Is the Agenda a New Civil War?

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Repetition is the lowest form of brainwashing. The masses are once again being programmed.

The not-so-secret word is “Chaos”.

Whenever you hear it, the system wants you to scream… real loud.

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  • Lewie Paine

    Civil war in America is only possible if the military breaks into two factions. The civil unrest currently being fomented by TPTB between the left and the right citizenry will be used to tighten the screws on the police state. (problem – reaction – solution.)

    • Phil_Ossifer

      This is exactly what they want. Keep us fighting among ourselves and pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. The last thing they want is for both right and left to figure out that it’s all a big con with the ultimate payoff being a total power grab by the government.

  • Steve Rusk

    This is how the con goes down, the Mark(s) must be kept distracted, disoriented and confused until the fleecing is done. The media is so incredibly effective for this.

  • marlene

    NO! We’re not that stupid. A civil war is where we people fight against each other. It’s what the shadow global elites want – to keep our focus OFF them! What we need to do is fight against them, those who have taken our freedoms, liberties, rights, security and future and are trying to destroy us. The global elite is behind this “chaos” – useful idiots are bought and paid to riot in the streets, to destabilize us. Their goal is a civil war – DON’T TAKE THE BAIT.