Violent LAPD Shoots First at Anything Resembling Suspect’s Car

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Almost proving the ex-cop Chris Dorner’s point in his manifesto of cops using excessive force, LAPD are the ones who appear to be on a rampage against anyone who’s driving a car even remotely similar to the suspect’s.

The video below tells of how cops have opened fire on yet another innocent vehicle “generally” fitting the description of Dorner’s car.  Luckily the innocent driver was uninjured.

Previously, two women were hospitalized after being attacked by police for driving a blue Toyota Tacoma while they were delivering newspapers in a quiet neighborhood. Police were looking for a pickup truck of a different color, make, and model with a supposed connection to Dorner.

Upon seeing this truck drive down a residential neighborhood, police began unloading their weapons on sight. There are almost 40 bullet holes visible in this picture.

Dorner’s original complaint against the corrupt cops in the LAPD stems from their use of excessive force against civilians. And during their crazed man-hunt for Dorner, they seem to be proving his point. Whether or not Dorner is found guilty of these shootings, the LAPD and surrounding precincts are not doing their reputation any justice in their handling of this situation.

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  • Yeahryt

    What a bunch of amateurs! Shoot anything on sight?

  • RickE.

    It should be quite obvious that it’s open season against we subjects. They’re pushing harder and harder, and sooner or later we ARE going to push back!
    It’s as if “the men in blue” are on a feeding frenzy. If your dog is any where near a cop, they will shoot it. If your vehicle is anywhere near the color of a suspect’s vehicle, they’ll open fire on it endangering the general motoring public, anyone walking by, as well as the folks in the vehicle.

    The militarized killers in blue are going to push the wrong people very soon and they will get what they give. There are dozens and dozens of reports on the internet that detail many innocent citizens killed by cops.

    Not only do they forget who pays them, they also forget the simple but elusive concepts of right and wrong.

    • SKIP

      They also forget that they too have families.

  • DesertCommando

    I’ve said it before the pigs are an enemy occupier force taking their orders from the pig politicians who do the thinking for the badged drones. Don’t trust any cop, they will murder you and your family and commit perjury to get away with it. Happens daily in this Nazi nation that was once America. Time for everyone to take a side, tyranny Pig state or a free Republic.

  • wormdirt

    Wow. Look at the number of rounds fired into the back of that truck. All without ID’ing who is in it.
    Those officers should have charges pressed against them. If you are shooting at me and my family I will shoot back until you are dead. I don’t care WHO you are.

  • FTP

    Cops are such f**cking p*$$y pieces of $h|t. Watch these pigs walk…

  • Zombie Sniper

    This is the first write up on this incidence where the number of bullets is what I counted. Sownload it and enhance and you will see. My initail count was 42, but seeing this new picture I have to add at least two more since tires on passenger side are flat.
    Pigs are why I carry apples and potato rounds. These two AHOLES reloaded two times and possibly more. Glock 21 45 holds 10, glock 23 holds 15, do the math. Now with the 2nd truck, I wonder how many rounds there? Also we should be told how many rounds hit other vehicles and houses and where ever in the neighborhood.
    Funny how this much work is going in on someone threatening to kill cops via this search, more people have been KILLED in LA probably times 10, than did darky has killed cops!

  • Merry

    Is the truck black or blue? Anyone driving a pickup “generally” should probably walk for now.
    And the “men in blue” no longer wear blue–they are the men in black now.

  • ncjoe

    Funny, you are critical of a “shoot first and ask questions later” mentality, but that is exactly the attitude I see exhibited here over and over again. You people are pathetic beyond description.

    • spartacus !!!!!!!

      @ ucjoe ! i really think you need to take a breath and get some fresh air bro ! , you seem very angry

      • SKIP

        Leave ncjoe alone for now, just add him to the list.

  • vaportrail

    Can you imagine how these cops would react if there were an organized effort involving multiple people targeting them? They are scared shitless of ONE guy because they know he will kill them. Imagine if there were an organized effort. I think these pussies would resign en-mass.

