War Is Peace: Trump Tweets Iran Put “on Notice” as Israel To Nominate Him for Nobel Peace Prize, While Bannon Announces More War

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Well, it’s only been two weeks, and already the new Trump administration is beating away at the war drums and preparing us all for the next big war.

As Activist Post’s Brandon Turbeville reported,

Today, February 2, Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor, rabid anti-Iran warmonger, Michael Flynn, delivered a stern and open warning to Iran, officially “putting Iran on notice.” Thus, it seems that the United States is setting its sights on the next piece of the geopolitical puzzle before the ultimate goal of Russia and world hegemony is to be recognized.

Flynn cited only two justifications for his threat, neither of which are logical or anything but unproven allegations…

Of course. Iran has long been a target in the global game of Risk the US has been playing for some time. See “Which Path to Persia” for more on that. There’s a reason Trump specifically chose the seven countries he did for his travel ban, ever-so-conspicuously leaving off Saudi Arabia and the UAE…

Trump did talk a lot about Iran in the debates as well, but just in case you think can’t-wait-to-start-dropping-bombs Flynn is out there on his own with this, Trump backed up the news with a few Tweets of his own for good measure, with one key phrase in all caps:

So, there’s that.

Now, do you think it’s even remotely a coincidence this news came out the day after it was reported Israel plans to nominate Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize right out of the gate?


We’re jumping the shark… please stand by…

So war = peace. How perfectly Orwellian.

Well, Trump did also state that he wanted to be America’s most pro-Israel presidential candidate ever (start this recording around 1:35) according to Trump’s Pick for Israel Ambassador and Co-Chairman of his Israel Advisory Committee David Friedman… It would seem threatening war with Iran is a way to be that.

If you’ll recall, Obama received his peace prize right out of the gate as well, and we all know who he spent the next eight years drone bombing.


Iran, it would appear, is next. As if we haven’t been told over and over and over.

This is in addition to Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon just announcing that the US will (not maybe, WILL) be going to war with China in the next 10 years “no doubt,” and that’s in addition to mentioning another “major” war in the Middle East as well.

Gee… what could he mean?

So the agenda continues. America is being prepped for war.

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  • what? You mean electing another talking head changes nothing?
    say it aint so…

    • Freespirit

      “Talking TOOL” might be better, Marcus 🙂

      The FEW people like you and me are the “Lone Wolves howling in the Wilderness”

      That will STOP, of course, when the is no wilderness

  • Freespirit

    Just as I have
    ALWAYS said about TRUMP – He is just another TOOL for ISRAEL, and the House of Rothschild :

    Prepare for your Children to DIE for another UNITED STATES Corporation WAR, ACCUMULATING TO approximately 220 years out of 250 and for LIES and FRAUD. It, or a war with China will probably be timed for the ECONOMIC Collapse, which is coming, to take American “minds” off the truth about the Economy


      I’ve always said hes nothing but controlled opposition for the khazarian mafia

      • Brad Dueringer


  • Another Nobel War Monger Prize?

  • Renee Ciccioni

    Like the neocons said in a meeting at the new American century offices in the late nineties 7 country’s to invade in 5 years but for one reason or another there was something that happened so it took longer than five years now Donald was put in there to finish the job. So much for the outsider notion.


      How much of a coincidence do you think it is that those seven countries also refuse to allow a Rothschilds central bank? Myself, there’s no coincidence, also look at who authored PNAC… Paul Wolfowitz (jew), Richard Pearle (jew )and a few other jews as well. The whole reason for 911 was top gain support for IS= REAL-HELL ‘s vassal bully, JUSA to lay waste to the ME countries all for IS= REAL-HELL ‘s benefit. The whole Christian vs muslim (goy vs goy ) game has been scripted since the 1860s .

  • It is not Paranoia

    Since when is Twitter some kind of official medium for a president?
    I think it’s weird.

    • g.johnon

      i think its a cool idea. helps to get a handle on the man. if there is a future for america, i am sure that presidents to come will get a lot better at it.

