Video: Student Loans Are Like STDs (Everyone Is Catching Them)

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Student loan debt is the next big economic sledgehammer that’s about to come down on this country…the next big bubble to burst following the housing bubble.

Consider this. Student loan debt is somewhere upwards of $1.3 Trillion in this country these days — and that’s just the official government loans, not private lenders, etc. The Congressional Budget Office is estimating that’s going to double in the next decade as tuition rises and more people go back and get even more loans, going to grad school in the hope that if they take on even more debt and get another degree, maybe they’ll finally be able to get that magical job where they can afford to live to be debt free one day to match it… a condition known these days as “American Dream Syndrome.”

Yes, the American Dream used to be about owning a nice car and a house with the 2.5 kids and the dog and the picket fence, but these days? Screw that, today’s American Dream just involves people wanting to be able to live in a world where they can breathe a free breath, a world without crushing debt affecting every life decision they make on a daily basis, a place where they won’t have to decide between paying the rent and buying food. 

“You mean the generation that paid three times as much for college to enter a job market with triple the unemployment isn’t interested in purchasing the assets of the generation who just blew an enormous housing bubble and kept it from popping through quantitative easing and out-and-out federal support? Curious.” ~ Eric Garland

The generation Xers have on average less than half the wealth their parents had and about six times the debt mostly thanks to college loans, and generation Y, or the millenials who came in behind them, are even more screwed and debt-burdened than their predecessors. No one is getting married or buying houses or new cars because everyone is too busy struggling just to make ends meet so they can buy luxuries like food and pay the rent on their crappy apartment (or, worse, they are forced to remain living with their parents for years because they can’t even afford the crappy apartment, roommate-style). The values overall haven’t actually changed…the ability to afford them has.

Both generations exist in a society where they are expected to work for next to nothing or have nothing period, yet they are always cast as a bunch of self-entitled whiners from generations before who start sentences with, “Back in my day…” Yeah, exactly. Things were a lot different in your day. A gallon of milk didn’t cost $4, first of all.

Then again, pointing fingers (and figures) at each other is probably a lot easier than dealing with the reality that most all of us have been financially screwed at this point in equal measure (unless you’re in the 0.0001% which just keeps gaining insane wealth like a cancer). The middle class is being systematically stamped out, more and more jobs are being shipped overseas or eliminated entirely, and opportunity in our society has become one big collapsing bubble itself. With a workforce where there are so many more college degrees than real jobs available, it’s a joke. It’s the very situation that breeds the attitudes that feed a welfare state, so those Cloward-Piven strategists have been licking their lips for a while now.

Again, it’s that American Dream that’s called a dream because you have to be asleep to believe it…

The video below is dedicated to all the Gen Xers and millenials out there who dream of an adult life without debt — debt they took on because they dreamed of a life period — and even dare to conceive of a steady paying job for that STEM degree they took out so many college loans and worked so hard to get that isn’t working part-time as a server at Olive Garden. (Oh wait, Olive Garden’s parent company Darden has been laying off lots of people too, never mind.)

Everybody needs a good laugh right about now…

(PS – Meanwhile the top 1 percent of earners in America has seen their income quadruple since 1979, and the wealth gap continues to widen to record shattering levels…)

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  • Student loans are self-inflicted wounds.

    • BW83

      True, but what else should someone do when they have been told their whole life the answer was college? When you’ve been told since you were old enough to remember that without college you’d be working in fast-food restaurant, said in such a way to disparage the idea it was even respectable. Fact of the matter is, not everyone is meant for college, we need to quit lying to the kids about that fact.

      Not saying they’re blameless, but most of the current generation that’s facing these difficulties are facing them because their parents, and the generations before them, failed them.

