Warning: Politicians – We Will Not Allow You To Disarm Us

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It is time to speak plainly for the good citizens and patriots of this nation who believe unbendingly in the Constitution of the United States of America. Though foreign governments may disarm their subjects, we will not go down that road. We will not disarm and see our freedoms stripped away. The lessons of history are numerous, clear, and bloody. A disarmed population inevitably becomes an enslaved population. A disarmed population is without power, reduced to childlike obedience to-and dependence upon – the organs of a parental state.

A disarmed population will lose-either piecemeal or in one sweeping act – those basic rights for which the citizens of America gave their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor over 200 years ago.

We will not disarm. The right to self-protection, the internal directive of every living creature, be it mouse or man, is the most fundamental right of all. It is a right that must be exercised against the predators of the streets, against the predators hidden within agencies of law enforcement, and against the most dangerous predators of all – those to be found in government, whose insidious grasping for power is relentless and never-ending.

We will not disarm. Not in the face of robbers, rapists, and murderers who prey upon our families and friends; nor in the face of police and bureau agents who would turn a blind eye to the Constitution, who would betray the birthright of their countrymen; nor in the face of politicians of the lowest order-those who pander to the ignorant, the weak, the fearful, the naive; those indebted to a virulent strain of the rich who insulate themselves from the dangers imposed upon other Americans and then preach disarmament.

  • We will not surrender our handguns.
  • We will not surrender our hunting arms.
  • And we will not surrender our firearms of military pattern or military utility, nor their proper furnishings, nor the right to buy, to sell, or to manufacture such items.

Firearms of military utility, which serve well and nobly in times of social disturbance as tools of defense for the law-abiding, serve also in the quiet role of prevention, against both the criminal and the tyrannical. An armed citizenry, the well-regulated militia of the Second Amendment, properly armed with military firearms – is a powerful deterrent, on both conscious and subconscious levels, to those inclined toward governmental usurpation.

An armed citizenry stands as a constant reminder to those in power that, though they may violate our rights temporarily, they will not do so endlessly and without consequence.

Should Americans again be confronted with the necessity of, may God forbid it, throwing off the chains of a tyrannical and suffocating regime, firearms designed to answer the particular demands of warfare will provide the swiftest and most decisive means to this end. Any law which prohibits or limits a citizen’s possession of firearms of military utility or their proper furnishings, provides an open window through which a corrupt government will crawl to steal away the remainder of our firearms and our liberties.

Any law which prohibits or limits a citizen’s possession of firearms of military utility or their proper furnishings, being directly contrary to the letter and spirit of the Second Amendment, is inimical to the Constitution, to the United States of America, and to its citizens. Now-today-we are witnessing the perilous times foreseen by the architects of the Constitution. These are times when our government is demanding – in the guise of measures for the common good – the relinquishment of several rights guaranteed to Americans in the Constitution, foremost among which is the right to keep and bear arms for our own defense.

These are times when our government has abdicated its primary responsibility-to provide for the security of its citizens. Swift and sure punishment of outlaws is absent, and in its place is offered the false remedy of disarming the law-abiding. Where this unconstitutional action has been given the force of law, it has failed to provide relief and has produced greater social discord. This discord in turn now serves as the false basis for the demand that we give up other rights, and for the demand for more police, more agents of bureaucratic control to enforce the revocation of these rights. Legislators, justices and law officers must bear in mind that the foundation of their duties is to uphold the fundamental law of the land-the Constitution.

They must bear in mind that the unconstitutional act of disarming one’s fellow citizens will also disarm one’s parents, spouse, brothers, sisters, children and children’s children. They must bear in mind that there are good citizens who, taking heed of George Washington’s belief that arms are the liberty teeth of the people, will not passively allow these teeth to be torn out.

