Wage Slave America: NYC Offering 360 Sq Ft Apartments for $3,150

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When Agenda 21 is finally implemented in full, and tens of millions of Americans are crammed into the cities like cattle, where do you think they’re all going to live? How are we going to squeeze all these people into the already crowded urban cores? Don’t worry, there will be plenty of housing for the masses once the micro apartments are built.

Several cities are already trying this out. They’ve lifted building code restrictions to allow developers to build the tiniest apartments you can imagine. The most famous of these is the Carmel Place development in New York City, which contains 55 units that range in size from 265 to 360 square feet, and cost between $2,650 and $3,150 per month.

They make it look so classy, but in reality it’s a giant ripoff.  Like everything else in life, the bigger an apartment is, the cheaper it is per square foot. This is just an attempt by developers to milk every penny out of their tenants. Instead of saving money by sharing an apartment with other people, our corporate overlords want us to us pay exorbitant prices to live alone in tiny apartments.

They’re presented as chic and novel, because they’re currently catering to upper middle class singles. But once the impoverished masses and forced to migrate to the cities (as China has done in recent years) they’ll start to look more and more like prison cells.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

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  • 2016usaofzimbabwe

    perfect for Queers…

    • Nexusfast123

      We note your experience in this matter.

    • Yeah this looks like something the rump rangers would get off on.

    • yvehc_telorvehc

      …and steers.

  • otis cambell

    That’s why I have 12 acres in the country surrounded by approx. 40 + acres that no one lives on. Horses, chickens, goats, etc.

    • yvehc_telorvehc

      same here… i bought raw land with a water source. the wife asks why i keep it. i told her hopefully she’ll never have to find out.

      • smart.

      • otis cambell

        Yes, have to have water. I have 2 wells on the property. Along with well buckets & a very large holding tank.

    • I wish I was a little older, I would have the same thing 🙁

      • otis cambell

        Age has nothing to do with it. Just save & buy some. Nothing like country living.

        • Believe me I am trying my best, I want out ASAP! I mentioned age because of the cost.

          • Rick E.

            There’s 39 acres adjacent to my property that the owner is considering selling. There’s plenty of wild critters around here including elk, deer, antelope, bear, and javelina.
            I may buy it, but maybe not, you’d be an excellent neighbor, I am certain of that! He is not sure if he wants to sell it yet.

            As you remember, my nearest neighbor is 3 1/2 miles away, and the nearest grid is 20 air miles away. The nearest town and store is 28 miles away.
            Those factors, and ten miles of very bad road in inclement weather ensure a remote and isolated living experience!
            I’m in northern AZ.
            I’d be glad to give you more specific info.

          • Wow, man, that would be awesome but I don’t believe I have the buying power yet, nor the ability to live anywhere just yet, I am working on it though, slowly but surely. Acquiring Real estate will be the fastest vehicle for me, second to that is the money I make on notes. You need a lot to use them to live off of, I see people who have 100s, feels like something out of reach but anything is possible I guess. I don’t need much though, I wish to live as independent as possible but that will take practice and time. And thanks, I believe I would be a good neighbour! I’d keep to myself but also look out for you any way I can, including backup for whatever, I’ve done it before, lol! I need to grow past a job first, I do wish I could move away soon though. My house doesn’t even have enough equity to break even if I sold it yet, it is more valuable as a rental after I get my next house.

          • Rick E.

            You reaffirmed what I already thought! Hey, what part of the country do you live in? I live around 30 miles from Seligman AZ, and I really don’t fear talking about it, as the propane guy STILL has trouble finding me! lol.

          • Lucky you, I’m stacked next to other people, tons of wifi signals, smog skies, can’t see the stars at night, lots of crime, not a great place, I would tell you where via private email but not on here, I do not trust disqus at all. I do want solar on the very next house at least but won’t be able to move on from that for a bit, I have much to learn from those I work for still so it isn’t all about the money, it’s about learning as much as you can from the best and if applied properly using it to reach a goal which is what I plan to do.

          • Rick E.

            I completely understand your perspective! As you suggested some time ago, please set up a dummy email address and we’ll go from there.

  • whiteberry

    “$2,650 and $3,150 per month”… damn! There is no way the average person could afford that all by themselves! I could rent a 5 bedroom house on property for that price, with money left over, where I’m from. But then again I have to consider the type of moron that would want to live in a cesspool city such as that…

    • Reverend Draco

      My wife & I rent a 3br, 2ba, 1600sq/ft modular on almost an acre.

      $3150 is 3 months rent with change left over.

      • Lynn Collins

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      • Chasityrupchurch

        ❝my .friend’s mate Is getting 98$. HOURLY. on the internet.”….two days ago new McLaren. F1 bought after earning 18,512$,,,this was my previous month’s paycheck ,and-a little over, 17k$ Last month ..3-5 h/r of work a days ..with extra open doors & weekly. paychecks.. it’s realy the easiest work I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months ago and now making over 87$, p/h.Learn. More right Here`!b770➤➤➤➤➤ http://GlobalSuperEmploymentVacanciesReportsStar/GetPaid/98$hourly…. .❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:::::`!b770…..

    • John Johnson

      That’s right, The “Elite” think 360 square feet too much for one person, so several will share it… The “Save the Planet” NWO Utopian dream is in reality an Animal Farm nightmare…

    • Rick E.

