Warning: In Albuquerque the Penalty for “Illegal Camping” is Execution by Cop

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camper killed by cops

Nobody seems to play good cop, bad cop anymore. It’s gotten to the point where it’s just bad cop, worse cop.

A homeless man camping in the Sandia Foothills in the outskirts of Albuquerque had the misfortune to become the subject of a standoff with the trigger-happy Albuquerque PD.

The Daily Sheeple recently warned that the APD was being trained to use “more deadly force”, and it seems as though the officers have taken those lessons seriously. You may recall another victim of the APD who was shot at when he ran from police or the case of the Taos officer who opened fire on a minivan full of kids. And who can forget the multiple cavity searches (like this one or even this 8 probe incident) diligently undertaken by New Mexico’s finest?

Unfortunately for James M. Boyd, his encounter with the APD turned into a brutal assault that ended in his death. After a three hour stand-off, Boyd had agreed to surrender. Nevergetbusted.com reported the tragic events that followed:

When the situation reached its climax around 7:30 p.m., Boyd had allegedly agreed to end the standoff, but warned APD that they must keep their word.

“Don’t change up the agreement,” Boyd said to officers.  “I’m going to try and walk now. Don’t try to harm me. If you keep your word, I can keep you safe.”

Boyd put on his backpack. He reached down to pick up a thermos, placed it in his right hand and grabbed a blue bag in his left hand.

“Don’t worry about safety, I’m not a [expletive] murderer,” Boyd continued.  “Don’t try it.  Don’t try to harm me.  I won’t try to harm you.  Alright?”

Boyd tried to walk away.  But police were not going to let that happen.

“Do it,” one of the officers said, and a flashbang grenade was lobbed at Boyd’s feet.  A loud explosion and a puff of smoke followed.

Police can be heard shouting, “Get on the ground,” as they rushed in with weapons trained on him.  A barking K9 advanced toward him. Mr. Boyd, now under attack, dropped his bags and instinctively retrieved a knife from his pocket.  Nevertheless, he did not advance and did not make any threatening gestures. The nearest officer still remained several feet away.

Boyd stood there for approximately 5 seconds, then turned away from officers and began to descend to the ground — possibly a sign of compliance with demands to get on the ground.  For reasons unclear, police opened fire.  A volley of rifle rounds, beanbag rounds, and tasers fired at the man in near unison.

James Boyd fell instantly to the ground. Officers barked orders at him to get his hands up.  Boyd could be heard on video saying “I can’t move.”

“Please don’t hurt me anymore,” he moaned.

Unsatisfied, police opened fire again, this time on his prone, lifeless body with beanbag rounds from a shotgun.  He did not budge after repeated strikes.  Next, the police dog was turned loose on him and gnawed on his leg.  He remained unresponsive.

Officers then moved in and secured his body.  Boyd did not survive.

Ultimately, 15 seconds after agreeing to end the standoff, he was shot and lying on the ground. (source)

The entire reprehensible execution of this man was caught on a helmet cam.

Warning: Graphic Content

The APD, unsurprisingly, stated in the face of this video evidence that the murder was justified.

Chief Eden called the shooting justified at the news conference, saying officers used non-lethal force first and that there was a direct threat made at an unarmed K9 officer. According to Chief Eden, Boyd was less than eight feet from the unarmed canine officer.

“Actually if you watch the video tape, all the less than lethal devices were in fact deployed. It was when the canine officer was down directing the canine dog that the suspect pulled out the two knives and directed a threat to the canine officer who had no weapons drawn. He was handling the dog,” Chief Eden said.

News 13 asked Chief Eden directly, “do you believe this was a justified shooting?”

Chief Eden responded, “Yes, if you follow case law, ‘Garner versus Tennessee’, there was directed threat to an officer.” (source)

Cast of Criminals Cops

I think it’s really important to get to know the folks in your community, don’t you? Let’s take a closer look at some of the cops involved in this travesty. The APD released the names of two police officers who were involved in the shooting.

