Video Update: The Gold Bull Market Awakens: “The Smart Money Is Moving In Big”

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Insiders and some of the world’s biggest investors are quietly moving massive amounts of money into precious metals. Trend analyst Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends, who predicted the collapse of markets months in advance of the 2008 crisis, explains in his video update below that something very interesting has happened in precious metals markets in the last two weeks and it may be signaling a new bull market for gold and silver:

In my opinion, looking at the insider buying and what’s going with the high quality juniors and the majors… the bull market in gold has already started. It’s already underway… and the smart money is moving in big, while the retail investor is nowhere to be found.

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The mining stocks are a leading indicator. The junior [mining companies] had a big blowout about two weeks ago where the TSX Venture index and GDXJ index both made new lows… However, if you look at the big boys… the two most liquid and traded gold stocks on the market… since September Barrick Gold is up 68%… Newmont Mining up 32%.

… and the high quality juniors are not going down in these sell-offs. They’re holding the line and are even having some gains…

…and gold is rising… gold is holding up in the face of all the sell-offs going on in other commodities like oil… silver is holding up with it.

I watch what the insiders do. I think that’s an indicator that we should all be following on both, the major indexes as well as what happens with the small gold stocks.

This move is happening… All I can tell you is it’s already down 90%. 

You go to the grocery store… you go to the clothing store… you do anything else in life and something’s down 90% that you want, you do it. 

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