      • The problem has been caused by a failure to plan for what was inevitable as a result of failing to learn what had already happened.
        My late sister was type 2, so they had no kids. She got a bachelor’s degree on the parental scholarship plan and advanced to a master’s on her own earnings. She told me that, if they’d had kids, those kids would have received as much vocational education as they wanted, and left to their own devices if they wanted a degree.
        My father abandoned my mother and I when I was a junior in high school, after promising me four years of tuition. I was so sick and tired of formal education that I never attended anything but votech. People who learn no useful skills besides shuffling paper pretty much deserve where they find themselves, IMO.

        • BW83

          Agree totally, I think we’re just stating it in different manners. Fact is kids that go for a “liberal arts” degree, or some other worthless degree probably didn’t belong in college in the first place. They’d have been better served learning an actual skill or trade. However, they’re told their whole life, by people they trust, that college is the way, so that’s where they go.

          Of course they come out saddled in debt, none the smarter, none the more talented, only to find out they can now get a job they shouldn’t have needed a degree to get in the first place.

          The failure is on the part of the people that continue to push college as the only way. We’re not talking about experienced adults here, but NEW adults, aka the people that until 4-5 months ago everyone treated like children, that are the majority of the group in question. An 18 year old has never been hailed as the paradigm of wise-decision making, and they’re being mislead by role-models, “experts”, and trusted individuals into taking on extreme amounts of debt. That’s the problem

          • On the other hand, the more in debt we are, the easier it is to treat us like slaves and peasants, and the less likely we will be to tell them to stuff it. I have never had any problem quitting a job. The only downside to that is the absence of anything but social (in)security to be vested for me. If I were willing to go out on the road again, I could make a lot of money driving longhaul again. I am reluctant to do so because when TSHTF, I don’t want to be stuck somewhere far from anywhere I’d want to spend a lot of time. On the other hand, I am a manic saver, so money is not my problem, rather the monotony of unemployment.

          • BW83

            Most definitely. The only real purpose of debt is slavery. People wouldn’t work sh#t jobs, accept horrible contracts, allow terrible interest rates, or in general put up with the crap we’re subjected to if it weren’t for debt and the risk of losing everything they have. Erase debt and you single handedly defeat the greatest method of control yet devised.

          • After the telescreen.

          • BW83

            Almost forgot about Americas favorite pastime! Even better when you can go into debt buying the next 7000″ 2160p hi-def, surround sound, monster. Two for one special lol

          • My last television was stolen in 1987 and I never missed it enough to replace it.

      • Smarty

        The part you’re forgetting is that the tuition prices have multiplied probably X10 since the 1980’s. Why? Look at the prices (extortion) these kids have to pay for books alone. And then those books (surprisingly) become obsolete the next year because the professors use different books in those classes, so most often, they can’t even be sold to recoup some of the extorted money. The REAL problem here is university GREED. There is no fucking way that these degrees need to cost anything near what they cost. The 1% have clearly gotten in on the action, and the college serfs are paying for their lifestyle. Follow the money…’ll have your answer. It isn’t by accident that every kid is told to “get an education or you’ll amount to nothing”. It’s part of the brainwashing that the parents have endured, and thus willingly pass onto their kids without even knowing it.
        This world needs some kind of a re-set button to be pushed ASAP one way or another….

        • BW83

          Oh I’m aware believe me. Played the book extortion game enough to know how it goes. My favorite is when the new edition is the exact same thing, just with the chapters placed in different order. Luckily enough, had I plenty of professors who saw how ridiculous it was and intentionally used older, aka practically free, editions.

          My personal favorites are the history books that come out with new additions lol. Unless something ground breaking was missed about Ancient Greece a new edition is inexcusable.