      That’s why I live off grid in northern AZ where taxes and general living expenses are relatively cheap! Property costs are comparatively cheap too!

  • Mr Gadget

    Wow, that’s bad, you can get a storage container in SF as an apartment for 1200

  • roddy6667

    I would think that you could find a hotel room cheaper if you rented long term.

  • Dunno y

    Bringing the sheep in from pasture, pen them up. Fleece them next.

    • Nexusfast123

      Bring them in from overseas and trash everyone’s standard of living except the 1% that live in gated communities.

      • Charles Martel

        That is exactly what our wonderful leader is doung.

        • All according to the international zionist plan to displace white people in their own countries…. and people think he’s a muslim, lol, that wasn’t muslim money that whisked him into office, those were zionist funds… why won’t people just follow the damn money?

      • Dunno y

        Those gates wont hold them for long its why the 1% are buying land in Australia and New Zealand. Notice how there is no refugees allowed into those countries. Only small amounts of immigrants.How zionists have taken a big interest in these two countries. They are not being destabilized like Europe or America. ????.

  • Ms. Steamroller

    Charging high rent that people can’t afford equals having to buy property and having to pay property taxes. They got this $**t figured out.

  • Nexusfast123

    People have migrated to the cities in China as the country has transitioned from a largely agrarian society to an urban society. Western countries did that decades ago and 95% of us now live in cities. So the article does not make sense in the context of the US. The only way I could envisage density rising is if they let every untalented dickhead in from third world countries.

  • frankw

    And exactly how do they intend to push people from the countryside into these nightmsrish cities under Agenda 21?

    • AmericanCitizen

      The AFFH (affirmatively furthering fair housing). If HUD determines that a community is “too white” then it needs section 8 housing, feral urban blacks transplanted from the inner cities, and refugee resettlement. That will destroy a small community’s schools and quality of life overnight. We’ll see the reverse of “white flight”, trendy suburbs become black infested dumps with whites moving back to gentrified inner cities.

      See France for an example of how this program works in real life.

      • That government-funded anti-white shit needs to end! NOW! …and we thought we won WWII, lol.

  • Mike

    Got to love those liberal regressive run cities and states with all of their outrageous taxes and fees that drive rent prices up. Not to mention the corrupt land lords that charge these prices for a freaking box.

  • Dick Delaware

    Perfect for the lolly pop guild

  • Rick E.

    Another factor that is most disadvantageous, is the fact that with these tiny dwellings there’s virtually no space to store even moderate amounts of food and supplies. This will increase dependence upon on grid living and dependence on the government!

    • Great point that my dumb ass never even considered, lol

  • gato felix

    HA, wondering if Soros, Gates, Koch Brothers, et al, will be downsizing any time soon!!

  • Brain Housing Unit

    Hey, it works for Walmart employees in China…

  • James

    In Thailand you can rent a larger shipping container than that for U.S. $15 a month if you don’t mind living on the 6th stack up. No Elivator.

    But more room inside.

  • James

    All I can afford to rent is this dump for $450 a month. 3 bedroom 2 bath upstairs. living, dining,kitchen, slave quarters 1 bath down stairs. With porch & second floor balconey around it. Tile roof. On a bluff over the river & view of the port. On old merchants row above town. Pre. 1900 old house with cobble stone road out back, horse hitching rail, & large yard. with wrought iron fence around it. In a gated secure area. But high prices is America for rent. But small town here class 3. So I don’t have great shopping here.

  • nullcodes

    LOL Trump wont fix anything. Keep dreaming though. Let me know in about 2 years from now whether Trump did everything you thought he would.

  • yvehc_telorvehc

    i’ll take a jew over a black or hispanic or muslim dirtbag anyday.

  • Don

    “our corporate overlords want us to us pay exorbitant prices to live alone in tiny apartments.”
    Who are these corporations?
    To me these tiny apartments appear like a free market response to exorbitant prices in the NYC marketplace. I wouldn’t live in it, and I don’t see anyone being forced to live in them. If you don’t like these tiny apartments, pay more and get something bigger, they’re available. This is just silliness trying to tie this to some demonic corporate plot and not even telling us who these corporations are.

  • Clare

    The tour left out a long shot of the bathroom; made a close-up of the shower stall but left off a view of the toilet, sink and bathroom entrance. These apartments look like something the social justice racket would pour their federal “grants” into to build…suited for homeless and immigrant transitional housing.

  • kinley

    The writer has not written the full story. He has neglected the future—where the powers that be WANT this to go. I attended high level presentations at the National Science Foundation a little less than two years ago. These presentations outlined the vision of the future urban habitat, which will be ABOUT 150- 200 square feet. This habitat will be a single room that can be reconfigured from sleeping quarters, to a reception area, to a dining area, to an entertainment area. This habitat will be equipped with “the internet of things”, wherein everything—such as your refrigerator or blender—is “smart”, and the internet is ever present. While listening to these presentations—-by wealthy liberals who DO NOT and WILL NEVER live under these conditions that they deem wonderful for everyone else—the audience of other scientists were awing and cheering these “visionaries”. My reaction was different: these “visions” reminded me of the descriptions given by my cousin George, who spent 2 years in prison for stealing a car.

  • kookooracharabioso

    So when your neighbor farts the sound wakes you up and the smell costs you to toss your dinner. Oh sure that looks to work out really well!

  • jbstoner43

    I agree with you. A bunch of spoiled yuppies who want to be so important.