itself to divide and conquer. Just ask those people in Europe how their divide and concur playground is working out for them lately.

  • StevetheHun

    I’m sure there will be a full and honest investigation and any wrong doing on the part of the FBI will be prosecuted under the law.

    Just like Waco and Ruby Ridge.

    Just like.

  • stephen joseph

    yes, repeatedly.

  • Ideas Time

    This was a hit to take out the spokesman by armed foreign mercenaries, the fbi who have zero jurisdiction to kill at will.

  • Robert Palm

    He did not reach for his Waistband, He was Gut Shot..

  • Exactly what I thought. That’s a ignorant anti-gun argument spouted by the left frequently. “Shoot to wound” is wrong on so many levels.

  • Dan Morgan

    Baltimore, Furguson, burned, looted, rapes, murders. Authorities do nothing because the rioters (protesters), are black.
    Peaceful white protester, who never hurt anyone, shot down like a dog.
    So here’s the deal LEO’s, you no longer get the benefit of the doubt, if your idea of due process travels at 3000fps.

  • casimcea

    Conclusion: Not stopping at a road block warrants death sentence, no arrest attempt, no warrant, no trial, no death row and appeal. Why bother with the details when the fundamentals are missing.

  • patriot156


  • SP_88

    My first thought was that he had his hands up, but was having trouble walking through the deep snow and he put his hands down to try and keep his balance. His hands went down and then up and then down again as he continued to try and walk through the snow and then he fell dead.
    Then there was a bunch of bright flashes that apparently were caused by flash grenades. According to an audio recording of a woman from the truck, they were trying to surrender, but were being shot at, so they couldn’t exit the vehicle. This is also the reason why they didn’t stop at the first place where they encountered the feds.
    I think that they knew that they were going to be killed and so they took off and drove until they encountered the road block that was set up long before. When they first stop and then drive away again, notice how they don’t even bother to chase after them. Because they knew that there was a road block and they just followed them until they got to the road block. This was all planned ahead of time. They knew that he would take off if they shot at them and it would look like he was trying to evade arrest.
    This whole thing was a set up to kill LaVoy and make it look like he was resisting arrest and reaching for his weapon. Without any audio the story given by the feds will be the only story we ever hear. It’s a shame that our government is so corrupt.

  • anastasia157

    Why release a video without sound. It looks like he stopped at an earlier roadblock, so why the second one, and why was it around a bend in the road, forcing people to stop suddenly. He came out with his hands up. It looks like he was shot in the back.

    • SRVES339

      They stopped when police pulled them over from behind… the road block was in case they bolted… they did and were felons fleeing from arrest at that point.

      Looked to me like he was trying to get around the road block to get away. And they could have done anything after that… like pull into a random home (yours?) and take hostages.

      But they’re just white, gun loving, freedom fighting, “good ole boys” playing cops and robbers, so you’ll defend them (it’s a chopper or drone video… no sound).

  • anastasia157

    The police usually get away with these shootings. They are a bunch of crazy trigger happy lunatics

  • SRVES339

    While my thoughts are with Mr. Finicum’s loved ones, isn’t it ironic how the comments in this thread remind me of so many other threads (in progressive circles) on the subject of cops murdering young black “thugs.” Only they had a point, since the victims were all unarmed and often were mentally challenged!

    BTW, your hero’s were fleeing felons, after they bolted from the first stop… and since they were armed to the teeth, authorities had every right to blow them all way as they fled… as anyone commenting here would have pointed out had they been an armed gang of black “thugs.” They didn’t, and showed much more restraint than any of the police shootings of unarmed black kids… you know, all those acts I’m sure were defended by every last one questioning this senseless death.

    Karma’s a bitch… and threatening the FBI while armed with military weapons, while great theater for all the tough talking (behind a computer screen), gun loving, “urban cowboys”, isn’t really such a great idea, and in the real world (outside the “Patriot Bubble”) could get you killed.

    Was your “hero” murdered? Yes… and so were all those unarmed, young black “thugs!”

