Video: This Texas Teacher Fired for Hitting a Student Totally Looks Like She Would Hit a Student

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The short and skinny of this story is that lady up there named Mary Hastings, who used to be a teacher in Beaumont, Texas, was fired for what happened in the video you are about to watch:

The bottom line of it is this: a large portion of what’s going on in our schools today isn’t just about dumbing kids down. It’s about making them respect authority no matter what, without question. To accept whatever they are told and however they are treated as long as the person who is doing it to them is in charge.

The reality is it doesn’t matter what kind of brat that kid was being or what he did to piss her off. Teachers can’t just go around setting an example by acting like childhood bullies and beating their students. Then she mocks him about how he can’t believe she did that. She is supposed to be an academic professional, or at the very least, the rational adult in the room.

People always watch videos like this and cheer on the authoritarians like they are heroes for putting some kid in his place, as if they aren’t helping to create a class of slaves. Sorry, but whether or not anyone believes that kid had it coming, this is not okay. And even if in some magical universe it was deemed okay, then where does that slippery slope end?

Can you imagine what it’s like to have to sit in that woman’s classroom all day with an attitude like that about the kids she’s supposed to be teaching? Makes it awfully hard to believe the crocodile teary eyes in the mugshot photo. What is she even sad about? She obviously either hates her job of having to put up with kids she can’t stand or she’s devastated she won’t get to smack other people’s kids whom she can’t stand around anymore.

Members of the Beaumont Independent School District voted unanimously to fire Hastings, who was arrested and charged with assault on the day of the incident.

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  • Better watch whose kids your beatin’ on, one of them is bound to have parents or at least a parent with a spine.

    • bill lopez

      That POS kids parents “ain gut no…what u say?”

      Problem is good folks raise their kids to be repectful, and don’t worry about them pushing people to their limits.

      We used to accept corporal punishment as part of the learning process, for those that couldn’t undrstand what good behavior and respect was – now you fuck off all day and get expect a participation trophy….

      • Razedbywolvs

        You Reap What You Sow. If you teach them that hitting is acceptable behaviour how do you think there going to act wean there older? Why would the knock out game be wrong?
        Why the hell would you not hold white people to a higher moral standers instead of trying to devolve everyone to the same lowest common moral denominator.
        You have watched so many Colin Flaehrity videos that you have lost your dam mind.

        • bill lopez

          Proverbs 13:24
          “Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them.”

          Spare the child and spoil the rod. It’s worked for centuries. The knock out game is a direct result of these piece of shit kids not knowing consequences for thier bad behavor.
          They’re the product of single parents – they get a pass.
          They’re the products of broken homes – they get a pass.
          They have an IEP (Individual education plan) – they get a pass.
          Their poor – they get a pass.
          Their minorities – they get a pass.

          Before when kids used to get punished, hit, smacked with a belt or a switch – we had far less crime, and far fewer criminals.

          I wouldn’t expect a looney liberal like you to understand that though. Take a good long look in the mirror to see whose lost their damn mind

          • Razedbywolvs

            ” It’s worked for centuries.” Yep.. Islam is still teaching it today and it’s working wonders.
            What you are activating is giving a pass to adults for assaulting children.
            Your further left on the political spectrum than me. If your going to call people a liberal you should at least learn to properly identify them.

          • Gary

            I guess the difference is the bible talks about the father disciplining his son with love – not some random, state-funded teacher disciplining someone else’s kid based on Communistic principles.

            Another reason to avoid the public fool system.

      • Cynthiajlewis3

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  • 2016usaofzimbabwe

    a room full of black n_______s will drive any sane person to fight.

  • EnemyOfTheState

    I didn’t watch the video, didn’t have to, with the way kids are today most of them need the shiit kicked out of them. I’m not a teacher cause I know I would be arrested in the 1st hour. I know 2 teachers who have both told me they fantasize about beating a majority of their pupils. I suppose everyone has a limit at which time they just react. Most kids are like most cops, they need the crap beat out of them periodically…

    • disqus_LATgE14cG2

      From what I saw even after she slapped the crap out of him he still didn’t learn anything.

    • jaguar

      You should watch the video dipstick!! Quit flapping your lips till you do !!!

      • EnemyOfTheState

        Maybe if people stopped using television and schools to raise their kids this wouldn’t even be an issue. Still haven’t watched clip, still flapping my lips pussy cat. I have no problem with any “kid” under age 30 catching a beating.

        Trump 2016

  • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

    Corporal punishment is one thing. I got my share of it as a youngster. But I was never so young that a teacher who did something like that to me wouldn’t have gotten lit the fuck up.

  • Smarty

    When I was a kid, and we fucked up (or were so accused), there was this gorilla like gym teacher that would make us grab our ankles, stretch tight, and then he’d whack our asses with a Masonite clip board. Hard. Like gorilla strength hard. We had welts. I was lucky enough to get this treatment twice as I remember. If I ever run into his 75 year old ass, I’m going to kick it because he still has it coming, and this time the game is rigged in my favor instead of his….

  • Asylumsix

    School isn’t about education, it’s about making money in our corrupt system.. Becoming a slave to debt and getting you used to having your freedoms slowly taken away.

    • bill lopez

      You’received right that Sshool isn’t about education for people like that child’s parents. It’s a free daycare so mom can stay home, spread her legs and spend quality time with her boyfriends that leave $$$ on the dresser.

  • Anyone who watched the behavior of that fat, ugly skank of a so-called teacher should be beaten, just like she should be beaten.

  • Wow, didn’t know that but how do you even use disqus on thedailysheeple with TOR without turning scripts on which defeats the purpose?

  • jaguar

    She needs to go to Jail !!! She’d be 6 feet underground right now if that was my kid !!!!

  • Bubba T

    Oh yeah if that pig hit my kid like that she’d be missing more than her job, she’d be missing teeth.

  • Tabbytha

    I didn’t see any picture on the video, only sound 🙁

    If children are always punished no matter what, expected to never be able to question or challenge authority no matter what, how then can they have the thought processes in their mind when they are adults to stand against anything? You must always obey, no matter what is demanded of you as a child…. there is no learning in the mind of how to disobey corrupt orders/ laws as an adult. The teachers, the parents, the experts the adults, always demand obedience, yet they too are in a system that demand their unquestioning obedience… maybe mindless obedience to adult authority only leads to obedient adults? When teens start to rebel, that is when they are supposed to learn how to think, question and determine things for themselves and yet so many today HATE teens who rebel, claiming them a societal threat…. yet our societies are filled with more and more order followers… even adults who see the state as a threat that is indoctrinating their children STILL punish their teens for questioning their (parent/ family) life-style demands… you must question the state, but don’t question me…. You must resist state mind control, but do not resist how I say you must think/ live. No wonder humanity is so screwed up! To think, question and act according to what you determine often brings you against how most people expect one should act. Even when no rights are violated, there is constant pressure to conform, to limit behavior and thought along certain lines.

    From the comment section, looks like many still haven’t learned. The social engineers will, again, have another field day. We are truly screwed.