  • George

    Look at these cops they’re pathetic. They couldn’t find their behinds with directions. Look at how they react when anyone might actually be a threat to them. They are pathetic bullying cowards is what they are and I have no sympathy for them.

  • Prepared Painter

    No doubt. LEOs in general are POS dumbasses, at least there is comfort that they will be the ones that will be enforcing any BS out of DC, they will get stomped like bugs or more likely shit their pants and run like the bitches they are. Like to see them face down a good ol patriot!!

  • stahoo

    Innocent people going about their daily lives being shot without probable cause and then claiming mistaken identity, B.S. is this the shoot first and ask questions later mentality that permiates the so called justice system. Now if Obama and his hoard get their way in wanting to disarm law abiding citizens just imagine what it will be like. We have seen countless articles on the gestapo in blue beating and taseing innocent citizens to death. It appears that Dorner was right in his manifesto.

  • spencer

    look ncjoe i dont wanna shoot anybody …ever…but wake up man..i didnt ask to be in this position ima devoted family man and buisnessman i wish no harm on any of you…but if you bring your personal agenda crap to me and my family…your dinner no discussion

  • What a bunch of assholes!

    This is the example we are supposed to have in order to “respect” the police??

    Shame on the LA Police and the Mayors office for allowing such shit to take place and wounding innocent people.

    Shame on you LA POLICE!

  • I had a VISION from the lord,I saw an army truck being escorted by police gangs,and they had a BIG gun mounted on the army truck(sand colored) and were just leveling the town,as the women and children fled the police gangs were shooting them in the back, children too….they were dressed in black,and had small machineguns,never saw guns like them before,small with big clips,30-40 round,they were going from town to town shooting up the whole town,dead people everywhere,they were caught by complete surprise,it appeared to be a sunny day,spring or early summer,no one was wearing a coat,I looked at the dead children they were dressed in T-shirts……………

  • I had another VISION,I was standing next to my truck in a field with small rolling hills(20-30ft.high) in this field were a herd of sheep,like you see at the county fair,all fluffed up,about 50 or so,ALL of a sudden,from my right came this BIG black cape bufflo,as big as my truck,he ran into the flock of sheep and grabed the first one in his mouth and started shaking it by its neck,when the sheep was dead,he slung it off to the side and grabbed another one and shook it to death too,( the other sheep never looked up as this was happening they just kept on eating like nothing was going on)after he had killed about about a haft dozen or so,I heard a sheep crying behind me and when I turned to look,there was another BIG black cape bufflo coming up behind me with a sheep in its mouth,and he was shaking it to death,BUT when he saw me,he dropped the sheep and started running towards me,I freaked and jumped into my truck and the engine would not start(this truck runs perfect)I was yelling at the truck, saying come on baby,this ain’t the time to not start,and the vision ended…………now I might add these cape bufflos are africian in orgin,they don’t run loose in america????……….

  • jimbo

    If We The People don’t stand up against tyranny. We will have no rights left to defend. In Kentucky we have a motto “United we stand, divided we fall.” We must make our voices heard or be silenced forever! I told my friend it can happen here. He is so brainwashed by the lamestream media that he still hasn’t seen the light. I pray daily for this Republic.

    • Jean

      Most people prefer to “lie back and breathe the gas.” (You’ll need to find the source of that quote and do some reading; it doesn’t seem relevant without the background. BAckground is too long to relate here, but it’s like Brave New World WRT Soma. We live in that situation, most just don’t realize it.)

  • GrandpaSpeaks

    The cops will get off. Courtesy is such a foreign concept to police these days that it prompted their kill reflex here. Apparently it is the delivery peoples standard practise to turn off their lights as a courtesy when turning in to the drive so they won’t flash their lights through windows. After nearly being summarily executed for courtesy,the delivery people are thus forced to rethink their humanity. As we all are being forced to by their actions. This latest action is just another reason much public sympathy rides with Dorner.