          Totally agree on the reset button. I’d be the first in line to smash it down. Hell I’d camp out outside the building waiting like it was a Black Friday sale

      • Maddog

        I agree 100 % that your parents generation has screwed you and your peers over. I’m sure I’ll be attacked for saying what I’m about to because people really hate facing the truth. The boomer generation or as I refer to them (hippy gen) where the beneficiaries of a country built by the greatest generation. This generation provided for them, in many cases from an education to down payment for their houses and most often an inheritance. Oh and by the way, the greatest gen. believed it immoral to indebt their prodigy for their own benefit through the government. Once the boomers took over they started pushing utopia with the idea of the so called “new society”. Not only has the idea shown to be a complete failure, they tore down everything the previous generation built and pissed away every dime it created thru “morally guided” capitalism. Not only that it has pissed away every dime that should have benefited future generations (i.e. their children, grand children even great grand children) while leaving them some POS socialist share the wealth impossibly indebted fantasy society. I truly am sorry for my part of not stopping it as a 13th gen’er.

    • MrApple

      Yes but wounds that we will all have to suffer for.

      • Not really. They are totally unsecured loans. Knowledge can’t be repossessed. All they can do is write them off and ruin the debtors credit rating, unless they bring back debtor’s prisons, or pass a law to pay them from income tax refunds, like the Obamacare fines.

  • Hammerun

    Higher education is a corporation and its main customers are young, don’t know anything about finance other than they are told and they can pay it off when they get a job. The same will be achieved if a high scool graduate went right out and bought a new mid size BMW and still languished in a career at Starbucks or McDonalds.

  • jim_robert

    How did we get here? Simple.

    That is, how did we get to a world as corrupt and violent as it is today? Simple. See below:

    “The New Atheists have not offered one original argument for atheism. But they’ve plenty of original insults.” —Graham Veale, author of New Atheism: A Survival Guide

    Here’s frantic New Atheist Alex Rosenberg, a professor of philosophy at Duke University. In his book The Atheist’s Guide to Reality: Enjoying Life without Illusions,

    Rosenberg states,

    Is there a God? No.

    What is the nature of reality? What physics says it is.

    What is the purpose of the universe? There is none.

    What is the meaning of life? There is none.

    Why am I here? Just dumb luck.

    Is there a soul? Are you kidding?

    Is there free will? Not a chance!

    What is the difference between right/wrong, good/bad? There is no moral difference between them. Rosenberg concludes, “So
    much for the meaning of history, and everything else we care about.”

    The key point is that, in our frantic prof’s amoral world, there
    is NO difference between right and wrong, good or evil. As one Brit journalist said about people like Rosenberg: “If chance be the father of all flesh, disaster is his rainbow in the sky, and when you hear a state of emergency, (such as) sniper kills 10, troops on rampage, youths go looting, bomb blasts school, it is the sound of man worshipping his (self-proclaimed) maker.” In fact, Alan Bloom, The Closing of the American Mind, starts his book with the statement “Every professor on a university campus today can be absolutely sure
    of one thing – that almost every student coming in for an education is
    confident that truth is not absolute, but relative.”

    Apologist Ravi Zacharias notes that the result of “Displacing
    revelation with man’s un-aidied reason leads to a quicksand of violence and eroticism, where young children are slaughtering one another and worse… the age of reason is not doing very well,
    is it! “

    It is, as famed theologian/philosopher Francis Schaeffer observed, that if there is no God, whatever is, is right – echoing Dostoyevski’s famous comment, “if there is no God… everything is permitted” (and yes, this IS a valid quote – from the Russian, Без бога всё

    I will dispense with our poor prof’s absurd comment
    on physics, with just a few quotes from the world’s most famous scientists that he just might want to learn about:

    Sir. Frederick Hoyle, the famed astrophysicist, who coined the term “Big Bang,” also stated ““Biochemical systems are exceedingly complex, so much so that the chance of their being formed through random shuffling is… insensibly different from zero.” There must be “an intelligence, which designed the biochemical and gave rise to the origin of carbonaceous life.” (Sir Frederick Hoyle, Evolution from Space)

    “Most modern biologists, having reviewed with satisfaction the downfall of the spontaneous generation hypothesis, yet unwilling to accept the alternative belief in special creation, are left with nothing.”

    (Dr. George Wald, evolutionist, Professor Emeritus of Biology at the University at Harvard, Nobel Prize winner in Biology.)

