Video: The Whole Point of Vault 7 — Getting You Used to Big Brother

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Wikileaks has released the first of its highly anticipated “Vault 7″… and the documents prove that the CIA not only has an enormous arsenal of lovely hacking tools and malware at its disposal, but the agency also has a fat bag of exploits that essentially allow it to take backdoor control of smart phones, televisions, gaming systems and more and turn them into live microphones.

The CIA… now in your living room any time it wants.

And now for the real takeaway of Wikileaks’ Vault 7 “Year Zero” dump… incrementally acclimating people to living in a total information awareness society where the government has access and can invade your privacy any time it wants through technology.

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  • NonYo Business

    Exactly, just like snowden / nothing done about it. Nothing changed.

  • Abolish the NSA, and institute privacy laws that prevent this shit from happening. The government should not be collecting metadata or any other information of citizens, foreign or domestic. These fuckers should be charged with espionage and stripped of their citizenship.

  • They could be preparing to institute a national RFID tracking system in which citizens could be monitored and observed through many different processes.