  • anastasia157

    There are plenty of ways to skin a cat. Why would they have an armed road block; why would they put a road block around a bend where people in cars cannot stop fast enough; why would they shoot that man in the back after he had his hands up; why would they keep shooting. Even when they have warrants they do things in such a way as to create a confrontation so that they can shoot. Of course, they will get away with it. They always do. trigger happy lunatics

  • Beelzebub

    I’m glad the FBI shot this lawless POS in the face. They should kill the rest of the lawless garbage too.

  • Beelzebub


  • mirageseekr

    “Why did Bretzing give the ambiguous answer that the number of times Finicum was shot was in the “single digits”?”

    The answer is because just like Wayne Carver at Sandy Hoax these low budget crisis actors can’t remember their scripts.


  • doucyet

    It’s a damn shame that they didn’t have a live link camera running during the whole episode, now the FBI controls the narrative………

    The whole mess a damn shame…….. and shame is on the Feds.

  • Heres Albert

    Hands up dont shoot! Where is the outcry from the dinosaur mainstrem media. DHS drone or something else? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NInQhCdp72o

  • Ideas Time

    Read this, it will give you hope.

    Do Not Follow Any “Orders” to Harm Americans. Those Who Do Will Be Tried for War Crimes and Face the Death Penalty Just Like the Nazis at Nuremburg – Judge Anna von Reitz


  • BasicRules

    slowed down the video of the LaVoy Finicum shootinghttp://www.oregonlive.com/oregon-standoff/2016/01/watch_weve_slowed_down_the_vid.html

  • BasicRules

    Watch We’ve slowed down the video of the LaVoy Finicum shootinghttp://www.oregonlive.com/oregon-standoff/2016/01/watch_weve_slowed_down_the_vid.html

  • BasicRules

    your welcome

  • People frequently lose their balance when they are Tasered.

  • Some Poor Hobo

    In a perfect world I would like to see patriots demand an autopsy report or better yet have an autopsy done by someone the family chooses and then frikkin RIOT on the White House lawn when we find out what we already know. I don’t think this country can take another 355 hours. LaVoy is an American hero. Not hearing much about the “arrested” cowboys. Hmmm

    • BasicRules

      yes he is and he was shot unarmed Ambush by tyrants

      • Some Poor Hobo

        Unfortunately as patriots and stewards of this country we cannot revert to uncivilized pissed offness and fight with violence right now. I’m afraid this looks like the flash point for a revolution that will end up keeping Hussein in power as he imposes martial law

        • BasicRules

          Once he dose that then they will see 80% and that is a lot of people 80% of 300 million Americans

  • He was shot at before his vehicle even stopped so he could exit it.

  • BasicRules

    Mike McConnell is a undercover traitor a federal Agent who got
    Robert “LaVoy” Finicum killed

  • Nick

    According to a woman in the vehicle the jack boots shot at the vehicle with over a hundred rounds while launching flash bangs at the vehicle. Also according to the witness they initially stopped, received fire, then tried to flee and at that time were caught in the kill zone of the ambush where the vehicle was shot at some more. At that time Lavoy exits the vehicle states “Well just shoot me then” and they accommodate him.

    This was a murder right there on par with Waco and Ruby Ridge.

  • EmNotEx

    LaVoy Finicum’s family have released a thoughtful, measured, compelling statement regarding the death of their husband, father, grandfather, brother and son. They await more evidence just as all of us should. LaVoy’s funeral will be held in Utah on February 5th. May he rest in peace.

  • The day is coming for those scum government/law enforcement traitors…all across this republic!

  • barbarakelly

    The victim was hit by a Fazer from the man that was behind the tree, you can see his arm extended. Yes he did first come out with his hands up. With what ever effect a fazer has on a person, I sure he stumbled some so if his hands came down. After he was shot dead. So they hit him from the back and front. The question I ask is how did they know he had a gun on him. Why did they go for the kill shot rather then wound him. YOu know darn well they are expert marksmen. I’m guessing that they had the order to kill . That had to come from the top. This was a over kill. Gov. is nothing more then bullies. They need to be kicked out.