There are good citizens who, taking heed of Benjamin Franklin’s admonition that those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety, will surrender not one of their rights. Those who eat away at our right to own and use firearms are feeding on the roots of a plant over two centuries old, a plant whose blossom is the most free, most powerful nation ever to exist on the face of this planet. The right to keep and bear arms is the tap root of this plant. All other rights were won at the point of a gun and will endure only at the point of a gun. Could they speak, millions upon millions of this world’s dead souls would testify to this truth. Millions upon millions of the living can so testify today. Today is a critical moment in our history.

second-amendment-2-200pxWill we Americans passively lie down before a government that has grown disdainful of its best citizens? Or will we again declare, “We are the government, government functions at our behest, and it may not rescind our sacred rights?”

Will we place our faith in public servants who behave like our masters? Or will we place our faith in the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ and remember the words and deeds of the daring, far-seeing men and women whose blood, sweat and tears brought forth this great nation?

Will we believe those who assure us that the police officer will shield us from the criminal? Or will we believe our eyes and ears, presented every day with news of our unarmed neighbors falling prey in their homes, on our streets, in our places of work and play?

Will we bow our heads to cowards and fools who will not learn and do not understand the lessons of human history? Or will we stand straight and assume the daily tasks and risks that liberty entails?

Will we ignore even the lessons of this present era-which has seen the cruel oppression of millions on the continents of Europe, Asia, Africa and South America-and believe that the continent of North America is immune to such political disease? Or will we wisely accept the realities of this world, wisely listen to and make use of the precautions provided by our ancestors?

Will we be deceived by shameless liars who say that disarmament equals safety, helplessness equals strength, patriotism equals criminality? Or will we mark the words of our forefathers, who wrote in plain language: The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed?

Let us make known: We will choose the latter option in every case.

Legislators: Do your duty to your country. Uphold the Constitution as you swore to do. Do not shame yourselves by knocking loose the mighty keystone of this great republic – the right to bear arms.

Justices: Do your duty to your country. Examine the origins of our right to weaponry and uphold the letter and spirit of the Constitution.

Lawmen: Do your duty to your country. Do not be misguided and misused. Your task is to serve and to protect-not to oppress, to disarm and to make helpless your countrymen. To the blind, the ignorant, the apathetic, the safe and sheltered, these may seem to be concerns of another age. They are not. They are as vital as they ever have been through history. For times may change but human nature does not. And it is to protect forever against the evil in human nature that the Founding Fathers set aside certain rights as inviolable.

For these reasons we must now make known: We will not passively take the path that leads to tyranny. We will not go down that road. We Will Not Disarm.

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  • Anonymous

    Disarming and stripping the politicians, congress, government and all the cartels, all over the world, they are dishonestly funding with your income state dollars and property state dollars.

  • OldGuy

    Preaching to the choir. I have already let my state representatives know they are playing with fire and if they go along with this bullshit they will loose my vote (not that it matters). I also added that if the Feds take action and the state goes up in revolt, they do not want to be the ones who voted against their constituents because we will never forget. I advised them to err on the side of caution and actually do what the state voters and the constitution say. I guess I am now on ANOTHER list since I am a disabled vet and strongly disagree with the direction our current government is taking us and don’t hesitate to say so. Ah well who wants to live forever, right?

    • SKIP

      Oldguy, the treacherous politicians stand to loose far more than your vote, they are putting their lives and those of their families in harms way as when the system fails and some perceive, rightly or wrongly, their complicity in the failure of our nation, their families will be fodder also.

      • Jean

        We’re getting to where it’s too late to NOT shoot the bastards.
        IE, ATF (BATFE) didn’t go away when they repealed Prohibition… Yet now every cop in the country is part of the Untouchables (War on (some) drugs, DUI checkpoints, and if your pills aren’t in their correct prescription bottle, that’s a crime), and they also can get away with murder – literally. (Go over to cop block for the antis, or police one I think it is – THAT will open your eyes to how evil these low-IQ goons really are.