    “Evolution [is] a theory universally accepted not because it can be proven by logically coherent evidence to be true, but because the only alternative, special creation, is clearly incredible.”

    (Professor D.M.S. Watson, leading biologist and science writer of his day.)

    “My attempts to demonstrate evolution by an experiment carried on for more than 40 years have completely failed…..It is not even possible to make a caricature of an evolution out of paleobiological facts…The idea of an evolution rests on pure belief.”
    (Dr. Nils Heribert-Nilsson, noted Swedish botanist and geneticist, of Lund University

    “Scientists who go about teaching that evolution is a fact of life are great con-men, andthe story they are telling may be the greatest hoax ever! In explaining evolution we do not have one iota of fact.”

    (Dr. Newton Tahmisian, Atomic Energy Commission.)

    “When you realize that the laws of nature must be incredibly finely tuned to produce the universe we see, that conspires to plant the idea that the universe did not just happen, but that there must be a purpose behind it.”

    (John Polkinghorne, Cambridge University physicist, “Science Finds God,” Newsweek, 20 July, 1998)

    “Many have a feeling that somehow intelligence must have been involved in the laws of the universe.”

    (Charles Townes, 1964 Nobel Prize winner in physics, “Science Finds God,” Newsweek, 20 July, 1998)

    “250,000 species of plants and animals recorded and deposited in museums throughout the world did not support the gradual unfolding hoped for by Darwin.”

    (Dr. David Raup, curator of geology at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, “Conflicts Between Darwinism and Paleontology”)

    “The pathetic thing about it is that many scientists are trying to prove the doctrine of evolution, which no science can do.”

    (Dr. Robert A. Milikan, physicist and Nobel Prize winner, speech before the American Chemical Society.)

    “The miracles required to make evolution feasible are far greater in number and far harder to believe than the miracle of creation.”

    (Dr. Richard Bliss, former professor of biology and science education as Christian Heritage College, “It Takes A Miracle For Evolution.”)

    “Scientists at the forefront of inquiry have put the knife to classical Darwinism. They have not gone public with this news, but have kept it in their technical papers and inner counsels.”

    (Dr. William Fix, in his book, “The Bone Peddlers.”)

    “In the meantime, the educated public continues to believe that Darwin has provided all the relevant answers by the magic formula of random mutations plus natural selection—quite unaware of the fact that random mutations turned out to be irrelevant and natural selection tautology.”

    (Dr. Arthur Koestler)

    “The only competing explanation for the order we all see in the biological world is the notion of special creation.”

    (Dr. Colin Patterson, evolutionist and senior Paleontologist at the British Museum of Natural History, which houses 60 million fossils)

    “A growing number of respectable scientists are defecting from the evolutionist camp…..moreover, for the most part these “experts” have abandoned Darwinism, not on the basis of religious faith or biblical persuasions, but on strictly scientific grounds, and in some instances, regretfully.”

    (Dr. Wolfgang Smith, physicist and mathematician)

    “It must be significant that nearly all the evolutionary stories I learned as a student….have now been debunked.”

    (Dr. Derek V. Ager, Department of Geology, Imperial College, London)

    must conclude that, contrary to the established and current wisdom, a
    scenario describing the genesis of life on earth by chance and natural causes
    which can be accepted on the basis of fact and not faith has not been

    Hubert P. Yockey)

  • Momus

    “Again, it’s that American Dream that’s called a dream because you have to be asleep to believe it…”

    No, you have to be a sheep to believe it.

  • Megan Fox

    Student debt is a great problem of our financial state in the country. Many people are debtors for many years, and when they get older they need to buy a house and take the other credit – mortgage, that will last till their retirement. So now we need to create some program of repaying the student loan, because the existing system just makes us borrowers and dependent people. I think that such companies that provide direct lender installment loans should also be restricted for making people rely on their own money, but not trying to solve their problems by delaying the repayment period.