Officer Keith Sandy

As you saw in the video, the victim was laying on his stomach saying he was unable to get up when a police officer named Keith Sandy walked up and shot the prone man in the back. Officer Sandy, pictured below, must be so proud of his brave, heroic action. You can learn more about Officer Sandy’s own criminal history HERE.


Officer Dominique Perez

The other cop who shot the victim was Officer Dominique Perez. Doesn’t he look like a nice guy instead of a heartless killer of the homeless?


Perez and Sandy are both on paid vacation leave pending the outcome of a review of the murder officer involved shooting.

Police Chief Gordon Eden

And finally, this is the estimable Police Chief Eden, the leader who found the actions of these officers acceptable (because, gee, everyone knows that you should just sit there and let a dog bite you.) Although he did not fire a bullet into the man, by saying that this type of brutality is justified, he is endorsing this kind of behavior in the future.

gordon eden

The telephone number for the APD is (505) 242-COPS. (See what they did there? Clever!)

You can use THIS LINK to report police misconduct to the APD. (I dunno, murdering a homeless mentally ill man in cold blood seems sort of misconduct-y, don’t you think?)

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  • jonny p’doff publik

    thank you for posting the number. i will give them a call here soon as i post this. fuck the police/gestapo.

  • Free thinker

    Directed threat to an officer? B.S. This is murder. The video clearly shows these guys are scared sh*t less of him. I guess because of that little paring knife he had. Hopefully he has family that can file a million dollar lawsuit.

    • Time to disarm cops for public safety. Or shoot them before they shoot you.

      • keepyourpower

        @WarriorClassIII That is going a bit too far, don’t you think?
        You are using your emotions, and not your brain, in your comment. But then, if you are a leftist, they all use their emotions,instead of their brains. It is a mental disease with them.

        • The answer to tyranny today is the same as it was in 1775. I think an anonymously delivered SMK to the head of the Nazi Police Chief would go a long way towards changing the “shoot first” policy and training in the APD.

    • parrots_abound

      I noticed too it was a PARING knife. Big scary weapon huh?

  • mnyama

    Gee what a bunch of P*SS!ES hiding behind a badges.

  • mnyama

    These folks nowadays do their tactical training on actual humans…

  • Texmex32

    There is only one word for this action. MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Building Seven

    Nobody owns the earth, and can someone explain what the heck Illegal Camping means? This gentleman didnt harm anyone, and these thugs are so ill trained and scared that they escalate to deadly force immediately. Our police state has indoctrinated these brainwahed drones to be this way.

    • londontubes

      I agree that this was wrong, however in regards to your statement, maybe you would like this guy camping out on your back porch or on your patio. I think you might not like that. There are laws and rules about where things can and cannot be done. If you don’t like the laws, do your best to change them, but in the mean time I would suggest obeying them.

      This was murder. Bring the cops to trial. Up until they shot him, they were doing their job. Like I said, if you don’t like the law, change it if you can.

      • Jo Brown

        But he wasn’t camping on someone’s back porch, he was camping in the wilds, where he has a fucking inalienable right to be! EVERY human on this planet has a right to be on this planet, without having to beg for permission from some burocrat to exist somewhere. Do the birds ask for planning permission before building a nest? Do they pay fees to the council for a title to the tree they’re nesting in? No, but if you’re human some scumbag somewhere has got it in his mind that you owe HIM for the privilege of existing on this planet. And this same scumbag then has the audacity to tell you that you can’t live in this spot or that spot because that is a nature park. Yeah? And what is a human then? Not part of nature? Some alien entity that doesn’t belong on this planet unless it’s in a concrete box in the concrete jungle somewhere?

