Waco – 25 Years Later: ABC News Claims To Have The Truth, But Is It Just Cover For A Heavy-Handed Government?

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February 28 of this year will mark 25 years since the 51-day standoff and deadly siege on David Koresh and the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas.  While ABC News has put together a new documentary with new details and survivor revelations, it still seems that they are somehow providing cover for the heavy-handed manner in which the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms handled the entire situation.

Keep in mind that the infamous Ruby Ridge incident had just occurred several months before in August 1992, in which Randy Weaver’s wife and son were gunned down by federal agents.

Weaver was later arrested along with a family friend and it was all over a couple of shotguns of which he sawed the barrels off, something that should perfectly fine under our Constitution if the DC government actually obeyed the Constitution.

By the way, though it’s no real consolation, the sniper that murdered Vicki Weaver with her baby in her arms, Lon Horiuchi, was promoted while 12 other agents were given light reprimands, but Randy Weaver won a settlement against the Justice Department for $3.1 million.

ABC also did a report 25 years later in August 2017 claiming that Ruby Ridge had become a “‘rallying cry’ for today’s white nationalists.”

Both the Waco incident and the Ruby Ridge incident did have at their center, false teaching concerning prophecy.  No one can really deny that.

I don’t think anyone can deny that David Koresh was a charismatic individual who led people astray, but that was not why the government went after him.  The claim is that the ATF went after Koresh because a UPS driver delivered packages to him and apparently, one broke open and there were hand grenades inside.

Obviously, that is concerning, but again I appeal to the Constitution that a hand grenade is an arm and is protected under the Second Amendment despite the violations of DC and the ATF.  No one was injured by the grenades.

However, ATF sought a warrant and got it.  They then began to stake out the compound of David Koresh, and eventually, Koresh caught wind of it, removing any element of surprise and putting a lot of people, including federal agents at risk.

However, the Clinton administration at the time clearly had then-Attorney General Janet Reno directing things from Washington and sought to get into the compound with their search warrant anyway.

They were sorely mistaken.  Several of the ATF officers were killed and several more wounded, as well as many members of the Branch Davidians.

The recount of what took place is fairly accurate in the documentary below, but keep in mind that it does slant to the side of the government throughout.

It’s true that Koresh did backpeddle on his promise, but at the same time, the ATF and the negotiators seemed to be working against one another and they did show aggression at the start.

The siege would last 51 days and have a fiery, climactic end, just like Koresh had warned his followers.

In fact, we learn from several of the followers that survived, who I might add seem to be normal rational people, that Koresh told them the government would come for them and they needed to prepare accordingly, and he meant militarily.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with preparation like that.  Any free and thinking people who know their history, know that the biggest murderers in history are governments.  It’s called democide.

Additionally, the documentary attempts to point to Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, as being influenced by the outcome of what took place at Waco, as he went there and saw what took place.  The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, would be bombed on April 19, 1995, resulting in the deaths of 168 people.

Yet, even the Oklahoma City bombing seems to have government fingers all over it.  The building housed offices of the ATF and FBI and yet, at 9 in the morning, there were no federal agents in the building, and a ton of questions still remain about that bombing.

Interestingly enough, James Nichols, brother of co-conspirator in the Oklahoma City bombing Terry Nichols, wrote a 415-page book titled Freedom’s End: Conspiracy in Oklahomaaddressed the assertion that McVeigh was driven to get back at the ATF because of Waco.

In a report by CNN, we discover:

James Nichols does admit that Timothy McVeigh, already convicted and sentenced to death in the attack that killed 168 people, was upset about a 1993 raid by Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. But he scoffs at the idea that was the motive for the Oklahoma bombing, as prosecutors say.

“Getting back at the (ATF) is a really stupid argument. There were few (ATF) agents stationed at the Murrah building,” he writes.

Instead, James Nichols maintains that the ATF itself blew up the Murrah building as part of a cover up of what happened at Waco.

He wrote, “Who benefits by destroying records that would prove that the (ATF) was lying about the alleged drug laboratory, illegal weapons and child abuse at (the Davidian compound)?”

It is quite strange that at a building where there should have been lots of federal agents, not one was there.  I’d say it’s more than strange.

I’d say it sounds pre-planned and in fact, we know that ATF knew ahead of time, according to a new 500-page report authored by the Oklahoma City Bombing Investigation Commission.  By the way, so did the FBI, and they didn’t warn any of the people in the building.  For more information, take a look at the following documentary.