        We need to winnow that herd ASAP. And survive to repat frequently. When no one will walk in public in police uniform, or TSA uniform, or in a marked car – not that it will matter if their numbers are down 75% or so – and no one would dare go take the exams or classes required?
        Problem solves itself. Plainclothes threats can be eliminated afterwards. Just has to be FAST, and NATIONWIDE. Maybe enlist the gangs in the cities? MS-13 in LA? Black Panthers in NYC? Bloods, Crips in Chicago, was it? The urban areas seem to be the real problem, the rural areas don’t bother with the BS.

  • AK Kid

    Damned Fuckin’ Straight!

  • ncjoe

    Nobody is trying to disarm you. You are merely a bunch of gun addicts whose ability to reason has been compromised by your addiction, just as a drug addict’s ability to reason is compromised.

    • RickE.

      @Joe, we please enlighten us with your wisdom and voice of reason.
      Who cares if the gun and ammo industry is doing well at THIS moment, it won’t last. Let ’em ride high for awhile.

      All of your nonsensical rants do not matter to those that enjoy guns and shooting. You and your ilk will NEVER disarm us. And yes, many liberals have stated they DO want our guns. Old Feinstein herself said it back in 1995, and it’s on youtube of her saying that she would have confiscated guns if she’d the votes to do so.
      You are delusional and are too stupid to notice.

      • SKIP

        Rick, ncjoe can’t enlighten anyone, he is comic relief here so let it go.

      • Orwellian States

        Joe shows up on several sites and says the same things. I think he is one of those Obama bloggers who gets paid by the word. Just don’t respond to him.

    • al

      I feel for you. You must not have a brain. You have been well indoctrunated.

    • YUP

      NcJoe: Auntie Janet not keeping you enough to do at HS? Maybe you could pick up a second job at Wal-Mart

      • SKIP

        ONLY if he is black or illegal can he get a job at Wal-Martinez. The food section in all of them now looks like I am back in Guatemala or Hondo and the front cashier area looks like the Congo.

        • Jean

          Then don’t shop there. 😉 But look for the employees coming and going, and clean up the area a little.
          Very very hard to be optimistic, I just came from Lew Rockwell’s site, and that’s even MORE depressing than this “Conpsiracy Theory” website. (In quotes because when I sent someone else here, that’s what they referred to it as. But some people will not look at the writing on the wall.)

    • Maxwell

      You are a frigging idiot!

    • Anonymous

      paid troll

    • CalSailX

      ncjoe… carrying a sidearm and it’s ammo can quite literately be pain in the ass.

      I’ll gladly stop when I’m reassembly assured that at least some of the younger folk has taken on the task of defending themselves and this society!

    • Roscoe

      Just a suggestion, when ncjoe posts, just ignore him(or her-or it), there are many fingers going to waste on this no-dick, living in his mom’s basement, piece of shit. If no one responds, he (et al) will go away!

    • BettyLiberty

      ncjoe, tell your lies somewhere else, troll.

  • ncjoe

    I failed to mention, this article only serves to further fule the fire of irrationality currently surrounding the gun debate. The only winners are the gun and ammo industry. So, you must be a stooge for those industries. How much of a kickback are you getting to further the profits af the gun and ammo industry. You are merely an undercover operative trying to separate the masses from their monet while the gun and ammo elites laugh all the way to the bank. You are being fucked and are too stupid to notice.

    • Cnsay

      NC Joe, nobody pays attention to you on other sites. Nobody will pay attention to you here cause you’re an idiot.

    • Mavrick

      ncjoe, speaking of getting fucked … i am still amazed you can talk with that black cock you are sucking on bro. Give up the effort and just swallow already. Didnt your momma teach you not to try and talk with your mouth full?

    • al

      This goes way beyond just money. We are about to become slaves, and you can’t even begin to see the obvious. Next we will be RFID chipped which will give them full control over each person. I guess you don’t mind being a slave. But most of us do. And we are not cowards like you.

