Warning To American Gun Owners From Canadian News Anchor

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  • OhYa

    That’s why if we lose our right to self defense, I will always remember shovels are cheaper than lawyers and dead men tell no tales.

    • Maxwell

      Yes! Shoot, shovel, and scoot.

      • Wolf

        Well said to you both. It’s laughable for these turds to believe we will register our arms. Im willing to blow gun confiscator’s brain out and die for my rights. Scaring me with a prison sentence wont do it. Fuck you feds come and take them. We’ll pile your corpses high til there are no more.

        • WELL WOLF,considering there baning ammo sales,I think most americans who saw this coming stocked up on millions of rounds of ammo and will register their guns after they run out of ammo,in the mean time there sure is a lot of traitors who are going to bleed to death,and that says nothing of the ones who will be fed to hungry starving dogs in america,BUT HEY,I’am sure they never gave a thought to maybe being dog food,when they dreamed we would just get on our knees and hold our head back and our mouth open,woe,woe,woe to the ones stupid enough to try enforcement of this……………

    • mack

      oh ya: Add combat knives, other yard tools, certain hand tools, hatchets, etc. Skip: you’re right, the Muslims (Islam an extreme form of fascism) will rule unless Americans wake up from the land of the stupid and cowards.

  • Former Sheeple

    REGIS means KING. Registration is turning ownership over to the “king” . Vehicles, babies, boats, etc etc etc.
    Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s. Caesar is DEAD. To quote Jesse Duplantis

  • Former Sheeple

    Either vote patriots in office, OR LEARN CHINESE.

    • SKIP

      OR Arabic so the Quran can be quoted and read properly after the current regime hands over the reins of government totally to the muslim controlled UN (vis a vis Saudi Arabia)

  • Richard

    You Canadians need to set up methods and get rid of the b@st@rds that are supporting the Crown.
    Next, get rid of those New World Order b@stards in the Crown.
    SIMPLY Make THEM go bye bye.
    You have plenty of people who can make this happen.

  • MOST CANADIANS live in a dream world,the queen says,HEADS back,mouth open and they just do it,thats how they lost their guns,NOW there are a lot of really stupid americans I admit,BUT for every stupid american,THERES 100 that are about as HONARY as you will find any where,and the chances of a bunch of fagots at the whorehouse in washington DC,ordering them to register their weapons is really a laugh,cause the minute my dogs get hungry,I plan to feed them government terrorists,I just won’t tell my dogs there fagots and traitors,it’ll be my little secret……………..

  • THIS IS TO ALL THE GOVERNMENT DREAMERS AND TRAITORS,THE LORD our god says you will prevale for a short time,then you will start losing and not only will you lose your life,BUT your family will lose theirs,now I ask you,DO the “Demon” fagots in the whorehouse in washington DC,HAVE SUCH GREAT VALUE to you,that your willing to follow them into hell,and take your family to hell with you??HAVE you told your family,your actions will be the cause of their death? IF you feel TREASON is the way you have to go,THE DEMONS HAVE DECEIVED YOU,woe be unto you,I pray LUCIFER will have mercy on you and your families soul in hell…..THERES NO EVIL DOERS IN HEAVEN,REPENT NOW,WHILE THE LORD MY STILL BE FOUND….HE WILL FORGIVE YOU,CALL HIS NAME “YAHUSHUA” he really would love to hear from you,and yes he will answer your call,try it………..

  • THIS IS A WARNING TO ALL AMERICANS,THE LORD says,americas government,IS rotten to the core,from top to bottom,it can’t be saved its rotten,the coming destruction is not to harm his people but TO RID america of the ROT,so be close to the lord,he will help you prevail in the coming destruction,YES america is returning to former days,the 1850’s from what I understand,BUT WITHOUT THE ROT,of government,NO evil will survive,even the ones underground will not escape his wrath,when he’s done, evil will have been cast into hell,awaiting judgement,LUCIFER has a lot of fun with them,America has allowed themselves to be fooled by DEMONS,the whorehouse in washington DC is a good example,read revelations in the bible,then you will understand why they didn’t want you reading it,don’t expect a love story,ITS the future of mystery babylon the great(america)its a sad story of a once great nation who fell prey to demons and evil bankers,and was destroyed because they refused to stop murdering children around the world for money…………..