Each of these instances is tied together, and one of the things that ties them together is the unconstitutional agency known as the ATF.

While some claim that David Koresh and some of his people set their own compound on fire, others say it was due to the full frontal assault with tanks and gas by the ATF, something that was completely unnecessary and all of that entire siege could have been avoided by simply arresting Koresh when he went into town, which several people said he did against the claims of the ATF.

Attorney General Reno took responsibility for the botched raid, later admitting there was no evidence of ongoing child abuse within the compound (which had been one of the justifications for ordering the gas attack).

Though the government long maintained that its actions played no role in starting the fires at the Waco compound, in 1999 it was revealed that some of the gas the FBI used was flammable under certain conditions. – History.com

Notice in the documentary that everyone blamed Koresh for everything.  Sure, he had some issues that needed to be dealt with, but the ATF could have dealt with the situation peaceably when he was all by himself in town.

They chose not to do so.  In fact, it’s very similar to how the FBI and Oregon State Police could have arrested the Oregon protesters but chose to deal with the Bundys in what appeared to be nothing more than an ambush on January 26, 2016, which resulted in the death of LaVoy Finicum.

Though many children were released, 78 people died in that compound on April 19, 1993.

Ruby Ridge could have been handled differently too.  However, again, the ATF began it all by shooting Randy Weaver’s 11-year-old son in the back.  No one was held responsible, but the American people paid for it, and so did the Weavers.

Given the information we now have, we know that the ATF and the FBI could have saved a lot of people in Oklahoma City.  They chose not to do so.

At least with Waco and Ruby Ridge, one could say that is someone had done serious study of the Bible and not followed a mere man, many of those people might still be alive today, or at least not been a part of what took place, but that is a side note of the response of the central government and the ATF.

Take a look at this short video from Sons of Liberty, which was mentioned briefly in the ABC documentary, and see if some of this is not a more accurate portrayal of what was actually going on in each of these events.

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  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    ABC = Anything But Coherent.

  • Cynical Old Bastard

    “Both the Waco incident and the Ruby Ridge incident did have at their center, false teaching concerning prophecy. No one can really deny that.”

    Oh really? I can. Would you care to debate this?

    “I don’t think anyone can deny that David Koresh was a charismatic individual who led people astray””

    I can. I think he was a nut-job and the sheeple who followed him were as well. I also feel that way about ALL religions.

    • darkhorse

      Quite frankly, who gives a bloody shite WHAT a moron like you feels or believes?? You’re a legend in your own lonely mind…

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        and you have the nerve to call anyone else a moron. i guess it all fits together in some real wanky way.

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          LMAO! Absolutely brilliant comment!

          Too bad she won’t get it. You’re in the disinfo agent zone. We’re Hasbro’s.

          I did need that laugh tonight.

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  • darkhorse

    what truth? Oh yeah.. that Hillary forced the man/woman Janet Reno to torch the place? That truth??

    • Cynical Old Bastard

      The correct word is “androgynous.” Not man/woman.

      The mistake was not in allowing females to vote. It was in teaching them to speak.

      Now, shush. Men are speaking and we are in need of sandwiches.

  • Mayday911us

    There were a ton of unanswered questions with all three incidents.

    Like they said there were fully automatic weapons at the Waco the weapons that were covered war burned and destroyed when did they take them apart. The 2 to 3 missing Handheld teargas canisters. The three Shell casings from the sniper that was at the Ruby with incident. Why the fire department was in allowed to respond they were held outside the perimeter.

    • Cynical Old Bastard

      The questions have been answered. The government went in and killed everyone.

      No matter how they try to spin it, that’s what they did. They’ll do it again, too.

      • Mayday911us

        No it hasn’t oh did you want to plan something else but you kind of fell apart.

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    • g.johnon

      all while, according to janet reno, children were burned alive because of reports of child abuse at the ranch. don’t try to parse it out, it is just simple batshit insanity; aka, your tax dollar at work.

      • Mayday911us

        Why forcefully try to take the compound was because the accusation of child abuse.

        Which is from somebody else she was told that but let’s think about it she was probably under pressure from the White House.

        But you actually go read the original comment or actually know anything about the Incident.

        So please explain that.