  • Rommell43

    Trump! Americans are sick to death of war and killing people. What on earth are you thinking? I’m already regretting having voted for you.

    • g.johnon

      he is not thinking. he is doing the bidding of his globalist handlers just like every president from lbj to now has done.

      its time we finally understand completely that our “democratically elected us government” is just a dog and pony show that keeps us distracted from what is really going on in this world. its time to pay very close attention to the man behind the curtain dorothy.

      • Brad Dueringer

        the shadow government is in control and it has a zionist agenda

        • g.johnon

          no brad, but you are on the right track. zionism is not their agenda, it is jut part of the circus. the agenda is to rule the world (globalism) and drastic reduce the human population while keeping those left in servitude.

          • Brad Dueringer

            If you look at most leaders including Angela Merkel, you see a patern of jews or those who vow undying support of Israel. Population control is one of the top items on their agenda but the mafia that call the majority of the shots world wide is zionist…the Rothchild Kazarian mafia. It also owns all the media, broadcast and print.

          • g.johnon

            god i love it when dilettantes condescend.
            “those who vow undying support of israel” are zionists. some falsely claim to be jews, some may be jews but not practicing the religion and many are christians as well as

            agnostics and atheists. in their cores, all of them are most likely atheist.
            jews who practice the true torah religion (authentic jews) pretty much look upon israel as a huge black eye to the jewish nation. israel is a political construct put in place by the bankster oil cartels via the united nations for the purpose of having a militaristic foothold in the middle east. jew hating is just a simple distraction that way too many idiots have fallen for.

            google up “jews against zionism” and treat yourself to some actual knowledge.
            ya see, the whole zionism thing requires you to believe that the temple of solomon (totally unconfirmed) was built on the exact same rock that mohammed was launched into heaven from (totally unconfirmed). and that jesus cannot return until a new temple is built in the exact same spot where now lies the moslem dome of the rock.(only confirmed in fairy tales) can you see the problem here? can you see how contrived this little problem is?

            so, if you want to get your head into the real game, you first need to get it out of the boobs game.

          • Brad Dueringer

            As for the religeous aspect, Dr Shlomo Sand found that genetically, only 2.5% ofthe so called “jews” in Israel have Hebrew blood. They trace back genetically to mostly Turkish cousins and the country of Kazaria.

            The Baldor resolution (1948) was a religious based stealing of Palestinian land. And yes most jews today suffer under a bad government who has made enemies of its neighbors.

            Dr Bill Deagle (a jewish. Ex U.S. space command Dr.) says Israel treats Palestine “like an open air prison”.

            Religeous Jews hold the Babylonian Talmud in higher esteme than the Torah….and the Talmud is a vile collection of books which describes Yeshua’s mother as a whore and that he is burning in his own excrement in Hell.

            Some of us are very knowledgeable of Jews and their machinations.

          • g.johnon

            huh, very knowledgeable indeed.
            there are two distinct sects of religious jews. the talmudic and the torah or true torah jews.
            the true torah jews do not place much value in the talmud because they consdider it to be what it actually is. pure conjecture with impure additions by the rabbinical community that go al the way back to moses.
            moses, it is said, came down from the mountain (sinai of course) with the torah etched in two stone tablets and the talmud that was according to the story, in his memory put there by god hisownself.
            so true torah jews a bit skeptical of the talmud that Moses is said to have transmitted this oral law to Joshua;
            Joshua in turn to the seventy Elders; the Elders to the Prophets, and the
            Prophets to the Great Synagogue. It is held that it was later transmitted
            successively to certain Rabbis until it was no longer possible to retain
            it orally.
            i mean come on, have you ever sat around the old camp fire and played pass along? you know where that shit goes.
            so, choose your poison before you let some jackass with patches on his sleeves pump it into your head.