  • motleyalaskan

    The audio was shut down so we couldn’t hear that first shot!

    • morecotwo

      I hear he was shot in his side first and was reaching down because it hurt him. Then he was shot in the back of his head. That’s what I hear anyway.

  • Arthur Ittus

    True, but as the gov’t scum state, that was then and this is now, as so stated about the useless constitution.

  • I am pretty sure the surveillance video depicts an example for why my parents warned me never to run from the police.

    • morecotwo

      Because you might get murdered?

  • BonnieC3

    After watching the video repeatedly and listening to what the witnesses in the car stated, I would say it is very possible Finicum was shot in the midsection while he had his hands up. Being shot would make a person reach for where they are injured. I do not think this very intelligent man would have reached for a gun knowing how many were aimed at him without being shot (or shot at) first.


      YES CORRECT!! 1000%

    • BonnieC3

      I’ve watched this now over and over. I am convinced this man was shot and shot multiple times in the torso while his hands were up, causing him to reach down where he was being shot. This man was executed.

  • Truthsetsyoufree

    Staged psyop, nothing more.

  • BR549

    Someone should inform those morons over at Veterans Today that it might be more professional to at least do some actual RESEARCH before responding with automatic knee-jerk LEO-protective drivel.


      YES VT WAS 10000000%%%% WRONG AND TELL THEM SO!

      • BR549

        I did. I went back to see if they nixed my comment and, no surprise, it wasn’t there. Not sure who the plug puller is over there, but SOMEONE there seems to have a VERY short fuse. They get really sarcastic, sometimes outright NASTY, toward anyone who has any contrarian viewpoint.

        • PARIS_GIRL


          • BR549

            Haven’t gotten that far. There are three of them over there, Gordon being one of them, who seem to feel they are the be all and end all of journalistic integrity, when it reality, they act like bullies in a schoolyard demanding everyone to see things THEIR way. If they were doing such a great job, people would just be willing to accept their reporting at face value. I guess they have a ways to go before they learn how to actually REACH people.





  • whiteberry


  • Erwin Alber

    Provoking the feds with an armed standoff is in my opinion as foolish as pulling a lion’s tail or trying to have sexual intercourse with a polar bear on Prozac, as one is likely to get hurt.

    Remember the Ruby Ridge and Waco massacres? The federal agents are psychopaths and I for one would make sure not to ever get near any of them.



    • Jim

      I love you paris girl

      • PARIS_GIRL

        I LOVE YOU TOO! JIM!!

  • pacman

    In any photo or video of Finicum his sidearm was in a holster on his waist on the right side. It makes no sense for him to have placed it in his left coat pocket. If it was on his left coat pocket he would have reached for it with his left hand. SInce he was obviously right handed it makes no sense for him to placed it in his left pocket. I call foul and a man died, not because of his actions but because of a trigger happy cop or 2.

  • Teresa Geib Bacon

    all my questions as well, i think he was shot by the cop front of the vehicle, he was stumbling, reached for a gun as there looks to be something in his hand as he turns to be shot and falls. Or thats what i see every time i watch. none of this needed to happen in this way.

  • Lavoy was shot three times. He was shot by three different COWARDS. The first shot was by the person that was close to the van and immediately walks away. Unless you watch carefully you will not see it. He had his hands up until after he was shot the first time. You would dance to, if you had been shot while you had your hands up. He never went for his gun. He was in PAIN, pure and simple. Stupid COWARDS! Stupid LIARS! It was nothing short of MURDER!

  • If you watch closely when the video first starts the coward by the police vehicle shoots him and then quickly walks away. He was shot three times. He was shot by three different cowards.

    • cmb

      Whiny men who NEVER do anything.

      • doucyet

        What did you “do”?

    • TNUGA

      “He was shot by three different cowards.”

      Actually, only two OSP officers fired the 3 shots that hit Lavoy.