        • g.johnon

          explain what? you unintelligible rambling cannot be parsed by one as lowly as myself.

          however, you should have gotten (if you actually read the article above) that i was responding to this part:

          “Attorney General Reno took responsibility for the botched raid, later
          admitting there was no evidence of ongoing child abuse within the
          compound (which had been one of the justifications for ordering the gas

          the inference being that if reno had to “admit” that there was no child abuse at the ranch like she would have called it off if she had known that? you do your own math. i have a feeling that attempting a productive conversation with you would be an exercise in futility.

          • Mayday911us

            I’m sorry you can’t understand you should stop typing.

            Wow she took responsibility it didn’t do anything.

            Again pressure from the White House what do you not understand about that.

            But all the unintended consequences of doing the raid. Whether the fire was caused by The gas or the Branch Davidians.

            No I don’t use that common core cr*p that you are.

            Again a productive conversation means actually researching the situation that occurred.

            So I guess you should help make the first comment.

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  • 4sale

    Do apartheid czionists control the US government, and ALL media?


    Move Israel’s capitol to Waco?

  • Since when are people armed with Rifles and Handguns prisoners of a “cultist” ? BULLSHIT ! WAKE UP SHEEPLE !!!
    The Davidians stopped paying property taxes on their ranch, stopped paying any taxes altogether. When the IRS found out they are armed to the teeth, they called the ATF.

    • Cynical Old Bastard

      What defines a “cult?”

      Is it the number of followers?

      Who defines it?

      What gives them the right to define it?

      At one time Christianity was a cult… As was Mormonism… As were many other currently accepted religions.

      I see no difference between government and religion. Each subjugates people. Each stifles free thought. Each forces people to pay for their own enslavement. In effect, each, through fear, sells a lie. And each, if you disagree with them, will kill you.

      There is no difference. They are all terrorists.

      • g.johnon

        whaddya mean “at one time”? all religions are cults, pure and simple, always have been, always are and always will be. as are political parties & scouting organizations. a cult is a group of people that share homage to a creed, simple as that. numbers mean nothing to the definition, nor does time established.
        the one difference between gummints and religions is that if you do not like the sermon, you can just quit coming. not so easy to just quit paying taxes,

        • Cynical Old Bastard

          True. I should have been more precise. I was writing in the context these people think when they hear the word “cult.”

  • And you forget the 1993 bombing of WTC 1 (basement parking lot), in which the CIA was implicated, whom in turn blamed some Blind Arab Imam. That investigation by the FBI was held in the OKC, OK building as well.

    • David E

      There was also evidence and investigative product of the Clinton’s Mena cocaine conspiracy in the Murrah building.

  • jimmy joe

    They shoot an 11 year old kid IN THE BACK and an entire pig union stands behind them for doing so! We all know who the real terrorists are! Its really too bad the “davidians” didnt kill more terrorists, thats the one thing that could have made me feel not as bad, KILLING MORE FEDERAL TERRORISTS!!

  • Arrow

    More of the details have been made public by now retired Independent Black Ops operator Cody Snodgres in his book “Choosing The Light.” He was offered the job to bomb the Murrah Building in OKC, but turned it down. He connects a lot of dots. For instance, the first two ATF agents that were sent into the compound when they attacked had previously been bodyguards for the Clintons and witnessed much of their crimes. Needless to say, they were killed. Dead men tell no tales.

    The OKC bombing occurred to destroy all of the medical records of the vets that were exposed to the DU (depleted uranium) weapons/ammunition as well as the untested vaccinations which caused a variety of medical expenses (Gulf War Syndrome, PTSD, etc.) for the US government. Explosives were planted in the building for maximum emotional effect, particularly in the nursery. This is why the explosions produced different seismic signatures… they were not simultaneous. So eight men wearing black coveralls began to immediately retrieve boxes of medical records that were not destroyed because a couple of the bombs misfired. OKC policeman Terry Yeakey witnessed the activity and was murdered for it. Again, dead men tell no tales.

    • jimmy joe

      Don’t forget Ken Trenadeau {sp}!


      • Arrow

        Yeah, I know about this. Jesse Trentadue has been working on this for years. I asked Cody if he’d ever spoken with Jesse, and he said that he had not but I’ll bet it would be an interesting conversation.

        • jimmy joe

          Whats funny is, he never expected his investigation would lead him to where it did, the fbi themselves!

  • buy1get1

    ‘Waco’ Bill Clinton


    Guy in cave defeats NORAD on 09/11/2001