          • Brad Dueringer

            Rev 2:9 and 3:9 sum it up quite well. The hesidic jews dont agree that they should have a nation yet because they aren’t allowed a nation until the Messiah comes and they certainly don’t count Yeshua as the Messiah.

            I have a messianic Jewish friend who traveled to Israel in the late 90’s.he madethe mistake at customs of declaring his religeon as a Messianic Jew….good God! They would not let him in the country. He had to fly back to the U.S.. They consider Messianics as traitors. Because they actually hate Jesus….the religeous ones and the atheists.

          • g.johnon

            ok, so how does putting forth biblical information which tells us that god hates fake jews make any kind of argument for hating authentic ones (spiritually authentic if not through blood)?
            my point here is simply if you are going to blame jews for globalist bullshit, you are also encompassing a lot of people who are not guilty in the matter, such as the true torah jews who also do not believe that israel should exist.
            if you stick to zionists, your blame is more accurately directed and therefore more righteous.
            the story of your messianic jewish friend is pretty typical of the buckets of hokum that flow from all sected religions. just pure bullshit designed to keep human beings from thinking in real time.

          • Brad Dueringer

            You are correct, it is the Zionists. Most jews are innocent. It’s just too bad they are not in positions of power

          • g.johnon

            alrighty then, we seem to be in agreement. all of this has been over nothing.
            well damn, at least it was a whole buncha fun.

          • Brad Dueringer

            Hey, we educated others or were at least entertaining.

            We are all just killing time….finding some meaning in our daily diversions from sleep, eating and shelter and car maintenance

          • g.johnon

            car maintenance! damn! see ya later.

          • Brad Dueringer

            Dr Sand’s findings agree with much of the research of the late Arthur Koestler in his book, The Thirteenth Tribe.

          • g.johnon

            really? who gives a shit? we are talking about what a waste of time and opportunity jew hating is. and how we distract ourselves from the real problems by its practice.

          • Brad Dueringer

            Those who hate Jews are idiots. Jews are just people. That would be like hating all Germans because of Nazis or hating all Italians because of the Mob. Just because a race of people have a mafia does not make all people of that race bad. Should we hate Japanese because of the Yacusa sp?…I have Jewish friends and they dont like zionists either.

          • gato felix

            Correct and they don’t even bother to hide it anymore, the Georgia Guidstones talks openly about reducing world population!

      • gato felix

        Very well stated,hence the reason I stopped partaking in the “voting” charade!! 17 years ago, the day I woke from my slumber!

  • The_Ipcress_File

    “Iran, it would appear, is next.”

    They should have been first.

    • Freespirit

      Can we count on YOUR CHILDREN to on the Front Lines, or if they are too young -YOU?

      My son is too smart to attempt to kill others and/ or DIE for Bankers, so he wont be there,THANKFULLY


      IS= REAL-HELL should be first. ..and last. Obliterate IS= REAL-HELL and most of the world’s problems will disappear

      • Freespirit

        Agree followed by the British Royal Family and the Vatican

        I understand the French still have some working Guillotines. Those are quiter than bombs and they don’t hurt innocents 🙂


          Well, the British royal family and the Vatican are owned and controlled by the khazars as well. So Its not so surprising they stink to high heaven as well.


          Well, the British royal family and the Vatican are owned and controlled by the khazars as well. So Its not so surprising they stink to high heaven as well.

      • Brad Dueringer

        So true.

    • Brad Dueringer

      Wow! You just outed yourself as brain dead.


    Trump can’t get to his knees fast enough, suck hard enough, or swallow enough for his masters in IS= REAL-HELL. Trumps allegiance to Satanyahoo is going to be huge problems for the restof us. Whatever you do, do not let your kids enlist in the nomad only to get killed for IS= REAL-HELL’s benefit.


    WW III has been brewing for a long time. They got used to pushing Obama around & think we are weak just because he was. He did not want war, nor do I, but sometimes it has to happen. He is the deal maker – we’ll see what happens. Obama should never have won a Nobel Prize for Peace. WOOSS.