      • Yes, Lavoy was shot while his hands were up but as soon as he was shot he put his hands down as anyone would do when getting hit by a hot piece of lead. That would sting a lot.

        • TNUGA

          “Yes, Lavoy was shot while his hands were up but as soon as he was shot he put his hands down .”

          That’s a popular theory, but it doesn’t hold up against the evidence. I’ve seen it posted many times. Here’s why it doesn’t hold up:
          1. The videos I’ve seen show that Lavoy had his hands up for about 7 second after he exited the vehicle. Then, he lowered his hands and reached into his jacket 3 times as if drawing a weapon. (The agents knew he carried a semi-auto under his left armpit)
          When he reached for his gun the third time, he was facing an officer whose only defense he had drawn was his taser. The other officers fired in his defense.

          No, Lavoy was not shot with his hands up. His hands were down for 5 seconds before the 3 shots were fired. During those 5 seconds, he reached inside his jacket 3 times.

          Check the video from 5:42 to 5:47 at this link:

          2The theory that Lavoy was “reaching for a wound” does not hold water for one simple reason: The autopsy that has been released shows that there were 3 bullet entry points, all on his back. If Lavoy had already been wounded, there would have HAD to be an entry on his left side, since that’s where he was reaching. Also, if you look at Lavoy as he exited the truck, the only exposed area for him was his left side and slightly toward his front.

          There were two shots improperly fired by FBI as he exited the truck. (about 5:35 in the video. Yeah, the ones that they lied about) However, the autopsy clearly shows that neither of those two shots hit Lavoy.

          The officers were authorized to make the arrests by a criminal complaint signed by a judge earlier that day. They had the proper authority to make the arrests, and the roadblock, while risky, was legal. He had plenty of room to stop and surrender. The evidence clearly shows that.

          • If LaVoy was not shot before he put his hands down then he was tased before he put his hands down. The coward by the vehicles either shot or tased him and immediately walked away as LaVoy put his hands down. It is plain for anyone who wants to see it.

          • TNUGA

            “If LaVoy was not shot before he put his hands down then he was tased before he put his hands down. ”

            At east you now that you are speculating! I know you’d like to make excuses for Lavoy’s poor decisions, but the evidence shows that the officer with the taser (officer #3 in the interviews, who came out from behind the tree) NEVER discharged his taser. There is no evidence that he did!

          • You talk about “officer #3 in the interviews, who came out from behind the tree”. There were no trees around the guy that was standing by the vehicle. He plainly took a shot with either his hand gun or his taser and immediately walked away as LaVoy dropped his hands to his side.

          • TNUGA

            “You talk about “officer #3 in the interviews, who came out from behind the tree”. There were no trees around the guy that was standing by the vehicle.”

            Allow me to clarify this, OK? Officer #3 was not standing by a vehicle; he was back behind a tree, off the road, as indicated in the picture below. At 1:23, she says. “And Here he is; He just took a shot, and he’s walking away.” (She’s talking about a different officer whom I’ll call “Officer X”)

            However, if you look at the video I posted with sound, no gunshots occur at that time (5:40 to 5:46) and you will see “Officer X” move all the way to the driver’s front corner of the white truck.

            “He plainly took a shot with either his hand gun or his taser and immediately walked away as LaVoy dropped his hands to his side.”

            No shots were fired art that time. I’ll post another pictue in the next post.

          • TNUGA

            Here’s a still from 5:45 in the video. In this pic, officer #3 has moved into view from the tree line. You can see that officer X has reached the middle of the front of that rear white truck, and I’ve shown the positions of the two officers who fired the shots that killed Lavoy. If you listen from 5:42 to about 5:50, you will hear the 3 shots at 5:47-48

          • TNUGA

            And here is a still capture from 5:47 in my video. This is the point where the 3 shots were fired.

            Officer #3 now has his taser fully extended but does not fire it.
            Shooters 1 and 2 are indicated, and the Officer X has moved to cover on the driver’s side of the white truck. Officer X never fires anything.

