Video: The Elite Knew Mass Unemployment and Unrest Was Coming Long Ago

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They knew, but they did nothing to stop it. The technocrats and robber barons have been steering the ship for some time now.

Now the problems – of too few jobs, and of fewer people necessary to engage in solving the problems of society, and the existential crisis of uncertainty about the purpose of those individuals who make up society – have become ranking challenges of our time.

What happens when the jobs are gone? What will people do, and how will they afford to live?

The technology of the day has caught up to us sooner than anybody realized, and now robots and automation is destroying hundreds of millions of human jobs across the globe.

NAFTA, GATT, WTO and other multi-national trade agreements are just shuffling the deck, and have forced nations and populations to compete to the bottom for the lowest possible wages in order to hold onto work at all.

Entire sectors will no longer be employed, and desperate people will turn to riots, looting and unruly behavior. Some may even turn on the “Davos elite” and other ruling members of the oligarchy.

As the talking points of their latest discussions at Davos indicate, they are worried about the revolutionary potential as wave of mass unemployment prepares to hit. The ultra wealthy control more now than ever, as the Middle Class is completely destroyed and the struggling and poor turn to government for help.

Yet the scientists and technicians who unleashed Cybernetics brought it upon the population intentionally, or at least knowingly.

Norbert Wiener, the foremost expert in this field, discusses the violent potential of technological revolution for jobs and economic survival at a management symposium in 1950 concerning the arrival of cybernetics.

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  • Why should they have done anything to prevent it since they caused it and it won’t affect them, as long as we don’t find them?

    • Magik

      We know who and where they are . What they don’t know yet is the military will not defend them .

      • They have their own security services to protect them, since they don’t trust “(m)ilitary men (who) are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” Henry Kissinger

        • Magik

          ALL of their security can be eliminated with military strikes in a matter of hours .

          • As can the would-be military attack since those who staff their security forces are frequently the same people who staffed their military because mercenaries were in use, and no group of people are closer than mercenaries who have been done wrong by their employers. I think you are misgauging the loyalty of mistreated veterans.

          • Magik

            Perhaps you misunderstood . I do not believe that active military will assassinate innocent civilians on our soil . A coup is much easier than a mass murder .
            In any event , it need not come to that . There are other ways to delete the elite .

          • I am not the one who misunderstood.

          • shona browne

            disqus_3, ect.,

            Please tell us how to “immunize” ourselves from their economic system.

  • Praetor

    It Reminds me of when the Soviet Empire collapsed, the commies sent in the tanks to put down the revolution! The tankers turned the muzzles on the government and the welfare/warfare state went down in ashes. The tank drivers where in no better shape then the people revolting. In the end if we don’t fined and do away with those who cause this mess, than we deserve the mess!!!

    • Maddog

      Exactly. They need to be hunted to extinction or it will never end.

    • GenEarly

      the collapse of the USSR was a prelude to the collapse of the USSA

  • Haruka Wind

    No surprise there

  • Properly engaged tithing, offering, alms and firstfruit giving overrides anything Satan’s kids are doing

    • aliasooze

      Tithing..really? Yet another wealth redistribution scheme.

      • Not at all. There are fundamental differences between charity and “wealth redistribution”. For one, no one forces you to tithe under threat of arrest as they do with taxes. Secondly, willingly giving voluntarily has a positive moral aspect where that aspect is stripped from a scheme such as welfare.
        Saying tithing is a wealth distribution scheme is like saying purchasing goods and services is corporate welfare. It’s simply not true.

        • aliasooze

          As far as buying goods and services…Obamacare is the easiest to point out as corporate welfare as well as corruption. Obviously I’m not a believer…there’s a reason. Even as a child the pope looking around at the travesty in Africa and proclaiming that we needed to feed the starving children seemed like pure hypocrisy. After all…the catholic church is one of the richest institutions on the planet. The catholic church claims to own the world by means of conquest and discovery. The Catholic church is the biggest financial power, wealth accumulator and property owner in existence. Obviously tithing is not only the wealthy asking for handouts but sheer stupidity. They take money from the poor and starving of the world to add to their power. But it doesn’t stop there…probably every church on the planet has been infiltrated and subverted so that any good they ever wanted to do has been usurped. Charities also have been twisted into money grabbing entities that serve the wealthy. Many of them were started by the elite for that purpose, as well as to exert influence. Influence on what you might ask…EVERYTHING. Look at the NGOs and who founds and funds them and their mission statements. When you look into those things you’ll truly know how completely you have been deceived. BTW…Africa is still starving and they are destroying it with war as well.
          No entity can be trusted anymore to hand your hard earned money to, if you really want to help people pick the people you want to help and buy them food, pay a utility bill or maybe a mortgage payment. You will know that the money truly helped someone in need and didn’t further the wealth of the elite if you do it my way.