      • Thomas Petrie

        Oh, please, laws are written by and for the corporate state, in most cases, NOT to serve the people. I mean homelessness is all but criminalized in this country. You can’t sleep here, you can’t sleep there. Can’t sleep in a huge State park. It’s ridiculous. What law should be written that would suit you AND serve the homeless population, now a few million in America.

        • londontubes

          I don’t know about you, but I believe in private property. I hope to have control over my property, and who stays there. Places like the State Parks, etc., are ‘owned’ by the public, and like all the rest of our lives in this country, we elect people to make the decisions over that land which is owned by the ‘public as a whole’.

          When they can’t make the decisions themselves, they select people to do it for them. Delegation of authority. That is how laws are made and enforced. Without that method, what we have is anarchy. I perfer to have laws.

          As I said, this is murder. Try the cops. But as to everyone doing everyting they want to do without disregard for the laws of the land, No.

          Like I also said, if you don’t like the laws, do your best to get them changed.

  • Joe2D2

    That was straight up cold blooded murder. How much longer people?

  • matism

    Addresses? Their very own Rules of Engagement support free cocktail delivery through their bedroom windows in the middle of the night.

  • GeorgeW

    They had no intention of arresting James. They pulled off a gangland assassination, showing utter contempt for this hapless soul, then give the two hit me a paid holiday as reward.
    I hate to say this, but I fear the police more than violent gangs. At least I will likely never have anything to do with a violent gang, but an unpredictable outcome can ensue from the most mundane contact with the Fuzz, and I see them every day driving down the streets and highways. Scary.

    • Since you know you aren’t going to get a fair fight, shoot first.

  • There is no justice in the court system; it’s up to the people to execute these pigs.

  • Allan Narci

    I think these idiots are deliberately being hired and trained to do this type of stuff in order to evoke a response from an enraged populace. Once that happens they can scream martial law and whatnot so Obamy can run to his communist cronies in the UN and ask for blue helmets to protect his behind.

    • berrybestfarm

      YES!!! The powers that are want us to be afraid so we wont rise up under martial law.
      Dennis Patterson–Deer Park,WA


    Ok, this looked staged as in a training film. Anyone ID the body and attend the funeral?

  • hwt123

    The gov & courts are unlawful & have been since 1871.
    The US is a corporation for profit & your name in CAPS=bond
    Issued by a contract named birth certificate.
    The court uses maritime law /admiralty law.
    The magistrate serves as trustee over the bond.
    The cops are employees to a corporation & the court
    gets its jurisdiction from the bondholders ,
    Those ignorant cops serve the bondholders who bonded them…
    We the people will restore the common law & arrest these crooks…

  • Pauly

    It’s time to drop the NAZI term when referring to strict behavior and substitute AMERICAN.

  • AffinityNetNews

    Well, are any of us really surprised?

    This is what you get when you live in a lawless, corrupt society owned and controlled by international Rothschild/Rockefeller bankster satanic criminals, liars and parasites from the top down who hate humanity and want us all dead.

    These murdering fascist corporate boot-licking swine, are nothing but an evil deadly cancer spreading all across our nation, as the clueless, apathetic zombie sheep continue to sleep-walk into a totalitarian techno-fuedal hell of their own making by remaining silent, and compliant to their ever-encroaching total subjugation and economic destruction.

    Think this can’t touch you?

    This could be anyone of us now, regardless of your economic status. Only the ruling parasitic global satanic elite are above the law, and you aren’t one of them, nor am I.

    We all either unite, white, black, brown, green, flaming pink or whatever, or we will all ultimately end-up just as this young homeless man did, dead, dead and dead for absolutely no reason!

    Any idiot could plainly see this poor soul was gunned-down and murdered without regret or concern.

    That could have been you or your loved one they murdered in cold-blood !!!

    You can not go one day now and not see yet another innocent person being murdered by these filthy fascist pigs somewhere in our nation, and no telling how many more that we never hear about.

    Those of you in New Mexico, you had better stand-up and unite against these filthy bastards or you could be the next one to be murdered while the sheep crawl into a corner and wet themselves.