          • TNUGA

            “If LaVoy was not shot before he put his hands down then he was tased before he put his hands down. ”

            At east you now that you are speculating! I know you’d like to make excuses for Lavoy’s poor decisions, but the evidence shows that the officer with the taser (officer #3 in the interviews, who came out from behind the tree) NEVER discharged his taser. There is no evidence that he did!

          • TNUGA

            In addition, the autopsy does not show any taser marks.

            Now, if Mrs Finicum’s autopsy shows that Lavoy was shot on the left side, it will turn this case on its head. However, she has chosen not to release the results of the autopsy she had done on Lavoy’s body. It is her right to keep it private, but if she wants to contest the other autopsy, she will need to release hers.

          • TNUGA

            Here’s an except from #3’s interview after the incident where he states he did not deploy his taser.
            I’ve seen no evidence that this is not correct.

          • He is also a liar.

          • TNUGA

            I hope you don’t think I’m gullible enough to take that as proof that the guy lied about firing the taser. That video was posted before the Shawna Cox video was synched with the FBI video.

            At about 1:28, the lady says, “He just took a shot,” but if you compare it to the video in the link below which has audio, you will find that no shots occurred at that time. the 3 shots that hit Lavoy came at 5:47-5:48 in the video at my link.

            Listen, I’m no fan of big government, especially our current administration. But, at this point you have provided no solid evidence to show murder. if you want to talk about the FBI agent(s) who fired and lied about it, fine, we’re probably on the same page.

            But, at this time, the evidence shows that Lavoy was not hit by a bullet at all until the 3 shots at 5:47 in the video. He was not “reaching for a wound,” because he was not wounded until those 3 shots. He was not hit by a taser! Again, why does the autopsy show only 3 bullet wounds into the back, and there is no evidence in the autopsy of a taser impact?

            Again, have you even bothered to read the autopsy??
            It would be hard to miss a taser wound!

          • You keep talking about #3. You say he came out from behind a tree. Who cares about what #3 did? The guy that caused LaVoy to drop his hands was by the police vehicle and not by a tree. It don’t matter to me what he shot LaVoy with. It could of been a bean bag. The bottom line is LaVoy was murdered. Plain and simple.

  • Worried

    he didnt reach for his waistband, he grabbed where he was shot, he was left handed, he reached with his right and to his wound

  • W.A. Jones

    “The only thing that would get Finicum to suddenly “go for” his gun would be a sudden shot/noise, to which Finicum would instinctively react in an attempt to protect himself.”

    Whether he was reaching for his gun or not, his hand went down to his waistband. Your own headline admits that — so this story has evolved from “He was shot with his hands up” to “He appeared to be reaching for his gun.”

    And now the best you can do, to keep him a victim and hero, is speculate that he was acting in self-defense.

    Sorry, I don’t like nor trust the Feds but I would have shot him, too.

    • juskom95

      This video, without sound, can be interpreted either way. Gunshots NEVER make someone fly back like in Hollywood. They tend to stagger or keep walking. Especially from a 5.56mm (which it appears the officers are using). They will stagger, clutch the wound and fall.

      Until/if there is video(s) with sound, it is a crapshoot to know what happened.

      Ever been in law enforcement?

  • Eric Blake

    The real question is if this was part of a scheduled meeting, why was there a helicopter already following him in the vehicle to a roadblock? There was no intention of allowing them to this meeting. Clearly a setup. Don’t forget the random Fed Officer jumping out of the woods shooting.

  • juskom95

    Not generally a conspiracy, but inexperienced officers. The safest route is to keep your hands UP and visible, but even that is not a guarantee in a situation where adrenaline is high and inexperience can/will get you killed.

  • Ellenssimmons1

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  • Jim

    A cartel sniper was positioned in the trees just west of the road block. When the FBI signaled for a deer to cross the road, the sniper fired. You can clearly see the deer at 2:31. The guy never had a chance. I’ve seen the FBI’s use of animals before when my cousin was jumping out the window, the FBI dog tore his ass up. Damn the Gov’t bastards are sneaky.