          • That’s an excellent analogy: the government forcing you to purchase health insurance under threat of fine or prosecution from the IRS is indeed corporate welfare; whereas choosing to engage the free market to buy (or decline to buy…) a service like health insurance is not. The government forcing you to tithe to them in the form of taxes under the threat of fine or prosecution by the IRS and handing that out as welfare is wealth redistribution; whereas choosing to engage a church or charity to provide assistance to another is not.
            You have a choice in the tradition of Christian charity to tithe to a church or to give where you personally feel its going to do the most good. No fines or imprisonment if you do nothing at all.
            Theres a pretty good video of Dinesh D’Souza debating another guy on a similar subject out there that explains it well, I’ll have to dig around for it.

          • aliasooze

            I don’t call it Christian or charity. I like to think of it as decency. There are poor people out there that help others while they themselves have nothing but what they’ve panhandled for the day. On the other hand we have churches, banks, charities, NGOs, governments and corporations that are destroying everything on this planet as well as adding to their portfolios.

          • shona browne

            Marcus,what you are calling a free market is fixed by the relatively few multinationals who own everything.

        • LiberalsRLost

          Tithing is a false money grab. Beyond Tithes and Offerings by M. Webb.

          Today religion abuses Malachi 3. That chapter is a rebuke to the PRIEST! They would give Jehovah the leftovers and kept all the good stuff. It had nothing to do with forcing today’s church people to open their wallets.
          Paul spoke of a cheerful giver. This means it is your responsibility to have that close relationship with God and give according to the Holy Spirit prompting you the giver.

      • Robbing God is the other action that obviously you engage in. 90% blessed funds vs 100% cursed . Mal 3:10,11 Heb 7:8

        • aliasooze

          Quoting bible verses to someone that believes that all of the holy books were all written by TPTB to control, confuse and divide the people of the world is an exercise in futility. Save it for the bible thumpers. BTW….why is there an Authorized King James Version of the bible?

          • sunshine

            Don’t listen to him, he’s a troll….his other posts bash religion. So basically, whatever you believe, he’s just trying to jerk your chain.

          • Maddog

            That’s not all he’ll jerk if you let him or at least not paying attention.

    • Reverend Draco

      If the love of money is the root of all evil. . . why is tithing considered a good thing?

      Love of money is the root of all evil – unless god needs it?

      • I Cor 2:14 Aramaic Bible in Plain English

        For a selfish man does not receive spiritual things, for they are madness to him, and he is not able to know, for they are known by The Spirit.

        New American Standard Bible

        But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised.

        It is IMPOSSIBLE for you to understand . No sense trying. It’s like talking to a corpse.

        • Reverend Draco

          So. . . something you read in a book of fairy tales counters something else from the very same book of fairy tales. . . gee. . . who’d’a ever thunk it?

          I bet it also describes how rape is a viable marriage ceremony. . .

          • the corpse speaks !

          • Reverend Draco

            Sorry, Humbert Humbert – I’ll leave the zombie-play to you and yours, as set down in your Big Book of Fairy Tales.

  • mirageseekr

    I truly hope the population goes after the psychopaths that have caused this mess and endless war rather than each other. The elite are doing their best to turn us upon each other but it does seem like a great majority have figured out the “game” and are not taking the bait. Just think of how much better the world would be if the people finally revolted against those hoarding everything for themselves.

  • Anothereno

    They knew it was coming???? They orchestrated it ffs.

  • I saw the local fast food joint has replaced the idiot in costume holding a sign on the sidewalk with a sign on a post that moves like a pendulum. There’s one critical job replaced by a machine…

    • sunshine

      Yeah there’s one of those signs here now too.

      • Maddog

        I saw one that looked like it was hanging from a clowns ding-a-ling for a car wash.

    • Reverend Draco

      A local Little Caesar’s has a “Caesar” robot-thing waving a sign.

  • WithHeavyThumpAlifelessLump

    What’s a job?



  • Magik

    Make no mistake , it was deliberate . And we know who they are .

    • Mark Owen

      And despite what anyone thinks, they can be found and made to answer up to the situation!

  • GenEarly

    or marxist democRats to care for their sheeples.

  • I received a message from “shona browne” that neither Disqus nor I can find, so because it is very easy, s/he/it might still be lurking:
    1. Get out of, and stay out of, all debt, including mortgages.
    2. Divest all paper assets, regardless of their supposed stability. Transfer the funds into #4.
    3. Don’t leave more money in ANY bank than you are about to withdraw through a debit to pay for a non-local purchase made by telephone or Internet.
    4, Maintain as large a reserve fund as you can muster, in FRSs, gold, or silver, under your direct physical control or comparable security.