  • animalaura

    I’m moving to a free country where there are fewer Gestopo and communists. Russia!

  • Badger Badgerism


    • Jo Brown

      Yes, and everyone brought before a court to answer to the charge of murdering a police officer, should make sure they have plenty of you-tube videos of police brutality (from your own district if possible) to show that innocent things like talking with or negotiating with the police is extremely harmful to your health and that therefore the best way to keep safe is to shoot first and hope your aim is truer than theirs. Then tell the jury about jury nullification, that they must not just judge you but also the law, and can refuse to find you guilty even all evidence says you are. Jurist can say “Yes this man shot a cop, but it was self-defense because in this day and age any encounter with the police is likely to result in police-initiated violence unless the citizen acts first in self-defense. Therefore we consider it would be an injustice to convict him for simply defending himself from the country’s biggest gang of criminals. NOT guilty, your honor.”

  • disqus_c197zi57ib

    People just dont get it. Cops are NOT your friends. They are not there to help you, protect you, or prevent anything bad from happening to you. their duty is self preservation, both of themselves and the law.

    If you are percieved as a threat ( either real or imaginary ) to either the law or the officer, they WILL shoot you dead!.. Your best defense is to avoid having to come in contact with them. If someone does call the cops on you, lay down and submit. It’s your best chance of survival… the other thing you can do is STOP defending their actions, and STOP supporting them! THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS, THEY ARE NOT THERE TO HELP YOU. They are there because a law may have been broken. It’s easier to withhold support, then it is to change laws..


    Those cops are all criminals who should be charged with first degree murder ! Disgusting !

  • BluePig

    Nothing but a bunch of low life fucking cowards with a badge. Big man!

  • knotjammin2

    Typical Coward Cops!! I hope they hang!!

  • Marc

    It looks like we need another Chris Dorner.

  • londontubes

    This action was completley out of line.

    But, AllCopsCorrupt,the personal attack you made on DWilliams was also out of line. You know absolutely NOTHING about him. Ad homanum attacks in a situation like this are uncalled for. You said that “There are no good cops anymore.” For all you know DWilliams retired 30 years ago. He may have been the best cop in his entire force. If this is the way you feel about cops, I hope your son never becomes one. Or maybe that would be the only way you might change your over reaching generalization.

    Please keep on topic. “it is better to keep your mouth shut and thought a fool that to open it and remove all doubt.”

  • keepyourpower

    As a former police officer, I am disgusted with what I am reading about police officers, all over the nation! Killing dogs, and killing people who could not harm them. This man could not harm them…THEY had the guns..he did not. They were far away from him, also.

    When I was an LEO…I used Psychology to get my perps down! And I am a woman. I worked as an LEO for 10 years, and never had to fire my gun..and only pulled it once on a citizen.

    What a poor excuse for officers, who are supposed to protect and serve the people, who pay their salaries!

  • keepyourpower

    AllCopsCorrupt you are one sick puppy! I was a cop… Back in the 70s and 80s, and I was nothing like the cops today. You have no right to besmirch the retired cop above!

    I bet your Momma is really proud of you!

    • XXxxMacleodxxXX

      if the system is corrupt then the people that uphold that system are corrupted too…..not every law is just..

  • ccc

    * First the banks come for the poor house owners and I did nothing ;

    * Then the government come for the occupy street protestors and I did nothing ;

    * Then they come for the homeless and I did nothing ;

    * Then they come for the Oath Keepers and I did nothing ;

    * Then they come for the farmers and I did nothing ;

    * Then they come for the trade unionists and I did nothing ;

    * Then they come for the I.T. computer geeks and called them hackers and I did nothing ;

    * Then they come for the constitutionalists and I did nothing ;

    * Then they come for the intellectuals and I did nothing ;

    * Then they come for the freedom activists and I did nothing ;