    • G-DAWG

      @joe dear fellow, perhaps you are missing the obvious. The firearm and ammo manufactures have nothing to do with those of us who have in just recent years are MADE to exercise our freedoms in commerce. We do this with a sense of urgency knowing that we are our own first responders for our homes and family be it at home or in public. It basically comes down to each of us having the means in which to protect our lives, liberty and property. To me it is my responsibility and duty first to ensure the safety of my wife and 4 children. Something has happened in very recent history and I’m sure if you honestly examine the sources you will not deny they are from GOV, both sides, local to fed that have made and motivated so many to increase our collections of precious metal, i.e. firearms, brass and lead. (gold, silver? forget about it). Because of what they have made known as to their intentions. I would not consider myself and addict to firearms, though I’ve greatly increased my collections, I would surely have loved to spend those monies on fun things for my family to enjoy. Thankfully my wife is supportive of our collections which much will be made available to our children at some future date. Provide its not all used up. None of us here are stupid neanderthals. We have simply decided that we will not be prohibited under no circumstances the abilities to protect our lives, liberties and properties by what ever legal means we decide to do so. I do not need a LEO to protect me but they are welcome to my home to take a report. In kind I will not welcome/allow any LEOs from any jurisdiction to deprive me of my basic constitutional and human rights. I have said to you before I do not wish you or others of your affinity any harm or ill will. More so I do hope you too at some point will come to recognize your are at the bottom of this totem pole with the rest of us. Sorry for assumption, I’m guessin you are, and will provide your means to protect those things that are important to you. Non of us will be exempt. When one figures out things have gone bad it will be too late to prepare.

      The fix is beyond the ballot box. Semper Fi. III

    • tayronachan

      @ncjoe, Consider ALL these mass school shootings were done by people on psychotropic drugs (Adam Lanza was taking Fanapt) and the MSM makes no mention of this while demonizing guns. We have the FED debasing our currency. Our debt to GDP is now +100%. Big banksters with connections in Wash DC, loot their clients money and walk away free, MF Global is one example. And lets not forget Fast and Furious. I could go on, but I’m sure you get my point. Trust has been lost.

  • jimbo

    ncjoe Welfare is like a drug it takes away your motivation to improve your life and shackles you to government handouts. When the entitlements end pray they don’t come busting though your front door to take whatever they want. You will be defenseless and dead. Then the world will be shut of your liberal troll ideals! God bless a$$face you will need it! Btw I absolutely love weapons and have never harmed anyone. That will only happen when push comes to shove! Kentucky Constitutionalist out!

    • KP89DC

      Well said.

      Molom Labe

  • al

    The argument is very simple. We have a president that says he can kill any american without due process. He puts drones over heads and tell us it’s to protect us. Do you really need to explain why you need yoru gun.

  • G-DAWG

    All statements here are absolutly correct to everyones motivations to prepare for what may TRY to be enacted upon us.

  • Sameolshit Difday

    This is going to by kind of fun

  • David B

    Hey ncjoe! Look this one up then explain it! 16 Am Jur 2d, sec177 late 2d, sec 256! Take your time, this is going to be good!!

  • Justcause

    Looks like a Mexican standoff. First one who shoots loses

    • Jean

      No matter who shoots first, freedom lovers will be “at fault” and the losers. Mexican standoff implies mutually-assured destruction at least. these forces intend to destroy us one way or another, and the time to stop them was before the 1950s at least, maybe before 1900. Now it’s down to warfare, and the entire society will lose, no matter what. Those people pushing this agenda believe they are untouchable, and when “we” rant, we prove them right: We don’t rant at the ones pulling the strings, we rant about the figureheads.
      There is value in that, but we need to start thinking tactics and targets, and large-caliber, long-range weapons; IEDs; social networks (especially word-of-mouth); and RPGs, LAWs, etc.
      They will kill us reagrdless (I had thought Harry Potter # whatever – last one – was meant as a social commentary. “You know who” intends to kill you, whether you say his name or not. So say it! Idnetify the target, and remove the target, and get on with the important business. And no, Obama isn’t a target (then you’d have Biden), and neither for that matter is Biden. (Pointless).
      but those who are “too big to control” most definitely ARE targets.
      Like the Chinese say, as a blessing: May you never live in interesting times.
      Well – WE DO. We need to DEAL WITH IT and FIX IT. We may not get a chance at this rate.

