Video: Second TPP “Sneak Attack” Coming Today

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The push to ram the TPP and TTIP down our throats isn’t over. They are hoping you aren’t paying attention.

You may have heard about the failed attempt to pass “Fast Track” authority for the TPP in the House on Friday, June 12th. The public applied pressure and they backed down. You may have assumed that we would have a few months of breathing room before they made another attempt. However it turns out that Congress isn’t even going to wait a full week for round two.

According to senator Jeff Sessions, there is upcoming vote on Tuesday June 16th, for a bill called the TAA. Hidden in the TAA is a provision which would grant the president fast-track authority on any and all trade agreements for a period of six years. This would inherently include the TPP, TTIP and TISA.

If you don’t know what the TPP or the TTIP are or why they are so dangerous, watch “The TPP What You’re Not Being Told”.

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  • Mike

    All who are in favor of this sovereignty destroying job killing bill need to be arrested for treason RIGHT FREAKING NOW.

  • Sad that our politicians still refuse to listen to us and even have to sneak around bills to get what they want (or those controlling them)… Makes you wonder why?

    • BW83

      Sound like our politicians need to go….

      We hang enough of the treasonous bastards on the white house lawn, on live TV, and I’d bet the rest would get their act together and pay attention. (Bet I just made a “watch list”)

  • Centurion53

    Boehner and McConnell have now been added to the list of Enemies Within. These RINO B a s t a r d s are happily doing Obama’s bidding, after LYING to us that if they got a majority in the Senate as well as the House they could then stop Obama’s ruinous agenda. They’ve done the exact opposite, which is why these traitorous scum bag RINO’S in Congress need to be thrown out on their lying, corrupt a s s e s….along with Obama and EVERY Demo Rat in Congress!! THEY are ALL the Enemy Within!!

    Molon Labe!!!

  • Workstillbroke

    This has been a game of musical chairs for years where the people are playing against the corporate tyrants and their puppets and I’ve got to say, I think we the people have lost our chair. This country has already been taken over, invaded, sucked dry, and now they’re trying to sell what’s left of the carcass. Unfreakinbelievable.

  • mogsworth

    Never mind the ‘who’ and the’ why’ it’s the ‘WHEN’ thats the problem. Time is running out. This unbelievably one sided deal will devastate the American and British/European economy,decimating jobs and small business’. It will interfere with the sovereingnty of British/European counrties,alienating them further in their tenuous relations with the USA.
    More frightening and revealing,is THIS underhand development::
    Today it has been revealed that the USA intends to use every Eastern European country bordering the ‘USSR’ as an opportunity to set up military bases. Lets face it these will be on Russia’s borders,if this isn’t deliberate provocation, I don’t know what is! Is this the real reason for TTP in the pacific and TTIP in Europe. The USA is by subertfuge,endangering the security of Europe in the first instant and quite possibly the rest of the Western world.
    This may sound overly dramatic,but I have a really bad feeeling I’m not wrong.I tried to bring attention to this a few weeeks ago when I read that 17 high ranking military men, backed up by congress were,already discussing this as a ‘fiat accompli’
    Please America, wake up and stop this deal NOW!! Before the Russians wake up and recognise the deliberate provocation!