Video: Teacher Disciplined For Teaching Students About Vaccine Risks

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There’s an old saying that goes “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!”

Big Pharma is a BIG part of the public school system!

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Source: NO SCIENCE ALLOWED: Science Teacher Disciplined for Demonstrating Why Vaccines Are So Toxic to Human Brains

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  • Ken, Megapolis

    I choose not to use vaccinations. I choose not to buy vitamins. I choose not to visit the doctor every year for a prostate prod. I had a rather bad head cold last September but otherwise I am fitter than most men half my age.
    I am concerned about much, rant a lot, do go on and I apologise if I bore you LOL.
    But listen. Friends of mine who work for the NHS (National Health Service) must have their flu jabs or face termination of employment. By God how sick they got and how many Doctors swear “Never again!” like an alcoholic with severe hangover. I have seen with my very eyes how that flu jab fucks your immune system up and you are left with a horrid hack cough lasting months.
    So far my employers provide winter flu jabs for free but they are not compulsory.
    I greatly fear the day when you must provide vaccination certificates just to get a job.

    • A damn shame. I wish my mom never vaccinated me when I was younger; I haven’t been sick for an entire year since I changed my diet.

  • gardeauxandrew

    The dumbed down blind masses of American people especially snowflakes need to open their eyes and wise up to fight this kind of cra)!

    • They won’t. Unless the internet or their luxuries are taken away from them, they won’t do anything until it is too late.

  • Ken, Megapolis

    I am sorry to bother people but in my tea drinking lovely country we got a problem. Every 1 of us is suspected of being the next Michael Addy go Bye Bye and active steps are taken to monitor all. People are PETRIFIED that they will be the next Lee Rigby due to unchecked immigration even post Brexit.
    If say my sister was in a bus that got blown up I would be 1st to change my tune.
    Until then I talk Cancer not Rigby.
    I condemn Cancer and come against this biological terror in Jesus’ name.