  • Geronimo

    If I were to buy a semi-automatic AR-15, Feinstein, Obama, Biden etc. would call it an “assault weapon.” When Homeland Security buys 7000 of them and billions of rounds of ammo, they are called “personal defense weapons.”

  • Excellent article that sums it up in a nutshell, or should I say, “shot-shell”, quite succinctly.

  • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    BUT you are already giving up your rights to bear arms.You and the veterans themselves,are allowing Veterans to have their guns confiscated- It is called Taking away yoru rights by GRADUALISM

  • Patriot

    If Americans would just face the FACTS. The Constitution WAS an agreement (A Contract) It WAS broken 1000’s of times and is ignored today by the self important”Leaders”. It is time,past time for the people to retake their country from the tyranny of government. If the Federal government is not Tyranny WHAT IS? They are in breach of contract and the contract no longer pertains to either party which means the FEDERAL Government shall be EXTINCT and your state government is your ruler. Enjoy NY , CA and other communist enclaves or move to a freer state.

    • Jean

      Persuade them, a la NAR (Freedom’s torch blog, I think it is.)

  • REB


  • The Arizona Patriot

    I spent 4 yrs fighting, killing, and watching my brothers die on foriegn soil. For those of you whom have never taken life pray you never have to do so, for those like me we pray daily to never have to again. With that said, I never leave the house without at least my .45 on my hip. Just because I pray doesnt mean weakness. Nor will I give up my God given freedoms to ANY man.

    I would rather die free than live on my knees. Freedom is not just a word. The Constitution is not just words on some old document. These are what I fought and blead for. This is what my brothers died for. Its what I placed my life on the line for. No act of a corrupt gov’t will change any of it. Maybe just maybe if enough of us stand up now for our rights we can avoid another war. Draw our line in the sand. This far and no farther. We may just save America for our children. Its not about guns. Its about Freedom. Guns are just the tool to keep our Freedom.

    God Bless the American Patriot.

    • Jean

      There was an old story, maybe O’Henry: Itinerant preacher. Preached to the congregation about accepting God’s will, ending up with howw, when it’s you time, you need to accept it. Stoic acceptance.
      As he packed up later to walk to the next town, a parishioner noticed he was loading and prepping his rifle. The parishioner asked what he was doing, given his sermon; he replied he was just preparing for the journy, and he might meed hostile Indians. The parishioner said, “But what about your sermon, aren’t we supposed to accept the Lord’s Will? It’s your time!” To which the preacher replied, “Might be the Indian’s time, too.”

      God helps those who help themselves.
      Keep helping yourself. 😉
      And thank you for helping us.

      • Jean

        In case I wasn’t clear, I don’t mean, “Thank you for killing.” Thank you for Carrying. Not all of us are armed.

        • SKIP

          Not all of us are armed!!! that is simply a semantic difference between predator and prey LOL

  • Anything that is a priority in this country is about control, diminishment or bankrupting the USA citizen.
    I do not see any politican who really sides against banks, corporations, foreign interests, or big money.
    They do not represent us,as they do opposite of what the people want.
    Yet we pay lots of money. I guess people do not want to wake up.

  • salley mae

    What no one is mentioning is why now? Why does our government suddenly fear it’s own people? Not Sandy Hook – everyone knows that nutjob used his 9mm for that. The AR was left in the car. So why now? What is looming that we are NOT hearing about that inspires such fear on government?

    • It does not fear its own people but more the loss of ability to propagandize.

      • Jean

        It’s time we remind them of why they haven’t tried before. Remind them of the costs. And do it first, there’s never a point of, “ENOUGH,” when everyone will wake up. Never will be, wasn’t even in the Revolutionary war.