    * Then they come for the journalists and I did nothing ;

    * Then they come for the anyone and everyone that dare to talk against them and I did nothing ;

    * And now they come for me and there is nothing left ;

  • Jo Brown

    Those cops are F&*king pussies. So damn scared of a man with a little knife, even after they’ve put a few rounds into him they were still oh-so scared of him. If you’re so f&*king worried about getting hurt on the job, YOU SHOULDN’T BE A POLICE OFFICER!!! Get a job flipping burgers or something, and let a real man who cares about the people in the community take over from you pussies! If it was up to me, I’d have all these murderous cowards lined up and shot at sunrise.

  • Thomas Petrie

    So I called the number there and the officer who answered the phone said, “I didn’t shoot anyone,” but couldn’t comprehend that I was NOT talking about HIM, but about the two named officers above. No empathy in his voice. None. And therein lies the problem, in my opinion.

  • Debbie Johnson

    Even if the victim’s family sues the PD and wins, it’s the taxpayers who pay the victim’s family. The police pension fund should be used to pay off the victim’s family, NOT the taxpayer.

    I guarantee you that if the law were changed and their pension funds or auction funds from the evidence rooms were charged, things might change and they may start to behave and value human life.

    Or why can’t we use the cash seized by drug dealers to pay the victim’s family? Why not?

    I can hear police now, saying, well we shouldn’t have to pay for our brothers mistakes. No, but the taxpayer shouldn’t either.

    If I hit someone with my car and it’s my fault, my insurance pays and more than likely my rates will go up. Why should cops be any different?

  • Thomas Petrie

    I called the Police department there and the man who answered the phone said HE was not so and so. I said, “I didn’t say you were and repeated the names of Dominique Perez and Keith Sandy. I noticed not an ounce of empathy or sadness for the slain homeless man–not an ounce. What is it with these police departments? As other comments have noted, these officers–murderers or not–were not the least bit agitated or angry that one of them KILLED a man in cold blood. This is sick commentary on our society, it really is and ALL the officers involved ought to be ashamed of themselves. This is very sad and speaks to the moral depravity so much of our society. Is this ancient Rome on the verge of collapse where debachary and immorality ruled the day and where “good citizens”–the majority, of course, where helpless to affect changes? I think so, and I can only hope that those involved suffer VERY BAD CONSEQUENCES as a result of what they did. By this I mean loss of job, loss of pay and loss of livelihood. Maybe, THEY could be made homeless to see what it’s really like.

    • ccc

      America is over, you people now are living in the post constitution republic period and the new period of plutocracy.

      Lawlessness and corruption rule your town now, these have money and wealth will get some justice, homeless people of-course will get none.
      This was enviable just like ancient roman republic, where the rich rule and poor is enslaved.

      If you ready did called the Police department now you will understand how these poor homeless people get abused day by day by the authority.
      It was not their fault that they cannot find a job, the economy was destroy by the bankers.

      Just remember today it is that homeless man that get shot in the back, tomorrow after they disarm your gun away. It will be your back that will be shot by them, even worsen still, next time it will be a robot that start shooting at you.

      The period of drone war on America will come very soon. Robot have no feeling even worse than cold hearted human police.

      May be next time it will the scary I.T. hacker that stop the rampage robot police from shoot at your ass.

  • ccc

    These pussy cops think there is no problem shooting at homeless man like this. However the robots drone is just around the corner to take over their job. The gov will want these drone more than these pussy cops. When that happen these cops will be just like that homeless man looking for a dirty piece of land to sleep for the night. And then it will be their turn to get shoot in the back by robot-police.

    • Anthony Crispino

      Yeah because drone police are just what we need.

  • ccc

    We should remember these cops faces, so one day when they have no job and sleep up the mountain like that homeless man, no one should ask for justice when their turn to get shoot in the back.
    We should treat these cold hearted animal just the same as they treated everybody.